Monday 27 April 2009

We are in the last days and are under the Strong Delusion right now!

And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.( Jeremiah 3:15)

The entire tree is rotten

How the lie works

Sodomy and Kidnap Debacle: Has Pastor Kayanja reached the beginning of his end.

Pastor Kayanja in Sodomy and Kidnap Debacle

In a twist of events, Sodomy charges had been opened against Pastor Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Center, Uganda's largest Prosperity Gospel Church but instead in a 'Maffia' type of move, Pastor Kayanja's Aide got kidnapped... However, for those who have followed the story, A group of Pastors in Kampala brought Sodomy charges against Pastor Kayanja and later Pastor Kayanja was seen "offering" a gift to the Police by refurbishing the Police Quarters, a move that was rebuffed by Uganda's Legislative Body - The Parliament...

However, the move by Pastor Kayanja to obstruct Justice spells out his demise and unless he repents and gets a real 'Saul - Damascus' change, he is propping himself up for a very big fall and proclaiming the end of Uganda's Prosperity Gospel Movement...

Many in Uganda know that such tactics of framing one's opponents and detractors is common as was the case in which President Museveni who happens to be a very good friend of Pastor Kayanja did when he doctored up charges against Uganda's opposition party leaders. The Judge later threw out the charges and rebuked the President. One can see that Pastor Kayanja might have borrowed a leaf from his buddy President Museveni... However, time is not on Kayanja's side...Justice will prevail...KM

Kayanja’s aide kidnapped, released after a week

CID probes kidnap of Kayanja’s aide | Sunday, 26th April, 2009

Row deepens among city’s top Pentecostal pastors

By Anthony Bugembe and Dorah Naamala

The Police are investigating the alleged kidnap and torture of Chris Muwonge, the personal aide of Pastor Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Centre, in what seems a deepening row between rival Pentecostal (Born Again) churches.

Muwonge testified before the press yesterday that he had been abducted by armed men on the morning of April 18, while returning from overnight prayers, and held for five days.

“As I was picking a boda boda to go home, someone called me by name and said I had dropped my money. When I looked back, the man told me to enter a parked car. If I did not, he warned, the man in the car would shoot me,” the 27-year-old told journalists at the Miracle Centre church.

He said a gun was pointed at him as he entered the car; he was blindfolded and driven away. When the blindfold was removed, Muwonge noted, he was in a bathroom with a TV camera before him.

“My captors beat me while ordering me to look into the camera and testify that Pastor Kayanja had been sodomising boys. I refused. They promised me $100,000 (sh200m) and pocket money amounting to $20,000 (sh40m). They said they could fly me to any country of my choice.”

Muwonge said he was eventually dumped outside Kayanja’s residence in Kawuku-Gaba on Thursday. His head was covered in a plastic bag and his hands were trussed behind his back.

He was discovered by area residents who at first thought he was dead. They alerted Pastor Kayanja’s housekeeper, who notified

her boss. Kayanja called the Police who rushed him to International Hospital Kampala for treatment.

The Police spokesperson, Judith Nabakooba, said they were investigating the incident. “We are taking this very seriously given that it may have security implications. We need to get to the bottom of the matter,” she told The New Vision.

Pastor Kayanja has accused his rival, Pastor Michael Kyazze of Omega Healing Centre, of being behind a ploy to discredit him and ruin his reputation.

Both pastors belonged to the Miracle Centre before Kyazze split away and formed his own church.

The alleged kidnap follows another incident in which Kyazze’s assistant, Pastor Robert Kayiira, was arrested by the Police for allegedly trespassing on Kayanja’s property.

Kayanja at the press conference yesterday explained that Kayiira was arrested by his security officials when he was trying to sneak a laptop into the Miracle Centre. He was later handed over to the Police and charged with criminal trespass and possession of defamatory information.

“After being interrogated by the Police for over six hours, it was revealed that he had been sent by his boss to get information about a room in my church where they allege I sexually harass young boys,” Kayanja said.

Kyazze could not be reached for comment since he was out of the country. But one of his close associates, Pastor Solomon Male, said Kayiira was not arrested.

“He was kidnapped on Nabunya Road and dragged to Rubaga Miracle centre before the Police was called in,” he said.

According to Male, a man called Herbert Tumukunde had approached Pastor Kyazze making serious allegations against Kayanja.

Tumukunde allegedly claimed he had video evidence and needed a laptop to download the material.

“Kyazze asked him to pass on the video evidence. But since he had to fly out on Easter Monday, he asked Kayiira to handle the matter,” Mbale said, adding that he wants a parliamentary inquiry into the matter.

“It has nothing to do with rivalry. It is a matter of fighting the rot in our religious entities,” he stressed.

Dozens of churches have sprung up in Kampala and around the country in recent years.

Some pastors have been accused of enriching themselves by asking their followers to sow (donate money) in order to reap (have miracles performed).

Pentecostal pastors in particular have been embroiled in a bitter fight over followers, with some accusing others of witchcraft.


Uganda: Pastor Kayanja to Renovate Old Kampala Police Barracks |All Africa March 12, 2009

Anthony Bugembe

12 March 2009

Kampala — PASTOR Robert Kayanja of Kampala Miracle Centre has offered to give Old Kampala Police barracks a face lift.
This will involve repairing the dilapidated structures, replacing the asbestos with iron sheets, planting grass on the compound and setting up a video hall.
"My team is coming here on Tuesday. We will start with one block and see how things progress," Kayanja said.

The pastor said the houses would be roofed, painted and that electrical installations and plumbing would be done.
"We have the experts to do the job. We urge you to join us because this is a communal effort," Kayanja said at the barracks on Tuesday.
"The Police are part of us. We run to them for protection, especially when we have big events like the New Year prayers," said Kayanja.
"We shall do everything in our means to help them. By the end of this year, this will be the best looking barracks in Kampala."

Last week, Police chief Kale Kayihura initiated the renovation of the barracks to improve the living conditions of the officers. He said the Police would rely on its meagre resources and the private sector to implement the programme.
Relevant Links

Augustine Kasangaki, the officer-in-charge of the station, said each block was designed to house only four families.
"The barracks is now home to 123 Police families. That means each block now houses between four to eight families," he said.
Police spokesperson Judith Nabakooba said: "We are grateful to people who appreciate our challenges and go out of their way to offer a hand."
Kayanja's team also offered groceries to the officers. The barracks was built in 1955.


Pastor Kayanja creates a tricky police situation | Daily Monitor March 29, 2009

"There is a difference in opinion among senior police officers over Pastor Robert Kayanja’s recent offerings to the Force. Recently, Pastor Kayanja offered material assistance to the families of police officers of Old Kamapala Police Station. He then promised to ensure that the dilapidated police quarters are rehabilitated. Although Police Chief Kale Kayihura accepted the offer, other officers have had second thoughts about it. The police say that it leaves them in a compromising position since the man was once the subject of an inquiry into suspected wine smuggling. A parallel Uganda Revenue Authority investigation faded quietly into the distance. It is because of this past that the Old Kampala offer has attracted attention."

