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Uganda's President Museveni Named in a US Christian Cult, The Family

Uganda's President Museveni Named in a US Christian Cult, The Family

Kato Mivule | November 27, 2009

For those who have been following Evangelical Christianity in East Africa will know that the story below of African Politicians being manipulated, used, and controlled by false Christians from the West, is not a new story but this has been going on for some time.

Dominionists and Political Christians from Peter Wagner and his Global Apostles, George Ortis and his false Revival Reports (Transformations), and now ‘The Family’ have all been pushing a false Christian Movement in East Africa bent on acquiring and maintaining Political Power.

Born Again Christians are simply seen as Political Tools and their Leaders as puppets. Yet Born Again Christians refuse to discern this important issue. The so-called Fight Against Homosexuals is being used by Politicians to continue cementing their inroads activity inside Born Again Churches. What ‘The Family’ is replicating in Africa is simply another version of Right Wing Political Christian Lunacy and Madness in America and every Born Again Christian in Africa should reject such associations.

President Museveni is NOT a True Born Again Christian as widely reported by Uganda's Evangelical Christians but simply manipulating undiscerning Christians in Uganda for Political gain. It is a shame that folks like George Ortis and Peter Wagner keep promoting stories of “Transformations” and a false revival in Uganda, yet the reality is that they are simply promoting ideologies of ‘The Family’…the real “Transformation” in Uganda is that’ The Family’ has had such powerful political influence Uganda and the Evangelical Christians there did not even know it.

Museveni, Bahati, named in US ‘cult’

The Observer |November 25, 2009

NEW YORK: President Museveni, Ethics Minister Nsaba Buturo and MP David Bahati have been linked to a shadowy religious fundamentalist group in the United States known as the ‘The Family’.

The group, comprising a number of influential congressmen, senators and other people in strategic positions, works secretively to promote its political, economic and religious ideas, some of them controversial, in the United States and across the world.

According to journalist, academic and author Jeff Sharlett, who has spent years researching on The Family, its core agenda includes fighting homosexuality and abortion, promoting free-market economics and dictatorship, an idea they once termed “totalitarianism for Christ”.

It recruits people in positions of power and influence to promote its agenda and, according to Sharlett, the group has had its sights on Uganda for over 20 years. He also says the group is behind the anti-gay legislation recently tabled in Parliament by Ndorwa West MP, David Bahati, which proposes the death penalty for men who have gay sex with disabled people, under-18s, or when the accused is HIV-positive.

In an extensive interview with National Public Radio (NPR), a privately and publicly funded non-profit radio network in the United States, Jeff Sharlett said that The Family identified President Museveni as their “key man in Africa” in 1986.

Individuals working for both the US government and The Family, he said, undertook trips to Uganda “to reach out to Museveni to make sure that he came into the American sphere of influence [and] that Uganda, in effect, becomes our proxy in the region”.

“They wanted to steer him away from neutrality or leftist sympathies and bring him into conservative American alliances, and they were able to do so. They’ve since promoted Uganda as this bright spot - as I say, as this bright spot for African democracy, despite the fact that under their tutelage, Museveni has slowly shifted away from any even veneer of democracy: imprisoning journalists, tampering with elections, supporting - strongly supporting this Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2009,” he said.

'The Family' Fellowship Members In Uganda, From The Left: Minister of Ethics Dr. Nsaba Buturo, MP Bahati, and President Museveni- Image Source: The Observer
Describing Museveni as a “core” member of the group, Jeff Sharlett alleged that President Museveni visits, spends time and “sits down for counsel” with Doug Coe, the leader of The Family, at the group’s headquarters at a place called The Cedars in Arlington, Virginia.

This Doug Coe, with whom Uganda’s President reportedly consults, is the same man who believes that ruthless dictators such as Hitler, Stalin and Mao mirror Jesus’ central message on power. Sharlett says that Core members of The Family participate in deciding the group’s agenda, a privilege not enjoyed by other members of the group.

More power, less love

One of The Family’s central ideas, according to Jeff Sharlett, is that Jesus Christ’s message was not about love, mercy, justice or forgiveness. Rather, it was about power. The group says that Jesus didn’t come to take sides, he came to take over.

“Doug Coe, the leader of the group, tries to illustrate this, for instance, by saying, sort of posing a puzzle: name three men in the 20th Century who best understood that message of The New Testament. And most people are going to say someone like Martin Luther King, or Bonhoeffer; or maybe the more conservative, they can say, [evangelist] Billy Graham.

And Coe likes to give an answer - Hitler, Stalin and Mao, which just makes your jaw drop. And he will say - he’s quick to say these are evil men, but they understood power. And that message recurs again, and again, and again in The Family,” Sharlett said.

Sharlett, who spent time within The Family as an undercover researcher, given access to its leaders and archives, said that the group actively promotes dictators in pursuit of its economic and other interests. Because of its influence in Washington, the seat of the American government, foreign leaders find it in their interest to associate with the group.

Senator Tom Coburn, who also sits on the Senate Arms Forces Committee, is quoted to have said he has been on a mission to Uganda to “promote the political philosophy of Jesus as taught to him by Doug Coe.”

The group, Jeff Sharlett told NPR, creates “an invisible believing group of God-led politicians who get together and talk with one another about what God wants them to do in their leadership capacity. And that’s the nature of their relationship with Museveni.”

The Family, according to Sharlett, helped the Museveni family and other top politicians to start the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Uganda, to which it sends representatives, as a parallel to the United States National Prayer Breakfast the group has been running since 1935. This is the only group’s public event, which it uses to recruit new members.

The US National Prayer Breakfast has been attended by all American presidents since the 1950s.
Jeff Sharlett says he has established in recent investigations that the group has been channeling money to Uganda to promote its activities, including the anti-gay Bill.

Following paper trails, he discovered that the money was channeled through an “African leadership academy” called Cornerstone which runs a Youth Corps programme described as an “invisible family binding together world leaders” and an organisation called the “African Youth Leadership Forum” associated with MP David Bahati.

“The Family has poured millions of dollars working through a very convoluted chain of linkages passing the money over to Uganda,” he said. According to Jeff Sharlett, in Uganda, Museveni, Buturo and Bahati are not merely under the influence of The Family but they are, in effect, The Family.

