Monday 26 April 2010

President Museveni gives Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a bible and supports the creation of two states: Israel and Palestine.

Uganda wants nuclear weapon-free world

By Vision Reporter

UGANDA wants a nuclear weapon-free world, but supports the technology for peaceful purposes. These were President Yoweri Museveni’s words during a state banquet at State House in honour of the visiting Iranian leader on Friday evening.

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in the country on a two-day state visit. His visit comes at a time when Iran is under pressure from the world to abandon its nuclear programme. Major Western superpowers insist the Iran is working on a nuclear weapon’s programme.

Museveni stressed that all countries in the world had a right to access nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, including electricity and for medical purposes. However, he pointed out that nuclear weapons were dangerous to humanity and called for their elimination.

“We should, therefore, work towards a nuclear weapons-free world. This means that those who have these weapons should work to get rid of them under an internationally agreed upon and verifiable treaty and those who do not possess them should not seek to acquire them,” Museveni argued.

Turning to the Middle East conflict, Museveni said Uganda supports the creation of two states: Israel and Palestine.

Ahmadinejad is known for his hard stance against the existence of Israel, which has escalated tension in the Middle East.

Museveni said Uganda supports the states of Israel and Palestine “living together side by side within internationally recognised and secure borders” as agreed upon by the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

Using references from the Bible, he mentioned the tribes that settled in the present-day Israel and Palestine and urged the Middle East communities to learn from African tribes.

“Our philosophy is to live and let live,” Museveni said before offering a Bible to Ahamadinejad.

“When I was in Iran, I told you about Persians and Medians in the Bible. I now give you the exact portions of the Bible where they are referred to,” he said.

“It is in the books of Esther (1:14), Daniel (6:12) and Exodus (chapters 13 and 23). I present to you a copy of the Bible for permanent reference.”

Museveni described Uganda’s relations with Iran as always excellent and assured his counterpart of Uganda’s co-operation in development.

“Uganda is ready to co-operate with Iran in all fields. Iran belongs to the Gulf and Central Asia region. We are right in the heart of the huge African continent,” Museveni said.

“It takes five and a half hours from Alexandria in Egypt and five and a half hours to Cape Town in South Africa. We can complement each other in development,” he added.

Ahmadinejad is the third Iranian president to visit Uganda. His predecessors Hashemi Rafsanjani and Muhammad Khatami were in Uganda in 1996 and 2005, respectively.

Pastor John Mugisha Rapes Pregnant Woman

John Mugisha 36 of International Revival Ministries e Nsambya –Kevina was caught red handed rapping a pregnant woman at 11 o’clock in the night. The woman shouted until her husband and other locals came to her rescue. The pastor who was found without a shirt claimed that he was praying for the woman. The pastor was arrested by police.

Omukazi ow’olubuto akwasizza Omusumba

Bya Robert Mutebi

WAABADDEWO akasattiro ssemaka bwe yakubye enduulu ng’alumiriza nti Omusumba w’Abalokole eyazze okusabira mukaziwe owoolubuto ate yabadde amwefuulidde ng’amuguddeko ekiyiifuyiifu amukaka omukwano.

Abantu abangi abazze okudduukirira baasambye oluggi ne bayingira mu nju mwe baasanze ng’omusumba tali mu ssaati nga n’omukazi kumpi ali bukunya. Kyokka omusumba yagambye nti okuggyamu essaati yakikoze lwa bbugumu eringi eryabadde mu nju. Yeegaanyi nti eby’okukaka omukazi omukwano bipangirire ebigenderera okumwonoona.

Omukazi eyabadde akaaba ng’awejjawejja bw’agamba nti nfudde nze, ebigambo bye byakwasizza abantu obusungu ne bakuba omusumba ne baleeta n’ekiteeso ekimwokya. Wano poliisi we yatuukidde n’emutwala mu kaduukulu gy’akuumirwa.

Omusumba John Mugisha 36,
ow’ekkanisa ya International Revival Ministries e Nsambya -Kevina y’agambibwa okukaka emu ku ndigaze Annet (amannya amalala galekeddwa) omukwano.

Omusumba baamututte awanjagira Annet: munnange yogera amazima. Ogenda kunsibisa.

Annet n’ayanukula: nedda kisajja ggwe, siyinza kukusonyiwa. Laba by’onkoze. Kati olubuto luba kuvaamu.

Annet naye mutuuze w’e Nsambya gy’apangisa omuzigo mw’abeera n’omwana we ow’emyaka esatu. Amannya ga bba nago tugalese.

Bino byabaddewo ku ssaawa 5:30 ez’ekiro ky’Olwokubiri . Omusumba Mugisha yasoose kubuulira njiri nju ku nju mu Nsambya oluvannyuma kwe kugenda ewa Annet eyabadde yamaze edda okumutuukirira ng’ayagala okumusabirako.

Annet agamba nti Omusumba yamukubidde essimu emisana n’amutegeeza bw’agenda okulambula e Nsambya era ajja kutuuka n’ewa Annet amusabire.

Agattako: omusumba bwe yatuuse ne mmuggulira n’ayingira ne nzigalawo oluggi. Nnasobeddwa wakati mu kunsabira n’okumbuulira ebigambo ebing’umya, ate Omusumba bwe yatandise okuntegeeza nga bw’anjagala ennyo ennyo era ayagala kumponya nnaku gye ndimu nga kye yeetaaga kwabadde kunyumya kaboozi nange.

“Ebigambo by’Omusumba byansobedde kwe kumugamba nti embeera gye ndimu olaba nsobola okunyumya akaboozi?”, bwe yagambye. Nabadde nkyamunnyonnyola n’angwira n’atandika okunkwata ku mabeere, ekyaddiridde kunnuuna, olwo n’ansinga amaanyi….”, bwe yagambye.

N’agamba nti Omusumba yabadde ali mu mukwano omukake ng’omukazi awanjaga kyokka ng’eddoboozi terivaayo kutuuka bweru. Bba we yatuukidde n’agamba nti Annet obadde ki?

Ekyaddiridde ye musajja okukuba enduulu, abantu ne bakung’aana ne basindika oluggi nga luggale. Kwe kulusamba ne lweggula.
Bba w’omukyala ono yategeezezza Bukedde nti yali mugoberezi wa Paasita ono ng’asabira mu kkanisa ye kyokka yavaayo emyezi essatu egiyise olw’okwemulugunya ku Musumba ono okwali kususse.

Kyokka Omusumba yagambye nti ewa Annet yagenzeeyo kumusabira. Yabadde amusabira amusemberedde nnyo, ate ng’olubuto yabadde alubikkudde, olwo bba bwe yabasanze n’alowooza nti yabadde amukaka omukwano kwe kukuba enduulu.

N’agamba nti omukazi okumulumiriza alabika yatidde kuswaza bba nti yabadde ayogera bulimba. Yagambye nti aludde ng’ayamba Annet ne bba, abamanyi nga famire eri mu bwetaavu bwa buli kintu nga tewali ngeri gye yandisikiriziddwa mukazi ng’oyo.

Ekizibu kwe kuba nga Pasita yasangiddwa mu kazigo ka Annet, nga beesibiddemu ku ssaawa 5 ez’ekiro. Lwaki enjiri agibuulira kiro mu maka g’abafumbo? Ekyo kyamulemye okuddamu. Pasita oluvannyuma yeekubye endobo, bwe yagambye nti Annet yali yamwegomba dda nga buli kiseera Annet akubira Pasita amasimu agendeyo amusabire. N’agattako nti bwe yayingidde mu nju, Annet n’asibawo ng’alinga amutega akamasu.

Omusumba talina mukyala ategeka kuwasa . Yava mu kkanisa ya Revival e Kamwokya n’atandika eyiye e Nsambya. Ali ku poliisi e Kabalagala, gye yagguddwako omusango ku fayiro nnamba Ref. 3/21/04/2010.

Published on: Saturday, 24th April, 2010

Priestly Sex Abuse Scandal: Is the Pope of Rome Guilty?

As the Priestly Sex Abuse Scandal Grows...Is the Pope of Rome Guilty?

by Shaun Willcock

The priestly sex abuse scandal is massive, global, and growing. It started some years ago in the United States, then spread to other lands, especially Ireland. And now it seems all of Europe is being rocked by the revelations. It is difficult to predict where it will end, or what the eventual outcome will be; but certainly these are momentous times. “Ireland was the first in Europe to confront the church’s worldwide custom of shielding pedophile priests from the law and public scandal. Now that legacy of suppressed childhood horror is being confronted in other parts of the Continent – nowhere more poignantly than in Germany, the homeland of Pope Benedict XVI. The recent spread of claims into the Netherlands, Austria and Italy has analysts and churchmen wondering how deep the scandal runs, which nation will be touched next, and whether a tide of lawsuits will force European dioceses to declare bankruptcy like their American cousins.”

Beginning in January of this year, from Benedict’s home country of Germany, reports of child sexual abuse by priests at Roman Catholic schools began to pour in, and German prosecutors opened investigations into the allegations. The abuse allegedly occurred from the 1950s to the present. At a Benedictine-run boarding school, the abbot stepped down as the allegations surfaced. Even the sinister Jesuits are not immune: the director of a German Jesuit school is being investigated. By late February, 150 people had come forward to say that they were sexually abused by priests at several Roman Catholic schools across Germany. Victims identified 12 Jesuit priests by name, and accused women in some cases as well. An attorney appointed by the Jesuit Order to handle the charges told the press that the accusations have “taken on a dimension of unbelievable proportions.” And in Holland, there were over 200 reports of alleged priestly sexual abuse by March.

The Vatican was accused of collusion to cover up the abuse in Germany. Predictably, Vatican spokesman, Jesuit priest Federico Lombardi, denied this. But there is nothing new in Rome’s attempts to sweep all such matters under the carpet. Just read ex-priest Charles Chiniquy’s classic book, 50 Years in the “Church” of Rome, and see how it has always been Rome’s policy to simply transfer priests found guilty of such sins to other places, where they continue their wickedness. Or read another book by Chiniquy, The Priest, the Woman, and the Confessional, for still more horrifying details. Rome never changes.