Police criticised over Kayanja offer

Thursday, 16th April, 2009

By Mary Karugaba

Members of Parliament have questioned the Police Force for accepting Pastor Robert Kayanja and other individuals’ offer to renovate Police barracks.

The MPs on the public accounts committee yesterday asked officials headed by the undersecretary, Winnie Kabogoza, to explain why they accepted the offer.

They said such offers would compromise the Police’s impartiality.

“Allowing people to do work for you is putting you in a fix. How then are you going to treat them when they commit a crime?” the committee chairman, Nandala Mafabi, asked.

MP Tom Kazibwe asked why the force solicited for public offers yet the Government stopped former Police boss Lt.Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala from getting funds to buy patrol vehicles.

“At this rate, you will find hardcore criminals offering to renovate some of your barracks,” Kazibwe said.

Kabogoza said they sought public support because they were disparate.

She said the force received only sh800m annually for maintenance.

“This is part of the private-public partnership. Jomayi property has also come in,” she said.

The Police commissioner in charge of legal services, Samuel Kyomukama, said: “We understand your fears. You can’t feed from someone’s hand and then treat him badly. It’s not good because it compromises the impartiality.”

Asked about allegations of bosses sexually harassing female officers, Kyomukama said: “Police officers are also individuals. They are a mirror of society.”

Kayanja akwasizza abapoliisi ennyumba

Tuesday, 14 April 2009 18:13
ABASERIKALE ba poliisi abasula mu nkambi y’eKampala-mukadde bajaganya olw’ezimu ku nnyumba ziganye-genya mwe babadde basula okuddaabirizibwa ne zidda bupya.

Emu ku nnyumba eyasoose okumalirizibwa yakwasiddwa aduumira Poliisi mu ggwanga Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura. Ennyumba yawedde yaddabiiriziddwa abalokole b’ekkanisa ya Lubaga Miracle Centre ekulirwa Omusumba Robert Kayanja ng’atuukiriza kye yasuubiza okuyamba ku poliisiokulongoosa embeera z’amayumba g’abaserikale basule bulungi.

Kayihura yasiimye Kayanja okulumirirwa eggwanga ng’ayamba Poliisi.
Yagambye nti embeera y’amayumba mu nkambi eno ebadde mbi nnyo ng’ezisinga tezikyalimu mazzi, emiddumu gya kazambi gyazibikira n’obusolya nga butonnya.

Ennyumba eyaddaabiririziddwa yassiddwamu emiddumu gy’amazzi mipya, egya kazambi , amasannyalaze ne gaddabirizibwa, okusiiga laangi n’ebirala bingi.

Kayanja yagambye nti bagenda kwongera okuddaabiriza amayumba g’ekitongole kino era baddaabirizza n’oluguudo oluyingira mu nkambi eno.

Very Dangerous Move By Homosexuals in Uganda

Very Dangerous Move By Homosexuals in Uganda

Pastor Solomon Male | Posted April 27, 2009

Very warm greetings to you in the name of the Lord Christ Jesus and thanks for your continued contribution and commitment to the ongoing struggle against cults, the occult and false teachings responsible for many people’s hurts and ruin.


P O Box 11902, Kampala, Uganda. Tel 256-772-479386 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
‘Go therefore and make disciples of all nations’ (Mat 28.19)
24th April 2009

Dear partners, friends and fellow Ugandans,


Very warm greetings to you in the name of the Lord Christ Jesus and thanks for your continued contribution and commitment to the ongoing struggle against cults, the occult and false teachings responsible for many people’s hurts and ruin.

As the forefront ministry in the campaign to rid this nation of homosexualism and save our children from being ruined, we are deeply troubled by the trend of events. Briefly, below is the chronology of events:

March 13th 2006, with partners in the National Committee on False Teaching Awareness, we launched our national campaign against cults, the occult and false teaching which the media has fostered so much.

On April 5th 2006, Mr Turyagumanawe Grace, then RPC Kampala Extra summoned me to his CPS office seeking to stop my media appearances. But when I told him my real life testimony in cults, he told me none could stop me to exercise my conscience, and let me go free, offering protection if needed.

April 15th Mr Turyagumanwe called me again to persuade Miss Sumini Nabagesera who had sought to use him to stop me from exposing evils in church.

April 20th 2006, at our office I met Julius Kitaka who narrated how Pr Grace Kitaka of Liberty Worship Centre had not only sodomized him, but had framed him and caused his arrest, prosecution and imprisonment in Luzira and Rwimi Farm Prison.

April 22nd 2006, Miss Nabagesera came to reconcile with me, having tried to investigate my accusations against pastors and found them to be true.

April 27th 2006, after a program on Beat FM, Emma Magala called and told me how Pr Grace Kitaka, Liberty Worship Centre had sedated and sodomized him, leading to an anal operation at Mengo Hospital. I called him to my office and met him to hear his story.

I then introduced Emma and Julius to Mr Turyagumanawe for help in pursuing justice.
May 7th 2006, on Super FM, I featured with Mugisha Mondo who came to the studio with two armed military men to defend wicked pastors. It proved so hot for Bwanika Sensuwa to manage alone that Mulindwa Muwonge also came and when both failed to help Mugisha Mondo to pin me, even Pr Peter Sematimba came into the studio to help them. Homosexualism by pastors embittered them and though they had initially refused me to name names, they ordered me to name sodomy pastors. At the height of it, Pr David Mwesigwa with whom I had gone fled the studio, having tried to persuade me to flee too in vain. We re-united later in Sematimba’s office.

May 14th 2006, Pr Sserwadda featured on Impact FM, rubbished our campaign and claimed that except for Born Again Churches, all others were shrines; that reformation in Uganda was nowhere, and that there must be secrecy in Born Again Churches.

May 19th 2006, Pr Joseph Sserwadda led a group of pastors to our office, seeking to persuade us out of the open campaign against pastors’ evils, in vain.

June 21st 2006, Pr Mwesigwa David requested me to send some sodomy victims to Victory Church Ndeeba to meet pro-Sserwadda pastors. When I sent Julius Lukyamuzi, Sserwadda tried to bribe him into silence, promising to support him if he ceased contact with ARCH. This greatly angered me to start working toward an expose before they could be bribed.

June 26th 2006, called Beat FM to break the news and victims voices recorded. Following day, Beat FM called me seeking live featuring of sodomy victims and from 28th – 30th June 2006, Emma Magala featured on Beat FM.