The Observer tried to get MP Bahati to shed some light on these claims but he could not be reached on all known telephone numbers. Neither could we speak to Ethics and Integrity Minister, James Nsaba Buturo, as he did not answer his phone.

Presidential Press Secretary, Tamale Mirundi, said he was neither aware of an organisation called The Family nor of any relationship between it and President Museveni. But should such ties exist, Mirundi said, he would not be surprised.

“What would amaze me is if the President were associated with a group that is pro-homosexuality,” Mirundi told The Observer by phone. “But if the President is associated with a group opposed to homosexuality [I would not be amazed] because he has made his position on homosexuality very clear.”

Cash and sex

While The Family claims, on the surface at least, to promote family values, some of its more influential members have been ensnared by high-profile sexual scandals. In the latest scandal, Senator John Ensign of Nevada is alleged to have had an affair with the wife of a top aide, Doug Hampton and, on the advice of The Family, tried to buy Hampton off with $1.2 million.

The Family, also known as The Fellowship, was founded in the United States in 1935. According to its founder, Abraham Verene, God came to him one night in April, 1935, and told him that Christianity has been focusing on the wrong people, the poor and the suffering, “the down and out”.

He commanded him to be a missionary to and for the powerful, the “up and out”, who could then pass off the blessings to everybody else. The group does not maintain a website and prohibits its members from speaking about its activities.

Jeff Sharlett’s 2008 bestseller, The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power, is the most comprehensive expose of the group yet.

Other Sources


'Family': Fundamentalism, Friends In High Places

July 1, 2009
In the book The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power, author Jeff Sharlet examines the power wielded by a secretive Christian group known as the Family, or the Fellowship.

Founded in 1935 in opposition to FDR's New Deal, the evangelical group's views on religion and politics are so singular that some other Christian-right organizations consider them heretical

The group also has a connection to a house in Washington, D.C., known as C Street. Owned by a foundation affiliated with the Family, C Street is officially registered as a church; in practice, it serves as a meeting place and residence for politicians like South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, Nevada Sen. John Ensign and Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn.

The Family, Sharlet writes, is responsible for founding the annual National Prayer Breakfast, a supposedly ecumenical — but implicitly Christian — event attended by the president, members of Congress and dignitaries from around the world. These foreign delegations are often led by top defense personnel, who use it as an opportunity to lobby the most influential people in Washington — and who repay the Family with access to their governments.

The group's approach to religion, Sharlet says, is based on "a sort of trickle-down fundamentalism," which holds that the wealthy and powerful, if they "can get their hearts right with God ... will dispense blessings to those underneath them."
Members of the group ardently support free markets, in which, they believe, God's will operates directly through Adam Smith's "invisible hand."

The Family was founded in 1935 by a minister named Abraham Vereide after, he claimed, he had a vision in which God came to him in the person of the head of the United States Steel Corporation.

The current leader, Doug Coe, shuns publicity but wields considerable political influence as a spiritual adviser. Sharlet says that when Sanford recently compared his struggles to those of the biblical King David — a central figure in Family theology — the author "could almost hear Doug Coe's voice" coming out of the South Carolina governor.

A religion expert and a journalist, Sharlet is a contributing editor for Harper's and Rolling Stone. He is editor of The Revealer, a review of religion and the press.

Excerpt: 'The Family'
by Jeff Sharlet

A few weeks into my stay, David Coe, Doug's son, dropped by Ivanwald. My brothers and I assembled in the living room, where David had draped his tall frame over a burgundy leather recliner like a frat boy, one leg hanging over a padded arm.
"You guys," David said, "are here to learn how to rule the world." He was in his late forties, with dark, gray-flecked hair, an olive complexion, teeth like a slab of white marble, dark eyes so big they didn't need to move to take in the room. We sat around him in a rough circle, on couches and chairs, as the afternoon light slanted through the wooden blinds onto a wall adorned with a giant tapestry of the Last Supper. Rafael, a wealthy Ecuadoran, had a hard time with English, and he didn't understand what David had said. He stared, lips parted in puzzlement. David seemed to like that. He stared back, holding Raf's gaze like it was a pretty thing he'd found on the ground. "You have very intense eyes," David said.
"Thank you," Raf mumbled.

"Hey," David said, "let's talk about the Old Testament." His voice was like a river that's smooth on the surface but swirling beneath. "Who" — he paused — "would you say are its good guys?"

"Noah," suggested Ruggi, a shaggy-haired guy from Kentucky with a silver loop on the upper ridge of his right ear.
"Moses," offered Josh, a lean man from Atlanta more interested in serving Jesus than his father's small empire of shower door manufacturing.
"David," Beau volunteered.

"King David," David Coe said. "That's a good one. David. Hey. What would you say made King David a good guy?" He giggled, not from nervousness but from barely containable delight.

"Faith?" Beau said. "His faith was so strong?"
"Yeah." David nodded as if he hadn't heard that before. "Hey, you know what's interesting about King David?" From the blank stares of the others, I could see that they did not. Many didn't even carry a full Bible, preferring a slim volume of New Testament Gospels and Epistles and Old Testament Psalms, respected but seldom read. Others had the whole book, but the gold gilt on the pages of the first two-thirds remained undisturbed. "King David," David Coe went on, "liked to do really, really bad things." He chuckled. "Here's this guy who slept with another man's wife — Bathsheba, right? — and then basically murdered her husband. And this guy is one of our heroes." David shook his head. "I mean, Jiminy Christmas, God likes this guy! What," he said, "is that all about?"

"Is it because he tried?" asked Bengt. "He wanted to do the right thing?" Bengt knew the Bible, Old Testament and New, better than any of the others, but he offered his answer with a question mark on the end. Bengt was dutiful in checking his worst sin, his fierce pride, and he frequently turned his certainties into questions.
"That's nice, Bengt," David said. "But it isn't the answer. Anyone else?"
"Because he was chosen," I said. For the first time David looked my way.
"Yes," he said, smiling. "Chosen. Interesting set of rules, isn't it?" He turned to Beau. "Beau, let's say I hear you raped three little girls. And now here you are at Ivanwald. What would I think of you, Beau?"

