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Wednesday, 29 July 2009


The catholic church is under panic as many of its followers have started rushing for miracles and healings of Pentecostal style. Many charismatic cults have sprung up in the catholic church in Uganda .They act contrary to the year 2000 healing guidelines from Vatican, Rome. The catholic church has come up to oppose these cults in media . One wonders why the Catholic Church was silent on the catholic Kibwetere cult or The Restoration of the ten commandment cult which killed over 2000 people. The Catholic Church was silent about the Kibwetere cult because they thought that they were going to use it against the born again Pentecostals. However, they were caught pants down, as we speak now evidence speaks loudly that this Kibwetere cult was being headed by renegade catholic priests and nuns. This is the greatest embarrassment the Catholic Church in Uganda has suffered .

Catholic church condemns Kibwetere cult ?????????????

The Connection of the Mary Apparitions in Uganda to the Kanungu Genocide

Catholic Deception: Queen Of Heaven Appears In Uganda


Deceptive antics of the Catholic Charismatic renewal: Father Expedicto Magembe of Mountain Sion and Christ the King prayer Group


Rumours that minor ailments and bad habits can be cured after kissing a giant cross atop a high hill in eastern Uganda has Catholic pilgrims flocking to the area.


The healing powers of Mutume

Sunday Monitor

Michael J. Ssali

April 19, 2009


A former Sacristan at Kyassonko Sub-parish Church in the Catholic Parish of Kyamaganda in Masaka Diocese, Mr Barnabas Kazibwe Mutume, is at the centre of controversy following a number of miraculous cures in his local community and even beyond as a result of his prayers. He has attracted a considerable following and could soon be the leader of a new break-away sect from the Catholic Church.
He has been suspended from sacramental life by the Bishop, John Baptist Kaggwa, who says his healing powers are not in line with the Catholic doctrine and that he is increasingly finding it hard to guide him.

Yet hundreds of people continue to stream to Mutume’s home at Kyassonko with various physical, social, and spiritual problems to seek his help. Hundreds claim to be relieved of the problems and have told their stories to others and so the number of people going to see him keeps growing.

He helps them by praying for them, reciting the prayers normally used in the Catholic Faith, but he also asks them to pray for themselves. If they are Catholics like him he prays with them and also gives them ‘a dose of prayers’ for them to recite on their own. If they are Muslims he asks them to pray for themselves in the Muslim way and the Protestants are also told to pray in their own faith.

He sometimes uses holy water and palm leaves blessed by Catholic priests and for several years he has worked under the guidance of some Catholic priests. But on March 14, bishop Kaggwa put a ban on the pilgrimages by all Catholics, warning that whoever goes there to pray or to seek help would be suspended from sacramental life and in the event of their death no Catholic prayers would be said during their burial.

The Parish Priest of Kyamaganda, Fr Augustine Ntabana, told this reporter that the Bishop’s ban was based on a report filed by a committee of priests charged with monitoring Mutume’s miraculous cures. Fr Ntabana was actually part of the committee.
“Even if some people have been helped by his prayers, it must be remembered that Satan too has spiritual powers and he too can perform miracles,” Fr Ntabana said, repeating the same words that the bishop used in the letter that was circulated in all the parishes of the diocese.

But Mutume, who is slightly deaf and has speech problems, says that ever since he saw the first vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary some nine years ago when he was cutting grass for sale in a nearby swamp, he has sought spiritual guidance from Monsignor Lawrence Jumba and Father Dominic Kateregga who were then stationed at Kyamaganda Parish.

“I first told Msgr. Jumba about the first apparition but then my mother advised me to see Fr Kateregga also, which I did. In the apparition the Holy Virgin told me that she would meet me later with others that she did not then name.”
Mutume claims he later saw another apparition one night. In the apparition he says he saw a man who introduced himself as St. Peter. He says St. Peter took him into a hall where there were several unoccupied chairs and some people.

Among the people he says there was one who introduced himself as Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin whom he had seen in the first apparition in the swam as he cut the grass, and another man who kept his hands wide open. He goes on to say that Jesus told him in a solemn voice thus: Go and teach the people and by my power they will be relieved of their problems through your prayers.”

He says he went back and told the two priests about the second apparition.
Fr Kateregga has since been transferred to Bukalasa Seminary where he is a teacher now, while Monsignor Lawrence Jjumba is serving at Kabaale Sanje Parish.
Fr Kateregga said, “It is true that he came to see me as he has continued to do ever since.

