Friday 19 December 2014

Striving tooth and nail to impart gay devils into black Africans: U.N. Peacekeepers Caught On Tape Sexually Abusing Male Teen In Haiti : British charity boss found guilty of child abuse


U.N. Peacekeepers Caught On Tape Sexually Abusing Male Teen In Haiti

British charity boss found guilty of child abuse


British man raped Kenyan street boys

Thursday, December 18, 2014
A British charity boss who preyed on hundreds of Kenyan street children has been found guilty of sexual abuse in the UK.
Simon Harris, 55, was convicted of eight charges of indecent and sexual assault on youngsters in Gilgil, and four of possessing indecent photos of children.
One boy was so traumatised by the abuse that he committed suicide after giving evidence in the case.
Michael Kamondia died on December 7, just days before the jury retired to consider their verdicts.
The charge relating to Kamondia’s allegation was withdrawn midway through the trial because of a legal technicality.
On Tuesday, Harris was found guilty of eight charges of indecent and sexual assault on five homeless boys — one of whom was just nine.
But the Daily Mail newspaper in the UK said British police “believe the abuse carried out by Harris, who formerly worked as a teacher, could have spanned four decades, and the number of victims could be 'in the thousands'.”
Birmingham Crown Court heard he would lure boys to his house in Kenya by offering them food, shelter and money. Many of the victims gave evidence via a video link from Kenya.
The trial heard that the boys Harris targeted were subjected to horrific ordeals for hours on end in his luxury home.
Now questions are being asked as to why Harris — described as a manipulative, predatory and dangerous abuser — was able to travel freely to Kenya.
The Daily Mail said he allegedly overturned a foreign travel order in a magistrates’ court by forging documents from Kenya claiming he could travel.
Between the early 1990s and 2013, Harris spent six months a year Gilgil where he ran a charity called VAE, which helped arrange teaching placements in Kenya for British gap-year students.
A witness, Mr Dan Ndiritu, reported Harris to Kenyan police 10 years ago.

British man Simon Harris convicted of sexually abusing Kenyan children

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A British man has been convicted of committing sexual offences in Kenya.
A jury unanimously found Simon Harris, a 55-year-old former teacher, guilty of five sexual assaults, including against a victim as young as six, and two counts of indecent assault, Britain's The Guardian newspaper reported on Tuesday.
He was also found guilty of four counts of possessing indecent images of children but was acquitted of seven charges including rape, attempted rape and sexual assault.
Kenyan witnesses gave evidence via video link during the trial at a court in Birmingham.
The court heard that Harris "preyed" on Kenyan boys as young as six, but he denied luring the boys to his home using food, money and the promise of schooling, The Guardian reported.
Harris was arrested following media reports that he may have been involved in sexual offences when he was in the country running a charity in Gilgil.
He was arrested at his home in the UK in July 2013 following a joint operation of the West Mercia Police and the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.


Pentecostalism becomes an official religion in Uganda through the ‘’efforts’’ of ecumenist Pastor Joseph Sserwadda’s Born Again Faith Federation

Archbishop Cyprian Lwanga shakes hands with State minister Rukia Kadama. On his left, Pastor Joseph Sserwadda, Mufti Shaban Mubajje and the Secretary General of KAICIID Faisal Muaammar. PHOTO/Wilfred Sanya


Translation of Luganda article  

The born again Pentecostal faith has been recognized as an official religion in Uganda. The head of this faith will be allowed to sit on the inter-religious ecumenical council in the country. In 2006, President Museveni promised to recognize them as an independent  religious faith. Now, they are celebrating because the president’s promise has come to pass. Pentecostal churches in Uganda will no longer need to register as NGOs in order to operate. According to Pastor Joseph Sserwadda, ‘’the born again Pentecostal faith has been elevated to the level of other religions in the country and its head will sit on the Inter religious ecumenical council. Apostle Dr. Joseph Sserwadda told the press that since 2009, they have been negotiating with government about  need to change the law requiring  born again Pentecostal churches  to register as NGOs. The recognition of the faith means that Apostle Dr. Joseph Sserwadda will now sit on the Inter religious ecumenical council with catholic, Anglican, SDA and Orthodox leaders.( )