The Evidence Proves It: Yes, of Course the Pope of Rome is Guilty

And as the scandal continues... as reports now flow in of child sexual abuse by priests from one European country after another – Germany especially, but also Austria, Holland, Italy, Spain, Malta, as well as countries elsewhere such as Brazil and Nigeria... as it becomes obvious that the number of children abused by Roman Catholic priests around the world amounts to tens of thousands, in fact hundreds of thousands... the question has arisen: is the pope of Rome himself, Benedict XVI, guilty as well? If not of actually abusing children himself, then at the very least of protecting those who did?

And the short answer is: yes, of course he is. There’s no question about that, and only naive Roman Catholics, and of course the Vatican’s own spin doctors, will continue to deny it in the face of all the evidence.
There are serious – and extremely credible – allegations that Benedict knew about alleged priestly sexual sins, and failed to act; in fact, in at least one case he actually sent the priest back to work with children, where he continued with his sexual abuse!

The idea that the pope of Rome could indeed be guilty of, at the very least, the cover-up of child sexual abusers within the priesthood is only difficult to accept if one already believes, as Roman Catholics do, that the pope of Rome is the very Vicar of Christ on earth, the successor of Peter, the “Holy Father”. When one already believes lies such as these, it is impossible to imagine that such a “holy man” could ever be guilty of crimes against the innocent. But for true Christians, and in fact for anyone who rejects the claims of the pope of Rome about himself, or the claims made on his behalf by Papist doctrine and dogma, it is very easy to accept it. Like every other pope of Rome before him, Benedict is a mere man, after all; a sinful human being. He has been a Romanist all his life. He became a priest in the same way that hundreds of thousands of other men do. He was required to take the vow of celibacy, just as every priest is required to do, and regardless of any feelings, emotions, and sexual desires he had. And as a man he had them, and has them, as all men do. He then rose up through the ranks of the priesthood, becoming in time a bishop and then a cardinal. During all those many years, as his power and influence grew within the religious system he served, he would have been well aware of the sexual goings-on within Roman Catholic seminaries, monasteries, and convents, and in thousands of parish “churches” around the world. Then he became the Inquisitor-General – the head of what is today called the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, formerly known as the Inquisition – under his predecessor, John Paul II. And in this position, he was responsible for maintaining and enforcing doctrinal orthodoxy, and was in fact responsible for dealing with sex abuse cases for over 20 years before becoming pope of Rome. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is the Vatican office which decides whether or not accused priests should be given full canonical trials and defrocked. This means Benedict was “one of the best informed in the Vatican about the extent, and even the detail, of every paedophile scandal reported to Rome.” The bottom line: he knew.
As Vinnie Nauheimer, a Roman Catholic author who has written extensively on the subject of priestly abuse, wrote: “Are we to believe someone astute enough in his old age to orchestrate his election to the position of pope, was, in his prime, unaware of what was going on in his own backyard?”

That he would definitely have known all about the abuses is also evident from the fact that he is a German, he was Romish archbishop of Munich, Germany from 1977 to 1982, and Germany is reeling under the accusations that are surfacing; clearly the scale of abuse in Benedict’s homeland was and is vast. In addition, some of the reports of abuse in Germany were linked to a prestigious choir, the Regensburg Boys’ Choir, run by Benedict’s own brother, priest Georg Ratzinger, from 1964 to 1994. Not surprisingly, the 86-year-old Georg has denied any knowledge of sexual abuse. But of course he knew – and of course his more famous brother knew as well.
“Revelations that Pope Benedict’s brother may be called upon to testify in a church abuse scandal raise valid questions about how much the current Pope knew about the allegations,” said Colm O’Gorman, who campaigns for justice for victims of priestly sexual abuse. “A more revealing line of inquiry would be to examine the extent of the pontiff’s knowledge of the global clerical sexual abuse scandals. In December 2002, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, suggested that media coverage of clerical sexual abuse was a conspiracy to bring down the Catholic Church. At the time he was Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. In this powerful position he was in charge of managing cases of priests who abused children in any Catholic diocese across the world.”
This is always how Rome reacts to these things: “It’s a conspiracy against us!” The first thought of the hierarchy is never for the victims of priestly evil, it is always for their own skins. Benedict’s brother, Georg, displayed this same attitude when he told a newspaper: “I want to note that I sense a certain animosity toward the Church.” Well, yes, you’re right, Mr Ratzinger – the media is often against the Roman Catholic “Church” these days. But can you blame them? As hard-nosed media men look at your “Church”, all they see is a putrefying mass of corruption. Is it any wonder that pressmen the world over are sceptics when it comes to matters of religion?
O’Gorman went on: “...the Pope has failed to put in place and enforce mandatory child protection policy across his church. I asked a senior church figure why this was the case. I was told that to put in place global policy underpinned by church law would admit that the Vatican had the responsibility and the power to do so, and expose it to lawsuits and potentially massive financial losses. So there you have it. It would appear the Vatican values its money and its position more than the safety of children.” Well, of course it does. And this failure on the part of Ratzinger to enforce a child protection policy within the Roman Catholic institution means that he bears vast responsibility for the abuse of children at the hands of priests worldwide.

Here is further evidence, provided by author Vinnie Nauheimer, a Roman Catholic himself:
“As head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) for twenty three years, investigating offending priests was his responsibility. Then Cardinal Ratzinger, now Benedict, knew full well there were priests using their powers to debauch children, but he remained silent and refused to clamp down on the permissiveness that allowed them free rein.
“In 2001 under his own signature, Cardinal Ratzinger reaffirmed the validity of Crimen Sollicitationis which imposes the ‘Secrets of the Holy Office’ on anyone with knowledge of priests violating the confessional or sexually abusing children, which means they are silenced forever.
“In 2002, Pope JPII [John Paul II] said that there was no room in the priesthood for those that would abuse children. As head of the CDF, then Cardinal Ratzinger disobeyed a very public command made by the pope by not removing offending priests and bishops who enabled them.
“In 2009: At the Catholic World Youth Day in Australia Benedict said, ‘I ask all of you to support and assist your bishops, and to work together with them in combating this evil. Victims should receive compassion and care, and those responsible for these evils must be brought to justice.’ To date, none of the offending bishops or cardinals has been brought to justice by either the church or civil law.”

The Vatican Circles the Wagons and Goes into Damage Control Mode

A German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, implicated Benedict in the re-assignment of a paedophile priest, while Benedict was the Romish archbishop of Munich. As the accusations began to swirl, the Vatican circled the wagons and went into full damage-control mode, rushing to its pope’s defence and denouncing what it termed aggressive attempts to drag Benedict into the spreading scandals. It trotted out the usual excuse that the decision to send the priest back was made without Ratzinger’s knowledge. This is a cop-out. Usually, Rome says that bishops know about, and are responsible for and control, everything that happens under them – but when it comes to some priestly sin, suddenly these superiors all know nothing! It’s all about avoiding scandal, and always has been.

The Vatican stated that Benedict had long confronted sexual abuse cases with courage. But this is simply not true. Jesuit priest Fergus O’Donoghue, editor of the Irish Jesuit journal, Studies, admitted the falsehood of this when he said, “The pope was no different to any other bishop at the time. The Church policy was to keep it all quiet – to help people, but to avoid scandal. Avoiding scandal was a huge issue for the Church.” And he added: “Of course there was a cover-up.” But worse, he said, was “the systematic lack of concern for the victims.”

According to Vatican spokesman Lombardi, Ratzinger had done nothing more than welcome the paedophile priest to his diocese in order that the man could undergo psychotherapeutic treatment, but he did not approve the priest’s pastoral re-integration. Rome claimed that it was not Ratzinger who gave a new pastoral assignment to the priest in the early 1980s, but rather the vicar general of the Munich archdiocese at the time, a priest named Gerhard Gruber. And, it said, priest Gruber had assumed “full responsibility.” Gruber stated in the communiqué, “the reassignment of [the paedophile priest] to pastoral work was a grave mistake. I assume full responsibility for this action. I deeply regret that this decision allowed crimes to be committed that involved young people and I ask forgiveness from all those who have been harmed.” Well, maybe it was entirely his responsibility, but then again maybe not. When priest Gruber made this statement, we suspected that pressure was brought to bear on him to “fess up” and take the heat so as to leave Benedict free of any whiff of scandal. After all, as a mere priest Gruber is expendable and if he needs to be sacrificed for the cause, so be it: anything to keep the “Holy Father”, the “Vicar of Christ on earth”, out of the hot seat.
And as it turns out, our suspicions may have indeed been entirely correct. Gruber finally broke ranks and alleged that he was indeed bullied into taking responsibility so as to protect Benedict! His friends told the German publication Der Spiegel that Gruber was under immense pressure to act as a scapegoat and take responsibility for the decision. He wrote to a friend that he had been faxed the statement he made, already prepared for him, in which he assumed “full responsibility”, and that he felt pressure to sign it. But now, according to the magazine, he was greatly upset by the fact that the bishopric had implied that he had acted alone in offering help to the paedophile priest, and had not turned him over to the police.

Vatican spokesman Lombardi tried to tell the world that media attempts to implicate Benedict in cases of priestly sex abuse had failed; but who was believing him? In a communiqué broadcast on Vatican Radio he said: “It is obvious that in recent days there are people who have tried – with a certain tenacity in Regensburg and Munich – to find ways to personally involve the Holy Father in the matters relating to the abuses. For every objective observer it is evident that these efforts have failed.” Well, actually, no – for every objective observer it is very evident that Benedict was involved in some way.

More and More Shocking Revelations Implicating Benedict

Just as Lombardi was doing his duplicitous, Jesuitical best to douse the flames of that scandal, another one broke, again involving allegations that Benedict, before he became pope of Rome, had failed to act in another serious case of priestly abuse, this time at a school for deaf children in Wisconsin, USA. According to “Church” files recently brought to light as part of a lawsuit, a priest, Lawrence C. Murphy, who worked at the school from 1950 to 1974, molested as many as 200 deaf boys at the school, and yet he was not defrocked, even though several American bishops repeatedly warned top Vatican officials – including the cardinal, Joseph Ratzinger – that if they failed to act it would embarrass the “Church”.

