Tuesday 30 June 2020

Israel Suspends Broadcasting License for Shelanu TV (God TV) Over Christian Proselytizing to Jews


 Christian missionaries in Jerusalem

Israel Suspends Broadcasting License for Shelanu TV (God TV) Over Christian Proselytizing to Jews

Monday 29 June 2020

Put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ : Don’t commit suicide because of failing to reach the so called American dream : 20-year-old Illinois man commits suicide after seeing -$730,000 balance on app, family says

  Alexander Kearns


Biblical Mathematics for Discerning the COVID 19 Era: Spiritual Significance of the Year 2020: The Year 2020 Means Tribulations Times Two(10x2) and Grace Times Four(5x4)



 From USA to Russia : COVID-19 doctors committing suicide : Do not kill yourself God is in control: This will come to pass: Do your best..don’t blame yourself for not saving all lives: Leave things to God


20-year-old Illinois man commits suicide after seeing -$730,000 balance on app, family says 



The family of a 20-year-old student says he died by suicide after confusion over an apparent negative balance of $730,000 on his Robinhood account. Now they are now demanding answers from the millennial-focused trading app.

Alexander Kearns, who was using Robinhood to trade complex options instruments, was found dead on June 12, according to local authorities in Plainfield, Illinois. His death is being treated as a suicide, according to the family and Robinhood. It isn't clear what factors contributed to his death.
The tragedy has drawn attention to the potential dangers of the free-trading boom inspired by Robinhood, which has given young, first-time investors easy access to exotic financial instruments typically used by sophisticated investors.

The Kearns family believes Alexander was misled by the app's interface suggesting he owed $730,000, when that was not really the case.

"The kid threw himself in front of a train over nothing, because a tech company can't figure out they shouldn't show a negative $730,000 cash balance to a 20-year-old kid," Bill Brewster, a relative of Kearns, told CNN Business.
"How much are these guys thinking about the fire they are playing with?"

Robinhood responds with changes

Brewster, Kearns' cousin-in-law, vowed to do whatever it takes to draw attention to what he sees as serious lapses in Robinhood's oversight that allowed for this tragedy to happen.
"This company is toxic to me right now," he said.
On Friday, after Brewster posted a long Twitter thread about Kearns' death, Robinhood announced a series of changes to its options offering and user interface directly in response to the incident. Robinhood also pledged to do more to explain how these sophisticated trading strategies work.
"We are personally devastated by this tragedy," Vlad Tenev and Baiju Bhatt, Robinhood's co-founders and co-CEOs, wrote in a blog post Friday afternoon that confirmed Kearns was a customer.

Confusion over a negative balance

Brewster shared a note on Twitter that he says Kearns left behind before he died, which indicated he was distraught and confused over his Robinhood account.
"How was a 20-year-old with no income able to get assigned almost a million dollars' worth of leverage?" Kearns wrote in the note that Brewster posted. "The puts I bought/sold should have cancelled out, too, but I also have no clue what I was doing now in hindsight."
Although Brewster initially believed Robinhood had improperly granted Kearns vast amounts of leverage to trade with, he no longer believes that was the problem. Twitter users who saw Brewster's stream of tweets alerted him that options traders on Robinhood sometimes see a negative cash balance until the other half of their trades are executed.
In other words, Kearns did not actually owe $730,000. But he was apparently led to believe he did.
"My sense is that it was all over nothing. It was a user interface issue," said Brewster.
Brewster blamed Robinhood for simultaneously pushing its product to young traders while not putting in safeguards to prevent this kind of confusion.
"That they didn't have enough foresight to think this might happen is offensive to me," he said.
A source familiar with Robinhood's procedures told CNN Business that during options trading it is possible that cash and buying power will display as negative until the other side of the trade is processed. That does not mean, however, that this is a negative balance due or debt.
Still, Brewster questioned why Robinhood hasn't done more to explain this issue to its mostly young users.
"Why is there no pop-up window to say this is not an actual obligation?" Brewster said. "Why is it necessary to show a bunch of millennials that you know are signing up in droves? Why is this OK?"