It is my duty to guide him and I have always tried my best to do this especially to persuade him to conduct his activities according to the ways of our faith, but I am finding it difficult. Let it not appear as if I am one of his followers or supporters; rather I am merely observing him and making a study ---- a personal research.”

It was not possible to reach Msgr. Jjumba for a comment.
Mutume has, however, since become widely known as a person of unusual powers.
A thirteen-year-old girl called Stella from Katimba in Ssembabule District who was severely deformed and had to be lifted up and carried from one place to another lost the hunchback, is said to have gained the power of her legs and now walks like a normal person.

Angela Nalusiba who was coughing blood and was blind when she was taken to him testified to this reporter that her sight is back now and that she no longer coughs blood. At least seven deformed people are said to have gained the power of their limbs and now move about normally.

Mutume, 35, who only studied up to primary six, now lives in a far bigger house than he had before. He has a new motorcycle and he has a pick-up truck and several pieces of land. Hydro-electric power has been connected to his house. “I never ask for money from those that get cured through my prayers,” he said during an interview for this story. “God’s prayers are not for sale.

Nor am I the one who cures the people. Rather it is God himself. This house, the motorcycle, and everything else that I have been given, they are freely donated to me in sheer gratitude by people who realise that they have been helped by my prayers.

Those people by the way include some Catholic priests who I will not tell you so now.”

He also claims that very many highly placed people in the government and prominent business people have been to his place for assistance.

“These are the people who have donated most of the money that I have always used to contribute towards the building of sub-parish churches in Kyamaganda Parish.”
Every Wednesday Kazibwe conducts open prayers in the make shift church in his compound. On Friday everybody joins him in the Way of the Cross.

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday he sees people individually if he does not go out to pray for some others who invite him to far off places such as Jinja, Entebbe, Kaliiro in Lyantonde District and elsewhere. Until he was banned from going to Kyamaganda Church, every Sunday he would go with all his followers to the Sunday mass at the church. Nearly everyone at Mutume’s place wears a rosary. Some wear several rosaries.

He is called Mutume, which in Luganda means Apostle. At first people referred to him as Mulabikirwa which meant: one who has seen an apparition. However the Catholic Church for several years now has been opposed to the trend of people claiming to see apparitions so they called him Mutume.

A Catholic priest who asked not to be named, however, supports his activities and said, “Most of those people condemning this man have not actually been there and prayed with him as I have. Take the case of Lourdes where the Blessed Virgin appeared to some simple girls who were looking after sheep. Divine ways are different. God can perform miracles through anybody, not necessarily the learned priests.”

When Sunday Monitor visited, Mutume was about to burn the ‘heathen worship’ regalia which some of the people brought to him after witnessing the miraculous cures. They included skins of animals, cowrie shells, gourds, bark cloth, and some money. “By the power of God I burn the items but I don’t burn the money as it belongs to the government. I have always surrendered the money to the police.”

A priest at Kyamaganda, Fr Paul Kafeero, says Mutume misuses holy objects such as crucifixes. He mentioned a health worker who discovered some crucifixes tied on a string in such a way that they hung around a woman’s private parts, allegedly on the instructions of Mutume for her to have an easy delivery. “This is certainly not the way the church works,” Fr Kafeero said. “Sometimes he has told people to recite 300 rosaries a day.

Mutume is bitter that the bishop is criticising him before even paying a visit to his place to see for himself what is actually going on. “He has a fleet of cars at his disposal; why does he not come himself and see what I am doing instead of depending on his priests who are deceiving him about my activities?”

This reporter was able to see two letters at Kazibwe’s place: one from a nearby police station and another one from the local council. They both described him as a law abiding and well meaning spiritual healer, with whom they had no problem.


Recently the Catholic Church was invaded by a group called Divine Mercy in Ggogonya . Many Catholics claim to have got healings and miracles from this place. The Catholic Church has criticized this sect for not following the year 2000 healing guidelines from the Vatican. What is interesting about this sect is the grand entrance of the priest holding a big round metallic thing(I dot not remember what it is called) with a big host inside it. They believe that this host is Jesus. As the priest passes, the faithfulls(faith follies) lay down their clothes on which the priest holding Jesus walks. This I think is an imitation of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. As host(Jesus) passes by the faithful people start to fall, weep, wail an indication that they have been touched by Jesus.