It is evident, from the documents of internal correspondence from Wisconsin bishops directly to Ratzinger, that while “Church” officials wrangled over what to do about the priest, their highest priority was protecting the “Church” from scandal – as always. In 1996 Ratzinger failed to respond to two letters about the case from the archbishop of Milwaukee. And then, after eight months, Romish cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the second in command at the Inquisition, instructed the bishops of Wisconsin to begin a secret canonical trial that could lead to priest Murphy’s dismissal.

But – Bertone himself halted the process after priest Murphy wrote to Ratzinger, protesting that he should not be put on trial as he had already repented and was in poor health, and that the case was beyond the “Church’s” statute of limitations! “I simply want to live out the time that I have left in the dignity of my priesthood,” wrote Murphy. “I ask your kind assistance in this matter.” The files contain no response from Ratzinger – the future Benedict XVI. But Murphy was never tried, nor disciplined, by the “Church’s” own justice system. The documents reveal that three successive archbishops of Wisconsin were told that Murphy was sexually abusing children, but it was never reported to the criminal or civil authorities! In fact, Murphy was quietly moved, by the archbishop of Milwaukee, to another Wisconsin diocese, and there he lived for 24 years, working freely with children, until he died in 1998, still a priest.

Lombardi defended Benedict’s silence in the Murphy case, saying that the Inquisition, responsible for disciplining errant priests, which Ratzinger headed when he was a cardinal, had not been forwarded the case until 1996, which was twenty years after the priest’s victims first informed the police. Asked why priest Murphy had never been defrocked, Lombardi replied, “the Code of Canon Law does not envision automatic penalties”, and added that Murphy’s poor health, and the lack of more recent accusations against him, were factors in the decision.

Worse yet, the Wisconsin case was only one of thousands forwarded to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith over decades – the Office of the Inquisition, which Ratzinger headed from 1981 to 2005. And only 20% of the 3000 accused priests whose cases went to the Inquisition between 2001 and 2005 were given full “Church” trials, with only some of them being defrocked, according to Romish monsignor, Charles J. Scicluna, the chief internal prosecutor of the Inquisition. An additional 10% were defrocked immediately, and 10% left voluntarily. A large majority, 60%, merely faced what he called “other administrative and disciplinary provisions”, like being prohibited from celebrating mass.

And – yet another scandal: in a signed statement last year, 67 former pupils at a school for the deaf in Verona [Italy] described sexual abuse from the 1950s to the 1980s, naming 24 priests, “brothers” and “lay” religious men at the Antonio Provolo Institute for the Deaf. One of the victims, Antonio Vantini, said that priests sodomised him so relentlessly that he came to feel as if he was dead. “How could I tell my papa that a priest had sex with me?” he said through a sign-language interpreter. “You couldn’t tell your parents because the priests would beat you.” Not only that, but in deeply Roman Catholic Italy, parents would not even believe it possible that a priest would sodomise a child. To them, their priest was “another Christ”, as Romish doctrine states.

Calls for Benedict’s Resignation and Arrest

In the wake of these latest revelations, there have been increasingly vociferous calls for Benedict to resign. Others, equally vociferous, have called for him to be arrested and prosecuted. One who did so was famous atheist, evolutionist and anti-Christian, Richard Dawkins. We have never found ourselves in agreement with Dawkins before, and it is unlikely we ever will be again; and undoubtedly he has his own agenda for his condemnation of Benedict, which is easily discerned; but nevertheless what he said about this whole matter was right on target. He wrote: “‘Should Pope Benedict XVI be held responsible for the escalating scandals over clerical sexual abuse in Europe?’ Yes he should, and it’s going to escalate a lot further, as more and more victims break through the guilt of their childhood indoctrination and come forward. ‘Should he be investigated for how cases of abuse were handled under his watch as archbishop of Munich or as the Vatican’s chief doctrinal enforcer?’ Yes, of course he should. This former head of the Inquisition should be arrested the moment he dares to set foot outside his tinpot fiefdom of the Vatican, and he should be tried in an appropriate civil – not ecclesiastical – court.” And: “‘Should the pope resign?’ No. As the College of Cardinals must have recognized when they elected him, he is perfectly – ideally – qualified to lead the Roman Catholic Church. A leering old villain in a frock, who spent decades conspiring behind closed doors for the position he now holds; a man who believes he is infallible and acts the part... a man whose first instinct when his priests are caught... is to cover up the scandal and damn the young victims to silence: in short, exactly the right man for the job. He should not resign, moreover, because he is perfectly positioned to accelerate the downfall of the evil, corrupt organization whose character he fits like a glove, and of which he is the absolute and historically appropriate monarch.

“No, Pope Ratzinger should not resign. He should remain in charge of the whole rotten edifice – the whole profiteering, woman-fearing, guilt-gorging, truth-hating, child-raping institution – while it tumbles, amid a stench of incense and a rain of tourist-kitsch sacred hearts and preposterously crowned virgins, about his ears.”
Incredible, is it not, that an atheist like Dawkins can see what multiplied millions of ecumenical “Protestants” are blind to. Such strong condemnation should be issuing forth from one Protestant leader after another; but the silence is deafening.

Mike Whitney, of the Center for Research on Globalization, wrote: “Pope Benedict should do everyone a favour and resign. By hanging on, he’s just making matters worse. Who does he think he’s fooling anyway? Everyone knows that he was involved in the sex-scandal cover up. Does he really think that a few papal apologies will make a difference? He was in charge and knew everything that was going on. That makes him responsible. His best option now is to ‘man up’ and face the consequences. He needs to arrange a press conference, tell the truth, and resign. End of story.” He also stated: “Benedict should be prosecuted [for obstruction of justice]. No man is above the law; not even the pope. Religious freedom isn’t licence to rape children.”

Of course, such a thought is unthinkable to a devout Roman Catholic. To him or her, his pope is above the law. But these horrifying revelations are shaking the faith of multitudes in their pope and his filthy, vile “Church”.
As the calls for Benedict to resign started coming from all quarters, the Vatican felt compelled to respond. Its spokesman, the Jesuit Lombardi, gave an interview in which he said that calls for Benedict’s resignation were “obviously coming from those who do not understand the Catholic Church. This is not some multinational company where the chief executive is expected to take responsibility. The pope is not personally directing the actions of priests around the world. He is their spiritual leader, and he is one who has acted very clearly to confront this problem.” This defence said nothing of substance, and was essentially spin. The pope of Rome is the head of the entire Roman Catholic institution. No priest can act outside of what the pope of Rome permits. He is, therefore, personally directing their actions, through all the vast machinery of the Romish institution.

There can be no doubt that the Vatican is partially correct when it states, in its defence, that the media calls for the resignation or arrest of Benedict are not all prompted by concern for the welfare of children. To some extent, the liberal media is merely using the child sex scandal within Roman Catholicism to try to ultimately bring down the “Church” of Rome. After all, much of today’s media serves the interests of powerful organisations and individuals who seek to advance an anti-religious, secular humanist agenda, and they would do anything in their power to weaken the influence of Rome over its one billion followers worldwide. This priestly sex scandal has given them ample ammunition, and they are going to get as much mileage out of it as they possible can. There can be no doubt about this.
Nevertheless, the fact remains that many of those in the media, much of the world’s population, and indeed much of the world’s Roman Catholic population, are absolutely horrified by the Roman Catholic institution’s global cover-up and indeed endorsement of child rape by priests – and they want action.

Bishops and Others Rally to Defend Their Pope

While these global revelations have shocked, angered, and disillusioned many Romanists around the world, influential Roman Catholics, including countless bishops from across the world, have rallied to Benedict’s defence. Robert Moynihan, editor of Inside the Vatican magazine, even brought in a text of Scripture – a verse, be it noted, that is a prophecy about Christ – in an attempt to explain that the calls for Benedict to resign are an attempt to “strike the shepherd”. He quoted Zechariah 13:7, which in the King James Version reads: “Awake, O sword, against my shepherd, and against the man that is my fellow, saith the Lord of hosts: smite the shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered”. That this is about the Lord Jesus Christ is shown from Matthew 26:31. But Moynihan, quoting the verse from some other version, only quoted what he wanted to quote, as follows: “Awake, O sword, against my shepherd. Strike the Shepherd, that the sheep may be scattered.” Of course, given that Roman Catholics believe their pope to be Christ on earth, applying this verse to him would make sense to them. But it is blasphemous and heretical.

Timothy Dolan, the influential Romish archbishop of New York, rallied to Benedict’s defence during a mass, declaring that the “recent tidal wave of headlines about abuse of minors by some few priests, this time in Ireland, Germany, and a re-run of an old story from Wisconsin, has knocked us to our knees once again.” Thus he dismissed it all as nothing but the sins of “a few priests” and the rehashing of some old story! As New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd wrote in response: “A few priests? At this point, it feels like an international battalion.” Or, as another put it: “this is industrial-scale sex abuse, a veritable pedophile conveyer belt!”
Dolan also compared Benedict with Jesus, saying he was “now suffering some of the same unjust accusations, shouts of the mob, and scourging at the pillar”, and “being daily crowned with thorns by groundless innuendo.” As it was “Palm Sunday” in the Papacy’s liturgy when Dolan made these remarks at the mass, they were designed for maximum effect. Again, for Papists it is easy to compare their pope with the Lord Jesus Christ, because they believe him to be the very “Vicar of Christ”, even “Christ on earth”.