Beau, given to bellowing Ivanwald's daily call to sports like a bull elephant, shrank into the cushions. "Probably that I'm pretty bad?"
"No, Beau." David's voice was kind. "I wouldn't." He drew Beau back into the circle with a stare that seemed to have its own gravitational pull. Beau nodded, brow furrowed, as if in the presence of something profound. "Because," David continued, "I'm not here to judge you. That's not my job. I'm here for only one thing. Do you know what that is?"

Understanding blossomed in Beau's eyes. "Jesus?" he said. David smiled and winked. "Hey," he said. "Did you guys see Toy Story?" Half the room had. "Remember how there was a toy cowboy, Woody? And then the boy who owns Woody gets a new toy, a spaceman? Only the toy spaceman thinks he's real. Thinks he's a real spaceman, and he's got to figure out what he's doing on this strange planet. So what does Woody say to him? He says, 'You're just a toy.' " David sat quietly, waiting for us to absorb this. "Just a toy. We're not really spacemen. We're just toys. Created for God. For His plea sure, nothing else. Just a toy. Period."

He walked to the National Geographic map of the world mounted on the wall. "You guys know about Genghis Khan?" he asked. "Genghis was a man with a vision. He conquered" — David stood on the couch under the map, tracing, with his hand, half the northern hemisphere — "nearly everything. He devastated nearly everything. His enemies? He beheaded them." David swiped a finger across his throat. "Dop, dop, dop, dop."
Genghis Khan's genius, David went on, lay in his understanding that there could be only one king. When Genghis entered a defeated city, he would call in the local headman. Conversion to the Khan's cause was not an option, as Genghis was uninterested in halfhearted deputies. Instead, said David, Genghis would have the man stuffed into a crate, and over the crate's surface would be spread a tablecloth, on which a wonderful meal would be arrayed.

"And then, while the man suffocated, Genghis ate, and he didn't even hear the man's screams." David stood on the couch, a finger in the air. "Do you know what that means?"

To their credit, my brothers did not. Perhaps on account of my earlier insight, David turned to me. "I think so," I said. "Out with the old, in with the new."
Yes, he nodded. "Christ's parable of the wineskins. You can't pour new into old." One day, he continued, some monks from Europe show up in Genghis Khan's court. Genghis welcomes them in the name of God. Says that in truth, they worship the same great Lord. Then why, the monks ask, must he conquer the world? "I don't ask," says Genghis. "I submit."

David returned to his chair. "We elect our leaders," he said. "Jesus elects his."
He reached over and squeezed the arm of Pavel. "Isn't that great?" David said. "That's the way everything in life happens. If you're a person known to be around Jesus, you can go and do anything. And that's who you guys are. When you leave here, you're not only going to know the value of Jesus, you're going to know the people who rule the world. It's about vision. Get your vision straight, then relate. Talk to the people who rule the world, and help them obey. Obey Him. If I obey Him myself, I help others do the same. You know why? Because I become a warning. We become a warning. We warn everybody that the future king is coming. Not just of this country or that but of the world." Then he pointed at the map, toward the Khan's vast, reclaimable empire.

Excerpted from The Family by Jeff Sharlet. Reprinting by arrangement with HarperCollins. Copyright © 2008 by Jeff Sharlet.

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There is one church ,one body of Christ which holds the doctrine of Christ and the teachings of the apostles in the book of Acts.Our example of true church is the first church in the book of Acts.If our churches fall short of the example set out in the book of Acts then they are in false doctrines and rebellion against God.


1.IT believes that it has to build a physical building of stones and bricks,glass, stadiums, cathedrals to worship God,calling it a church.


The 1st Church in Acts never built buildings to worship God because Jesus and the Apostles did not give such instructions and they knew that it is a spiritual building

The 1st Church in Acts met house to house daily to pray,worship and break bread together,
Acts 2:44-47

2.It believes that it needs a man made order of service or liturgy,ignoring the Holy Spirit and his gifts in the body of believers.


The Church is the habitation of God through the Spirit,not through man or his man made services and liturgies. Ephesians 2 :22

The meeting of beilevers is enhanced by the use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit such as prophecy,word of revelation,doctrine,psalm song.1 Cor 14 sets out a typical fellowship of believers and its order.

All believers are priests vested with different gifts to edify the believers,the church.Glass and red carpets have never edified one's spirit to be more like Christ. 1 Peter 2:5-6

Believers receive gifts of apostles,prophets teachers pastors...these are not and have never been titles but gifts to build the church. A lot of dollars and mortars are building physical buildings but house people who do not use the word of God and gifts to edify the real church.

Neither have one hour services on a sheet of paper made the Holy Spirit have his way to guide the church into all truth using the gifts he has given believers.

3.It believes that only one man or pastor or a few chosen people are to lead worship and the fellowship


•All believers are priests and have gifts of the Holy Spirit which should be exercised in an orderly manner as seen in 1 Cor 14 1 Peter 2:5-6, Note this is impossible to be carried out in a stadium of 30,000 'believers' called church
•The only true leadership in the church is servant leadership not Lord leadership
•Jesus Christ is the only High Priest in the gathering of believers, represented by the Holy Spirit.Heb 3 :1, Matthew 18:20

4.It believes that church members must tithe to worship God

•All believers are priests under the Melchizedek order and for tithe to be accepted as per the law only the Levitical priests were to receive it.The Church is not scriptural instructed to follow Levitical priesthood practices. Hebrews 7

•The first church were not told to tithe hence today's church should not tithe but give to those in need amongst them.
•Tithe was paid only in the Temple , only physical building in Jerusalem called the house of the Lord.

