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Spiritual Illegality: Ugandan Celebrity Judith Babirye Marries Second Husband : Pastor Imelda Namutebi and Pastor Irene Manjeri Grace occasion

Gospel musician Judith Babirye and husband-to-be, Paul Musoke Sebulime during their Introduction ceremony on Saturday. Courtesy photo.

Judith Babirye and Samuel Niiwo in marriage Split

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I promised God to love Paul for life – Judith Babirye

July 29, 2018

Gospel musician Judith Babirye while unveiling her new found spouse, Paul Musoke Sebulime to multitudes who attended their Introduction ceremony on Saturday said she will return to heaven with him, and also explained how she promised God to love him for life.
Judith Babirye expressed her emotions in a tender, low and calm tone saying, “I want you to know this Paul, I love you so much.”

She borrowed lines from the popular pledge made by couples marrying in Church and told Paul in ‘good times and in bad, in sickness and in health’ she promises to be true to him.
While blessing their engagement rings, Pr Imelda Namutebi of Liberty Worship Centre, Lugala, prayed that nothing will separate the 41-year-old Buikwe Woman MP and her colleague, who is MP for Buikwe North and a pilot by profession.


Babirye’s Introduction ceremony, graced by among others Pastor Irene Manjeri of Bethel Healing Center, came on the heals of numerous media reports that purported that her new traditional marriage is invalid by law.

Ms Proscovia Nangobi, the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) spokesperson told journalists Judith Babirye is still registered as married to her first husband, Samuel Niiwo, and the marriage has not been resolved.

They had wedded at Rubaga Miracle Centre on March 12, 2005. The duo had completed the first phase of their divorce paperwork, “but I have not yet signed final marriage dissolution,” Mr Niiwo claimed.

Pastor Michael Kyazze of Omega Healing Centre told the New Vision legally and socially, Judith and Paul can get married but spiritually, “that marriage is questionable.”
“If you have three Children with a woman, you should have the powers to look after them and keep the mother. What makes Babirye think that the man will keep her for long? He used someone’s daughter and walked away,”  Pr Kyazze said.
“I wish Babirye well but I hope the two learn lessons from their previous relationships since they both claim they have broken hearts,” he added.
Babirye’s Introduction is said to have happened at the Country Lake Resort Hotel, Garuga.
By UG Christian News Correspondent.

Ugandan Pastor’s Wives Whose Marriage Didn’t Go As Planned Revealed

Ugandan pastors and scandals go hand in hand. They make news read more interesting whenever they are a subject of talk in the media. Today we look at those famous pastor’s wives that were once married and happy but decided to cut short their marriage journey for unknown reasons. Accusations of infidelity are attached to them however.

Julie Mutesasira
Before she ran away from her marital home in Namugongo, Julie Nalugya Mutesasira and her husband Pastor Steven Mutesasira of  Redeemed Of The Lord Evangelistic Church, Kamwokya were married for almost eight years.  Steven met Julie when she was still a little girl in her senior Five at Wampewo SS. She is currently holed up in the US and it was alleged that her husband landed into information that she was cheating on him with young city boys.

Pastor Kiganda’s wife
Though Pastor Kiganda got another Zimbabwean wife, he lost his first wife to a chapatti seller. His wife couldn’t settle for less in bed and decided to cheat on him. When the pastor got to know, he felt embarrassed and the woman fled their marital home.
Jackie Senyonjo
Jackie is a gospel artiste and friends with Julie Mutesasira (a gospel artiste too). Her marriage crumbled way back when her husband stopped her from attending night concerts but she refused. In the end, he started finding flirting messages in her phone from different men and that was the beginning of of the end of their marriage

Isabella Musiime
Pastor Edwin Musiime and wife broke up over cheating allegations. The pastor accused Isabella of cheating on him and the wife did the same. The marriage was full of counter accusations of infidelity.
Fyona Kirabo
She has been married for less than a year now. Allegations have it that Fyona Kirabo has already dropped her wedding ring and it is also rumoured she fled from her marriage. Fyona Kirabo is married to a city Pastor Godfrey Kavuya.

Joan Ndikirya Makumbi, wife to Pastor Patrick Makumbi of Victory Christian Church in Ndeeba
Joan Ndikirya Makumbi was a wife to Pastor Patrick Makumbi of Victory Christian Church in Ndeeba. She fled her home after accusing her husband of having extra-marital affairs, domestic violence and denying her sex in 2008.
Loyce Nana Kakande
Loyce is Pastor Kakande’s first wife. She fled from his home many years back after she filed for a divorce. People  no longer talk about her.
Imelda Namutebi
Before, she hooked up with her husband Kula, it was reported that Imelda abandoned her first man so many years back. She was also alleged of stealing her husband Kula from unknown woman.