In Vienna, Romish cardinal Christoph Schönborn publicly defended Benedict, saying that when Benedict was a cardinal and had tried in 1995 to investigate the former archbishop of Vienna for allegedly molesting youths, he was prevented from doing so by advisors close to John Paul II, the pope of Rome at the time.
The Romish archbishop of Lima, Peru, Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne, said at a mass, “The visible head of the Mystical Body of Christ has been mistreated by enemies of the Church, with unheard of lack of respect for the truth and with a display of incredible cynicism. Behind it all we can see an attack on the Church to harm her. We, his children, cannot remain silent.”

The episcopal conference in Paraguay sent a letter to Benedict, affirming “support, communion and solidarity.” The bishops expressed their “communion with the Pope, at this moment of pain because of the attacks he receives in his character of pastor of the universal Church”, which seek “to weaken his voice and moral authority.”

In Santiago, Chile, Romish cardinal Francisco Errázuriz said that “some media try to strike the Pope’s good name accusing him of things for which the Holy Father never had responsibility.” And in Mexico, Romish bishop Felipe Arizmendi Esquivel said during a mass that Benedict had always acted with responsibility in regard to the problem of sexual abuse. “We are suffering from the internal sins that are undeniable, as is also the betrayal of Judas, Peter’s denial and the moving away of the apostles themselves, who left Jesus alone,” he said; and, “They have even wished to splash Pope Benedict XVI with mud,” even though “he always dealt with these cases with extreme care and the highest level of responsibility.” Again we see the comparison with the betrayal of Jesus, and again the certainty expressed that Benedict is innocent – something these men could never be certain of, and indeed contrary to the rapidly accumulating evidence.

In the Dominican Republic, the archbishop of Santo Domingo, Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez, said that Benedict had always treated the sex abuse cases with firmness, transparency and severity – which was patently untrue. He spoke of “a confabulation of sectors of European governments and groups of the United States, which do not forgive the Pope or the Church for the firm position in defense of life and rejection of the crime of abortion.” There certainly is truth in this. Secular humanists in positions of power in Europe, the US, and elsewhere would like nothing more than to see the Roman Catholic institution collapse under the weight of this scandal. But this is a typical strategy of deflecting attention away from the cold, hard facts – that the Vatican is guilty of a massive, global cover-up pertaining to priestly sex abuse of children.

In Spain, the archbishop of Oviedo, Jesús Sanz Monte, together with many priests and others, sent a letter to Benedict expressing their respect and filial affection. It said: “The testimony of love for the truth that Your Holiness is transmitting to us with depth and beauty, does not conceal the profound pain that the events that occurred among some priests and consecrated persons have caused to your fatherly heart.” The letter expressed grief for “the unjust and fallacious treatment that some of the media and tendentious groups are giving your person and your long and faultless ministry as archbishop of Munich, as cardinal prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and now as Successor to Peter.” Other Spanish ecclesiastical leaders wrote along similar lines.

A leading Romish cardinal, Angelo Sodano, defending Benedict at the latter’s Easter Sunday Mass, said the Roman Catholic institution would not be intimidated by “petty gossip” about the sexual abuse of children by priests. His words were: “Holy Father, the people of God are with you and will not let themselves be influenced by the petty gossip of the moment, by the trials that sometimes assail the community of believers.” And Benedict himself, as these accusations and angry protests swirled around him, spoke publicly of not allowing himself to be “intimidated by the petty gossip of dominant opinion.” Imagine it! This was all he was prepared to say? It is shocking, wicked, mind-numbing in its arrogance. Journalist David Rothkopf wrote: “the problem is not the petty gossip. The problem is the hard and awful fact of decades of abuse of thousands upon thousands of innocent children at the hands of priests in whom they and their families had placed the ultimate trust.

“The problem is not petty gossip. The problem is what would be considered in any other organization to be an apparent conspiracy to cover up grievous crimes and to recklessly endanger innocents. The problem is a culture not of compassion but of one that placed the interests of a rich and powerful organization above those of the individuals it was supposed to be serving. The Church doesn’t need to be protected. The children need to be protected.” Ah, but that’s precisely it: with Rome, it has always only been about protecting its own interests, never about protecting its victims.

And in Rome, Romish cardinal Antonio Canizars Llovera, prefect of the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments, said during the homily of a mass with members of the Italian parliament: “Thank you, Holy Father! With the whole Church, and in a particularly eminent way in the present times, we are with Peter, with the great gift that God has given us in his Successor, our greatly loved Pope Benedict XVI.”

Note how these defences of Benedict all amount to the same thing, i.e. there is a global conspiracy against Benedict and the “Church”. These apologists for Antichrist ignore or play down the global conspiracy within the Romish religion itself to cover up the priestly sexual abuse scandal as much as possible, but they vociferously bleat about a global conspiracy against Rome and its pontiff.
And let’s not forget that many of these high-ranking wolves in sheep’s clothing are rushing to defend Benedict, not necessarily out of any genuine love for him or belief that he is innocent, but because they well know that if he falls, they fall. Huge numbers of them are guilty too. They have a vested interest in propping him up any way they can.

In Italy, an essay in L’Avvenire, the official newspaper of the Italian bishops’ conference which generally reflects the thinking of senior levels of the Italian “Church” and of the Vatican, described a Nazi smear campaign, orchestrated by Joseph Goebbels in 1937, against the Roman Catholic institution, which was based on reports of child-abusing priests; and the essay was clearly designed to hint that modern criticism of the “Church” on the same subject bears striking parallels to that of Goebbels. In other words, this was another attempt, by Rome, to deflect attention from the predator priests themselves, and blame it all on a conspiracy against the “Church” modelled on that of the Nazis!

Let us list the excuses and defences being made for Benedict and for the priesthood under him:
1) The decision to send a paedophile priest back to work with children was taken without Ratzinger’s knowledge.
2) Ratzinger did not know of the vast scale of priestly sex abuse of children. This, even though he headed the organisation tasked with dealing with such things!
3) It’s all a conspiracy against the “Church”. The conspirators, depending on which high-ranking archbishop or cardinal of Rome is speaking, are the media, or the freemasons, or pro-abortion campaigners, or pro-sodomite campaigners, or western governments, or atheists, or Zionist Jews, or liberals, or feminists, or any number of others. Of course, some of these certainly are making use of the revelations of these scandals to advance their own anti-Papal agenda; but these groups are not the ones to be blamed for the sexual abuse of children by priests of Rome – the priests themselves are the guilty ones here!

4) It’s the fault of the child victims themselves, who are accused of supposedly seducing the priests on purpose! Yes, as unbelievable as it seems, some have used this as an excuse.
5) It’s all just “petty gossip.”

Growing Anger and Disillusionment Among Roman Catholics

The Vatican might be in full damage control mode; but within the ranks of the millions of Roman Catholics the anger and disillusionment is real, and it is spreading. Many Papists, priests included, are in shock, confused and uncertain about what to do. Many have stopped attending mass, or stopped going to confession. They speak of the lies they have been told by their religious leaders. The Austrian priest who now avoids mentioning Benedict in his masses would certainly not be an isolated case. Paul Collins, a former priest and Australian church historian, said, “People are outraged really, they’re furious with the complete failure of the Church’s leadership and their view would be that we are led by incompetent people.” We would hardly say incompetent. We would say evil, arrogant, unregenerate predators.

Opinion polls in the United States and Germany have shown a sharp drop in Benedict’s popularity among Romanists in the aftermath of the crisis. Roman Catholic support for him dropped from 81% to 61%. And this will drop even further as the revelations continue to mount.

Now is a time for Christians to evangelise the Roman Catholic people. They are unhappy, in a state of shock, and for many their world is crumbling around them. They need to hear of the one and only Priest any man needs, the Lord Jesus Christ; He who is holy, harmless, and undefiled; He who alone can hear their confession and forgive them.

It is now patently obvious that this is the deepest crisis faced by the Roman Catholic institution since the Reformation. And it has now reached to the very leader of the Papal religion himself, the man Papists believe to be the Vicar of Christ on earth, the “Holy Father”. As leaders of an organisation of people abused by priests demonstrated in front of St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican, the BBC’s Vatican correspondent David Willey wrote, “Pope Benedict only has to look down from his study window overlooking St. Peter’s square to see that the wave of international protest against his silence has arrived on his own doorstep.”
Roman Catholic author Vinnie Nauheimer wrote, correctly and powerfully: “The darkened wasteland of secrecy is the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of nefarious and malignant growths. It is a cesspool fertilizing the dregs of humanity and creating offspring that are as rotten as the offal from which they spring. Such was the abundance of slime generated by the Roman Catholic Church’s cesspool born of secrecy that one day it spilled over its banks and ran into the light where it was laid bare to the world. Even now it is still oozing despite the best efforts of all the pope’s cardinals and all the pope’s bishops and all the pope’s priests. They haven’t been able to contain it again!”

But will all this anger make any difference? Will the pope of Rome, leader of the most powerful religio-political system on earth, be forced to resign?

This is Not the End of the Papacy
There is no reason to believe that the present occupant of the throne of Antichrist will actually resign over this worldwide scandal. As Canon 1404 of the Papacy’s Code of Canon Law states: “The First See is judged by no one.” Who, then, could do it from within the Papal institution itself? No one.
And, setting aside the issue of a particular Roman pontiff’s resignation, is this massive, worldwide scandal actually going to bring down and destroy the entire rotten edifice of the Roman Catholic institution itself? Many have wondered. Many are hoping. One who expressed this longing was columnist Mark Morford of SFGate, home of the San Francisco Chronicle, one who is certainly no Christian and speaks disparagingly of the Lord Jesus Christ. Pulling no punches, he wrote: “Verily, is the Catholic Church and its dank, nefarious heart, the Vatican, with its attendant red-robed apologists, unreformed child rapists and a leader who is, as Richard Dawkins rightly declares, ‘a leering old villain in a frock’... is it safe to say this archaic and vile institution is finally nearing its end? How grand to imagine – even for a moment... even if you think the Church still does some good in the world, somewhere – how utterly uplifting to think that finally, after all these centuries of lies and oppression, intolerance and cover-up, that one of the most dangerous, insular religious monoliths in the world could come tumbling down in a smoldering heap...” And: “How much is enough? Will there ever be a point when all the scandals and lies, rape and abuse finally crash over the enormous legal and pseudo-moral walls that religions are allowed to put up to protect themselves from persecution and justice, with waves high and powerful enough that they could wash away the Vatican once and for all?”
He answered his own musings thus: “The answer is, of course, almost zilch. There is no chance whatsoever. The Catholic Church is simply too enormous, entrenched, global, powerful. What’s more, Ratzinger himself is armored like a tank with wealth, power and papal infallibility.”
We have to concur with him. This scandal, as huge as it is, will not destroy the Roman Catholic institution. It is doing, and will yet do, vast damage. It most definitely is a judgment from God upon the Great Whore, with at least some of her filthy deeds being brought to light for the world to see. But Bible prophecy shows us that this Mother Harlot will be with us till the world’s end. Her destruction is coming, certainly; the decree of God has gone forth, and cannot be altered; her destruction is as certain as the second coming of the Saviour. But revelations of child sexual abuse by priests, as horrifying as they are to millions of Papists and to almost everyone else, will not, on their own, bring down the Vatican edifice.
Still, the world’s hatred for this abominable institution is building up. Perhaps – just perhaps – we are witnessing the very beginnings of the end. It is too soon to be sure, but it is intriguing.