Sunday 2nd July 2006, Pr Sserwadda openly admitted during his Victory Church service aired live on Impact FM that sodomy existed in church.

July 18th 2006, Pr Grace Kitaka was arrested during daytime but released the same day at night. Not long later, Julius Lukyamuzi was framed again and arrested. Mr Turyagumanawe intervention led to his release.

July 2007, Kitaka exposed and compelled to resign. Homos attacked Bart Kakoza to present their side that they don’t rape. Beat FM hosted them (Victor Mukasa, Paul Kagaba, another girl) and me.

November 2007, a teen boy, Juvenile Mukomeza came out complaining about having been sodomized by Joseph Basaliza, feared to be a member of one of the state agencies. His case, at Old Kampala Police Station was mishandled, compelling us to request thorough investigation by the Kampala Extra Region. Having been asked names of his abuser, Bombo Rd Police surgeon’s report indicated, not sodomized. Kabalagala Police surgeon’s report confirmed sodomy. I was surprised when an investigating officer told the poor boy to arrest his abuser. To-date, he has never seen justice.
Sept 2008, Arinaitwe David came out to expose Pr kiwewesi sodomy and opened case SD 29/28/09/08 Kabalagala Police Station. I also wrote a statement at Kabalaga in respect to the case, seeking for an open inquiry into sodomy. Shockingly, he later becomes the accused in a car theft case, arrested and detained at Luzira. The very Police he ran to for protection became the tool for his harassment.

Thinking no other victim could dare to come out against him, Kiwewesi threatened to sue me via Matovu & Matovu Advocates letter of 8th Oct 2008 which I ignored despite the two days given me to retract my accusations for on the day it was brought, another of his victims was narrating his story and how he was brutally attacked when he tried to speak out.

Late October 2008, Pr Michael Kyazze came to ARCH office and met victims of sodomy by pastors Kayanja, Kiwewesi and Lesley. Their testimonies provoked him into the open campaign against homosexualism and the following week, Sunday 26th 2008, we launched our national anti-homosexualism campaign, targeting churches and schools.
Since then, more victims have come up and in all their testimonies is evidence of living in fear for their lives at the hands of their abusers using elements in our state agencies, warranting an open judicial / parliamentary probe, not the Police, where victims can freely testify of their real life experiences.
November 2008, George Oundo comes out to expose his involvement in the local homosexualism movement.

February 2009, we helped Samson Mukisa to open a sodomy case against Pr Robert Kayanja at CPS. When referred for medical examination, the Police surgeon asked him who had sodomized him and he named him. Following day, results indicated not sodomized. It shocked us because the boy insisted he had been sodomized, compelling us to take him to Mulago Hospital where he was confirmed a sodomy victim.
March 2009, as we were contemplating action, Kayanja offered to renovate Old Kampala Police Station, a matter we opposed during our March 17th Press Conference.

March 23rd 2009, one Allan Twisiime (0782141157) called me from CPS Kampala on restricted number, telling me to avail to him victim Mukisa for expedient action. Fearing for his life, I refused and demanded an open inquiry.

March 29th 2009, Pr Kyazze intimated that a young man had approached him with a testimony of having been sodomized by Pr Kayanja for two years, and offering to avail him a video of Pr Robert Kayanja involved in sodomy live.
April 10th 2009, at Omega Healing Center, Pr Kyazze tells me the boy had confirmed that the video would be availed.

April 15th 2009, one detective Arinaitwe Bwana Gilbert (0715063393) called me claiming concern by the President and authorization by the Inspector General of Police to investigate Pr Kayanja’s sodomy CPS case SD 90/17/02/09. I told him it is difficult for us to trust Police in investigation when victims that have been trying to come out have instead been harassed and arrested and Kitaka and Kiwewesi cases can prove so. I told him to conclude the others first as proof, they were really serious about tackling sodomy. I told him to recommend a Parliamentary inquiry or judicial probe.

Wednesday April 15th 2009, Parliamentary Committee rejects Pr Kayanja’s offer to renovate Old Kampala Police Station.
Same day, Hon Butuuro tables a Bill against homosexualism in Uganda.

Thursday 16th April 2009, George Oundo called me indicating threats on his life then later disappeared. Case reported at Wandegeya Police Station via SD 04/18/4/09. He has just emerged from hiding.

April 16th 2009, Emma Magala sent me a message, his life in danger.

Friday April 17th 2009 night, Pr Bob Kayiira, Omega Healing Centre was kidnapped amid two shots fire, tortured and dragged to Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral, then dumped into a CPS dungeon in his passionate quest to help the boy who came to Omega Healing Centre claiming having been sodomized by Pr Kayanja. On this occasion, he was trying to get the referred to Kayanja sodomy videos that would confirm the boy’s testimony and help us deal with his case.

We are not certain whether it was a faked up story to at least get one of us fighting homosexualism in Uganda and nullify our campaign, or it was a really genuine case which ended up being followed and trapped by Kayanja’s mercenaries. Remember, David Arinaitwe was arrested immediately he left WBS studio.

Either way, Pr Kayiira’s kidnap, torture and detention must be seen as a desperate attempt by Pr Robert Kayanja to cover up his dirt. If he is not involved in sodomy and has nothing to hide, why bother about someone trying to dig up a story to confirm its genuineness? If the boy’s story was faked up, why fake up a story to trap people who already have victims of your sodomy, if your conscience is really very clear?

Did it warrant such brutal force of plain clothed operatives to kidnap and torture Pr Kayiira, then accuse him of Criminal Trespass & Possession of Defamation Information via OB No 04/18/4/09 at CPS? Is Rubaga Miracle Centre proving to pursue a different gospel which supports brutalizing those who investigate us, when the author of our faith, Christ Jesus restored Malchus ear cut off by Peter in his defence, and forgave his killers?

We believe the Oundo’s threats and Pr Kayiira’s kidnap ordeal could be related; homosexuals making a very tactical move to intimidate victim that would come out to expose their abusers. We can’t permit our nation to surrender to homos. Therefore:
We demand that Government immediately sets up an open inquiry / Judicial Probe/ Parliamentary Inquest into homosexualism and other vices in the nation so that victims can come out.
We can’t trust the Police as it is today because of our past experience with victims who try to come out and now Pr Bob Kayiira’s sad story, harassed by elements of the force that would have helped us in our effort to rid this nation of homosexualism. Any new law without an inquiry, no matter how tough will prove as useless as existing laws because of inability to detect the cause of problem. Former Singapore Premier, Lee Kwan Yew said, ‘To understand the present and anticipate the future, one must know the past, enough to have a sense of the history of a people.’ His analysis must be taken seriously.
We demand that all tormenting allegations against Pr Kayiira be unconditionally dropped. He was trying to rescue the nation from the grips of homosexuals and there is no better way he could have done it given the limitations we have. Remember, we have more victims who fear to come out because of the Homos powerful connections and this is lesson enough. If Police is used to harass those who dare to fight moral decadence and reduce criminality, can it be trusted?
We demand that Government deals with elements in its agencies that are used to harass us in our call into service.
Finally, unfolding events compel us even the more to arise for Christ and fight against all evidences of moral decadence in our nation. We will neither be threatened, compromised nor detoured. Even if it means death, this is a cause for which we are more than ready to die rather than watch as decadence and mafia eat up the core and fibre of our nation. The back to sanity and sanctity campaign must continue no matter what it costs. Thanks

Moses Solomon Male, Evangelist / Exec Dir – ARCH, Publicity Secretary, National Committee on False Teaching Awareness, Publicist, National Coalition Against Homosexualism.

