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Pope Contradicts Genesis Account of Creation, Argues ‘God and Evolution’ Are Compatible: Vatican Astronomer Says Young Earth Theory Is 'Almost Blasphemous,' Argues Bible Should Not Be Used as Science Book

Pope Contradicts Genesis Account of Creation, Argues ‘God and Evolution’ Are Compatible  

Pope_FrancisROME – The Roman Catholic Pontiff Francis addressed an audience at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on Monday, during which he reaffirmed long-held Catholic beliefs that evolution is not “inconsistent” with Creation.
“When we read about Creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything. But that is not so,” he told those gathered for a discussion on “Evolving Concepts of Nature.” “He created human beings and let them develop according to the internal laws that he gave to each one so they would reach their fulfillment.”
“And so Creation continued for centuries and centuries, millennia and millennia, until it became which we know today, precisely because God is not a demiurge or a magician, but the Creator who gives being to all things,” Francis continued. “The Big Bang, which today we hold to be the origin of the world, does not contradict the intervention of the divine creator but, rather, requires it. … Evolution in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation, because evolution requires the creation of beings that evolve.”
Giovanni Bignami, a professor and president of Italy’s National Institute for Astrophysics, praised the Pope’s statements to reporters, opining that he had buried the “pseudo theories” of Creationists.

“The pope’s statement is significant,” he told the news outlet Adnkronos. “We are the direct descendants from the big bang that created the universe. Evolution came from Creation.”
As previously reported, earlier this month, Guy Consolmagno with the Vatican Observatory told Australia’s Fairfax Media that young earth creation beliefs are nearly tantamount to blasphemy.
“It’s almost blasphemous theology,” Consolmagno alleged, according to the Brisbane Times. “It’s certainly not the tradition of Catholicism and never has been and it misunderstands what the Bible is and it misunderstands what science is.”
The papal astronomer further explained that he rejects the literal interpretation of Genesis and instead finds truth through “science.”
“Science is a way of getting close to creation, to really getting intimate with creation, and it’s a way of getting intimate with the Creator,” he claimed. “It’s an act of worship.”
Many influential leaders of the Roman Catholic Church have endorsed evolution and disregarded the literal interpretation of Genesis. In 1950, Pope Pius XII declared that there is no intrinsic conflict between Catholicism and evolution, and, in 2007, Pope Benedict XVI stated that “there are … many scientific proofs in favor of evolution.”
But some have chastised Roman Catholic leaders for endorsing evolutionary theory.
“Either God really created the cosmos the way He said He did and when He said, or He did not,” Brian Thomas of the Institute for Creation Research told Christian News Newtork. “If He did not, then we should jettison Scripture. Fortunately, historical science—like young-looking spiral galaxies, fast-fuel-burning blue stars, heat-emitting Saturn, and still-icy comets—clearly confirm the Bible’s history.”

 Vatican Astronomer Says Young Earth Theory Is 'Almost Blasphemous,' Argues Bible Should Not Be Used as Science Book

By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post Reporter
October 15, 2014|4:13 pm
Hurricane Sandy is seen churning over the Bahamas in this NASA handout satellite image taken on Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012. (Photo: Reuters/NOAA/NASA/GOES/Handout)
Hurricane Sandy is seen churning over the Bahamas in this NASA handout satellite image taken on Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012. As the hurricane makes its way toward the eastern seaboard of the United States, disaster experts and meteorologists warn that the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states face dangerous winds and heavy rains that could trigger flooding in the coming days.

Brother Guy Consolmagno, astronomer and planetary scientist at the Vatican Observatory, has said that he finds Young Earth Creation theories that run contrary to science "almost blasphemous" in nature. He also argued that the Bible should not be used as a science book.
"It's almost blasphemous theology," Consolmagno told Fairfax Media during a visit to Australia on Wednesday.
"It's certainly not the tradition of Catholicism and never has been and it misunderstands what the Bible is and it misunderstands what science is," he said.
Consolmagno argued that literal interpretations of the Bible could suggest that the Earth is of a young age, but scientific evidence to the contrary has shown that such a belief is "bad theology."

The age of the Earth is a controversial subject among Christians, with some creationists, like Answers in Genesis' Ken Ham, insisting that the Bible opposes evolution and notions that the Earth is billions of years old.
A survey commissioned by evangelical Christian group BioLogos and released in 2013 found that 19 percent of 743 Protestant pastors who responded to the poll expressed certainty that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old. Another 35 percent said while they believe that God created life in its present form in six 24-hour days, they express qualified certainty, or doubt the "young" age of the Earth.