Improving the app

Robinhood appears to be working to address this issue directly.
The company announced plans Friday to roll out improvements to its user interface, including the way buying power is displayed Robinhood said it would also make improvements to its in-app messages and emails that get sent to customers about options transactions as well as changes to the in-app history page to help users "understand the mechanics" of options trades.
Additionally, Robinhood said it is "considering" additional criteria and education for customers that seek authorization to trade sophisticated options to help them understand how they work. The startup also added additional educational resources in its help center and plans to hire an options education specialist.
"These changes will take a bit of time to roll out, but our teams are hard at work," the Robinhood co-founders said in the blog post.
The Robinhood co-founders said that while they "recognize that nothing can ease the pain that Alex's family is feeling now," the company is making a $250,000 donation to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and urged people in trouble to reach out for help.
Brewster has been tweeting about Kearns' death for the past week and is urging Congress to investigate the issue.
"The only thing I know how to do is fight," he said.

The free-trading boom

The incident underscores some of the risks involved with the free-trading boom.
Robinhood's zero-commission business model disrupted the brokerage industry, forcing its rivals to eventually capitulate and do the same. The drastic shifts in business models set off a wave of consolidation in the industry, with Morgan Stanley agreeing to buy E*Trade and Charles Schwab taking over TD Ameritrade.
Robinhood is growing rapidly, adding more than 3 million users in 2020 as of May 4. About half of those new users were first-time investors, according to the company.
As of June 8, Robinhood's desktop and mobile weekly visitors were up 332% from the year before, according to research from SimilarWeb. That's more than twice the rate of growth as Robinhood's next-closest competitor in the wealth management space.
Brewster recalled that Kearns loved technology and was super interested in computers, even at a young age. He said Kearns' favorite company was Microsoft.
"Tech didn't kill him. But people's oversight and building of a tech interface put him in an emotional tailspin he could never recover from," he said.

Million-Dollar Gambler Commits Suicide, Broke at End


February 6, 1985

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) _ A Texan who lost $1 million on a single roll of dice but apparently died penniless will get his last wish to have his ashes placed in an urn bearing the inscription ″The Phantom Gambler,″ a casino owner says. 

″I’d want to make sure he did himself right,″ said Ted Binion of Binion’s Horseshoe Club, where high-roller William Lee Bergstrom made his last big play. 

Bergstrom, 33, of Austin, was known widely as the ″Phantom Gambler″ because of three bets he made since 1980, each more than $500,000, on single throws of dice at the Horseshoe Club’s craps tables. 

He was found dead of an apparent drug overdose Monday in his hotel room, police said.
Bergstrom’s $1 million bet last November was the largest amount ever bet on a single toss of the dice in a legal casino, Binion said. 

″He told me he’d wake up in the middle of the night 30 days before making the bet and decide to do it,″ he said. ″When he bet the $1 million he brought $700,000 in cash and the rest of it in cashier’s checks and dumped it at the casino cage.″ 

Berstrom talked with him for more than an hour Sunday night, despondent over the breakup of a relationship, Binion said. 

″He kind of gave me his last story on Sunday,″ Binion said. ″I could tell he was quite despondent and I told him in six months he’d be over with it and it wouldn’t hurt so bad.
″I didn’t wake up to the fact he was going to kill himself because he was talking about how he’d like to go to work for us in the future.″ 

Binion said he had seen two previous suicide notes written by Bergstrom and police told him the final suicide note held the same request as the others - that his ashes be put in an urn with the inscription ″The Phantom Gambler, Bet $1 Million at the Horseshoe Club, November 1984.″ 

Bergstrom, a native of La Grange, Texas, had some successful business dealings that allowed him to borrow $770,000 in September 1980, the first money he bet at the casino-hotel, Binion said.
He won that bet on the ″don’t pass″ line at a craps table and won again in March 1984 when he bet $538,000. But when he lost the $1 million five months later, ″it tapped him out,″ Binion said.
Bergstrom went to the Horseshoe Saturday night with $10,000 but either gave it away or gambled it at another casino and died broke, he said. 