A catholic spokes person attached this Divine mercy group for being artificial. According to him all this falling and crying is just artificiality. There is no doubt that some of the miracles are stage- managed. However most of them are indeed supernatural and the god being them is satan. Scriptures says in 2Thesa.2 that the devil is coming with signs and lying wonders. We should not underrate the capacity of satan to make miracles. Our only weapon is the word of God. If you trust your experiences , you will be deceived.

Eating Jesus: The catholic Favorite verse

Article on Devine Mercy Cult.

E Ggogonya mu basiisita abaagala okuwonyezebwa gye beeyiwa

Bya Juliet Lukwago ne
Edward Sserinnya

NKWANIRIZZA mu kifo kya Divine Mercy awasabirwa abalwadde awatali kusosola mu mawanga yadde eddiini. Ekifo kino ekisangibwa ku luguudo lw’e Ntebe ng’oyise e Kawuku kyatandikibwa basiisita b’ekibiina ky’omutima Omutukuvu omuddaabiriza ab’e Ggogonya emyaka ebiri egiyise.

Omu ku basabira abantu Siisita Lawrence Namata agamba: Okuyigiriza mu kifo kino kubeerawo buli Mmande ng’ekigendererwa ky’essaala eno kunyweza kukkiriza mu bantu. Ku Lwokusatu kuba kusabira balina bizibu, tewali ddagala lye tuwa bantu wabula omuntu kukkiriza kwe kumuwonya oluvannyuma lw’okuwulira ekigambo kya Katonda n’okwegayirira eri Essakramentu Ettukuvu”.

Okusaba nga kugenda mu maaso owulira abakaaba, abaseka, abayimba, abakuba engalo nga kino kibeerawo okusinziira oli Mukama bw’aba amukutteko.

Olumaliriza okusaba nga Siisita Immaculate Namuwonge, akulira okusaba mu kifo kino agamba nti abantu bwe bati mubadde mulina obulwadde bwe buti naye muwonye. Olwo n’owulira engalo n’enduulu eby’omwanguka.

Abamu ku bantu abawonyezeddwa n’abafunye ebirungi oluvannyuma lw’essaala ebasabirwa mu kifo kino bawadde obujulizi:

Simon Kizza ow’e Bwerenga: Mukyala wange yalwala abasawo ne batutegeeza nti alina ebbwa ku kataago n’ekibumba kyavunda nti ne nnabaana alina okuggyibwamu. Byatusobera nga ne ssente zituweddeko era twasalawo kubirekera Katonda. Twajja wano ne twegayirira era omukyala kati ali bulungi. Kino kinnyongedde okunyweza okukkiriza kwange n’okumanya nti tewali Mukama bulwadde bw’atasobola kuwonya kasita okkiriza.

Maria Namubiru w’e Kibuye : Nalina ebizimba mu lubuto ng’obulumi sisobola kutuula wadde okutambula. Abasawo bantegeeza nti nneetaaga kulongoosebwa ne ntya ate nga sirina na ssente.

Muganda wange yankwata n’andeeta e Ggogonya naye nga nze si bye ndimu. Yantegeeza nti tube n’okukkiriza twegayirire Mukama byonna ajja kubikwatako. Siisita Regina eyaliwo mu budde obwo yampa essaala ssatu Kitaffe, Mirembe Maria n’Ekitiibwa nga nzisoma n’obwegendereza nga bwe ng’amba Yezu nti mukwano mponya nga bwe wawonya abagenge. Nagenda okuwulira ng’obulumi bugenda mpola n’okutuusa kati sirina kinnuma. Nadda mu ddwaaliro ne bankebera nga sikyalina kizimba na kimu, kati omwaka mulamba.

Lule Musoke Kabogozza e Busaabala: Natambula mu buli kifo gye balamaga omuli Yisirayiri, Roma, Ludi n’ebirala ng’eno ng’enze ku kinyumu ng’eddiini sigitwala ng’ekikulu. Naye okuva bwe najja mu kifo kino okukkiriza kwange kweyongera ne nneesonyiwa bye nali nkola nga si bituufu era kati obulamu bwange nabulekera Yezu Kristu abulabirire.

Annet Bagenda e Kitala: Nfunye ebirungi bingi okuva bwe natandika okujja mu kifo kino mu 2007 sibitenda. Omwami wange baali baamusalayo ku mulimu n’anoonya emirimu nga buli wamu bamugamba komawo enkya, komawo eggulo. Najja wano ne ntandika okumusabira era kino kyamala emyezi mukaaga. Tuba tuli waka ne bamuyita ku mirimu gya mirundi ebiri era kati akakkalabya.
Published on: Saturday, 25th July, 2009


Specioza Mukantabana (first name sometimes spelled in news reports as Speciosa, or Preciosa), is a 36-year old woman from Rwanda said to currently be a US resident. In 1986 Mukantabana attracted followers in Uganda, based on her alleged apparitions of the Virgin Mary, who she claimed gave her messages.