But Consolmagno argued the Bible should not be used as a science book, reflecting that science textbooks over three years old are likely to be at least partially out of date.
"Science goes out of date – it's supposed to," he said.

"Now, if you're turning the Bible into a science book, then you're saying you should throw it out after three years and you don't want to do that," Consolmagno continued.
"... The very concept of a science book didn't exist when the Bible was written — that's the misunderstanding of theology, of the Bible."

The Roman Catholic Church has embraced a number of contemporary scientific assertions, and Consolmagno reflected that there is no struggle in reconciling faith with science.
"I grew up with the nuns in my school teaching me science," the Vatican astronomer said.
"Science is a way of getting close to creation, to really getting intimate with creation, and it's a way of getting intimate with the creator," he added. "It's an act of worship."

In a separate interview in September, Consolmagno suggested that it is only a matter of time before alien life forms are discovered. He reflected that this will pave the way to questions about God's relationship to intelligent beings outside our planet.

Ham, who is also the CEO and president of The Creation Museum, has on the other hand spoken out against the notion that life can exist anywhere outside the Earth.
"I'm shocked at the countless hundreds of millions of dollars that have been spent over the years in the desperate and fruitless search for extraterrestrial life," Ham wrote in a blog post in July, referring to NASA programs with such an aim.

"Of course, secularists are desperate to find life in outer space, as they believe that would provide evidence that life can evolve in different locations and given the supposed right conditions! The search for extraterrestrial life is really driven by man's rebellion against God in a desperate attempt to supposedly prove evolution," he added.

MP urges Ntagali to face Museveni on homosexuality law

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali and President Museveni
Masaka Municipality MP Mathias Mpuuga has challenged religious leaders to speak with one voice and urge President Museveni to support the revival of the annulled anti-homosexuality law. Speaking directly to Anglican Archbishop Stanley Ntagali in Masaka on Sunday, Mpuuga said MPs had the will to fight homosexuality but could not go far without the president’s support.
“But we know you as a man of courage, a man of wisdom. I know for a fact that you can stand up and tell the president to give us his word on this law,” Mpuuga told Ntagali, who was starting his tour of West Buganda diocese. “We are leaders in equal measure but the president remains president.”
Mpuuga, who threw the challenge to other religious leaders as well, spoke after Ntagali had assured Christians that the church and other religions in Uganda would not relent in their opposition to homosexuality.
Last year, Parliament passed the Anti-Homosexuality  Bill, and President Museveni was locally lauded and internationally criticized for signing it into law.  However, it was annulled in August, court ruling that it had been passed by a House that lacked quorum. Ntagali says it should be re-tabled in Parliament and dully passed.
“When all religious leaders congratulated Parliament for passing the law and President Museveni for signing it, we were not wasting time; but we were rather serious and meaning what we were talking about,” Ntagali said at Kijjabwemi Church of Uganda in Masaka municipality.
The archbishop said the church did not hate homosexuals, only wanted to rescue them from ‘immorality’.

Church house

Ntagali also urged the Christians to support the Church house project on Kampala road, which he said was nearing completion.
“But we all must own it by buying shares at a cost of Shs 100,000 each in order to gain from its profits,” he said, adding that Mityana diocese had already contributed Shs 15m while Mbale donated Shs 16m towards the project.
A hastily-arranged  fundraiser for the project realised Shs 9m in cash and pledges, adding to the Shs 5m earlier collected from Lyantonde. Ntagali, flanked by West Buganda Bishop Godfrey Makumbi, wedded seven couples and confirmed some 300 children.
Ntagali will tour several parishes and projects in West Buganda diocese, ending at  Kako cathedral in Mukungwe sub-county on October 30.