5.It believes in one day of worship or gathering or mid week meetings cell groups

•The church in Acts was a daily church showing continuance and patience in the faith hence The Church is a daily experience with the Holy Spirit and believers. Only living bodies have daily routines,dead bodies have no daily routine. Acts 2 :46-47
•The 1 st church in Acts was involved in daily distribution to the poor and widows amongst themselves Acts 6:1-6

6. IT celebrates man made religious holidays to worship God calling it mandatory


•The first church in Acts never celebrated Christimas or Easter days or saints days Colossians 1:8-23

7. The founder of a church is a man or a woman or a company of elders or a democratic people



He is the only founder of the true church because he is the saviour of it Ephesians 5:23-27

7. It does not focus on Repentance Biblical Evangelism,Giving to the Poor and Discipleship,all based on sound doctrine and the Word of God


THE 1ST Church in Acts was Evangelical, Givers to the poor and were disciples of Jesus Christ by doing the words of Jesus Christ,the word of God Acts 6:1-7

8. IT teaches extra things which are not in the Word of God or subtracts things or insists on a wrong interpretation of scripture.


It is sin for the church and a believer to add or subtract from the words of God or create new things against God's word Revelation 22 :18-19

The Holy Spirit is to guide the Church into all truth because he is the Spirit of Truth and God's word is truth ,the sword of the Spirit John 16 :13-15

A good and thorough study of the book of Acts will open one's eyes to the preminence of Jesus Christ in the church.The 1st church in Acts, even with its weaknesses endeavored to hold on to the profession of Christ Jesus in the midst of persecution and great trial.We have no excuse to not to follow their example because it was based on obedience to Jesus Christ,the Word oF GOD.

Some say things have changed because of technology hence we are not bound to the scriptural examples of the early Church.Just because we have computers and mobile phones and dvds today and not scrolls or stones does not mean the message changed or must change.The medium of giving messages changed but not the message.The word of God will still remain.It is eternal.

By Arthur Owiti

subtle attack on Paul and the book of Hebrews

When one reads the authorised version KJV ,from the book of Hebrews one finds a strong though often overlooked statement; that Paul wrote the epistle to the Hebrews.This has however been refuted by many which is a sign of deception in the pervesions of the bible.

I was suprised to find that the new KJVS, even those which claim to be KJV, have deleted that statement that is present in the authorised version.WHY ??]

I think it is because such a statement will debunk many false doctrines that are on life support on the falsehood that Paul did not write the book of Hebrews.

Paul's authorship affirms that
* The foundation of the doctrine of Christ in Hebrews 6
* James faith with works is just the faith then obedience that Paul teaches in HEBRERWS 11 hence no contradictions as Martin Luther claimed that James should have been expunged from the bible.

* Once Saved Always Saved doctrine is a lie from hell as stated in Hebrews 6 and10

* The New Testament is better than the Old Testament with better promises and a new living way

*The change of the priesthood hence change of the Law hence the supremacy of Jesus Christ the great high priest
* Tribualtions and Sharing wealth as part of the Christian life
*Repetance as part of a CHristian'swalk with God in Hebrews 12
*The irrelevance of faith based on meat and drinks in Hebrewss 13

Such affirmations discredit the man control in the church that needs an intermediary of earthy nature and needs religious practices of men to approach God.Yet the Old Testament needed intricate practices to enter the presence of God but in the New Testament we enter by the blood of the Lamb .Amen.

Sadly today the church has gone back to man made practivces trampling on the blood of the Lamb which is precious and can save to the uttermost.Satan is using the Levitical order to deceive people that they are in good books and doing right when they are actually commiting blasphemy by rejecting the new and living way the blood of the Lamb.

I was saddened when we were disputing with dispensationalist pastor from Holland who did not belive that Hebrews 6 was laying out the doctrine of Christ or at least what it entails.He said that we should read the book of Heberews in the light of Leviticus,which i greed .What i rejected is that Hebrews 6 was talking about laying hands on the goats not what was taught in the New TEstament.

Then i sked him "waht about baptisms ? " Do you know what he did afterwards ?He brought his laptop that has the Scofield verison of the bible,why ? King James interpreted Hebrews 6 wrongly and Scofield managed to get the gist of the chapter.After he read it,my heart is so easy to deny the truth when you refuse to receive its clear reproof.

This is why we should detest these vain pervesions of the bible and at the same time affirm that all scripture is inspired by God.

Moreover watch out for those who discredit Paul apostleship and authorship,he was an apostle by the will of God and Jesus Christ.

By Arthur Owiti

Sunday 24 January 2010

City pastor quizzed over rape


City pastor quizzed over rape

Friday, 8th January, 2010

By Herbert Ssempogo

THE police are investigating a city Pastor, William Muwanguzi over allegations of raping an 18-year-old student.

Muwanguzi of Holy Fire Ministries based in Mengo, a Kampala suburb on Thursday spent over eight hours at the Criminal Investigation Directorate at Kibuli.

Dressed in maroon traditional garb, Muwanguzi arrived at Kibuli in a black car and proceeded to the general crimes section.

There, a female detective interrogated him before he recorded a statement. He had no lawyer. Saturday Vision could not ascertain what he told the police.

It later emerged that Muwanguzi recorded a charge and caution statement but declined to comment about the allegations.

The Pastor will undergo medical tests to ascertain his HIV sero-status. The tests are mandatory for all people accused of sexual offences.

According to sources, the girl narrated her ordeal to another Pastor, who reported the matter to a minister. Subsequently, The New Vision learnt, the minister had ordered for a probe.

In an interview, the teenager, an orphan, alleged that she met Muwanguzi at his church in May where she had gone for financial help. “I had heard him over the radio saying that he could assist to people with financial difficulty,” the girl said, adding that Muwanguzi asked her to meet him ong Kabakanjagala Road in Mengo.

He allegedly drove her to a secluded place near Sseguku in Kampala, where he raped her.

In May 2008, Muwanguzi was arrested at the US embassy over allegations of stealing a vehicle. The car, a Toyota Land Cruiser, belonged to a businessperson in Masaka. It was later recovered from the DRC. Muwanguzi said his wife, a Congolese had traveled in it.

William Muwanguzi - Nabbi wa Mukama oba mufere wa ddiini?

Wednesday, 13 January 2010 08:44

Omusumba William Muwanguzi taggwa mu misango! Oyinza okulowooza nti kisiraani kyagyo kye kimulondoola.
Ennaku zino omuwala amulumiriza olw’okumusobyako ng’agenze okumusabira ekyawalirizza minisita wa gavumenti ez’ebitundu Matia Kasaija okulagira Poliisi emukwate mangu avunaanibwe.