Mukantabana and her followers are denounced by the Catholic Church. A Uganda newspaper in March, 2000 reported that the cult's followers "teach against sex, eating pork, announce doomsday, do not accept modern medicine, don't work hard during day, all contrary to the Church."

According to a July, 1988 article in the Washington Post, Mukantabana claimed the Virgin Mary told her she would appear with a cure for AIDS.

Mukantbana has a tangential connection to the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God, if only because the visions of two of her group's leaders inspired the Joseph Kibwetere, the cult's figurehead leader.

Currently (Dec. 2006) Specioza Mukantabana is again in the news, as thousands of her followers in Uganda were expecting another visitation of the Virgin Mary.
Mary reportedly did speak to Mukantabana, with a perculiar message:
Thousands of followers of Mbuye Christian faith flocked the parish church in Luanda Sub-county anticipating Mary’s visitation on Wednesday.

The leader, Specioza Mukantabana, a Rwandese residing in the US, was reported speaking to Mary, as the followers prayed and sang.

Mukantabana knelt down when it was time to hear from Mary. Speaking in English and Kinyarwanda she looked up in the sky and begun to talk.

As she prayed, Dr. Deo Luwukya from Masaka town emerged from the congregation and pricked her body with a sharp object but she did not react. She was also unhurt when he lit a match stick and let the flames lick her back.

In her alleged discussion with Mary Mukantabana was heard saying, “Why do you want me to speak in English. Yes you told me that you were going to come, so many people have been waiting for you at Mbuye.”

“Some of them have come to pray, some have come to see miracles. What should I tell the people in Mbuye.
Some of them have told me to inform you that they have problems of infertility, poverty, unemployment, sickness and some want to become rich. Please help them,” she said.

Then Mukantabana prostrated for several minutes before she rose, crying. “Why did you show me that house? You want me to drop my job. I am afraid of being idle. Okay I will resign my job. I am ready to serve you,” she said.

- Source: Police monitoring sect in Uganda, Sunday Vision, Uganda, Dec. 2, 2006
Mukantabana's followers inspire Joseph Kwibetere
During the years of 1981 through 1989, six girls and a boy in Kibeho, Rwanda, claimed to receive apparitions and messages from the Virgin Mary.
Their visions, which in 2001 received official recognition by the Catholic Church, are said to have predicted the Rwanda genocide.

Our Lady then showed the children of Kibeho what would happen in their country if people refused to believe and live her messages. All of the children screamed in horror as they saw in a vision, trees in flames, a river of blood flowing with corpses which had been decapitated and floating limbs of people, as Mary warned the children and the world that we were on 'the edge of catastrophe'. As the children described this horrific scene in these words,

"A river of blood, people were killing each other, abandoned corpses with no one to bury them. A tree all in flames, bodies without their heads. There was crying and screaming. At different times, all seven of the Kibeho visionaries experienced this horrifying vision. They saw a river of blood that formed because people were killing each other indiscriminately. "Corpses, some without heads, were strewn everywhere and were so numerous they could not be buried"

This especially saddened Agnes who saw the death of her own parents. Our lady then warned the seers to leave Rwanda, unfortunately some didn't.
What is known is that two of these seer's lost their lives in the killing fields that became Rwanda, where approximately over 800,000 people were brutally murdered as the U.N and the world watched, some with indifference, others with horror!
- Source: Our Lady of Kibeho , Approved Apparitions (blog), March 24, 2006
During and after these visions many individuals and fringe Catholic groups throughout Africa also claimed to receive apparitions of the Virgin Mary and of Jesus.

In 1986, Specioza Mukantabana, a 16 year old girl from Rwanda, moved to Uganda. At the time she reportedly claimed to have a connection with Kibeho, though she was not one of the seven seers.

In Uganda she attracted a following in the city of Mbuye.
The visions of two of her followers - Paul Kashuka, a retied Catholic cathechist who was now one of the seers associated with Mukantabana's group, and his daughter, Credonia Mwerinde - impressed Joseph Kibwetere, a former headmaster and supervisor of Catholic schools. Like Mukantabana and Kashuka, Kibwetere also claimed to receive visions from Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

In 1989 Kibwetere opened his home for a small group of devotees. The group elected twelve 'apostles,' including Paul Kashuka and his daughter Credonia Mwerinde.
In 1990, this group named itself the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God.