Go Slow Gay Bill: Museveni warns MPs: Pentecostal Pastors want MPs to vote by roll call

Some Anglican priests do not believe in God - poll

Some Anglican priests do not believe in God - poll

Publish Date: Oct 29, 2014
Some Anglican priests do not believe in God - poll

The study was conducted among 1,500 Anglican clergy

LONDON - Two percent of Anglican clergy do not believe in God, according to a new poll in which dozens of respondents said they were "not sure 'God' is more than a human construct".
Asked to choose the statement that most closely resembled their beliefs, nine percent also chose the phrase "No-one can know what God is like".
The overwhelming majority, 83 percent, chose: "There is a personal God", while three percent went for: "There is some sort of spirit or life force".
The survey of 1,500 Anglican clergy in Britain and Ireland by the polling company YouGov and the University of Lancaster was carried out in August and September.
David Paterson, a retired Church of England priest from the Sea of Faith network which rejects the traditional belief in one personal God and claims to represent dozens of vicars, said he saw no contradiction.
"I preach using God's terminology but never with the suggestion that God actually exists," he told the University Times, Trinity College Dublin's newspaper.

Uganda: The politcs of exluding Northerns from the Uganda Peoples' defence forces : 400 youth miss Army recruitment over HIV and Hepatitis B

400 youth miss Army recruitment over HIV and Hepatitis B

Youth getting a military drill in Apac last week during a two day recruitment exercise. Photo by Geoffrey Omara 
By Geoffrey Omara

Posted  Tuesday, October 28   2014 at  10:53
In Summary
The ongoing exercise is aimed at recruiting over 3,000 youth to serve in UPDF

Atotal of 400 youth in the three districts of Apac, Oyam and Kole, have missed out on the ongoing   army recruitment after testing HIV/Aids and Hepatitis B positive.

During the recruitment Exercise at Apac Primary School, the head of recruitment team North-Eastern,
Col Stephen Mugerwa, said most of the youth in the three district were found to have HIV/ Aids and Hepatitis B, thus disqualified.

“Out of 310 youth who were medically examined in the three districts, most of them were found to be HIV/Aids and hepatitis B positive and they could not be absorbed,” he said and added that similar cases were also seen in Lira district and many were also turned down.

He tasked the leaders in the region to   sensitise the locals on the benefits of immunizing for Hepatitis B.
Fifth Division infantry army spokesman Capt  Telefphor Turyamumanya,
said, the turn up was overwhelming but many youth turned up without the required qualifications while others had forged academic documents.

In Apac, Oyam and Kole, Lira, Otuke, Alebtong and Kole only 74 youth were recruited.
District Internal Security Officer Mr Emmanuel Odui, warned youth against joining the army as their last resort after failing to get jobs from other sector.

“Serving the national army needs one to be patriotic and discipline and not because he thinks they have failed in life,” he said.

The ongoing exercise is aimed at recruiting over 3,000 youth to serve in UPDF. It started on October 13 and is expected to end   on 26th of this very month.

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Pope Francis Confirms willingness to visit Uganda next year 2015: Well , wherever these servants of Satan(the popes) go , they leave behind not peace but DEATH, CHAOS, CONFUSION , SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS and DEVILS TO BIND A NATION. I think born again saints should start canceling this visit in Jesus’s name.

Pope Paul VI visited Uganda in 1969 , a few years after his visit in 1971 Dictator Idi Amim Dada came to the scene in 1971
Dictator Idi Amin Dada 1971-1979
The Late Pope John Paul IIVisited Rwanda in 1990, four years later there was a genocide in Rwanda in which even catholic priests participated

 The skulls of genocide victims in Rwanda

List of African countries visited by late Pope Paul II
Nuns jailed for genocide role

 Friday, 8 June, 2001, 17:20 GMT 18:20 UK

Sister Maria Kisito Mukabutera (Left) and Sister Gertrude Mukangango
The two nuns handed over refugees to their killers
A court in Belgium has sentenced two nuns to 12 and 15 years in prison for their part in the Rwanda genocide seven years ago. The Rwandan nuns were found guilty of homicide on Friday.

Sister Gertrude Mukangango received a 15-year sentence for her role in the massacre of some 7,000 people seeking refuge at her

Nuns go on trial for Rwandan genocide


FOUR Rwandans, including two Benedictine nuns, charged with taking part in the 1994 massacre of 800,000 people in Rwanda, went on trial in Belgium yesterday. The charges are that: On 22 April 1994, Benedictine Sister Maria Kisito, 36, who was born Julienne Makubutera, provided petrol that was used to set ablaze a building near her convent and health centre outside the southern Rwandan town of Butare, where 500 Tutsis were hiding. On 21 April 1994, Benedictine Sister Gertrude, 42, who was born Consolata Mukangango, forced hundreds of Tutsis hiding in the convent to leave, knowing they were going to be killed. Around 600 died on 5 May, the prosecution alleges. Sister Gertrude asked officials to remove the last 30 Tutsis, who were then killed on 6 May.