Thursday 23 April 2009

Child sacrifice blamed on foreign-based witches

My analysis

The human sacrifice monster in Uganda is being perpetuated by the rich. The hypocrisy of the Ugandan police chief reveals that there must be a Skelton in the cupboard. According to Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura(the police chief):

‘’THE increased number of cases of human sacrifice is a result of a crackdown by the South African government against Ugandan witchdoctors, commonly referred to as Bafere’’. Police boss Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura told Parliament yesterday. Kayihura said the quack witchdoctors, who were forced to relocate to Uganda, masquerade as traditional herbalists with the purpose of extorting money out of Ugandans. Kayihura said the quack witchdoctors, who were forced to relocate to Uganda, masquerade as traditional herbalists with the purpose of extorting money out of Ugandans.’’

What a faulty logic!!
Dear Mr. Kayihura, how many Ugandan child sacrifice culprits that were expelled from South African have appeared in the local Ugandan press? How many ritual murders in Uganda have been carried out by Ugandan witchdoctors expelled South Africa ? Were Kasirye and Muguluma killed by Ugandan witchdoctors expelled from South Africa ? The rich in Uganda have created a system that protects witchdoctors.They want to create the impresion that Ugandan witchdoctors are holy. They believe that there are good and bad witchdoctors. The bad witchdoctors are the ones carrying out human sacrifice. How can a witch be good?? What is the code of ethics of these witchdoctors? And what is the code of ethics of the devils they worship?

Could it be that the rich Politicians are behind child sacrifice? GOD HAVE MERCY



Child sacrifice blamed on foreign-based witches

Wednesday, 22nd April, 2009
By Madinah Tebajjukira

THE increased number of cases of human sacrifice is a result of a crackdown by the South African government against Ugandan witchdoctors, commonly referred to as Bafere, Police boss Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura told Parliament yesterday.

Kayihura said the quack witchdoctors, who were forced to relocate to Uganda, masquerade as traditional herbalists with the purpose of extorting money out of Ugandans.

“Many of these traditional healers have done this business in South Africa. Now that South Africa is arresting them, they are trying to run away.”

He was appearing before the parliamentary select committee investigating the conduct of the Police during the arrest of MPs.

Kayihura said Ugandans with various social problems visit the conmen. These give them herbs after extorting money out of them. The witchdoctors then tell their victims that their problems require a human sacrifice.

“As a way of protecting himself, he tells his victim to look for a head or private parts of a virgin,” Kayihura explained.

He cited the recent incident in Ntunda village, Kiboga district, where a 12-year-old girl was sacrificed days after she was reported missing. Her private parts had been cut off before her body was dumped in a bush. He observed that there are over 60 traditional healers in Ntunda alone.

During the same meeting, Kayihura also proposed that the constitutional provision requiring suspects to be charged in court within 48 hours be reviewed. He said more time is needed for the Police to carry out investigations.

However, the MPs opposed the idea, saying it would increase cases of torture of suspects.
“If someone can be tortured in just a few hours of arrest, what if the 48 hours are reviewed,” the Kasese Woman MP, Winnie Kiiza, asked.

On the conduct of the Police during the arrest of Kampala MP Nabilah Ssempala last year, Kayihura told the committee that the current law does not provide for special ways of arresting an MP. This means that an MP is treated like any other ordinary person during arrest.

He also said he had instituted a committee to investigate claims that some female officers had been sexually harassed by their male counterparts.

Kayihura attributed the increase in cases of drug abuse to weak laws which he said need to be reviewed.

Tuesday 21 April 2009


22Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, 23And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. 24Wherefore GOD ALSO GAVE THEM UP TO UNCLEANNESS THROUGH THE LUSTS OF THEIR OWN HEARTS, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: 25Who CHANGED THE TRUTH OF GOD INTO A LIE, and WORSHIPPED AND SERVED THE CREATURE MORE THAN THE CREATOR..(Romans 1:22- 25)

When you sow the wind, you will reap the whirlwind (Hosea 8:7)

The rot in the prosperity word faith movement of Uganda is a sign that the Church is already under judgment. The inconsistencies of the prosperity message with the realities on the ground is evidence that God’s judgment is already in our midst. In Uganda, as the pastors continue to prophesy prosperity and increase- child sacrifice, corruption, greed and homosexuality in the church are becoming rampant.


In this thread among other issues, I examined Pastor Irene Manjeri’s confusing world after reading the biography she had posted on her website then(see, Pastor Irene Manjeri’s Biography 1, below). I argued as follows:

‘’One of the most famous female preachers in Uganda is pastor Irene manjeri of Bethel healing centre. She has a radio program on Impact FM and also features on Light House television. She boasts of having been blessed by God, in fact she has started constructing a 20, 000 seater mega church in Kajansi. She spent a lot of time in USA and this partly explains her apostasy . Pastor Irene claims that Jesus taught her the bible and held her in his hands. She also says that , ’’In the dream I saw the lord Jesus Christ again and he taught me the book of Mark 1:1-5. He said to me that he has anointed my life to reach the nations with the gospel’’. Now, this scripture she is taking about is about John the Baptist who preached a gospel of repentance. IS IRENE A SECOND JOHN THE BAPTIST.HOW COMES IRENE’S GOSPEL IS SO DIFFERENT FROM THE ONE OF JOHN THE BAPTIST. She preaches about prosperity, healing and miracles just like the American TBN apostates but John the Baptist’s Gospel was about repentance’’.

After raising this critique, Pastor Irene Manjeri removed the details of her biography, especially the reference to Mark 1:1-5),( see, Pastor Irene Manjeri’s Biography 2, below ) . She has come to realise that people have come to know who she is serving(satan). Check out Mark 1:1-5 and compare with Pastor Irene Manjeri's prosperity poison.

1The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God; 2As it is written in the prophets, Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare thy way before thee. 3The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight. 4John did baptize in the wilderness, and preach the BAPTISM OF REPENTANCE FOR THE REMISSION OF SINS. 5And there went out unto him all the land of Judaea, and they of Jerusalem, and were all baptized of him in the river of Jordan, confessing their SINS.