In 1993 the group moved to Kanunga, where Mwerinde's father had donated some land. According to The East African, the site where the group settled was locally called Katate but the cult renamed it Ishayuuriro rya Maria, meaning "where Mary comes to the rescue of the spiritually stranded."

While Jospeh Kibwetere officially was the movement's 'chief apostle and prophet,' the group's true leader was Mwerinde. It is said that othing could be done without consulting her. She in turn would claim that she had to consult with the Virgin Mary. Her word was usually final and binding.

In time, the movement's leaders claimed that the world would end by Dec. 31, 1999. When these prophecies did not come to pass, many of the movement's followers rebelled. The leaders subsequently claimed that the Virgin Mary had extended the date by two months, to March 17, 2000.

On March 17, 2000, hundreds of the movement's followers were deliberately burned to death by the cult's leaders.
Investigations following this tragedy showed that earlier, hundreds more had also been murdered.

Specioza Mukantabana's group

On March 25, 2000, a Uganda newspaper reported:

The Police have camped at Mbuye parish in Rakai where believers suspected to be part of the Kanungu group have gathered to celebrate.

The Catholic Church leaders at Mbuye requested security officials to provide tight security to prevent any eventualities. The Parish priest asked that the group be disbanded because retired Bishop Adrian Dungu had stopped them from camping at the church.

However, Irene Tibaaga, the District Police Commander, who had a meeting with the church leaders, declined to use force to evict the worshippers. She said this would give the impression that the Government was dictating issues and had interfered with Church work.

District leaders had requested the church to evict the group since their worship contravenes the Catholic doctrine.

The parish priest said the cult followers, whose founder is Speciosa Mukantabana, among other teach against sex, eating pork, announce doomsday, do not accept modern medicine, don't work hard during day, all contrary to the Church.
- Source: Police Watch Cult Church, New Vision, Uganda, Mar. 25, 2000


Legio Maria (Latin, “Legion of Mary”) is a new religious movement among the Luo people of western Kenya which incorporates traditional Luo religious customs into a Christian framework. It is a kind of syncretic Animist/Christian cult originally prevailing only in Luoland, but ultimately spreading widely in East Africa. It originated in the early 1960s as a breakaway of the Roman Catholic Church , declared a pope ("anti-pope" to conventional Catholics), and asserted that it has replaced the "Church in Rome" as the "true" Catholic Church.

The "Legio Maria of African Church Mission" was founded by a former catechist of the Roman Catholic Church among the Luo people in Kisii Diocese of western Kenya. In 1962, Blasio Simeo Malkio Ondetto — known as "Baba Messiah" by Legio Maria followers and as the "Black Messiah" or "Black Jesus" by others — split from the Roman Catholic Church taking 90,000 adherents with him. His "second in command" was a woman known as “Mother Maria” and today revered as the true “Mother of God". Both were excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church in the 1960s. By 1980 the church numbered 248,000 adherents[1].
In the 21st century, total church membership has been estimated at over three million. [2]

Believing in the Black Messiah: The Legio Maria Church in an African Christian Landscape


"Probe Masaka Cult, Catholic Church Told"
by Siraje K. Lubwama ("The Monitor," April 16, 2002)
The Uganda Human Rights Commission tribunal has directed the Ministry of Education and the Catholic Church to investigate a religious cult in Masaka.

Commissioner Veronica Eragu ruled after a complaint filed by Rev. Fr. David Kyeyune and his niece, Clare against Anthony Kiwanuka.

Kiwanuka, Clare's husband was accused of taking their three children to Byaana Mary Hill Boarding School, founded by a religious cult called Congregation of Sacrifice. Rev. Kyeyune and Clare said the school's religious foundation affects the children negatively.

"The relevant institutions should check the contradictions here and establish the truth. There is certainly a hidden agenda somewhere," Eragu said in her judgement.
She asked the Ministry of Education, Masaka District Education officer and the Catholic Church of Masaka to investigate the school.

Eragu ruled that the three children should be removed from the school. The school began in 1998. She said the school is not situated in a safe place and is in bad shape.

"The classrooms are not complete; they are shells - no The walls are not plastered and no doors. The windows, just open wide spaces dormitories are like prison wards," she observed.