And Yet – the Whore’s Sins Are Open to the World As Never Before!
What is amazing – and wonderful – to see, however, in all of this, is how people all over the world have now had their eyes opened to what Roman Catholicism is like on the inside! As never before, Rome is under intense scrutiny and intense fire. Just a few short years ago, Christians who spoke up against Popery, and described its sins and crimes, were viewed as religious bigots, “Catholic-haters”, evangelical “conspiracy nuts”. Today, although they always will be viewed as such by many, there are now many others who can see that what has been revealed about the Vatican by ex-priests, ex-nuns and other Christians for centuries has been true all along. The Papacy really is a vast cesspool of iniquity, after all! It is the most vile institution to ever disgrace the face of the earth. It is, truly, “the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird” (Rev. 18:2). True Christians must pray for the Roman Catholic people, and preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to them. Take all her filthy deeds and hold them up to the blazing light of God’s truth! Contrast Popery’s darkness with the resplendent rays of the Lord Jesus Christ! Spiritually, “How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her” (Rev. 18:7)! Let the world see her bloodstained hands, her deeds of darkness done in corners, and hear the anguished cries of her multiplied millions of victims – victims of her wars, and of her lusts! That false, hypocritical mask of piety worn by this Mother Whore must be ripped off, so that the world can see her for what she really is, and what she has really done and continues to do every single day, behind closed doors.
May the Lord hasten the day when this Babylonian strumpet on the seven hills will be no more!

April 2010

For further reading by Shaun Willcock (available from Bible Based Ministries):
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This news article may be copied for free distribution if it is copied in full


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Pastor Fred Katumba Weds second Wife


Pastor Meddy Kitaakufe Marries another wife amidist tight police protection

Hiss of the Serpent: Prophet Patrick Kimera says bible supports polygamy

The article below is about a Ugandan prosperity pastor who wedded in 1994 and has now abandoned his first wife,Grace Nakasi 32 for one Robinah Ssanyu 26. Paasita Fred Katumba 32 was scheduled to marry his new catch at Pr. Lwandasa’s Mount Lebanon Church in Mukono. Before the couple arrived for the ceremony, Nakasi stood up and told the congregation that the man they were about to wed is her husband. The congregation that was about to pounce on the lady were shocked when the lady showed them their wedding photos. Pastor Lwandasa cancelled the wedding . However when Pastor Fred Katumba and Robinah Ssanyu were told that the wedding had been disorganized by the first wife, they went to another church where they were wedded.

Embaga ya Paasita esasise

Sunday, 25 April 2010 14:53

EMBAGA ya Paasita esasise, omukazi gwe yasooka okuwasa bw’avuddeyo n’ayimirira ku katuuti n’ategeeza omusumba eyabadde agenda okubagatta nti, “Oyo omusajja wange, yampasa mpeta kyokka kati ayagala kunsuulawo.”

Paasita Fred Katumba 32, ayatiikiridde ennyo mu kibuga ky’e Mukono olw’ebigambibwa nti akola ebyamagero ng’asinziira mu kkanisa ye eya Gospel Life Worship Centre e Jjoggo mu ggombolola y’e Ggoma mu disitulikiti y’e Mukono gy’akulira, ye yabadde agenda okugattibwa ne Robinah Ssanyu 26, omugoberezi mu kkanisa ye.
Abagole baabadde bagenda kubagattira mu kkanisa ya Mt. Lebanon Church e Mukono ekulemberwa Paasita Samuel Lwandasa ng’ono y’akulira abasumba mu makanisa g’abalokole mu disitulikiti y’e Mukono.

Kizze kirangibwa mu kkanisa nga Paasita Katumba bw’agenda okuwasa Ssanyu era nga babuuza oba waliyo alina ensonga erobera ababiri abo okugattibwa bagireete, kyokka nga tewali avaayo.

Ku Lwomukaaga ku ssaawa 9:00 ez’olweggulo, ng’ebula eddakiika mbale abagole batuuke ku katuuti bagattibwe, omukazi Grace Nakasi 32, kwe kufubutuka mu bantu n’alumba Paasita Lwandasa ku kituuti n’amutegeeza nti Katumba talina kugattibwa na mukazi mulala kubanga bba era baafumbiriganwa mu 1994. Nakasi yaggyeeyo ebbaluwa ekakasa nti baagattibwa n’agiraga Lwandasa.

Abagoberezi abaabadde bazze mu kkanisa okujagulizaako Paasita waabwe ng’afuna omufumbi w’ettooke, baaswakidde ne balumba Nakasi nga baagala okumugajambula nga bamubuuza lwaki avaayo agootanye embaga y’omusumba waabwe mu bintu ebitaliimu nsa.

Wabula Nakasi yabakkakkanyizza bwe yabalaze ebifaananyi by’embaga yaabwe ne Katumba eyaliwo nga August 20, 1994 mu Kasawo Pentecostal Church nga biraga Pr. Apollo Kabaale ng’abagatta.

Wano Pr. Lwandasa eyalabise nga bimusobedde yayimirizza okusaba n’afulumya Nakasi n’amutwala mu ofiisi ye gye yayogeredde naye n’amunnyonnyola ebisingawo. Lwandasa yalagidde embaga esazibwemu okutuusa ng’ensonga zimaze okugonjoolwa. Abategesi baakubidde abagole amasimu ne babalabula obutatuuka ku kkanisa kubanga ebyabaddewo byabadde bibaswaza.

Nakasi yategeezezza nti alina abaana basatu be yazaala mu Katumba kyokka okuva mu 2005 Paasita abadde tabalabirira.

Nakasi yagambye nti enfunda eziwera yakwatanga Katumba n’abawala abaweereza mu kkanisa kyokka nga buli abasumba lwe babatuuze ne bababuulirira akkiriza era n’amwetondera nti takyaddamu ate bw’amala ng’addamu akola kye kimu ku bawala abalala.

Nakasi yagambye nti mu kiseera kino abeera ne mwannyina Godfrey Bakikakase e Nalukolongo nga bbo abaana yabatwala mu kyalo e Luweero ewa maama we Hadijah Biryeri ng’eno gy’abatwalira ensimbi ezibalabirira n’ebisale by’essomero ng’omusajja yagaana okubalabirira n’okubaweerera.

Wadde ng’embaga eno yasaziddwaamu, ekyewuunyisa Katumba ne Ssanyu baagenze mu kifo we baabadde bategese okusembereza abagenyi baabwe ku ssaawa 12:00 ez’akawungeezi we baasanze abantu ab’olubatu ne babategeeza nga bwe bamaze okugattibwa mu kkanisa endala eya New Life Ministries mu Kampala era n’abawuubira satifikeeti okwabadde amannya ga Rev. Rogers Tasobya eyabagasse.

Friday 23 April 2010

Family won't drop Nebbi Catholic priest rape case

Family won't drop Nebbi priest rape case

Thursday, 22nd April, 2010

By Frank Mugabi

THE parents of the girl allegedly defiled by an HIV-positive Catholic priest in Nebbi have rejected a Police request to drop the charges, insisting the law must take its course.

Santo Onyai, the father of the 14-year-old girl, said Pakwach Police yesterday called him to make a statement withdrawing the case, but he had declined to do so.

“The Police told me to make an additional statement withdrawing the case but I refused because that can only be made after we have reached a compromise, which we have not,” Onyai said.

The Rev. Fr. Santos Constatino Wapokura was released on Wednesday after a day in Police detention. The priest said the accusations are a ploy to taint his image.

Wapokura, the parish priest of Pakwach, has twice been in and out of Police cells over sexually assaulting the girl, who was serving in the church.

He was first arrested last week but was released shortly after on Police bond under unclear circumstances, which the Police said they were investigating. He was again arrested on Monday, transferred to Nebbi Central Police Station, before being released once more reportedly on the instructions of the resident state attorney, Innocent Obale.

Obale said the complainants wanted to settle the matter out of court. But Onyai said his family want the priest to face the court and instead blamed government officials of dragging their feet.

“We all want the case to proceed in court but the Police and court people are not helping us,” he said. He called for the intervention of higher authorities.

On Tuesday, the Nebbi criminal investigations officer, Henry Mulindwa, told The New Vision that they had preferred charges of aggravated defilement against the priest because he was tested and found to be HIV-positive.

A person convicted of aggravated defilement is liable to a death sentence.
In Kampala, the head of the child and family protection unit, Florence Kilabila, yesterday said the Police did not condone the priest’s release. “I don’t like the claims that the case is going to be settled out of court. There is still room for us to look into it.”

The regional crime chief, she said, had been ordered to ensure justice is done. “The matter will be handled at a higher level,” she added. She said the release of the priest was the decision of the state attorney and should not be blamed on the Police.