Joy Kihuguru
Self-proclaimed pastor and former Television star, Joy Kihuguru is on the spot for allegedly snatching a married man.
The ‘Soaring With Eagles Ministry’ boss who also presents a show on Light House Television, last weekend introduced Noah Musanje, a Ugandan living in the United States of America. Even though earlier reports indicated that he lives in Boston, our highly placed sources in the US have intimated to us that Noah actually lives in Chicago with his wife, Aisha Katalemwa.

Peace Kiconco
In 2013, City Pastor Amos Betungura stole Peace Kiconco from a city business woman. One into marriage with her, she fled his home mysteriously and up to now, she has never been seen again

Women side dishes that successfully became wives
February 16, 2018
Pastor Kula’s Imelda Namutebi  
Pastor Imelda Namutebi is one of the richest and most influential pastors in the country with a multi-million dollar Church complex in Lugala, several apartment buildings and a fleet of expensive cars. Pastor Namutebi got married to Tom Kula on February 14th, 2003 at a highly hyped wedding held at Liberty Worship Center in Lugala.

The wedding was followed by controversies that Kula was still entangled in an older relationship whereby Imelda used her power and money to lure the man to her side. Despite Kula being much younger than the pastor, the two have managed to maintain a stable marriage since then.

Judith Babirye
Judith Babirye

 City Pastor Defends Judith Babirye Marriage to Married MP Musoke Sebulime

Pastor Sserwadda: MP Sebulime's Wife Must Produce Evidence of Marriage
By Prossy Atukunda Last updated Jul 5, 2018

A Kampala pastor has said it okay for ‘gospel’ singer and Buikwe Woman MP Judith Babirye to marry her Buikwe North counterpart Paul Musoke Sebulime provided there is no evidence of a church wedding.
Responding to threats issued by Lukiya Ntale, Sebulime’s wife, against Babirye,the senior pastor of Victory Christian Centre in Ndeeba, Joseph Serwadda, has said church wedding vows determine one’s marital status.
“There is a woman claiming Judith Babirye’s fiancee, but this is my take on the matter, if you ever come into a man’s home, and have one, two or twenty children, yet have never exchanged your wedding vows in Church or had a civil marriage licensed by government, you are not his lawful wife,” said Serwadda during a during a recent live television show with Bishop Ronald Mukiibi.
“You cannot claim that someone is your husband, yet you don’t have these documents. ”
Serwadda, also the presiding apostle of the Born Again Faith Federation, said “even customary marriages are registered” and therefore Ntale should produce the evidence of her marriage.
“Right after the introduction ceremony, a couple is supposed to attain an official document from government. Without that, there is no proof the two of you are married under that arrangement.”

Judith Babirye’s twin parties

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Babirye and her lover Paul Musoke Ssebulime hosted their guests at Las Vegas Hotel in Bunga, Makinndye, Kampala.
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What started as an introduction ceremony for Buikwe Woman MP Judith Babirye ended in a wedding ceremony on Saturday evening.

Babirye and her lover Paul Musoke Ssebulime hosted their guests at Las Vegas Hotel in Bunga, Makinndye, Kampala.

Despite being organized secretly, with invitees told to wait for phone calls on the introduction day in order to be told the venue, there were over 1,000 people who attended the party, including the Vice-President Edward SSekandi and many legislators.

The groom’s side went straight into the hotel where they had prepared for them before they went to the tent.
When Babirye went inside the hotel to change, she returned wearing a gown and singing her new song, eno mbaga ya ddala, which she has composed for her partner.

She was ushered into the tent by a group of maids, including the daughter she had with her former husband, Samuel Niiwo.
She introduced all the children as hers, although reports indicate some are Musoke’s. she introduced her dauther Nana, saying “Nana, this is your father, who will look after you.” Musoke received Nana and hugged her, amid ululations.

She then called pastors Imelda Namutebi and Manjeri, who prayed for the rings before she put one on Musoke’s finger.

The couple exchanged vows before Musoke dismissing that the woman who claimed he was her husband, saying any focused person is bound to be claimed by such people.

The couple, after serving cake to each other and their guests, signed a marriage certificate on which their parents and the matron signed.
The introduction ceremony was very short after which the function turned to more of a wedding ceremony.