My comment         

Pastor Joseph Sserwadda is being used by satan to trap born again Christians in an ecumenical trap. Why would born again Christian beg  to be recognized by an ecumenical president ? Why would born again Christians struggle to sit on the inter religious ecumenical council  with apostate religions such as Catholicism, Anglicanism , SDA and Islam ?? This is how satan compromises born again Christians. And which God will Apostle Joseph Sserwadda pray to  during the inter religious meetings; Allah or Jesus??

Of course ,President Museveni’s government is doing all this to reap political capital from Pentecostal churches especially since the 2016 elections are around the corner. The good thing many born again churches in Uganda have rejected Pastor Sserwadda’s undemocratic Born Again Faith Federstion(BAFFE). There is no way one can trap all born again Christians into a single organization. Supposing, satan penetrates the organization. Do we expect genuine born again Christians not to flee.  

Million Dollar Questions for Pastor Joseph Sserwadda   
  1.  Dear Pastor Sserwadda,  how comes the Apostles in the book of Acts never fought to be recognized by government??

  1. Do you know that since the Catholic Church became politically recognized, it became more rotten?

  1. If you peach the true Gospel of the Lord Jesus (eternal prosperity) and 80% of the Ugandans get saved, don’t you think that government will recognize you whether it wants or not?

  1. You argue that the Law governing churches is very draconian. If that is true, how comes sodomite and thug pastors still go unpunished by government?

  1. Don’t you think that one of the fundamental reasons why we do not trust you is because you have compromised with SIN and EVIL so much? How can we led by a person who has joined hands with ecumenists????


Pastor Joseph Sserwadda in Suit with members of the Inter religious Council of Uganda

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Born-again churches reject federation

Inter religious Council of Uganda Ecumenists

Born-again form body to get recognition  

Inter religious Council of Uganda Ecumenists


Catholic, Anglican, SDA and Orthodox heads demonstrate the ONE RELIGION ecumenical motive of the Inter religious council of Uganda


Letter to Pastor Joseph Serwadda   
Ecumenists  bid farewell to Anglican Bishop Luke Orombi

Pastors Joseph Serwadda, Gary Skinner and Uganda Pentecostals on the Road of Ecumenism : Christians to fast 40 days over child sacrifice

Abalokole bali mu kujaganya olw'okubatongoza
Kampala | Dec 07, 2014

Omutume Sserwadda (ku kkono) ng''annyonnyola. 
Bya Steven Musoke

ABENZIKIRIZA y’abalokole bali mu kujaganya olwa Gavumenti okubakakasa ng’enzikiriza eyeetongodde era omukulembeze waabwe n'akkirizibwa okutuula ku lukiiko olugatta eddiini wano mu ggwanga.
Tubaddeko mu kafubo n’omwogezi w’ekibiina ekifuga enzikiria y’Abalokole, Omutume Charles Tumwine ensonga eno n'agyogerako bwati:

"Nga tumalako omwaka, nga twetegekera okuyingira mu mulala 2015, Abalokole tujaguza obuwanguzi obw’enjawulo ate obutuukiddwaako nga bwa kusigala mu byafaayo bya Uganda.

Abakulembeze b’Abalokole wonna mu ggwanga tumaze ebbanga nga tusaba tukomye okwewandiisa ng’ebibiina by'obwannakyewa ebigaba obuyambi twetongole tufuuke enzikiriza eyeetongodde.