The Nebbi case adds to the list of accusations of sexual impropriety across the globe brought against Catholic priests, who swear the oath of celibacy.

Additional reporting by Herbert Ssempogo


New vision, 22-April-2010

Writes Leo Odera Omolo

A senior Catholic priest based in Pakwach town in Nebbi district has been arrested by the Police on allegations of defiling a 14-year-old girl, who served in the church.

The district criminal investigations officer, Henry Mulindwa, said the Rev. Fr. Santos ConstatinoWapokura was first arrested last week in Pakwach when the girl’s parents registered a complaint.

Mulindwa said another 14-year-old girl had also reported to the Police, saying the priest also forced her into sex early last year.

Wapokura, 45, the parish priest for Pakwach, is also HIV-positive, Mulindwa said.

Therefore, the Police upgraded his case from simple to aggravated defilement.
He was, however, shortly released on bond under unclear circumstances, which the district Police headquarters in Nebbi are investigating.

“This is a capital offence. When I heard about it, I called for the file and ordered the priest’s re-arrest on Monday,” Mulindwa said. Mulindwa explained that the victim was a Primary Five pupil.

The girl told the Police that Wapokura would often ask her to go to his house, where he would follow her and force her into sex.

On another occasion, the girl narrated, she was at the priest’s home with other visitors. Father Wapokura reportedly sent away the other people and forced the girl into sex.

Wapokura, who is detained at Nebbi Central Police Station, denies the allegations, which he described as a ploy by his enemies to tarnish his name.
Wapokura was at the helm of celebrations to mark the Centenary of the Catholic faith in northern Uganda held in Pakwach on March 20.

The Police said his file had been forwarded to the resident state attorney for sanctioning, after which he will appear before court. Another Catholic priest was arrested and charged with defilement in Gulu recently.

The cases add to the long list of accusations of sexual misconduct by Catholic priests, which have rocked the Church lately. In America, the Church has paid millions of dollars to victims.

Pope Benedict has also been accused of trying to cover up the crimes in an attempt to preserve the image of the church, which forbids its priests from marrying.

Activists in Britain are considering arresting the Pope when he travels to London later this year.

Police Free Priest Nabbed Over Defilement

Frank Mugabi

The New vision, 21 April 2010

Kampala — The Catholic priest who had been arrested for allegedly defiling a 14-year-old girl in Pakwach, Nebbi district, has been released amid protests from the victim's parents.

The Police said yesterday they freed the Rev. Fr. Santos Constatino Wapokura, the parish priest for Pakwach, on the instructions of the resident state attorney, Innocent Obale.

The priest was arrested on Monday on allegations of sexually assaulting a girl who previous served in the church. But the priest denies the allegations, saying they are a ploy by his enemies to tarnish his image.

The northwestern regional Police commander, Patrick Otika-Akubu, said they had got instructions from the attorney to release the priest.

"We had evidence but the State Attorney has written back to us saying we release the suspect because the parties have opted to settle the matter outside court," Akubu said, adding that he was surprised by the decision.

However, efforts to get a comment from the Obale proved futile as he referred the writer to the Police.

Santo Onyai, the victim's father, denied having written any additional statement withdrawing the case.

He disclosed that although the priest had requested to have private negotiations with the family on the matter, they had not reached a compromise.

"He has been asking for forgiveness but right now we are much aggrieved as a family because he has done a lot of damage to our daughter," Onyai said.

He said the girl, whom he has withdrawn from school not to "waste money", occasionally, complains of abdominal pain. The victim was a Primary Five pupil.

Onyai complained that they were not being accorded proper justice.

"The Police have not taken enough control of this case. Whenever we get the priest arrested, he is released," Onyai said.

Wapokura was first arrested last week but was released shortly after on Police bond under unclear circumstances, which the Police is investigating.

Onyai said they had taken the victim for an HIV test and were expecting the results today.

The district criminal investigations officer, Henry Mulindwa, told The New Vision that they wanted the priest charged for aggravated defilement because he is HIV-positive. A person convicted for aggravated defilement faces a death sentence.

The girl's father also expressed worry that he did not have enough money to follow up the case.

Meanwhile, the regional Police commander said they were investigating other complaints against the priest from other accusers.

Zimbabwe: Catholic Priest Raped Me, Says Maid

Zimbabwe: Catholic Priest Raped Me, Says Maid

George Maponga
5 April 2010

Harare — A 34-year-old Roman Catholic priest based at Rutenga Mission in Mwenezi has been arraigned before a Masvingo magistrates' court for allegedly raping his 19-year-old maid three times last year.

Father John Dzeka denied the rape charges when his trial opened before Masvingo regional magistrate Mrs Esther Muremba but shocked many when he stated in his defence outline that he actually had a love affair with the maid.

The maid, he alleged, was trying to fix him for abandoning her for another girl.
Dzeka is represented by Mr George Chikumbirike of Chikumbirike and Associates, assisted by Advocate Isaac Muzenda of Muzenda and Partners.

However, it is Dzeka's revelation that he was in love with the complainant that is set to open a can of worms since Catholic priests take celibacy vows on conferment of priesthood.

He was remanded out of custody to April 26 for continuation of trial.

The trial opened last Thursday with the State led by regional State counsel Mr Rodrick Chipembere assisted by Mr Batanai Mathose.

In her evidence, the complainant insisted that she was raped by Dzeka three times last year and made a report to a fellow Catholic priest, Father Joachim Matare, who was also based at Rutenga at the time.

Father Matare has already been lined up as the second State witness in the matter.

Charges against Dzeka arose from incidents between September 18 and October 30 last year when he allegedly raped the complainant at his house at Rutenga Mission.

Dzeka allegedly locked the door from inside after finding the complainant doing some chores in his house and dragged him into his bedroom where he raped her once on September 18. He allegedly repeated the same feat the next day.

The State alleges that Dzeka raped the complainant using the same modus operandi on October 30 prompting her to make a report to the police leading to Dzeka's arrest.

Ugandan Christians are not sensitised about reflexology

Ugandan Christians are not sensitised about reflexology

Posted Sunday, April 18 2010 at 00:00

TV and radio stations in Uganda are awash with adverts of reflexology centres. Ugandans are covertly being bombarded with the view that reflexology is the solution to all health problems. ‘Doctors’ are stealthily enticing Ugandans to consider reflexology.

It is certainly not wrong to want to be healthy; and we know that many ‘natural’ or alternative remedies are effective and legitimate for certain problems. But when a practice enters into the realm of the occult, Christians are forbidden from taking part. Dr David Sneed lists eight possible dangers of alternative health therapies such as reflexology: Failure to diagnose, failure to treat, emotional harm, wasted money, physical threats, toxic effects, diverted resources, and loss of reality. But what exactly is reflexology?

Reflexology XE ‘Reflexology’, which is also called zone therapy, is the technique of ‘applying pressure to specific reflex points to stimulate the body’s own healing powers.’ It is based on the concept that different parts of the foot correspond to and are somehow connected to various parts of the body. By massaging the foot (or hand) the practitioner can allegedly detect problems and help maintain physical and psychological health. While some reflexologists are basically foot massagers, and only claim to stimulate relaxation and reduce stress, most go far beyond this. says reflexology “creates a physiological change in the body by naturally improving your circulation” and claims that it is “an effective technique for regaining better health.”

Many reflexologists work on the occultic principle that the body has an energy field that can be manipulated. They call it “life force.” William Fitzgerald XE “Fitzgerald, William” , who invented modern reflexology in 1913, called it “bioelectric energy.” He believed that 10 vertical zones of this energy called meridians run through the body, and by rubbing one part of the foot the practitioner can supposedly manipulate the organs and bones and tissues in that particular zone.

Mildred Carter says, “By massaging reflexes ... you send a healing force to all parts of the body by opening up closed electrical lines that have shut off the universal life force.”

She also says that reflexology is “the healing miracle of the new age we are entering” . Many reflexologists use the New Age technique of visualisation. The Holistic Health Handbook instructs the practitioner to “visualise yourself as being a channel for healing energy that flows through your hands.”

Eunice Ingham, a disciple of Fitzgerald, describes reflexology as “opening the blocked meridians and channeling the healing power through visualisation” It is obvious that reflexology is based on occultic principles and should be avoided by Christians.

Michael George Kizito,

Thursday 22 April 2010



This year the Pentecostal movement IN UGANDA is celebrating fifty years of revival in Uganda. However, there is no cause for celebration in Uganda .Pentecostals in Uganda should be on their knees and in sack cloths repenting for apostasy, greed, lies, ecumenism, political fornication and spiritual fornication with AMERICAN HERETICS LIKE BENNY HINN , COPELAND, JOYCE MEYER, F.PRICE ETC WHO PREACH THAT JESUS PAID FOR OUR SINS IN HELL.

What is Pentecostal Week

The “Pentecostal Week 2010” is the entire Pentecostal Church in Uganda coming together to celebrate their unique identity (Pentecost or the Pentecostal Experience). It will be a time of renewal, healing, unity, fellowship, and bonding

In 1960, the first Pentecostal ‘type’ church was given a license to operate by the government of Uganda.
In 2010, after 50 years, Pentecostal churches will come together during the Pentecostal week, 3rd – 9th May 2010, all for a grand celebration of what God has done. Click here for more
Miracle Center Churches, Christian Life Ministries, Evangelical Fellowship of Uganda, National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches and the Born Again Faith Federation of Uganda.