In July, 2008, in a thread titled ‘’Open Letter to Apostles John and Sarah Bunjo of Christian Restoration Ministries, Kalerwe, Regarding the Levites Retreat January,2009’’

I wrote this about Pastor Irene Manjeri:

‘’The Likes of Apostle John Bunjo, Apostle Sarah Bunjo, Apostle Mitala have refused to rebuke and separate from apostates like Pastor Imelda Namutebi, and Pastor Irene Manjeri. These two ladies are indeed vessels of satan. Irene Manjeri says that she went to heaven, where the lord taught her Mark 1:1-5. Precisely, according to her own words, she was instructed to preach the gospel of repentance (the gospel John the Baptist preached).However, she is now telling people to love the world, love materialism on her so called His Touch, programme on LTV. Imagine this!!! The Lord Jesus Christ lifts you up from Poverty, but when you get a chance to preach the good news, you preach materialism and worldliness. Irene is so deluded that she now mentions the words, holiness, repentance, heaven , hell, righteousness by accident. HIS TOUCH?? WHOSE TOUCH EXACTLY?? THE DEVIL’S TOUCH OF COURSE’’.

In September 2008, Pastor Irene Manjeri was exposed by the Lord Jesus Christ after she participated in the maiming of a young girl. Although facts showed that she was partly responsible for this incident, she refused to repent about this incident.

Pastor Irene Manjeri Exposed


Many people thought that we are very hash with these pastors, but the facts now show that we were right in our assessments. I call upon Pastor Irene Manjeri to repent and turn back to the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ Said:

My kingdom is not of this world(John 18:36)

Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: 20But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: 21For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.(Matthew 6:19-12)

Ugandan Pastors’ Love for America

Scandals Taint Ugandan Born-again Churches

The Western Evangelical Opulence Bubble Has Burst

The Millionaire anointing????

These days Pastor Irene Manjeri is telling her followers that they are going to receive a million dollar anointing. She is actually conducting millionaire anointing services at PRIDE THEATRE. She is praying for people so that they receive fleets of cars, big material wealth etc. The testimony of her followers reveal obsession with material wealth. Pastor Irene Manjeri is also a member of Pastor Joseph Sserwadda’s born again faith federation (BAFE)


Million Dollar Questions

The testimonies of people who have gone to heaven show how beautiful heaven is. Some people have told us that the roads in heaven are made of pure Gold . These people say that when you compare the beauty in heaven with what exists on earth, one immediately rubbishes the wealth and things we admire on earth. Now, if Pastor Irene Manjeri went to heaven and saw the Lord Jesus Christ and the beauty and glory in which he reins, how comes her gospel is about enjoying the worldly material things. She is always talking about how God is going to bless us with cars, houses, jobs, big weddings etc. SIN, HOLINESS, righteousness do not seem to be in her vocabulary. I call upon the saints of the Lord Jesus Christ to separate from this gospel from the pit of hell.


Pastor Irene Manjeri’s Biography 1 (downloaded on 12-11-2006)

I was born on28th May 1970 in Bugiri Busoga Uganda. I was called by the lord to the ministry at the age of 11 in 1982. in the evening of 4th January 1982 , I had a dream while I slept on the verandah of my family village house in kapyanga Bugiri. In the dream I saw a Blue star shining over me. When I woke up I saw a real star shining over me and moving towards heaven. I never shared this dream with anyone. 8 days later on the 12th of January 1982 at 8:30pm, I was eating dinner with my mother and brothers who are younger than me, in our family kitchen. As I picked the food to eat, it fell out of my hand 3 times. My mother thought I was sleepy and asked me to go to bed. As I left the kitchen to go to bed, I found my self deciding to kneel down and pray. As I knelt down I looked into a mango tree that was in our home. In the mango tree I saw a big bright light I felt like I was watching a big screen television.

My life started to change. I felt like I was in a vision, I saw a hand that picked me up and lifted me towards heaven. I reached a place where I had never been before, I saw Jesus seated on a big throne. He told me he is Jesus. He taught me the bible that he held in his hands. I saw two people on the right hand of Jesus and the left I noticed that they marked every thing I answered as Jesus spoke to me. I saw a large congregation of people dressed in white praising and worshiping God. Among these people I saw young children. When I stood on the ground I felt that the ground was soft as a mattress. I noticed a tall person standing in the midst of the large gathering. As the people sang, they worshipped in a song that says when I travel along the way Jesus is with me, they also sang that I have come to you oh lord. I also remembered that jesus told me that I will go to the nations and preach the gospel.

I remember that I experience the same light bringing me back on earth. I saw 4 ropes in a coffe tree in our home. I was brought back by these ropes, I saw a church in a small bush in our home . the lord told me to build a church in that place which I built and is continuing powerfully as I speak today. When I returned from God's presence, I went back to where I left my mum and brothers. I found out that they had seen the bright light as well.

When my mum found out I had Been in God's presence, she told what they had seen, I left the house and moved towards the main house. As I walked I felt as if I was walking on water. The lord revealed to me that water means the power of the Holy spirit. As I entered the house , I went to sleep and had a dream. In the dream I saw the lord Jesus Christ again and he taught me the book of Mark 1:1-5. He said to me that he has anointed my life to reach the nations with the gospel.

My story was written in the newspapers because even some of our neighbors witnessed the lords visitation in our home. Hundreds of people traveled from Uganda and all over Africa to hear my testimonies. God anointed me with a healing ministry as I prayed people got healed.
Today, at the age of over 34, I continue to serve God powerfully. I have seen God's word come true. For he has taken me to Nations preaching the Gospel with signs and wonders.

God bless you
Pastor Irene Manjeri

Pastor Irene Manjeri’s Biography 2 ( downloaded on 21st April- 2009)

Pastor Irene Manjeri was born and raised up in Uganda, in a small village called Kapyanga, Bugiri District in Eastern Uganda.

On 12th January 1982, when she was 11 years old, she had a Visitation from the Lord. It captured National and International Media. The headings of the News Papers reported the story, …”A young girl who spent an hour with Jesus in Heaven”.

Hundreds and thousands of people travelled from across Uganda and the neighbouring countries to hear her testimony.

She explained that in her Visitation to Heaven with Jesus Christ, she was sent to go to Nations and Preach the Gospel of Salvation. This was proved by many as they witnessed the “Hand of God” upon Irene who got Born Again at this Tender Age.

Pastor Irene Manjeri started Preaching the Gospel in the Power of the Holy Spirit with signs, wonders and Remarkable Miracles witnessed as she Ministered.

