Tuesday 29 March 2022

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Friday 25 March 2022

Speaker Jacob Oulanyah's mother in law says Oulanya Fathered Kids and Never Took Care of Them


Speaker Jacob Oulanyah's mother in law bitterly speaks about the deceased's distasteful acts.


"Oulanya was a 'Ssemyekozo' who Fathered Kids and Never Took Care of Them"- Mother-in Law Says



Posted on Mar 24, 2022
By Kiggundu Abraham

Aruu North legislator, Hon. Santa Okot who also dubs as the mother-in-law of the late speaker of parliament Hon. Jacob Olanya has paid tribute to the deceased Oulanya surprisingly branding him a celebrated "Ssemyekozo" who fathered and never taken care of his children.

On March 20th, President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni announced the death of speaker of the 11th parliament, Hon Jacob Oulanya.

Now the mother-in-law of the deceased and shadow minister for regional affairs during a press conference on Thusrday has eulogised the late Oulanya in a shocking way.

According to MP Santa, the late Oulanya got married to her daughter, Lady Winnie Amoo Okot in 2013 but the couple couldn't last long in their marriage thereby divorcing on the will of Oulanya in 2015.

Though when the person dies, people only eulogies him or her on the good side, Hon. Oulanya's mother-in-law has buried the shame to pay tribute to the late in the opposite way by confessing to the publoc how he was a Ssemyekozo who even went ahead to fault the court judgement after divorce and refused to provide for his two children that he fathered with his ex wife.

Apart from neglecting his fatherhood duties, Oulanya had even denied his ex wife access to their marital home to pick her clothes after opting to board for USA. MP Okot says till Hon. Oulanya's death, he hasn't been providing any penny for his children despite their sounding decision of not demanding for any share of his wealth after divorcing their daughter.

"In our tradition, incase of divorce, once you have children in that clan, you remain a father or mother. After divorcing my daughter in court on grounds that she wasn't compatible with him, I want to inform you the press that when a person has died, people only speak the good part, they don't want to speak the bad part. But Oulanya has not been taking care of his two children. Its we who have been looking after his two children since then from where they are in the US. We did not even ask at that time of any sharing of the property after divorce. I told my daughter never to do so but leave everything as it is," MP Santa partly revealed to the press.

Hon. Oulanya's ex wife a few years back wedded a zungu lover in the US and despite not being certain about flying back to Uganda to burry her baby daddy, her mother is doing whatever she can to see to it that the children are flown back attend the final send of the I father.

"Next week I will fly to the US to bring Oulanya's children back home to burry him. Because even if their mother got married to another man, that doesn't rubbish the facts that the deceased is their biological dad," stated Hon Okot

As a born of Omoro where the deceased is going to be laid to rest, MP Okot has revealed how her and clan mates will too be in attendance for the funeral of the former speaker of parliament.

Santa Okot is a Ugandan politician and popular government critic, women's activist, educator and member of parliament of Pader District (Aruu North) in the 11th Ugandan parliament who is affiliated to the People's Progressive Party, (PPP)