Binion said whenever Bergstrom made huge wagers ″he was betting all he had. But he never flinched when he lost that million.″

Neo-liberal dictatorial states and the devilish strongholds of torture : High court in Kampala awarded Shs 250 million to Simon Peter Odongo for being tortured Internal Security Organisation (ISO) operative

  Tortured: SImon Peter Odongo

He was shot in the leg before his wife and kids, his wife was forced to clean the blooded floor, the victim had a forced catheterization and was discharging blood and pus in his urine

 When Museveni’s MPs violate COVID-19 directives with impunity and go away with it: Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake tortured by Museveni’s Neo-liberal dictatorial regime for distributing food to hungry residents: Distributing food to your hungry neighbors is tantamount to the crime of attempted murder

Neo-liberal Uganda forces were created to protect markets and not people : Police and Army Officers mercilessly beat up pregnant women in COVID-19 Lockdown


For the past several decades, a New World Order has been emerging. The model calls for most of the nations of the world to be divided into two parts - an elite class of political / economic "managers," which in most countries approximates about 20 percent of the population, and a "worker-serf" class, which makes up the remaining 80 percent of the population. The "managers" rule the country at the behest and in the interest of American corporate power, which itself is sustained by the machinations and intrigues of the CIA, which in turn is backed up by the guns of the American military. It is an Orwellian realm of "Newspeak" in which there is very little connection between perception and reality; where "freedom" means "slavery;" "democracy" means rule of the many by the few in the interest of corporate profits; and ORGANIZED religion is utilized as a significant and extremely consequential instrument of state control.For the eighty percent of the population which falls into the "worker-serf" category, it is a notably cruel and utterly despotic system. It's held together in two ways: first, by police forces given to fascist-like brutality, torture, terror, and, on extreme occasions, the use of death squads; and second, by an ORGANIZED religious system which has mastered "magic," "mysticism," and Pavlovian psychological techniques. S.R shearer

Court awards Shs 250m to tortured ISO spy

Rights body accuses Finance of refusing to pay torture victims

Wednesday June 19 2019
Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) has accused the Ministry of Finance of failing to release Shs5b meant for compensation of victims of torture.

Addressing journalists at their headquarters in Kampala yesterday, Mr Med Kaggwa, the UHRC chairman, without giving the specific number of beneficiaries, said this money has been accumulating over time.

“President Museveni has written several letters to Finance ministry to clear this outstanding amount. I even have some of copies of the letters to this claim, but that has not come through. We have been saying this money should be cleared because you are dealing with people who have suffered, they need treatment. Some of them pass on before receiving this money,” Mr Kaggwa said.
The Finance Ministry spokesperson, Mr Jim Mugunga, said they are neither aware of the awards nor have seen the letters.

“I am not privy to the specific cases referred to by the chairman of the commission,” he said, adding: “However, in the past, the Ministry has made settlements as required. Broadly, there was guidance to the effect that judicial and all quasi-judicial settlements of this nature would be handled with the clear participation and sign off of the Ministry of Justice [and Constitutional Affairs]. I hope this process was followed. If not, then we shall work with the commission to ensure this is resolved. We are committed to supporting the commission undertake its mandate and deliver justice.”

In the past, Justice ministry had ring-fenced 12 per cent of their annual budget for compensation of victims of torture but in 2015, government passed a resolution that said each ministry, department and agency of government will be handling their own issues.

Mr Kaggwa said: “We had been receiving the 12 per cent but since government moved away from this, we no longer get this money for compensation.”
Mr Samuel Herbert Nsubuga, the chief executive officer of ACTV, said: “We used these figures to inform UHRC on how to bill and compensate the victims. We treated them and made sure they had been healed.”
Torture victims
In the UHRC’s report of 2018, it was indicated that of the 3,008 complaints, they received last year, 1,377 were torture victim cases. Another report from the African Centre for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (ACTV) indicated that in a period between 2015 and 2018 they received 4,528 torture survivours of whom 3,293 were male and 1,235 female.