Muwanguzi y’akulira ekkanisa ya Holy Fire Ministries International e Mengo. Olwatuuka e Mengo n’akyusa amannya n’ebitiibwa, kati yeetuuma Faaza Lwazi!

Okutandika obuweereza
Amannya ge amatuufu ye William Muwanguzi, agamba nti azaalibwa Buwama mu disitulikiti y’e Mpigi. Wabula abamumanyi bagamba nti bamuzaala Kigungu okumpi ne Ntebe.

Muwanguzi yang’ambye nti eyo alinayo bajjajjaabe era atera okubakyalira wadde taboogera mannya. Abamu bagamba nti bajjajjaabe abo tebasamidde baweneenya mbwa wadde bino Muwanguzi abyegaana.

Muwanguzi agamba nti amaze emyaka 16 mu buweereza. Wabula abamumanyi obulungi bamuwaako obujulizi nti yatandika jjuuzi wano mu 2005 n’ayitimuka mu 2006 mu kifo kye e Namulanda ku luguudo lw’e Ntebe.
Ebiseera eby’emabega yali muvubi ne batabuka ne bavubi banne n’abivaamu!

Okubuulira enjiri, okulagula n’okuwa obujulizi ku laadiyo ezitali zimu kwe kwafuula Muwanguzi ky’ali kati oluvanyuma lw’omu ku bamugoberera okukuba essimu ku laadiyo emu n’amulagula.

“Genda mu kisenge kyo waliyo omusajja omu alina omusota mu nsuwa gw’ataddeyo, bw’ogusangayo kuba essimu ojja kuba owonyezeddwa!”, Omu ku be yagendanga nabo ku laadiyo bw’alambika ebyaliwo ku lunaku Muwanguzi lw’atandika okufuuka ow’ettutumu.

Omu ku banne bwe baakolanga emirimu agamba nti Muwanguzi bwe yalagula omusajja ono n’awa enkeera obujulizi ku laadiyo abantu bangi beesomba ne bagenda e Namulanda okulaba ‘Omusumba’ alagula ebiriyo, sso nga n’ekyo kyali kipange!

“Luno olunaku ye yali entandikwa y’ettutumu lya Muwanguzi kubanga abantu beesomba ne bayiika e Namulanda n’ekkanisa ne tusalawo okugigaziya,” bw’annyonnyola.

Muwanguzi yakalambidde, “Omusajja bye nnamulagula byaliyo!”

Ebirabo, ebiweebwayo, obweyamo ssaako ssente z’okuzimba ekkanisa byonna byeyongerera ddala anti Muwanguzi yatandika okufuna ensimbi ng’ayoolera mu bisero. Okumanya yaziyoola mu bbanga ttono nnyo olwalaba nti buli kye yali ayagala kiwedde n’agula mmotoka ey’ekika kya Hammer kwe yassa ennamba ezisoma nti ‘Kiwedde’.

Empeereza ye
Nga buli kimu ‘Kiwedde’, muwanguzi yakyusa ebitiibwa ne yeeyita Nabbi era yakyusa n’empeereza mu kkanisa ye olwo ng’okumulaba osiitaana.

Enkola eno na buli kati ekyaliwo. Okugeza okumulaba olina kusooka kwewandiisa ne bakuwa ebbaasa gy’olina okussaamu 20,000/- era ziwandiikiddwa ku bbaasa kungulu.

Okuyingira offiisi olina kuggyamu ngatto n’olinda okumulaba era etteeka terikukkiriza kuvaawo nga tomulabye kasita oyingira ekkanisa ye.

Bangi bamumanyidde Namulanda anti abantu bettanira nnyo okusaba kw’ewuwe okwa Ssande kuba olwo yateranga okuleeta abayimbi ab’enjawulo ne bakooka.

Ebya Muwanguzi bya mpuna. Ye akulembeza Katonda naye abayimbi abaayimbanga mu kusaba kwe baakulembezanga kimansulo na nnyimba za nsi. Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool, Catherine Kusaasira be bamu ku bayimbi be yakozesanga ennyo okuyimbira endiga ku Ssande.

Omutume Michael Obina anoonyerezza ku nkola ya Muwanguzi agamba nti ye Musumba akulembeza ssente okusinga ebirala era ebimu ku by’azudde nti abagoberezi be bangi abaamugobereranga baatuuka okuvaayo nga bakaaba ttwaawa nga ntulege!

Emisango egimuroopeddwako
lMu 2008 Muwanguzi yawaabirwa okubulankanya mmotoka ya mukwano gwe ey’ekika kya Land Cruiser.
lPoliisi yamulangirirako mu bantu be yetaaga oluvanyuma lw’okubula ng’aliko emisango gy’azizza. Oluvanyuma baamukwatira ku kitebe ky’Amerika ng’agenze kusaba Viza.

lPoliisi yamukunyaako olw’okubeera n’ebyambalo by’amagye n’abaserikale abamukuuma ab’amagye. Oluvanyuma kyazuulwa nti byali bimuweereddwa bakungu kuva mu magye.

lOmusuubuzi omu e Nakasero yamuwaabira ku Poliisi oluvannyuma lw’okumuwa emitayimbwa gya bukadde 75 n’agaana okusasula.

lYasalako omuvubuka omu Kawooya enviiri n’enjala oluvannyuma lw’okumutiisatiisa okumutwala ku Poliisi. Oluvannyuma Kawooya omusango yagutwala ku Poliisi e Kajjansi.