The Ntarama church massacre


The Catholic Church Must Apologize for Its Role in Rawanda's Genocide  

  The Pope was a man of double standards. He failed to apologise to Rwandese, Africans and humanity in general for the role played by the Catholic church in the Rwanda genocide. Why did he go ahead to protect and even call for the release of the Catholic bishops and fathers who were directly involved in the genocide? We all know of the fathers and bishops of the Catholic church who lured Tutsis and moderate Hutus to be killed in churches. Is the leadership of the Catholic church hiding and covering us from the truth of its behind the curtains world in the name of christianity?
Thomas Nyambane, Nairobi, Kenya,

Ntarama church sign


The late John Paul IIvisited Uganda in 1993, after the country sunk into a fully fledged dictatorship under Yoweri Museveni and a war that was to last over 20 years
Former catholic altar boy Joseph war waged war against Museveni's NRA from 1995. Because of this war  the Acholi people ended up in concentration camps
People's lips were cut off during the Joseph Kony war
In 2000 a cult of catholic priests and nuns  killed over 1000people 

 Too late : MPs start probe into Kibwetere CULT mass killings

Uganda Govt asks for three months to conclude Kibwetere pro: Oh! really

Kibwetere most wanted man in Uganda



When peace prayers of Anti-christ Pope Francis for middle east were rendered bogus: Israel’s Operation in Gaza Kills Over 1,000 Palestinians, One-Quarter Children

Pope Francis visited Israel in May 2014 a months later there was fighting between Palestinians and Israelis in which over 1000 people died



And To Which “god” Were Pope Francis, Mahmoud Abbas and Shimon Peres Praying to at the Vatican in Rome?

The catholic church and its papacy are controlled by the spirit  of death . No wonder the pope carries this spirit of death where ever he visits

Roman Catholicism and the worship of the dead XXII: Satanic inspired worship of Popes blood in Rio


No wonder wizards, sorcerers and even Cannibals in Africa find the catholic church a very comfortable place to be: Sedlec Ossuary: A catholic Church Decorated With Human Bones


Roman Catholicism and the worship of the dead XIII: Catholic chapel with rotten man and child hanging from chains


I am willing to visit Uganda - Pope

Pope Francis meets President Museveni at the Papal Building
Pope Francis meets President Museveni at the Papal Building in the Caticano, Rome yesterday. The Pope told President Museveni he is willing to visit Uganda and officiate at the 5Oth anniversary of the canonisation of Uganda Catholic Martyrs at Namugongo next year. PHOTO BY PPU 
By Stephen Kafeero

Posted  Tuesday, October 28  2014 at  02:00
In Summary
The Pope says Uganda Martyrs are considered very important in the Catholic Church.

Kampala- Pope Francis has expressed willingness to come to Uganda to officiate at the 5Oth anniversary of the canonisation of Uganda Catholic Martyrs at Namugongo next year.
This follows a Monday meeting with President Museveni who is on a four-day working trip to Italy at the Pope’s office at the Papal building in the Caticano.

Shortly after the meeting, the President tweeted “I and Pope Francis held a one-to-one meeting that lasted one and a half hours. I later introduced the First Lady my wife.”
According to a statement by the President’s deputy press secretary, Ms Linda Nabusayi, read: “The Pope has expressed willingness to visit Uganda and looking forward to the trip. The Pope and President Yoweri Museveni held a meeting at his office at the Papal Building in the Caticano.”
The Pope, according to the statement, said he was willing and looking forward to the trip. “He said Uganda Martyrs are considered very important in the Catholic Church,” read the statement in part.
However, the Vatican Curia, which manages the Pope’s schedule, is yet to officially confirm the trip to Uganda.
Mr Museveni travelled with a government delegation, including ministers; Adolf Mwesige Local Government, the Chief Whip, Ms Kasule Lumumba, and minister of State for Foreign Affairs Okello Oryem.
President Museveni first inspected a guard of honour mounted by the Papal guards shortly after arriving in the Vatican.