The Council of Elders for the Pentecostal Week are:

Pastor Simon Peter Emiau | Apostle Alex Mitala | Pastor Jotham Mutebi | Pastor Nickolas Wafula | Pastor Titus Oundo | Pastor Gary Skinner | Pastor Butch Dodzweit | Pastor Aswa | Pastor Julius Ebwangu | Pastor Bob Wagar
Plot 49 - 55, Makerere Hill Road, P.O Box 2560 Kampala, Uganda, East Africa
Telephone: +256 (0) 414 540437



In the winter of 1955 - 56, during a week night service, God gave a prophetic call to Glad Tidings take the “Full Gospel” to Uganda, East Africa. The application to the British Governor of Uganda for permission to enter the country to do missions work was denied because some religious leaders of that day did not want Pentecostals in Uganda. Nevertheless, believing this was the call of God, the church began to pray fervently for Divine intervention. In December 1956 Hugh and Audrey Layzell were sent to Kenya to work with the Elim missionaries of New York until the door opened to Uganda. That door opened in May 1960, when Glad Tidings Missionary Society was issued a permit to do Mission work in Uganda. Hugh and Audrey Layzell began the work that May followed by a team of G.T. missionaries in the 60’s namely Jean Christenson, Dorothy Williams, Bill and Gerda Brown,, Eleanor Webb, Betty Caron, Dave and Velma Freeman, Lou and Marion Peterson, John and Jean Lofstrom , Bob and Sharon Wagar.

The Gospel Mission to Uganda (which birthed the Full Gospel Churches of Uganda) was incorporated under the Unlimited Companies Act in October 1960 and became the first “Pentecostal” Mission or church to be granted that legal status in Uganda.
Certainly one of the most momentous events of the history of the ‘Pentecostal movement’ in Uganda was the Daoud Crusade at Mengo “Kabaka Anjagala” in February 1961, sponsored by the Gospel Mission. This first Salvation/Healing Crusade in Uganda coincided with the opening of the tent Tabernacle at Makerere in December 1960.
The Crusade drew thousands for 3 weeks. There were many miracles of healing and many souls came to Christ. 365 people were baptized in the Kabaka’s Lake after the Crusade, and the Tent at Makerere was packed out week after week for months. During that period ‘lubale’ fetishes were being burned as men and women believed on Jesus for salvation and new believers continued to be baptized in Kabaka’s Lake.
In 1962 another significant event took place. Art and May Dodzweitsent by Elim (PEFA) from Kenya founded the Elim Church in Mengo.

Another important milestone was the pioneering work of Rev. Brown of the Pentecostal Assemblies Of Canada, (PAOC). He came to Mbale in the 50’s and started a work mostly centered in Eastern Uganda.

Yet another significant event took place in the 60’s. In 1967 five High School Students and a teacher called Moses Ochwo along with Evangelist Joe Kayo started the “Young Christian Ambassadors” fellowship. It grew between 1969 and 1970 and in 1971, the “Young Christian Ambassadors” became the Deliverance Church in Uganda.
1972 marked the beginning of the Redeemed Church in Kibuye. However, in September 1977, President Idi Amin banned Pentecostal Churches and on 12th April 1978 armed soldiers stormed and desecrated the Full Gospel Church, at Makerere arresting 200 believers. The churches then went underground and grew even more during the persecution.

After the fall of Idi Amin in 1979, freedom of Worship was restored and tens of thousands of different Pentecostal churches blossomed. In addition to the churches and ministries earlier mentioned, the last three decades have seen the growth, establishment and organization of churches under different umbrellas such as; Miracle Center Churches, National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches, Born Again Faith Federation of Uganda and Evangelical Fellowship of Uganda among others. The impact of what the Holy Spirit has done through the Pentecostal Church in this Country is nothing less than phenomenal. Schools, orphanages, medical services, income generating projects and others have sprung up, not to mention the church’s powerful influence on the entire fabric of Ugandan society.

It is in this spirit that all Pentecostal churches, believers, umbrella organizations and different Pentecostal streams in Uganda desire to come together as one big river to hold an event in honor of the Holy Spirit – The Pentecostal Week 2010.

Warm Pentecostal greetings to all!
I believe the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Pentecostal Movement or Revival in Uganda will be a time worthy of dedicating to God as thousands will rejoice delightedly in the Lord. I trust that this time of celebration will be a key that opens many blessings and revival which are yet to be poured out on the church and the earth! Many lives will be touched with life.
Jotham Mutebi
General Overseer of Full Gospel Churches of Uganda

Message of Pastor Fred Wantaate: Coordinator Pentecostal Week

Pentecostalism is one of the most influential and fastest-growing “movement” in the world. However, the Pentecostal movement in Uganda had humble beginnings.
In the early 60’s spirit filled believers were stereotyped as poor, ignorant, fanatical, and semiliterate people. At first they were marginalized, ridiculed and greatly despised by traditional churches. Now the “Abalokole Ab’omwoyo” or spirit filled believers, by and large, have become part of mainstream Christianity in Uganda . It would be foolhardy to ignore them.

“Pentecostals” by virtue of their strong evangelistic stance, style of worship and music plus their great appeal to young people, have influence that goes beyond their numbers.

Although scandals, cultic groups and heretic teachings have dogged “Pentecostals”, the revival is of God, it will continue to grow strong despite the setbacks. Jesus said in Matthew 16:18 “I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”
Below, you will find the latest updates on the activities leading to the main event in May.
Happy Jubilee Celebrations!
Pastor Fred Wantaate

Pentecostal Week


Pentecostal Week 2010 is a celebration of the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit for the last 50 years. It is also a time for us to seek His guidance for the future of the church and the nation.

“Now, Give thanks” being the theme for Pentecostal Week 2010 emanates from II Corinthians 2:14 ‘ Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place’(NKJV)..
As documented in the bible, the day of Pentecost occurred a few days after Jesus’ ascension (He ascended 40 days after His resurrection). Even so the Pentecostal Week 2010 shall be celebrated about 40 days after Easter beginning 3rd – 9th May 2010.

The main events of the Pentecostal week 2010 are:

Monday 3rd May 2010:
A grand “COMMUNION NIGHT” dinner with 350 leading/key Pentecostal pastors in urban Uganda (Serena Hotel) with Dr. T.L Osborn as the tentative chief guest.
Tuesday-Thursday 4th -6th May 2010:
"THE NATIONAL PASTORAL CONFERENCE” (NPC) at Makerere Main Sports Grounds (over 5000 pastors and church leaders expected)
Friday 7th May 2010:
“THE ABALOKOLE MARCH” through Kampala city to Kololo Airstrip for a grand worship experience and Holy Spirit ministry for all.
Sunday 9th May 2010:
Different churches around the country will hold local celebrations with guests of their own choice in celebration of the ministry of the Holy Spirit.



By Arthur Owiti

The fact that Africans are a religious people is not refuted .However true Christians should be reviewing what we mean when we say Christianity is growing .The Christianity that is growing in Africa is more worldly than spiritual, far different from Biblical Christianity.

Unfortunately the question of exponential growth of African Christians and Muslims is wrongly analyzed by those who come up with such conclusions.For one to have an accurate analysis of true Christianity in Africa one must know what true Christianity entails.

Christianity is about faith in Jesus Christ who died for the sins of the world and rose again on the third day.This faith is lived out by the believer walking in the sayings of Jesus and in New Testament Faith and teachings.Thus the name Christian... walking and living like Christ.

Historically, that type of Christianity of walking like Christ and faith in him has been replaced with cultural Christianity which came to Africa at the advent of colonialism.The missionaries rightly condemned certain practices that were devilish and unnecessary for one to have faith in Christ.However, some taught this on the guise of culture and not doctrine.They detested them because of their barbaric nature and not that they were against the teachings of God.
With this rebuke some Africans formed their own churches which accommodated these traditional practices , but majority still stayed away from them.

But as the missionaries were being killed and rejected by communities while the colonialist were on ground,they needed to change startegy...TOLERANCE.

The Catholic church took a pluralistic approach of eating the fish throwing the bones.They invited Africans who kept their traditions and ancestral beliefs as long as they attended their churches.It worked.The Catholic church has the largest number of adherents in the Christian population of Africa.


The Evangelical movement spread like a wildfire in Africa. Back then it was based on sound doctrine that one had to have faith in Jesus Christ to be saved. It is still a sound yet powerful message and many believed .

What is striking is that the gospel call was for one to deny himself and follow Jesus. Songs like "I have decided to follow Jesus" were anthems in the Evangelical church. Christians rejected the world and that included their African spiritual practices and cultural traditions which are spiritual.

A new lifestyle was born, an African who chose to be a Christian first then an African.Their faith tested their practices and they did not mix their traditional practices with their faith.


However as time went on still a desire to go back traditional practices arose and interestingly it has risen in the event of democracy and globalization movements.Politics manipulated the divisions of people in Africa.Peace loving neighbors now realized their tribes are very important and that things are being divided according to their tribal affiliations.

With divisive politics came a returning to roots movement.With the globalization calls came tolerance and hence the need for diversity.These diversities have made Africans to go back to their cultural roots.

Sadly when divisive politics went into the church, Christians were forced to go back to their cultural roots .This return slowly restored false teachings of totems, covenants, charms which have come back to Evangelical churches through deliverance teachings and prosperity gospel.Witchcraft in African Christendom.

This return to cultural practices is being spearheaded by tolerant mainline denominations who are pluralistic and not concrete on matters of culture like the Evangelical church .


What these cultural practices are telling the African Evangelical church is that they either accommodate other spiritual practices or face depopulation in that those who still want those practices will attend churches which do not interfere with their personal life on issues of culture .

This trend is also blamed on the desire for the supernatural worldwide, hence the invasion of Eastern Religious practices into Western Christianity and the importation of Roman Catholic rituals by the Evangelical church.

So we cannot talk of Christianity in Africa if it is being mixed with spiritual practices that are not scriptural.Neither are we calling Africans Christian because they are naming their children with Jewish and English names or that they wear crucifixes and go to physical buildings called churches.

Christianity is about faith in Jesus Christ and living like Jesus Christ by doing good deeds to all.If this is the Christianity that is having exponential growth then let it be.However it is not and this is evident by the worldliness and the tolerance to spiritual practices that defile one's faith in God.

Six million Ugandans believe in witchcraft- report


Six million Ugandans believe in witchcraft- report

By Mark Kirumira

Posted Tuesday, April 20 2010 at 00:00


Two out of every 10 Ugandans – about six million people – believe in witchcraft or the protective power of sacrifices to spirits or ancestors, a survey shows. The survey, conducted by the US-based Pew Research Centre, however, also shows that Uganda is one of the most religious countries in the world, with nearly nine out of 10 people saying religion (Christianity or Islam) plays a key role in their lives.