Munajjukira gye buvuddeko mu 2006 nga 14 e Namboole Pulezidenti Museveni yawa ekirowoozo tufuulibwe enzikiriza eyeetongodde balekere awo okutuyita ebibiina by'obwannakyewa. Gavumenti ng’eyita mu nnyingo 29 eya Ssemateeka akatundu akasooka yatusuubiza okutukolera ku nsonga eno.

Mu 2009 twawandiikira akakiiko akagatta enzikiriza mu ggwanga nga twagala okukeegattako naffe gavumenti etukakase ng’enzikiriza eyeetongodde.

Oluvanyuma lw'okutuukiriza ebisaanyizo nga tukola ebyo ebigwanidde ng’okulwanyisa endwadde, okusasaanya enjiri ya Yesu, okulondoola n’okwekenneenya ebyobukulembeze n’ebirala, twakakasiddwa ne tuweebwa ebbeetu okweyunga ku kakiiko kano. Nneebaza akakiiko akatunuulidde ensonga zaffe ate ne kazissaamu ekitiibwa."


ENZIKIRIZA y’Abalokole entongozeddwa n’etuusibwa ku ddaala ly’enzikiriza eyeetongodde era eri ku ddaala limu n'eddiini endala zonna mu ggwanga. Kino kitegeeza   omukulembeze waabwe waakutuula butereevu ku lukiiko olugatta enzikiriza zonna mu ggwanga olwa Inter - Religious Council.

Omutume Dr. Joseph Sserwadda yategeezezza nti okuviira ddala mu 2009 babadde boogera ne gavumenti nga bawakanya eky'okwewandiisa ng’ebibiina bya nnakyewa era nga babadde  tebakkirizibwa  kwetongola.
Omwogezi w’ekibiina ekigatta enzikiriza y’Abalokole ekya Born Again Faith,  Omutume Charles Tumwine yagambye nti, nga 14/02/2006 e Namboole Pulezidenti Museveni yakkiriza Abalokole okulekera awo okuwandiisibwa ng’ebibiina bya nnakyewa bafuulibwe eddiini eyeetongodde.

Mu nkola eno, omukulembeze w’ekibiina kino Omutume Dr. Joseph Sserwadda waakutuula butereevu ku lukiiko olugatta eddiini nnansangwa nga ey’Abakatoliki, Abasiraamu, Abakrisitaayo n’abalala.

Ku Lwokuna, omwogezi w’ekibiina kino Omutume Charles Tumwine lwe yayanjulidde bannamawulire obuwanguzi bwe batuuseeko mu lukuhhaana lwe yatuuzizza ku kitebe kyabwe e Najjanankumbi.

Yalabudde abantu abatandikawo ebintu ebirala ne beeyita abasumba nga tebalina na makanisa, n'asaba gavumenti abantu abo ebakwateko kuba bavumaganya enzikiriza yaabwe.
Pastor Joseph Sserwadda in a Kitengi and Pastor Bishop David Kiganda in purple ecumenical attire welcome back Catholic Speaker Kadaga from  Canada


King Iguru dedicates Bunyoro to God: Pentecostals Pastors led by Pastor Joshau Lwere join catholic and Anglican clergy to covenant Bunyoro Kingdom to God. Bunyoro Kingdom is deeply engrossed in ancestral worship and as well as the worship of small gods.

Pastor Joshua Lwere(purple/black attire), head of the National Fellowship of Pentecostal churches with other ecumenists


Bishop Joshua Lwere with Benyoro Convention Ecumenists 

The Harlot Ugandan Church and spiritual fornication : When American- Ugandan prosperity pastors dress in religion garb like catholic and Anglican clergy : Pastors who dress like this are controlled by the spirit of hypocrisy; they slowly drift away from preaching the true gospel and eventually lead to rome.

 Bishop Patrick Makumbi looking like a catholic or  Anglican Bishop

The Harlot Church And Spiritual Fornication

Apostle Julius Peter Oyet in collar and buttoned up suit with other ecumenists


Pastor Joshau Lwere leads the Musevenis in their marriage re-vows

Uganda Pentecostals are treading a dangerous political path by fornicating with Museveni’s corrupt dictatorship: Pastor Joseph Serwadda, Bishop David Kiganda and Pastor Jackson Senyonga new year eve celebrations turn into political fora to raise support for President Museveni.