The Pope gave gifts to his visitors, including rosaries and his book on Faith and Social development.
He also gave a St Martin Medal named after an important missionary in the Catholic Church to the President.
Mr Museveni in return gave the Pope a copy of his book Sowing the Mustard Seed and a portrait of the Crested Crane. Later, the President held talks with Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Secretary of State of the Vatican. Cardinal Parolin is also the head of government for the Vatican State.
On Sunday, President Museveni donated $10,000 (Shs26m) to projects run by the Uganda Catholic Martyrs’ Church, Rome after touring church complex, which includes, a church building, recreation facilities and an office.
A fundraising drive expected to collect millions of shillings needed to redevelop the Namugongo Uganda Martyrs Shrine is underway. The Pope is expected to visit the shrines if he makes the trip to Uganda.
The Catholic Church in Uganda formerly invited him here according to the Archbishop of Kampala Diocese Cyprian Kizito Lwanga.
Early this year, the much awaited visit by the Pope was postponed with the Pontiff confirming he is unable to make the trip.
The celebrations of the 50 years of the Canonisation of the Uganda Martyrs, which the Pope had been officially invited to preside over on October 18, were also postponed.
The last Pope to visit Uganda was John Paul II, in March 1993. His predecessor, Pope Paul VI, had visited Uganda in August 1969.

Museveni meets Pope Francis

Publish Date: Oct 27, 2014
Museveni meets Pope Francis
President Yoweri Museveni (left) Pope Francis (middle) and First Lady Janet Museveni (right). PPU/PHOTO
By Vision Reporter

President Yoweri Museveni has met Pope Francis.

The President, who is currently in Italy has met the Pope, accompanied by the First Lady and Minister for Karamoja Affairs, Janet Museveni and ministers, among others, the President also toured a number of historical sites in Rome and the Vatican.

The meeting lasted for one and a half hours and later the President introduced the First Lady Janet.

“Pope Francis has expressed willingness to visit Uganda at the 50th anniversary of the canonization Uganda Catholic Martyrs at Namugongo,” President Museveni tweeted.

The President gave the Pontiff a copy of `Sowing the Mustard Seed' book and a portrait of Crested Crane, Uganda's symbol.

The Pope gave President Museveni St. Martin Medal named after an important missionary in the Catholic Church.

President Museveni (left) holds talks with Pope Francis in Rome.

In brief remarks to worshipers who attended the Sunday prayers, at the Uganda Catholic Martyrs’ Church, Museveni said he had not visited the premises before because he was not aware of that church.

When Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected Pontiff last year, Museveni, in a congratulatory Twitter message, wrote:

“His Holiness Pope Francis. This is to congratulate you upon your election to the holy office of the Pope. Your Holiness, there is added significance that you are the first Pope to come from the third world, where the majority of Christians live. I am sure you will use your life experience to bring the necessary changes to the Catholic Church.”

Well , perhaps many countries feel that the US should clean its own mess: US envoy hits out at global response to Ebola: She said many countries "are signing on to resolutions and praising the good work that the United States and the United Kingdom and others are doing, but they themselves haven't taken the responsibility yet to send docs, to send beds, to send the reasonable amount of money."

US envoy hits out at global response to Ebola

Publish Date: Oct 27, 2014
US envoy hits out at global response to Ebola
Liberian health workers at the NGO Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) Ebola treatment center in Monrovia

CONAKRY - The US ambassador to the United Nations has criticised the level of international support for nations hit by Ebola as she begins a tour of west African nations at the epicentre of the deadly outbreak.

Samantha Power said before arriving in Guinea on Sunday that too many leaders were praising the efforts of countries like the United States and Britain to accelerate aid to the worst-affected nations, while doing little themselves.

"The international response to Ebola needs to be taken to a wholly different scale than it is right now," Power told NBC News.
She said many countries "are signing on to resolutions and praising the good work that the United States and the United Kingdom and others are doing, but they themselves haven't taken the responsibility yet to send docs, to send beds, to send the reasonable amount of money."
Besides Guinea, Power will travel to Sierra Leone and Liberia -- the three nations that account for the vast majority of the 4,922 deaths from the Ebola epidemic.
More than 10,000 people have contracted the virus in west Africa, according to the latest World Health Organization figures.
Another country in the region, Mali, is scrambling to prevent a wider outbreak after a two-year-old girl died from her Ebola infection following a 1,000-kilometre (600-mile) bus ride from Guinea. She was Mali's first recorded case of the disease.