Ebyewuunyisa ku Muwanguzi
lMu bbanga lya myaka esatu gyokka, Muwanguzi yaakeetuuma amannya agasoba mu ataano. Yasooka kweyita Musumba Muwanguzi, Mutume wa Katonda, Nabbi, Kabona , kati yeeyita Faaza Lwazi.

lErinnya Faaza Lwazi , Muwanguzi aliwaako ebyamagero nti yaliggya ku ngeri gy’alabiriramu abantu be nga taata, kwe kweyita Faaza ky’aggya mu kigambo ky’Olungereza ‘Father’. Olwazi akiggya mu byawandiikibwa Petero nti ‘Ndizimba ekkanisa yange ku lwazi ……..”.

lAkozesa abakozi Abasiramu bangi mu kkanisa ye.

lMu kasenge gy’asisinkanira abantu be okubasabira ebifaananyi ebisingayo bya ntalo.
lBwe yava mu kaduukulu ka Poliisi yatuukira mu kwanjula mukyala we Omucongo Athina Muwanguzi n’okukuba embaga ng’akuumibwa baserikale. Omusumba Kayiwa ye yabagatta. Agamba nti bakyali bonna era alina abaana babiri mu kiseera kino.

lMu kusaba okwabeeranga mu kkanisa ye yagulanga abayimbi ne bayimbira abantu abazze okusaba era nga bayimba nnyimba za nsi sso si za Katonda.

lTeyafaayo kuwasa mukazi alina baana balala kyokka ebyenfuna byabatabula omukazi n’atuuka n’okumuwaabira nga bwe yamubbye obukadde 300. Wabula kino Muwanguzi akyegaana.

lYasinga mmotoka ye eya Kiwedde ku bukadde 50 n’emulema okuggyayo.

lEngeri gy’afunamu amaanyi etankanibwa,yasiibula abagoberezi be nti agenze Yisirayiri era bwe yavaayo ku kisaawe ky’ennyonyi e Ntebe abantu beeyala ku ttaka n’atambula ng’abalinnyako .

lEbyuma bye yabiguza omuyimbi Geofrey Lutaaya kwe yassa okuguza aba A.y ebintu ebirala bye yakozesanga mu kkanisa ye e Namulanda.

lOkuva e Namulanda, yatunda ettaka ly’ekkanisa ye n’ebyuma ng’abagoberezi be tabategeezezza. Abagoberezi be abasinga eyali munywanyi we Eriya Katende ye yabatwala eyakola ekkanisa endala e Namulanda.
Omusumba Joseph Sserwadda agamba nti Muwanguzi si Mulokole era engeri ye yonna gy’akolamu ebintu bye si ya kirokole. Agamba nti ebikolobero byonna Muwanguzi by’akola Gavumenti y’evunaanyizibwako.

Lwaki abasumba abamu balekeddwa okuyimusa enjiri y’amaanyi g’ekibi!Lwaki abasumba abamu balekeddwa okuyimusa enjiri y’amaanyi g’ekibi!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010 09:23

ABAMU ku basumba b’ekkanisa z’abalokole bakyagenda mu maaso n’okukola ebikolobero! Omusumba William Muwanguzi kati aleebuukana na gwa kulya bitali biramule bwe yakkakkana ku kawala k’essomero akatanneetuuka n’akawalaawala n’akayingiza mu loogi n’akatuusa mu mbuga ya sitaani n’akazinnyisa disiko ku mudumu gw’emmundu.

Ekyewuunyisa omusumba oyo poliisi yabadde emuyimbudde omusango gwe yazza gubuulirizibwe ye ng’alya butaala.

Kirabika poliisi eby’okubuuliriza ku misango ebifudde kakodyo ak’okuliiramu enguzi n’okuginya abakozi b’ebikolobero.

Kale omusumba alekeredde okusumba abantu ate n’adda mu kuvaabira ebisobooza by’obuwala obutanneetuuka kaakati oyo abuulirizibwako biki okuggyako okukuumirwa mu kaduukulu?

Akawala kalumiriza omusumba Muwanguzi nti kaamusaba kukasabira kafune sikuulu fiizi ezikakuumira mu ssomero kyokka n’akasumba nga bwe yeesasula fiizi ez’okukalyako ebisobooza byako ku kifuba!

Sso nno ng’era si gwe mulundi ogusoose okuwulira omusumba Muwanguzi ne banne abamufaanana nga bakola ebikolobero eby’engeri eno ku ndiga ze basumba. Obusumba babweyambisa kuliirako bitali biramule n’okwegaggawaza nga balyakula abantu ababalaba nga beewejjeese mu maliba g’endiga kyokka bambi nga tebamanyi nti gyo misege gyennyini egyekwese mu Bayibuli gikole ebikolobero .

Minisita wa gavumenti ow’ensonga ez’omunda Matia Kasaijja yalagidde poliisi eddemu ekwate Muwanguzi emuggalire mu kaduukulu mw’aba abeera ng’omusango gwe gubuulirizibwako. Ekiragiro kya Kasaijja bwe kiba nga tekyesigamiziddwa ku mateeka agaliwo, naye ky’ekiseera okussaawo amateeka nga ago aganyweza bamuwanguzi nga bakoze ebikolobero sso si kubayimbula ne bayinaayina.

N’ekkanisa z’abalokole zaamala okutongozebwa. Kati n’abakulembeze b’ekibiina ekizigatta era ekizifuga bateekewo amateeka mwe bakangavvulira bamuwanguzi abaluvu oba n’okubeggyirako ddala nga bagobebwa mu bulokole bwe beekweseemu batuukirize ebikolwa bya sitaani.

N’Abalokole bajja kutuuka okudwadwalikana abaddu ba sitaani bwe banaalekebwa okwekweka mu bulokole bakole ebikolobero eby’okuvumaganyisa ekkanisa z’Abalokole.

Newankubadde amaanyi galiteereddwa ku kulwanyisa kibi eky’obwenzi obubwebwena obuwala obutanneetuuka, naye olw’okuba kati abakola ekibi ekyo be bantu abasoose okwefuula abasumba b’ekkanisa oba be baba basooka okulwanyisibwa obusumba bw’ekkanisa buleme kufuulibwa kiddukiro kya bakozi ba bikolobero.

Era awo Ddwaddwaddwa Mumansa we nsinziira okubuuza abasumba abatanaliibwa nnamuginga nti mukolaki okusitukiramu okulwanyisa sitaani ajjidde mu bamuwanguzi ng’ajjiridde okuyimusa n’okugulumiza amaanyi g’ekibi?