Today Pastor Irene Manjeri continues to powerfully serve God. She is the Founder of Bethel Healing Centre Ministries which has mass-planted over 100 Churches in East Africa through Crusades and Conferences. She has Ministered in Europe, Africa and USA.

She has been hosted on CBN 700 Club in Virginia Beach Virginia, (Interviewed by Terry Muewssen in 1992), hosted on CBN Radio Virginia Beach, by Roberta in 1992. The Television show was based on those who had had encounters with Angels and a support comment was made by Pat Robertson (President CBN USA) Virginia Beach, November – December 1992. Pastor Irene Manjeri has also been hosted on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) in Houston, Texas in 1991, by Barbara, the Station Manager.

She is currently the Senior Pastor of Bethel Healing Centre Church located off the Kampala-Entebbe Highway at Kitovu, Kajjansi near Kampala, Uganda, East Africa. The Church is known to be among the fastest growing Churches in the Region and she has continued to travel to nations Preaching the Gospel Powerfully.

She operates under a Prophetic and Healing Anointing through the Holy Spirit with repeated Testimonies. She is married to Pastor Dr. Vincent Katongole and they are Blessed with 3 children; Isaiah, Nissi and Elly (Twins). She hosts/features on a daily programme on 98.5 FM Impact Radio (Monday-Friday) at 5.30a.m. She also preaches on a TV programme on LTV every Sunday at 22.00hrs.

Friday 17 April 2009

Prosperity Pastors and Political Christianity in Uganda: The Case of Pastor Godfrey Lule’s Serpent antics

15Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. 16Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 17Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. 18A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. 19Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. (Mathrew 7:15-19)

7Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying, 8This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. 9But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. (Matthew 15:7-9)

5They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them. (1 John 4:5)

14Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. (Matthew 15:4)

Most of the prosperity pastors in Uganda have placed their trust in President Museveni. Whenever their evils are exposed they are quick to point out that they support President Museveni in order to avoid investigation. At an army function in 2007 Pastor Godfrey Lule is quoted to have said:

"Katonda yayogedde nnange n'andaga nti Museveni gwe osaanira okukulembera Uganda obulamu bwo bwonna. Bannange kambabuulire nze ku nsi manyiiko abantu babiri Museveni ne Yesu"

‘’God spoke to me and revealed to me that Museveni is the one worthy to rule Uganda for the rest of his life. Brethren let me tell you, on earth I know two people Museveni and Jesus’’.


Basabye Museveni addemu yeesimbewo


Pastor Godftey Lule is one of the most confused pastors in Uganda . He openly campaigns for the incumbent president. He has decorated the whole of his vehicle with posters of President Museveni. While appearing on the Church to church programme on WBS TV, he gave a brief about his ‘’calling’’. He said that one time he got a dream in which two people Jesus and satan fought for him. As these two people(Jesus and satan) were fighting for him another man possibly an Engel came and told them that if none of you has managed to over power the other(as far as winning Lule was concerned) , the engel was going to send Lule back to earth and so Lule was sent back to earth . He says in other dream a voice told him that he had be called to serve God.

Imagine such a confused dream!! Any discerning person can quickly see that this dream was not from God. It is no wonder that Lule is full of serpent characteristics. Lule is not alone, they are so many pastors whose calling dreams are full of confusion. In some churches you will find pastors saying that an engel came to me in a dream, gave me a bunch of keys and told me to put my faith into action….. So, that is how I got all the wealth you see. Remember God is not a God of Confusion. Many pastors have been tricked by the devil, they think they were called by the God , yet they were folled by the devil. In fact their fruits are very obvious( you will see them by their fruits).

Pastors like Godfrey Lule have been accused of robbing and raping God’s people but apparently they are protected by the powers that be. The Lord Jesus Christ will Crush these serpents if they do not repent.



Omusumba Godfrye Lule owa Nakulabye Lord’s Blessed Temple agamba….Ebijiini bikulumba ekiro, weezizike omutto nga wansi otaddeyo Bayibuli okumala ennaku ttaano, biba tebikyayinza kukusemberera.

Omuntu kasita abeera nga by’ayitamu tabitegeera buli kiseera ebizibu byesomba, ssente zifuluma, ono aba asoma Zabbuli esooka okutuuka ku 150.

Omuntu alumbiddwa amayembe yeezizike bayibuli ayite erinnya lya Yesu emirindi musanvu buli kiro nga tannaba kugenda kwebaka.

English Translation

Pastor Godfrey Lule, of Nakulabye Lord’s Blessed Temple says.. if Devils attack you at night, sleep on a pillow with a bible under it for five days, the devils will no longer come near you.

If you are going through many problems e.g. financial constraints read from Psalms 1- 150

A person attacked by devils(amayembe) should put the bible under his/her pillow and call the name Jesus seven times every night before he/she goes to sleep

Bayibuli ne Kulaani ziwonya endwadde?
Published on: Saturday, 2nd May, 2009

My Analysis

Serpents like Lule are very easy to detect. There is no scripture in the bible that instructs believers to put bibles under their pillows in order to avoid devils. There is a difference between walking the bible and talking the bible. Many Christians are easy prey for satan because they talk the bible but do not walk it.

Bugembe ignores Pastor Lule

The Observer, Wednesday, 27 August 2008 15:41

While Pastor Wilson Bugembe mentioned almost all prominent people who attended his album launch at Hotel Africana last Friday, he made no mention of Pastor Godfrey Lule (pictured) of Nakulabye Blessed Temple Church. Never mind that Lule was at the front dancing like he had no ribs.

Realising that he was not being recognised, he walked away in protest and was overheard telling a colleague that the boy is not serious; leaving him out is like betrayal.
Godfrey Lule is blacklisted by the mainstream Pentecostal movement in Uganda, which accuses him of practising witchcraft in his ministry.


Omusumba Godfrey Lule ow'e Nakulabye ategese okusabira abatawagira Pulezidenti Museveni bawunge ku lunaku lw'okulonda bamuwe akalulu.

Omusumba Lule ayiggira Pulezidenti Museveni bululu

‘Museveni weesonyiwe ebya Buganda’

Temulonda pulezidenti muyala - Omusumba

Omusumba ayambalidde abamulangira ebyobufuzi

Omusumba Lule asabidde eddakiika 20 n’akandaaliriza Sheikh

Niigiina yafuuse wa kusabirako kisanja

Katikkiro w’amasiro asabye

Abasumba n’abasamize balid de matereke ku Ttabamiruka

Mutabani wa Nabbi Yeboah atabudde Kakande ne Lule

Omusumba akkirizza bw’aggya ku bagoberezi be ssente ‘Nzirya’

Abalokole basitudde buto

Naye mulogo

Abasumba katono balwane lwa ddogo

Omusumba Lule akinaggukidde abamulumirizza okukka mu nnyanja

Ssebatta alokose

Thursday 16 April 2009


No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier(2 Timothy 2:4).