Spiritual Politics in Uganda prior to the 2011 General Election: Why Pastor Sserwadda’s Namboole Passover Festival is to be aired Live on UBC

Pastor David Kiganda  in Black suit attends ecumenical prayers at state house December, 2014

Which God??? Ecumenical thanks giving prayers held at State House in Entebbe drew all shades of Ugandans to dedicate their country and the forthcoming year – 2015 – to God

Thursday 18 December 2014

Assault on press freedoms in Uganda: Hearing of Kalyegira’s defamation case resumes: City Hall Court has convicted and sentenced Kyuma Kya Yesu a Freelance Journalist to two-month imprisonment over criminal trespass for trying to present a petition to the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga over police brutality on journalists

Hearing of Kalyegira’s defamation case resumes

Publish Date: Dec 18, 2014
Hearing of Kalyegira’s defamation case resumes
Timothy Kalyegira Courtesy Photo

By Davis Buyondo

KAMPALA - The case in which Timothy Kalyegira, a former Daily Monitor Journalist, is charged with defaming President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has resumed at City Hall in Kampala.

On Tuesday, through his lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi, Kalyegira prayed to court that criminal defamation charges brought against him by the State be dismissed on grounds that Section 179 of the Penal Code Act, under which he is being charged, contravenes international standards and best practices of media freedom.

Kalyegira further argues that according to the recent decision delivered by the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) to which Uganda is party, found criminal defamation to be contrary to the guarantees on freedom of expression.

However, Moses Nabende, the trial Magistrate, advised Rwakafuzi to furnish court with the said decision.

Prosecution alleges that on July 12 and July 16, 2010 in Kampala district, with intent to defame the person of the president, Kalyegira unlawfully published defamatory matter on the Uganda Records, an online publication, when he published that government was responsible for the bombs that went off on July 11, 2010 killing close to 80 people at the Ethiopian village in Kabalagala and Kyadondo Rugby Club in Lugogo.

In 2012, Kalyegira filed an application to the High Court raising a question of law as to whether online publication was envisaged under Section 179 of the Penal Code Act.

In deciding the matter, Justice Lameck Kigozi held that online publication can constitute a commission of an offence under Section 179 of the Penal code Act and the case was referred to the trial magistrate for trial.

However, the case was adjourned to January 16, 2015 for mention.

Local journalist jailed over criminal trespass

Publish Date: Dec 18, 2014
Local journalist jailed over criminal trespass
William Ntege was jailed for 60 days Courtesy Photo

By Michael Odeng

City Hall Court last Friday convicted and sentenced a Freelance Journalist to two-month imprisonment over criminal trespass for trying to present a petition to the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga over police brutality on journalists.
The court presided over by Grade one magistrate Elias Kakooza also passed cautioned against William Ntege popularly known as Kyuma Kya Yesu on another count of being a common nuisance at the Parliament of Uganda.
The sentence was passed by the magistrate after the Top Television, and former WBS freelance journalist pleaded guilty to both charges.
“Have you understood the charges read before you, is it true or not,” the magistrate asked. Ntege replied yes.
The magistrate ruled that Ntege will spend 60 days and nights at Luzira Prison.
The incident for which Ntege was convicted occurred when he entered the Parliament of Uganda and tried to present his petition to the House Speaker, Kadaga over Police brutality on journalists and other Ugandans.
Ntege was on that fateful day arrested at Parliament for trespass and produced in court for prosecution. Police also confiscated Ntege’s audio and visual evidence to Police brutality.
Prosecution led by State Attorney Miriam Njuki told court that while at Parliament, Ntege did an act not authorised by law when he unlawfully entered into the Parliamentary building, but remained there with an intention to demonstrate and disrupt business within Parliament.
Prosecution also told court that Ntege chained and padlocked himself on a bar at the fly-over connecting the South wing to the Northern wing of the Parliament building, and that efforts to ask him to leave failed until the officers sought the services of a technician to cut the chain, leading to his arrest.