Monday 4 January 2010

Uganda Catholic Priests Form New Church

Rebel Catholic church opens in Uganda

Tuesday, 29th December, 2009

By Tonny Nsoona
in Jinja

A Catholic sect that allows its priests to marry has registered and opened a branch in Uganda, with its headquarters in Jinja.

The Catholic Apostolic National Church, which does not allow women to become priests, has attracted a few Roman Catholic priests.

Its African archbishop, Mbewa Anzanga, a former Zambian Roman Catholic priest, has appointed Leonard Lubega the first bishop-elect for Uganda.

Lubega, a PhD graduate in Biblical Counselling from a US university, has already received an apostolic mandate for his election as Uganda’s first bishop.
Lubega, who is also a lecturer at Kampala International University, was formerly a Charismatic Catholic Church priest.

Mbewa is due in the country in January to ordain over 10 priests and officially launch the new church in Uganda.

In an interview with The New Vision in Jinja, Lubega clarified that the Catholic Apostolic Church is not under Pope Benedict XI but it recognises him and prays for him during its daily masses.

Lubega said in order to avoid confusion, it is best to use the Brazilian Catholic Church when referring to their church, adding that their priests can marry before or after ordination.

The Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church is an independent Catholic church established in 1945 by Brazilian bishop Dom Carlos Duarte Costa, a former Roman Catholic Bishop of Botucatu.
Costa started the church after falling out with the Catholic Church and he was excommunicated.

The Brazilian Catholic Church acknowledges divorce as a reality of life and permitted in Holy Scripture, and will marry divorced people.

Asked whether they are real Catholics, Lubega answered in the affirmative. “We are Catholics but not Roman Catholics. Just remember that every Roman Catholic is a Catholic but not every Catholic is a Roman Catholic.”

The Catholic Apostolic Church has over 25 priests in Uganda. This includes William Obonyo, a convert from the Roman Catholic Missionaries of Africa White Fathers in Tororo. It currently has about 10,000 followers in Busoga and Buganda.

Uganda Catholic Priests Form New Church


Published: December 31, 2009

Filed at 3:26 p.m. ET

KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) -- Twenty renegade Catholic priests who are either married or want to marry have broken from the mainstream Roman Catholic Church here and formed a new church where celibacy is not required, members said.

The Ugandan government said Thursday it was investigating the breakaway Catholic Apostolic National Church in Uganda and would ban it if found to be illegal. Vatican officials said the priests were now considered ''outside'' the Catholic Church and would likely be excommunicated.

The creation of the splinter church underscored the increasingly vexing problem of enforcing celibacy for Roman Catholic priests in Africa, which has the world's fastest-growing Catholic population but where there have been several cases of priests living openly with women and fathering children.

Earlier this year, the Vatican summoned African bishops to Rome for a three-week meeting on problems of the church in Africa, and celibacy was a key topic of discussion. The Vatican, however, has remained firm that priests must not marry, although there are exceptions for priests of the Eastern rite and for converts from Anglicanism.

The breakaway Ugandan church has as its head a former Zambian Catholic priest, the Rev. Luciano Anzanga Mbewe, who was excommunicated earlier this year for having founded what the Vatican called a schismatic church, the Catholic Apostolic National Church of Zambia, which allows for a married priesthood.

The Ugandan offshoot is located in the eastern town of Jinja. Mbewe is expected to visit soon to officially launch the church and ordain new priests, said Rev. Leonard Lubega, who says he has been appointed bishop-elect by Mbewe.

Mbewe has said he was inspired by the former Zambian archbishop, Emmanuel Milingo, who was married in 2001 to a South Korean woman by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church.

Milingo was excommunicated in 2006 after installing four married men as bishops in the United States. Two weeks ago, the Vatican defrocked Milingo entirely, stripping him of his priestly functions so any future ordinations by him would be invalid.

Lubega said the Catholic Apostolic National Church in Uganda already has over 12,000 followers.

''We are Catholics but not Roman Catholics,'' Lubega said, adding that the new church -- while not under Pope Benedict XVI -- recognizes him and prays for him.

At least three of the priests have said they are married. One is Rev. Henry Mutto, who said he recently got married. ''Some of us already have wives. Others will get (one) soon,'' he said.

Uganda's vice president, Gilbert Bukenya said authorities were investigating the church, which he called a sect.

''We want to know its roots. If we discover that it is illegal we will ban it,'' he said.

Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, the Roman Catholic archbishop of Kampala, called on the government not to allow such renegade religious groups to operate, saying they might cause confusion among Ugandans.

''I call upon government to avoid registering such new churches,'' he said. ''They can bring about religious conflicts.''


Winfield reported from Rome.

Catholic sect has received support – Bishop

Thursday, 31st December, 2009

By Tonny Nsoona

THE elect bishop of the Catholic Apostolic National Church of Uganda, a break-away sect, said he has received overwhelming support from priests and Christians worldwide.

Leonard Lubega said the church did not want to fight any religion, and was simply welcoming willing converts.
“I can confidently tell you that one Catholic bishop from one of the African states will join our church and is willing to open a branch in that country,” Lubega said, without naming the bishop or his country.

Lubega was presenting his registration papers for verification to the Jinja deputy resident district commissioner, Apollo Bwebale, on Wednesday.

He added that he was glad that the Government accepted freedom of worship as provided for in the Constitution.

Bwebale said he was willing to work with priests and other religious leaders to promote government programmes, especially in the education and health sectors.

He criticised religious leaders who bar their followers from attending school and receiving medical attention.

The Catholic Apostolic National Church has over 10,000 followers and 25 priests countrywide.

The church’s archbishop, Lunciano Mbewe Anzanga, is expected to visit Uganda early this year to ordain 10 priests.

If Saint Peter came back today, he would charge the Pope with impersonation

If Saint Peter came back today, he would charge the Pope with impersonation

By Ronald B. Hanyerere

Posted Sunday, January 3 2010 at 00:00

In Summary

I want to thank Dr Josue Okoth for his passionate response to my Sunday Life article titled “Has the foundation of the church that Jesus laid crumbled?” The doctor, in his article titled “If saints like Peter came back today, they would fit in the Catholic Church only” zealously makes well researched arguments to support his belief that the Catholic Church is the right way to follow.