Titled ‘Tolerance and Tension: Islam and Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa’, the report shows that Uganda ranks 15th in Africa and 20th worldwide in the ‘most religious’ tables.

Double face

However, the report notes that Uganda takes second spot in East Africa and 11th in Africa in the worship of evil spirits, sacrifices to ancestors, and paying homage to traditional religious healers. Almost one in four Ugandans believe in the protective power of juju such as charms or amulets.

In recent years, there has been a sharp rise in the number of child sacrifices in Uganda, many of them carried out by traditional healers (witchdoctors) and mediums to allegedly help their clients attain wealth and success.

Some 15 children and 14 adults were killed in ritual murders in Uganda last year, up from three cases in 2007, according to police statistics. Some 154 suspects were arrested last year in connection with ritual killings and 50 taken to court. The report is the first to show how many Ugandans believe in worshipping spirits and could be useful in helping combat ritual murders.

The report notes that Ugandans switch religions more than any other people in Africa. At least five per cent Ugandans have at one time changed religions. The least religious people in the world, according to the report, are the Czechs where only seven out of 100 people claim they are religious, closely followed by Sweden (eight out of 100). Tanzanians are the most believers in alternate gods with nearly 60 out of 100 people admitting that they make sacrifices to spirits and dead ancestors followed by Mali, Senegal, South Africa and Cameroon. Kenyans are ranked 15th.

According to the poll that was released last week, Rwandans are the least superstitious in Africa with only five out of 100 people interviewed confessing they believe in juju. “Many people also say they consult traditional religious healers when someone in their household is sick, and sizable minorities in several countries keep sacred objects such as animal skins and skulls in their homes and participate in ceremonies to honour their ancestors,” says the report.

While the survey finds that both Christianity and Islam are flourishing in sub-Saharan Africa, the results suggest that neither faith may expand as rapidly in this region in the years ahead as it did in the 20th century, except possibly through natural population growth.

Also the survey finds that on several measures, many Muslims and Christians hold favourable views of each other. Muslims generally say Christians are tolerant, honest and respectful of women, and in most countries half or more Christians say Muslims are honest, devout and respectful of women.

In roughly half the countries surveyed, majorities also say they trust people who have different religious values than their own. Eight out of 10 people in Uganda said there is nothing that stops them from practicing their religion but in Djibouti almost half the people said there is no religious tolerance.

On the other hand, the survey also reveals clear signs of tension and division. Nearly five out of 10 Ugandans, who are Christians, view Muslims as violent while just three out of 10 Muslims view Christians the same way. But much as this is present in the Ugandan society, just three out of 10 Ugandans say the conflict between the religious groups is a big problem. In Rwanda, 58 per cent of the people commented that religious conflict is a problem to their country.

More than 25,000 people were interviewed during the survey in 19 sub-Saharan African nations from December 2008 to April 2009. In Uganda alone, 1,000 people were interviewed; 700 Christians and 300 Muslims.

The general secretary, Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa, Rev. Canon Grace Kaiso, said yesterday that the phenomenon is a reflection of the Church’s failure. “The fact that people go to witchcraft could be taken as a judgment on the Church that it has not been able to help the flock appreciate the power of the risen Christ,” he said.

He said it is high time the Church reached out to such people to help them know that in Christ other powers are nothing.

Sunday 18 April 2010

Selling the Truth!

Selling the Truth!

Buy the truth, and do not sell it, Also wisdom and instruction and understanding. Proverbs 23:23

By Mike Desario

Nothing can compromise the Preaching of the Gospel faster than the love or need for raising money. Every Church Pastor in the entire world knows this to be true. As long as his/her lively hood depends on monthly and weekly donations or tithes, Plus the survival of the Church itself remains dependent on a core group of faithful supporters, he will not and CANNOT Rock the boat in any manner that would Jeopardize the system. Especially if he is part of a denominational structure or pastors a larger church in an upscale neighborhood.

However NONE of this presents any problems for the present day churches because they already preach a message based on Absolute Fallacy that Saves NO ONE and keeps them in bondage to their sin. Therefore the money issue is of no real concern, other than having frequent fund raisers, dinners, sales and various other activities to secure funds for building projects, retreats, pastors salary, ect. Everyone in the System (bought into it) THINKS they are tithing their money for God’s Work and the He is Well Pleased with their generosity. So the System feeds of itself, some Churches have literally barrels of funds at their disposal, while other, smaller ones struggle to make ends meet. BUT they ALL Preach the LIE!

My Concern is not the Churches concerning money raising. They are Rotten to the Core and Reprobated. My argument is with the many internet or online Ministries taking part in all of this. Who Claim to be preaching a True Message based on Repentance and Faith. What disturbs me about them is they are using the EXACT Same methods as the huge Main-Stream Ministries who all preach the Lie. They solicit donations on their sites, sell their books, CD’s and use a variety of other methods to raise money. It smells of Compromise and in EVERY case further investigation has confirmed the suspicion.

When you Solicit Funds or take donations from people you Automatically become obligated to act in a certain way toward them concerning the truth. Couple that with the fact that you Do Not know what they really believe or how affected they are by the Lie, only that they like your preaching or have been attracted to you due to something you said, and you have the formula for massive turmoil. (unless you are preaching something that already fits into the System to begin with) We see in the Letters of Paul the he preached an uncompromising Message of Christ everywhere he went. Understanding the nature of his Gospel and how controversial it was among the Jews and the Gentiles, he Supported himself by working rather then being accused of exploiting anyone by taking their money.

That gave him the Freedom necessary to Keep the Message Pure and undefiled from false doctrines, in order to silent his critics and never be obligated to anyone but God. How much MORE in today’s environment of Lies at every turn, Should WE follow his example? I CANNOT see any reason why you shouldn’t other than you want to keep your foot in the door of the churches and LIVE off your ministry!

And in EVERY case I’ve see so far, those of you who Do this have Compromised to some degree the Message of Repentance. That’s why I avoid it like the Plague!

I’m not here to name names or point fingers, if there is need for that it will appear in my videos or on the internet. Those of You doing it KNOW who you are and although you disagree that you are Preaching a compromised message of Repentance, we have PROVED otherwise. Many of you still associate with blatantly false ministries and the Main-Stream evangelical outreaches selling the Lie! You see NOTHING Wrong with it. Even after repeated warnings, you continue to endorse them either by remaining silent about the lies they preach or promoting their material on your sites. Then you use all of this to Raise money in the name of Truth. WHAT makes you any different than the Reprobated churches?

None of you will go into these church and tell the Pastors their Doctrines are in error, or tell the people they Must Stop sinning to be Saved. You insist otherwise, I know, but WHY is it SOME of us are quickly expelled from these churches when we Preach, but You remain, acceptable by the pastors and the people? And they GIVE you Money besides!

Did they Give John the Baptist a love offering or Steven or Paul when they confronted the Jews? Many of you THINK because you preach in the open air to hardcore sinners and endure their hostility, that you’re on the right track with all of this. But even that plays into this discussion. The Churches (some of them) applaud your efforts, which garners even more support from them. WHY? Because you’re NOT Exposing anything they are doing, only the poor, lost sinners out there on the streets. In their Minds your efforts will add to church membership roles, so the LIE Goes on. You’re doing NOTHING to Silence it!

Is it so hard to Work for a living to avoid all of this? The System is TOO Far Gone for any of us to live off of it. If we Really Do Preach the Truth without compromise, it is inevitable that a great deal of people will want our heads on a platter, especially those inside the religious establishment. They have always been opposed to Truth because it exposes their hypocrisy. We CANNOT Concede to ANYTHING they Stand for or make or any allowance for their lies. Least we become a part of it in some manner and fall prey to their error. As painful as it may be, they are NOT our Brothers and have nothing to do with God.

I would Strongly Recommend that if you Really want to Join the Ranks of men like John the Baptist, Steven and Paul, you IMMEDIATELY cease and desist from SELLING your Books, Audios, Videos and anything else you may be involved in soliciting funds. REMOVE all the links from your sites asking for Donations and ANY associations you may have with churches or other ministries preaching the lie. If you do preach at a church make sure they won’t be asking you back any time soon. They are ALL under the lie to one degree or another, MOST of them are totally reprobate. DON’T Take their money or TRY to build any alliances with them. Expose the Lie and move on. It won’t be long before word gets out that you’re an undesirable and some kind of vile heretic. (but that’s the way it should be! To the Religious establishment Jesus was the Devil! How much more us also who preach His truth.)

Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. Matt10:8

It was of the utmost urgency to Paul to wave his pastoral rights and Preach the Truth free of charge and see the people break free from Sin in the Power of God. Today we have Every form of charlatan, rip off artist, con-man and exploiter in the Pulpit you can name. They Preach Outrageous Lies and benefit financially doing it. Many of them live like Kings and flaunt themselves all over the Media. Paul said ‘We Do Not Preach ourselves!’ 2Cor4:4, but now they NAME their Ministries after themselves! If Paul were here today among us, he would be working just as hard to EXPOSE these men as he did then. He wouldn’t fear their displeasure or even their murderous hatred. Consider what he would Say to the Church Pastors who pass him off as the Romans Wretch and Chief of all sinners! I don’t think they would be too happy having him as a guest speaker one Sunday morning, while they twist up everything he taught and tell everyone how it means the exact opposite of what it says!

Yet you Street Preachers and internet teachers out there arguing against eternal security, and selling your stuff online, are making NO EFFORT to Pull Down these Strongholds of Lies. You USE the System to promote yourselves and gain some kind of creditability in the System. You have a million excuses to justify it all, but the Spirits of Elijah, Jeremiah, Steven and Paul himself Cry out Against you! You’re out there playing the Game by the devils rules and for WHAT? Money….Recognition…..Personal Gain….? It’s shameful and one Day Standing before the Great Judge, you will feel that Shame and be very sorry.