Many born again Christians in Uganda are jubilating for having been officially?? recognized by the government of the Republic of Uganda under the so called BORN AGAIN FAITH FEDERATION. Pastor Dr. Joseph Sserwadda of Victory Christian Centre, Ndeeba is the hero?? behind this achievement . Many naïve born again Christians think that this is a gem and go ahead to call anybody who does not believe in this federation a fool.

Born-again Faith Federation

Born-again form body to get recognition


Be warned that this federation has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, it is a political thing intended to lure born again Christians to give a fourth term(kisanja) to President Museveni. Come 2011, the true colours of this federation are going to come up.

Open Letters to Pastor Joseph Sserwadda

Pastor Joseph Sserwadda on the road to ecumenism

We have been observing Pastor Dr. Joseph Sserwadda’s political antics for quite some time. He has used his Radio station(IMPACT FM) to promote the incumbent government. Apparently, there is an advert that airs on Impact, which brands all former presidents of Uganda as AMINs(they are equated to Idi Amin- the notorious dictator). According this station only President Yoweri Museveni is not like Amin. This is smart spiritual politics. During the last presidential election pastor Joseph Sserwadda pleaded to President Museveni to forgive Col.Dr. Kizza Besigye, the prodigal son. This guy is smart, by saying this he was implicitly sending the message to born again Christians to vote the father of the Prodigal son, who is of course President Museveni. IF YOU HAVE TWO CANDIDATES, ONE IS A PRODIGAL SON, AND THE OTHER IS THE FATHER OF THE PRODIGAL SON, WHOM WOULD YOU VOTE.? THE SINNER SON OR THE righteous father. The choice is obvious. Isn’t it?

Political Christianity and False African Revivals

The End of Christian America; Repercussions For Africa

This federation is going to cover the works of darkness more and more and the hypocrisy of this thing is going to make nonbelievers and the religious to hate born again Christianity because of hypocrisy. Have nothing to do with this federation.

Million Dollar Questions for Pastor Joseph Sserwadda

Dear Pastor Sserwadda how comes the Apostles in the book of Acts never fought to be recognized by government. You see how rotten your prosperity Christianity has gotten. Do you know that since the Catholic Church became politically recognized, it became more rotten? If you peach the true Gospel of the Lord Jesus (eternal prosperity) and 80% of the Ugandans get saved, don’t you think that government will recognize you whether it wants or not. You argue that the Law governing churches is very draconian. If that is true, how comes sodomite and thug pastors still go unpunished by government. Don’t you think that one of the fundamental reasons why we do not trust you is because you have compromised with SIN and EVIL so much? How can we led by a person who has joined hands with ecumenists????

God bless you.

Thursday 2 April 2009

From Parents & Concerned Citizens of Uganda on Homosexuality in Schools

Press Statement

From Parents & Concerned Citizens of Uganda on Homosexuality in Schools

March 25, 2009

We the parents of Uganda have come together with a united voice to display our shock and dismay at the level of defilement, sexual harassment of our children in schools by homosexuals and lesbians.

Information that has reached us from several reliable sources that indicate the horror, frustration, mental and psychological torture that our innocent children are subjected to in schools as they are hunted by ruthless homosexuals who are supported and funded by various agencies in and outside Uganda.

We have reliably learnt from some former agents involved in recruiting our children into homosexuality and lesbianism how they recruit our unsuspecting children by taking advantage of them using deception, manipulation and coercion. These groups have a clear and long term strategy/plan to influence every sector of society and to impose their deviant values on the whole of society. Their philosophy is “If it is straight, at least you can bend it”

Our findings have revealed that the groups that are recruiting our children into homosexuality hide behind some human rights organizations such as Frontline Human Rights Organization to hide their sinister motives. We have also learnt that these groups targeting different interests and population groups are under the umbrella of SMUG, Sex Minorities Uganda. We learnt that one of the groups spends approximately 2,000,000/= per week to recruit our children from universities and schools in to homosexuality and lesbianism.

It has also been revealed that one of the effective tools used to break the resistance and defenses of our children is pornography which is shown to potential victims. We have learnt that the Amakula Film Festival makes and shows homosexual films across the country

We have come to learn that some of the organizations that fund homosexuality groups and activities are HIVOS and Ford Foundation. We have also come across a book meant for our school children that teaches that homosexuality and lesbianism is normal and equal to heterosexuality. Even deviant practices like anus sex is talked about in that book to our children.

We have shed tears as parents when we have heard of the sad story of an S1 boy who requested for pampers and blue band to take back with him to school after the holidays. It was later found out that he had been repeatedly raped by older boys in the school to the extent that he had now been damaged badly in his bottom. How many our children must be destroyed first before something is done about this pathetic situation?

All in all, it looks like the country has been invaded by forces of darkness and the land is being besieged by people determined to force us to accept something we know is against nature, our culture and our religious beliefs as a nation.
We therefore as the parents of Uganda are now united with one voice in saying that our patience has run out. We can no longer sit back and remain silent while our very precious children are being molested and destroyed by homosexuals and lesbians.
We realize that this is a matter that unites us all as parents regardless of our tribe, work, social status, political affiliation or religion.

We have therefore come with a united position and voice and wish to make a passionate appeal the following:

1.President and to the Government of Uganda to urgently take steps to rescue and protect our voiceless, vulnerable and defenseless from the onslaught of homosexuals and lesbians. [We wish to make a personal appeal to the President as a fellow parents to understand our feelings and emotions at this troubling time]

2.Government that those who are defiling and recruiting our children into homosexuality should be investigated and made to face the law of the land.

3.A commission of inquiry is established to assess the extent of the damage done to our children and to provide a confidential arrangement that can enable our abused and molested children to come out without being victimized and stigmatized. This should be done with parental input.

4.Ministry of Education & Sports that we want to have input in the sex education curriculum that our children are going to be taught in schools

We want to now call on all parents and concerned citizens to append their signatures to a formal petition that we are going to make to the President and government of Uganda which we will present through a peaceful demonstration.
More details will be communicated shortly.

We as parents will not rest and will not leave any stone unturned until our children are safeguarded from this vice that is destroying our country.

Stephen Langa (0772-476071)
For & on behalf of Parents & Concerned Citizens of Uganda
************ ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********
Rev. Canon Dr. Alison L. Barfoot
Acting Director of Communications
Church of Uganda
P.O. Box 14123
+256 782 321 027
COUNews@gmail. com

Wednesday 1 April 2009

Father Musaala named homosexual

Father Musaala named homosexual

Tuesday, 31st March, 2009

Father Musaala: I am not gay and will never be gay

By Herbert Ssempogo, Jeff Lule and Matthias Mazinga

Self-confessed former homosexuals yesterday accused a renown Catholic priest, Fr. Anthony Musaala, of being a homosexual.