The problem with the Catholic faith is that it bases most rituals on the history of the Catholic church and not the Bible, writes Ronald B. Hanyerere.

I want to thank Dr Josue Okoth for his passionate response to my Sunday Life article titled “Has the foundation of the church that Jesus laid crumbled?” The doctor, in his article titled “If saints like Peter came back today, they would fit in the Catholic Church only” zealously makes well researched arguments to support his belief that the Catholic Church is the right way to follow. What dilutes his ideas is the fact that his arguments are based on the history of the Catholic Church rather than the Bible. The Bible gives us a full book called Acts of the Apostles that he should have referred to if he wanted his arguments to be based on historical events on which the church of today stands.

I wish to set the record straight that in my article, I did not point guns at any religion or religious sect. My target of satire was the deviation and perversion we are experiencing in the church of today. My main motive was to provoke those concerned to stand up and revive the Church of Christ from the doom it is headed for, particularly those who acknowledge the fact that Jesus Christ died for their sins at Calvary and wants them to forsake their wicked ways lest they perish in hell when that time comes.

I will however disagree with the doctor on one thing; the Catholic Church is not the right path through which we can see our maker. In fact, if Saint Peter came back today, he would perhaps charge the Pope with impersonation. Why do I say this? Because the Catholic Church scarcely follows Bible principles. All they do is based on what the Pope thinks to be right. In fact, most of their teachings are based on ‘’the Pope said’’, or ‘’the Vatican decided’’. No wonder Dr Okoth’s arguments are based on traditions and historical events and not the Bible.

Today, about one billion people in the world ignorantly look to the Vatican for their redemption and not the Bible. Mary is esteemed above even Jesus Christ, who paid the price for us. The Catholic Church teaches that she is the only mediator between man and God, contrary to what the Bible says in 1Timothy 2:5; ‘’For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus...’’

The Catholic Church among other things also teaches that Mary died a virgin, yet the Bible says she had other children (Mathew 13:55-56). This same Mary was a wife to Joseph, according to Mathew 1:24-25.

I believe Jesus Christ came to save us; that’s why he endured the nails and the ragged heavy cross. He therefore wants us to acknowledge the fact that he is Lord and Saviour, period! That is what Paul teaches in Romans 9:9-10. The only bad news is that more and more wolves are mixing up with sheep day by day, but we know these are the very things Jesus warned us about in Mathew 24 and many other scriptures.

Girls thrown out of church over indecent dressing

Girls thrown out of church over indecent dressing
By Herbert Mugaga

Posted Monday, January 4 2010 at 00:00

In Summary

The girls, who were dressed in short, tight fitting clothes, were part of a sizable number of people who had gathered on Saturday for New Year prayers at the Church of Jesus Christ.


A preacher in Kiyuni village, Nagojje Sub-county Mukono District threw out of church two girls for alleged indecent dressing. The girls, who were dressed in short, tight fitting clothes, were part of a sizable number of people who had gathered on Saturday for New Year prayers at the Church of Jesus Christ.

But they did not have a chance to go through the prayers after the preacher, Pastor Patrick Sekito, ordered them to go back home and dress up in a manner that befits a place of worship.

The girls, Susan Bako and Harriet Tumusiime, in their early 20s, entered church after prayers had started, and were struggling to look for a place next to the pulpit, when the preacher ordered them out. He said, “Young ladies you are smart, but I think you are in a wrong place. This is a church and not a beach or dancing hall were you dress up in cloths that leave some of your body parts exposed.”

Pastor attacked

He added; “I therefore order you to leave this place and get back to where you came from, put on decently and spare what you are putting on now for the night’’.

The visibly embarrassed girls first resisted but later walked out as other worshipers turned their heads to catch a clear look of them.
The girls then stood outside the church and attacked the pastor calling, him a villager and old fashioned. “We put on similar attire and attend prayers in bigger churches around Kampala, but no pastor has ever embarrassed us like this one has done,” complained Ms Bako.

As a born again, I consider the ‘Bahati Bill’ anti-Christian

As a born again, I consider the ‘Bahati Bill’ anti-Christian

Posted Monday, December 28 2009 at 00:00

It is a pity that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is being supported by many Christians. Laughable still, is the fact that some of the proponents of this Bill are prominent church ministers with post graduate degrees in theology etc.

Christians are some of the greatest hypocrites who always stumble at the truth and pretend not to have seen it. Mind you I’m a born-again Christian!

I remember a story of a US Christian Senator who was a staunch fighter for the restoration of the 10 Commandments in American public schools. He was put to task by a journalist to name the 10 Commandments one by one. The Senator lamented: “All of them?’’ The journalist replied: “Yes, all them.’’ The journalist started counting using his fingers, one, two, three… the Senator kept silent. This ‘Christian’ Senator did not know a single commandment.

Such are the antics of today’s Christians; they draw near to God with their lips but their hearts are very far away from him (Mark 7:6). Most Christians do not know the history of Christianity, they can not defend themselves using the word of God and have never studied even one third of the Bible. They always say, “The Bible says judge not’’ yet John 7:24 advocates righteous judgments. They are often threatened by their pastors with curses for failing to tithe, but cannot put their pastors to task to explain why the first Christians in the book of Acts never tithed. Do you know that many Christians today blindly put on inverted occult crosses? This is hypocrisy!

I do not support the ‘Bahati Bill’ because my Lord Jesus Christ did not come to kill, but to save the lost ones from their sins (Luke 9:56). Secondly, we live in the New Testament period of grace where the mosaic law of killing homosexuals is redundant and overboard and superfluous.

There is absolutely no scripture in the New Testament that allows fighting sin using state municipal law. The first Christians in the book of Acts never fought sin using state municipal law (Acts 11:26). If we want to legislate basing on moral principles, then we should also criminalise masturbation, fornication and adultery. Before we make a draconian law on homosexuality, let us begin with one that will sentence to death the thugs who have stolen billion of Chogm, Naads funds.

Corruption is one of the greatest enemies to the family. Even if the Bahati Bill is passed, the homosexuals will bribe their way out, given the corruption in our society. Christians should have nothing to do with this Bill.

George Michael Kizito,