The curse of living under the Sabbath law: Muslim teens join Adventists in refusing Sabbath exams




When a Sabbatarian- armstrongist writes an excellent expose on the pagan roots of Easter and there after sinks deep into a bottomless pit of heresy and legalism: David C. Pack and the true origins of Easter




Muslim teens join Adventists in refusing Sabbath exams

Muslim teens join Adventists in refusing Sabbath exams
Muslim and Adventist 11th graders at an end-of-school party. [photo courtesy Euro-Asia Division]
Muslim and Adventist 11th graders at an end-of-school party. [photo courtesy Euro-Asia Division]

Teachers speak of a double miracle at Adventist school in former Soviet Union

December 16, 2014 | Silver Spring, Maryland, United States | Andrew McChesney/Adventist Review
Muslim students at an Adventist school in the former Soviet Union were so confident that God would intervene to change the day of their state finals from a Sabbath that they stood in solidarity with their Adventist classmates in refusing to take the exams at a public school, even if it meant that they would not graduate.

The teens’ faith paid off.

At the last minute, the government of the predominantly Muslim country authorized the exams to be rescheduled, astonishing Adventist teachers who had spent days agonizing about the situation.

Even more remarkably, the authorization came from the office of a deputy minister who had recently forced the Adventist school to remove the word “Christian” from its name.

“The Muslim students decided to stand firm on the principles of not working and studying on the Sabbath that they had learned at the Adventist school, and this was a wonderful decision,” said Guillermo Biaggi, president of the Adventist Church’s Euro-Asia Division, whose territory includes most of the former Soviet Union.

“God inspired not only someone in the government to change the day for the exams, but He also inspired the students and awarded their trust in our Creator and Redeemer,” he said Thursday.

The story about the Sabbath exams emerged at recent year-end business meetings conducted by the Euro-Asia Division. The Adventist Review is not identifying the school or its location to avoid complicating its work.

'The Only Hope Left Was God'
The school, which teaches 280 students aged 6 to 17, experienced a difficult 2013-14 academic year as it faced various challenges from the authorities and other people unhappy with the presence of a Christian school in a Muslim country, school and Church leaders said.

But nothing prepared the teachers for a surprise Education Ministry decree saying that final exams for ninth and 11th graders nationwide would be held on Saturday.

The teachers began to pray. A few of the school’s 11th graders came from Adventist families, but the majority were Muslim. None of the ninth graders were Adventist.

Every attempt to delay the exams by a day, to Sunday, seemed to fail. No local education officials wanted to shoulder the responsibility of authorizing the change. The school principal sent a letter to an Education Ministry official who promised to help, but he didn’t reply.

“The only hope left was God,” the principal said in a statement provided by the Euro-Asia Division.

She gathered the students together to explain the situation. She said the school was still trying to reschedule the exams but could not promise success. She also said she had made arrangements with a nearby public school to offer the exams to those who wished to take them.

“This gave each student the opportunity to make his or her own decision, knowing full well the consequences of the decision,” the principal said.

Eleventh graders who failed to take the exam would not graduate. Eleventh grade is the last class before graduation from high school in the former Soviet Union.

'That's Impossible!'
Just two days before the exams, the principal suddenly received a phone call from the Education Ministry. The caller, an administrative assistant to a deputy education minister, said that her boss had written a reply to the principal’s seemingly lost letter and that the school could send someone to pick it up.

The principal said she lost all hope with the phone call because the deputy education minister was the same person who had forced the school to change its name a few weeks earlier.

And that’s not all.