Sunday 28 June 2020

Evangelist Dr. Lazarus Chakwera wins Malawi’s controversial Presidential Election


Lazarus Chakwera

Malawi's election crisis: A timeline

Sunday June 28 2020


Malawi's opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera was sworn in Sunday as the southern African country's new president after winning the re-run of a hotly disputed election.


Malawi president Lazarus Chakwera.  AFP PHOTO

 Malawi president Lazarus Chakwera. AFP PHOTO 

It was a dramatic reversal of fortune for the incumbent Peter Mutharika, whose victory in a May 2019 ballot was overturned by the Constitutional Court over fraud allegations.
Chakwera, a former evangelist preacher, was declared the winner of the election replay held on Tuesday with almost 59 percent of the vote, according to results announced late Saturday.
Malawi is only the second African country south of the Sahara to have presidential poll results overturned in court, after Kenya in 2017.

And it is the first time in the region that a vote re-run has led to the defeat of an incumbent leader.
"I... do solemnly swear that I will well and truly perform the functions of the high office of the president of the Republic of Malawi and that I will preserve and defend the constitution," the 65-year-old Chakwera said as took his oath before thousands of supporters.
Opposition candidate Saulos Chilima was sworn in as vice-president.
Some 6.8 million Malawians returned to the polls on Tuesday after the country's top court found the first election had been marred by widespread irregularities -- including the use of correction fluid to tamper with result sheets.

Chakwera was pronounced the winner with 2.6 million votes, while Mutharika took 1.75 million and underdog candidate Peter Dominico Kuwani over 32,400.
Voter turnout was just under 65 percent.
In power since 2014, Mutharika had won 38 percent of the discredited vote last year, just ahead of Chakwera with about 35 percent.
'A government that serves'
"Fellow Malawians, to stand before you is an honour. It's an honour that fills me with unspeakable joy," Chakwera said.
"It is an honour forged in the furnace of your desire and your demand for change."
Addressing supporters in Lilongwe's Freedom Square, Chakwera vowed to restore "faith in the possibility of having a government that serves" and "fights for you".

"There are many of you who did not vote for me in this election and perhaps the prospect of my presidency fills you with fear," he added.
"But... Malawi is home to you too... so long as I am its president, you too will prosper."
Chakwera leads Malawi's oldest party, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), which is the main opposition party and ruled Malawi for three decades from 1964 to 1994 under Hastings Banda's one-party rule.

Mutharika, 79, has not yet commented on his defeat.
On Saturday, he had argued that the election re-run had been flawed, citing violence and intimidation against monitors.
The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) dismissed the allegations and said all complaints had been "resolved".
But Mutharika's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) called on the MEC to annul the results of the second vote and declare a third poll.

‘Queer’ Black Lives Matter Co-Founder: ‘We Are Trained Marxists,’ Effort Includes Fighting for ‘Transgenders,’ Homosexuals

  BlackLivesMatter Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors on Its 6-Year ...

‘Queer’ Black Lives Matter Co-Founder: ‘We Are Trained Marxists,’ Effort Includes Fighting for ‘Transgenders,’ Homosexuals

By on

A video from 2015 is being circulated online of Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors — a self-described “queer,” artist, author, organizer and college professor who founded the organization with another lesbian and a self-described feminist — acknowledging that the group is led by “trained Marxists.” The group’s website also outlines that it seeks to “dismantle cisgender privilege and uplift Black trans folk,” as well as to “foster a queer‐affirming network” and “build a space” that is “free from sexism, misogyny, and environments in which men are centered.”
“It was important for us as Black women, two of which are queer, to actually talk about the totality of Black life,” she said during the interview with Jared Ball of “I Mix What I Like” on Real News Network. “And that Black cis[gender] men are not the sum of Black people, but rather all Black people being the totality of Black people …”
Cullors added that the group’s definition of totality would include “Black trans[gender] folk,” those who have been incarcerated or are currently behind bars, and those with disabilities.
“We wanted to call a new Black liberation movement that centered those most at the margin as a part of a political frame to challenge the current system that we live in,” she explained.
Black Lives Matter was formed by Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi in 2013 in response to the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin.
“While the tragic deaths of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown were catalysts for the emergence of the BLM movement,” the bio for Garza, a lesbian, states, “in order to truly understand how devastating and widespread this type of violence is in Black America, we must view this epidemic through a lens of race, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity.”