Paul Kagaba, who says he was a homosexual for eight years, told a press conference in Kampala that Musaala, a gospel music award-winner, regularly holds parties for gays at his residence in Gayaza near Kampala.

He was speaking at the press conference which was held at the anti-gay crusader, Pastor Martin Ssempa’s Redeemed Church at Makerere. In attendance was another self-confessed reformed homosexual, George ‘Georgina’ Oundo, and Pastor Solomon Male, an anti-gay activist.

Musaala, however, said the reports were intended to damage his image because he was a public figure. “Whatever they say, I am not gay and I will never be gay. I am only a minister of the Roman Catholic Church,” he said.

“Yes, I have a private house in Gayaza. It is a beautiful house with gardens and I host there different kinds of parties. Different groups of people, especially those from my church, Old Kampala, also come for prayer and retreats. Basically, I use my house for prayers and retreats,” said Musaala. “I don’t know why people say these are gay parties.” He said he had counselled and helped so many people since 1999 among them gays. “May be it is this pastoral care that people are considering.”

Musaala said it was unprofessional for anybody to make a public allegation without verification. “Many people make such accusations. This is neither the first nor the last.”

“Let them say what they want. I will challenge the accusations as they come.”

Musaala is renown for his moving sermons and gospel music. In 2007 he was the Pearl of Africa Music Award winner in the gospel category.

In his remarks, Kagaba also named an employee of a Kampala city hospital and a European residing on Entebbe road among the prominent gay promoters in the country.

A delegation of gay activists was expected in the country this month, Kagaba said, to hammer out a programme to finance their colleagues to get elected to Parliament in 2011.

Kagaba said as a homosexual he was a ‘woman’ and was lured into the practice in 2000 by a primary school head teacher in Masaka district.

Kagaba said he was introduced to Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo’s Integrity Uganda, an organisation which advocates gay rights. “I was given a job of publicity for the organisation.”

He said his parents saw him on television advocating gay rights and advised him to quit. “I realised I was insane in whatever I was doing; I gave up homosexuality in 2008,” Kagaba said.

The group said some human rights and faith-based charities were also involved the promotion of homosexuality.

Oundo reaffirmed the statement he made last week that he had recruited students. “But we are starting a campaign to move to those schools where we had recruited children and retract the lies,” Oundo said.

As they spoke, a group of self-confessed gays and lesbians, Jackline Kasha, Victor Mukasa and David Kisuule, addressed a press conference at the Metropole Hotel in Kampala.

They disowned Oundo and denied that their umbrella group, Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), was recruiting school children into the vice.

“We are responsible and law-abiding citizens. Homosexual Ugandans do not condone recruitment of people into homosexuality. We strongly and fiercely condemn it,” Jackline Kasha said reading a statement issued by a group called Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex.

“Sexual orientation is not changeable. We are homosexuals and cannot change. In the same way, we cannot change heterosexuals into homosexuals,” Kasha argued.

Mukasa said the Government should investigate Oundo’s claims and prosecute him since he had confessed to conscripting youngsters into the vice.

Although she admitted receiving funding from various organisations, Mukasa denied the money was for recruitment.

Father Musaala defended over homosexuality

Wednesday, 1st April, 2009

By Jude Kafuuma

Father Anthony Musaala, the Catholic priest implicated in homosexuality, has been defended by his parish priest who described him as a “holy man of God.”

Father Francis Ssemuddu, the head of St. Matia Mulumba parish in Old Kampala, said the accusations “were untrue”.

Ssemuddu said the church was clear about aberrant sexual practices and how to guide offenders get out of “the abnormal behaviour”.

Musaala, the charismatic preacher and gospel music award winner, was on Tuesday accused by a self-confessed former homosexual of eight years of promoting the illegal practice. Paul Kagaba said the priest had often held parties for the gays at his residence in Gayaza near Kampala.

But the parish priest said the house was not Musaala’s residence. “He only inherited his parents’ property, renovated the home and constructed a small house where he rests when he visits his relatives,” said Ssemuddu.

He added that the youth hold parties at Musaala’s home which has a bigger compound than that of the parish at Old Kampala. “I know the home. I have been there several times,” the priest said.

He said Musaala’s parents were buried there and that Musaala was taking care of the place. “There is nothing wrong with that,” he argued.

Musaala said the house is situated in Luteete, 7km on Gayaza Road, but he had never held gay parties there. He said the house has beautiful gardens for parties, retreats and other functions.

“I prepared this place for people who want to have retreats in a quiet environment but I have never held any gay parties,” said Musaala.

Asked to comment, Monsignor John Wynand Katende, the spokesperson of the Archdiocese of Kampala, said the newspaper had taken the right decision to get Musaala’s views before publishing the story. The New Vision broke the story yesterday.

Musaala argued that as a church minister, he had given spiritual guidance to homosexuals, lesbians and prostitutes since 1999, but he was not gay himself. “But ethically, I cannot name them,” he said.

Explaining why people take to homosexuality, the dancing priest, as he is sometimes called, blamed the desire for money and “inherent feelings that drive them”.

His involvement, he said, was limited to helping the gay abandon the practice some of whom “want to commit suicide”.

“I want to show them the true path to salvation,” he said. “This is a journey that requires someone to walk with as a guide.”

“These people are stigmatised and I am totally against this because they need our help,” said Musaala.

Quoting the Catholic Church rules, Musaala described homosexuality as a “disorder” and “a trial” for those involved. “They must be accepted with respect, compassion and responsibility,” he quoted the rules. “Every sign of their discrimination should be avoided.”

He said he was simply implementing the text “but the problem is that in doing so, the public understands me differently”.

At Parliament, MPs criticised the Government for allowing self-confessed homosexuals to address a press conference and promote their activities. The conference took place at the Metropole Hotel in Kampala on Tuesday.

Latif Sebaggala (DP) said the Government was tolerant because donors had threatened to cut funding if homosexuals were stopped. “We are worried about our children. If the Government is silent, it means it is silent approval,” he said.

Henry Banyenzaki (NRM) blamed poor enforcement of laws which he said had escalated homosexuality, rape, defilement and child sacrifice. In reply, Daudi Migereko, the Government chief whip, argued that anybody was free to hold a press conference without permission from the Government.

However, he said, by doing so, the gays had exposed themselves and the Government would go after them.“Homosexuality is illegal. The Minister of Ethics, Dr. Nsaba Buturo, has been clear on the matter. Those involved will face the long arm of the law,” he said.

Henry Kajura, the second deputy Prime Minister, said the Government would not compromise on moral and cultural values because of donor pressure.

“The Government will soon show its teeth,” he warned. “Our society abhors homosexuality.”