“Before the phone call, we had hoped that maybe we could give the exams on a different day and not be noticed by the education officials,” she said. “But now that the government had given an official response, it would be impossible to conduct the exam unnoticed.”

The principal was in for a shock. She recalled that when she tore open the letter from the ministry, she exclaimed, "That's impossible! How the Lord is good!"

It turned out that the deputy education minister had left his office on an extended business trip, and the school’s request had been passed on to another ministry official who had authorized the exams on Sunday.

The principal eagerly shared the news with the students. But when they showed little emotion, she thought that they had misunderstood her and repeated the story. Then one of the students broke the silence with an explanation that the principal found even more incredible than the government’s last-minute permission to reschedule the exams.

The student said: "We never had any doubt that God would help resolve the situation."

The principal found out that none of the students had signed up to take the exams at the public school on Sabbath. As she spoke with them, she learned that they had seen so many manifestations of God’s power during the difficult school year that they had decided God would not abandon the school over something as simple as Sabbath exams. The Muslim students had decided to join their Adventist classmates in standing faithful to the biblical Sabbath.

"Children from non-Adventist families saw how God is leading our school and believed with all their hearts that the problem would be resolved,” the principal said. “It was only us, the Adventist teachers, who were distraught with worry.”

DISCERNMENT OR CRITICISM: Commentary by Roger Oakland Understand The Times International: Roger Oakland Ministries


Taking a stand from a biblical perspective with regard to purpose-driven-emerging Christianity is not very popular these days. Those working towards establishing the kingdom and “getting closer to Jesus” through contemplative practices rooted in eastern mysticism are very outspoken. If you are not in favor of what they are promoting, you are labeled a hater and against everything.

One pastor wrote me a letter and asked the following question: “Before you went public with your book Faith Undone did you contact everyone you wrote about in the book personally and discuss the issues? If not, shame on you and don’t write me back.” 
Of course, I was shamed into writing him back. I recognize that I should always be open for correction. But “shame” is a pretty harsh term coming from one of the “brethren.” Incidentally, this man was insinuating that I was violating Matthew 18 by writing about public figures in my book. But Matthew 18 is not about challenging leaders who are deceiving millions of people.
One pastor I tried to contact sent his bulldog after me who attacked me personally with slander. He didn’t even address the facts. Should I be ashamed of myself for quoting someone who said what he said in a public forum? Does this really make me a “counter-cult-kook” as he said?
The problem seems to lie in the area of perspective. When a watchman warns about teachings that are popular, the watchman is unpopular. However, popularity is not what determines truth. For example, the popular position on origins is evolution. Does that mean evolution is true? What about the facts?

Ezekiel and Jeremiah were called to be watchmen. When they warned the Israelites that they had abandoned God and were seeking after the gods, the people thought they had lost their minds. They were interested in hearing about peace not judgment. They devised harsh things to say about the prophets. Jeremiah got quite discouraged and wanted to quit his job. It is hard to have someone say you are an idiot when you are telling people the truth. He was only doing what God told him to do. He was trying to warn them that judgment was ahead.

I know a fellowship of pastors who responded the same way when facts about the purpose-driven-emerging church were presented. When they were told the truth, they didn’t want to hear the truth. They said that telling the truth was being critical or having a critical spirit.
Saying that one has a critical spirit means that one has been influenced by Satan. Instead of being discerning and warning about deception, you are considered a divisive person. At least, that is what I have been told.

Another pastor wrote to admonish me by saying “the Bible teaches that we are to mark those who cause division.” I guess this is why he said I should be ashamed for telling people the truth. Of course, he had forgotten the rest of the verse – Paul said the ones who cause division are the ones who teach contrary to the doctrine.

However, we know according to 2 Timothy chapter four that in the last days so-called Christians will not want to stand for sound doctrine. They will say discernment and warning about false teaching is “just being critical.”

I am Roger Oakland. This has been a biblical perspective to help understand the times.