“We make space for transgender brothers and sisters to participate and lead,” the site’s “What We Believe” page also outlines. “We are self-reflexive and do the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege and uplift Black trans folk, especially Black trans women who continue to be disproportionately impacted by trans-antagonistic violence.”
“We build a space that affirms Black women and is free from sexism, misogyny, and environments in which men are centered,” it continues. “We foster a queer‐affirming network. When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking, or rather, the belief that all in the world are heterosexual (unless s/he or they disclose otherwise).”
During the interview with Ball, when presented with a concern about the group’s perceived “lack of ideological direction,” Cullors sought to explain that she does believe the group has an organized ideology.
“We … do have an ideological frame. Myself, and Alicia in particular, are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists,” she said. “We are super versed on ideological theories, and I think that what we really try to do is build a movement that can be utilized by many, many Black folk.”
But she advised that the organization didn’t want to necessarily be the vanguard for society.
Cullors, an adjunct professor at Prescott College in Arizona, has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Religion and Philosophy from UCLA and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Southern California’s Roski School of Art and Design.
“Her thesis performance [at USC], ‘Respite, Reprieve, and Healing: An Evening of Cleansing,’ explored themes such as exhaustion, restoration, and queer world building through ritual Black hair washing and procession movements,” the faculty page for Cullors shares.
“Most recently, Cullors performed ‘[Expletive] White Supremacy, Let’s Get Free’ (FWSLGF) at Frieze Los Angeles 2020 and at LTD Los Angeles,” it states. “Her piece ‘Prayer to the Iyami’ took a deep dive into the intersections of incarceration, mental illness and resilience.”
Cullors’ course at Prescott College is part of the school’s “Social Justice and Community Organizing (SJCO)” Master’s degree program, “which combines a unique focus on critical race theory, anti-colonial theory, feminist and queer theory, critical political economy, and third world liberation theory,” according to her website.
She has delivered keynote addresses at American University, The University of Notre Dame, the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University, and she and her organization have won numerous accolades, such as the Sydney Peace Prize, Glamour’s Justice Seekers Award and the Justice Award from the National Center for Lesbian Rights.
Cullors’ biography says that she is a “self-described wife of Harriet Tubman” and notes that when “Patrisse was 16-years-old she came out as queer and moved out of her home in the Valley. She formed close connections with other young queer woman who were dealing with the challenges of poverty and being Black and Brown in the USA.”
In an article published this month by the Washington Times, Everett Piper, the former president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, scolded Christians — or more specifically, “woke evangelical pastors” — who support the organization.
“How in the name of all that is right and holy could you possibly now march with an organization that laughs in the face of all that Jesus taught and died for? How could you be so ignorant? How could you be so arrogant? How could you be so wrong?” he wrote.
“Have you not taken the time to do a 30-second Google search of the mission statement of the organization with which you now align?”
“The broken ideas of BLM are not godly, and they are not Christian, and any pastor suggesting otherwise diminishes the imago Dei to little more than a hyphenated construct of division rather than unity,” Piper opined.
He asked pastors why they are not rather teaching that all are the same — as all have sinned and are in need of the Savior.
“Why aren’t you telling your followers that to be a Christian is to be born again, not born that way, that we have died to self, that we are new creations, that we are neither ‘Jew nor Greek,’ and that we are all one Body in Christ?” Piper asked. “Why aren’t you preaching that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God — not just whites and not just blacks — but all?”
“Why aren’t you telling people that the only solution to this mess is personal repentance rather than casting blame?”
Ephesians 5:11 teaches, “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather reprove them.”