This colorized transmission electron micrograph (TEM) reveals some of the ultrastructural morphology displayed by an Ebola virus virion. (AFP/CDC)

Ebola can fell its victims within days, causing severe fever and muscle pain, weakness, vomiting and diarrhoea -- in some cases shutting down organs and causing unstoppable bleeding.
The tropical virus is spread though close contact with the sweat, vomit, blood or other bodily fluids of an infected person. No widely-available medicine or vaccine exists.
'Feel like a criminal'
In the United States, an American nurse who was placed in quarantine after caring for Ebola sufferers in Sierra Leone has complained she was made to feel "like a criminal" upon arrival in New Jersey.
Kaci Hickox, who later tested negative, was the first person to be placed under a mandatory 21-day quarantine for medical staff returning to parts of the US who may have had contact with Ebola patients in west Africa.
The new rules took effect in the states of New York, New Jersey and Illinois on Friday, the same day Hickox returned.
"This is not a situation I would wish on anyone," Hickox wrote in The Dallas Morning News.

Women working on the CT1SL428, a protective suit for use in handling people infected with the Ebola virus, in a sewing room of Lakeland Industries Inc.   Lakeland
"I am scared about how healthcare workers will be treated at airports when they declare that they have been fighting Ebola in west Africa. I am scared that, like me, they will arrive and see a frenzy of disorganisation, fear and, most frightening, quarantine."
She said she was being kept outside the main hospital building, with only a hospital bed, a non-flush chemical toilet, and no shower.
"To put me in prison is just inhumane," she told CNN on Sunday.
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio attempted to quell the firestorm over Hickox's outspoken remarks, saying "this hero was treated with disrespect, was treated with a sense that she had done something wrong, when she hadn't."
Late Sunday New York state eased its rules for how those arriving from Ebola-stricken west Africa must be treated, under pressure from the White House, where officials believe these rules could deter health workers from going to fight the epidemic.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said there would no longer be a blanket quarantine procedure from all people entering the state from affected countries in west Africa.
Instead, if someone arrives from an affected area with no symptoms, and without having had direct contact with people infected with the virus, no home confinement will be required. Health officials will monitor these travellers twice daily until the 21-day incubation period has expired.

Demonstrators sit to form the shape of the African continent during a protest in Marseille, southern France to raise awareness about the slow pace of research on the Ebola virus
'Emergency' in Mali
President Barack Obama told Americans on Saturday they must be "guided by the facts, not fear" after a 33-year-old US doctor returning from Africa became the first Ebola case in New York City.
Meanwhile, Australian authorities said early on Monday that a teenager who was in isolation in hospital had tested negative for Ebola after she developed a fever following her arrival from Guinea.
The 18-year-old, who arrived in Australia 12 days ago with eight other family members, had been in home quarantine in Brisbane before she developed a raised temperature.
In Mali, the WHO warned of an "emergency" situation after a girl died from Ebola following a bus ride from Guinea with her grandmother.
But an advisor to the Malian health ministry told AFP the 43 people placed under medical observation in Kayes in western Mali -- where the girl died on Friday -- show no signs of the illness.
About a dozen other people are also being observed in the capital Bamako, where the girl had spent about three hours visiting relatives on the way to Kayes.
Mauritania meanwhile reinforced controls on its border with Mali, which effectively closed the frontier, according to local sources.

Must Read:

Gem in the trash: Bold and Brilliant son of the soil Dr. Cyril Broderick(Professor of Plant Pathology) exposes Babylon USA’s role in Manufacturing the Ebola virus strains in West Africa.  

US Bio-warfare Laboratories In West Africa Are The Origins Of The Ebola Epidemic says American law professor Francis A. Boyle  

The Ebola Breakout Coincided With UN Vaccine Campaigns

U.S. is Responsible for the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa: Liberian Scientist

Ebola as a US neo-imperialistic weapon: Portray Africans as poor helpless zombies: Come in as a solution to the Ebola virus you have created : Use this pretext to steal their mineral resources : Obama: Ebola crisis 'spiraling out of control' : US military to help Ebola effort 

 John Hagee’s Racist nonsense : John Hagee: Ebola is God's punishment for Obama 'dividing Jerusalem': Hagee’s Logic: BLACK Obama divides Jerusalem; God pours out his wrath by infecting BLACK AFRICANS with Ebola

Structural racism : The US Military and the Ebola Outbreak: How comes among the Ebola medics flown to the US, it is only the Black nurse that died??

Dear Global , The US invented the Ebola Virus from Bundibugyo, Uganda that is why they have a patent for their invention. The US’s invention of that virus is not a claim, it is the truth.

US experts to monitor deadly hemorrhagic fevers in Uganda???????????????????????/