Monday 29 November 2021

When Pastor Aloysius Bugingo paid the Lord Jesus Christ in Adultery currency after Jesus lifted him form rags to riches: Bugingo defies Court, shows money and power as he is introduced by Susan Makula in beautiful ‘Kukyala’ ceremony’



When Pastor Aloysius Bujingo attacked the ecumenical Interreligious Council of Uganda but went on to broadcast live Interreligious ecumenical prayers from Museveni’s state house

 When Comedian Dr.T-amale exposed the stupidity of Pastor Bujingo’s adultery with Susan Makula and the foolishness of gospel singer Levixone: If Pastor Bujingo is still your pastor then you are a faith fool 

Bugingo defies Court, shows money and power as he is introduced by Makula in beautiful ‘Kukyala’ ceremony’ 

November 27, 2021
 It has been a money and power affair as House of Prayer Ministries senior pastor, Aloysius Bugingo officially visited the parents of his girlfriend Suzan Makula Nantaba in Kyebando.

The beautiful ceremony locally known as ‘Kukyala’ the first official visit to the bride to be’s parents was attended by close friends and family.

The couple could not hide its excitiment as they shared their photos on Salt Tv official Facebook page.

In the photos, Makula looks resplendent in a Gomesi that shimmers with precious stones. the money affair was further heightened by the state of art decor that looks to have cost the couple a fortune.

Meanwhile, Bugingo is still seeking to divorce his wife Teddy Naluswa. On April 29, Justice Joseph Murangira directed Bugingo to first consider the option of mediation before the case should be heard. Earlier this month, a source privy to the mediation said the process has hit a dead end. Teddy had made several attempts to have the matter resolved but she has not been successful.

High court Family Division has since set January 25th, next year to hear the case.



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Assault of the bachwezi devils and Pastor Kakande’s Mermaids!!!! Pastor Aloysius Bugingo parades new lover Suzan Nantaba Makula at graduation without any shame 


Pastor Aloysius Bugingo attacks Pastor Bishop Godfrey Luwagga for demanding VIP status for Pentecostal pastors as accorded to Catholic and Anglican Ministers: Pastor Aloysius Bugingo attacks National Fellowship of Pentecostal Churches in Uganda Pastors for cladding in religious cleric garb with satanic crosses

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When the love of money is the root of all evil: Critic of Uganda’s prosperity movement Pastor Aloysius Bugingo in an alleged extra-marital affair saga 

Tuesday 23 November 2021

When God Judges Uganda’s Prosperity Pastors: Pastor Patrick Makumbi of the Global Healing Ministries International-Lweza along Entebbe road was Sentenced To Six Months In Prison Over Shs131m Debt…

 Man accuses Gospel Healing Centre Lweza head pastor of "stealing ...

Top City Pastor Sentenced To Six Months In Prison Over Shs131m Debt… 

Justice Steven Mubiru, the head of the High Court Commercial Division has sentenced top city pastor to six months in prison for failing to pay a debt of Shs131m.

Pastor Patrick Makumbi of the Global Healing Ministries International-Lweza along Entebbe road was arrested by Court bailiffs after failing to convince Court why the execution orders should not be entered against him as asked by the presiding Judge.

 WATCHMAN AFRICA : When the Poor struggle to get justice from ...

“It is true my lord, I understand the debt but because of Covid-19 which spoilt my financial capacity and sickness, I haven’t paid the debt but am willing to pay,” Makumbi told Court.

When the judge asked him to produce the security he used when he was borrowing Shs88m from the Youth Entrepreneurs Community Microfinance Ltd, the soft spoken pastor revealed that the land title to borrow on Busiro Block 588 plot 177 was given to another money lender who also gave him money.

He explained that Fabian Ndyanabo, the money lender, refused to give him the said land title until he pays his money which forced the judge to sentence him to six months in Kitalya prison.

Sources at Global Gospel Healing Ministries revealed that Mariam Makumbi wife to pastor Makumbi is trying to reach out to the money lender to save her husband.

Miriam says her husband is suffering from a deadly diseases which cannot be treated in the prison.

Pastor Makumbi has been battling with Court cases. Recently, he was accused of defiling a 14-year-old girl but the case was dismissed and the complainant, who was the mother of the girl was sentenced to community work for giving false information to the state.

By Sengooba Alirabaki



The Struggle by Uganda Pentecostal Prosperity pastors to keep up appearances: When the Devilish Prosperity Gospel made Bishop Patrick Makumbi wallow in mire after mire

Young girl accuses Bishop Patrick Makumbi of Impregnating her : Makumbi denies accusations


When Ugandan Pentecostal prosperity preachers dress like catholic clergy: the Case of Bishop Patrick Makumbi of Gospel Healing centre, Lweza 


According to the Luganda  NTV news segment below Shamirah Nalweyiso who accused Bishop Patrick Makumbi of defilement was given a caution and her mother Ms Peace Nanangwe was sentenced to three(3) hours of community service in October, 2018 just like the pastors who accused pastor Kayanja of sodomy 

When Neo-liberal African leaders Fraudulently accumulate land and capital: Museveni Occupies Eight Villages, He Should Set The First Example Of His Land Policy By Giving Part To The Landless – Ssemujju Nganda…


Museveni Occupies Eight Villages, He Should Set The First Example Of His Land Policy By Giving Part To The Landless – Ssemujju Nganda…  


The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has warned President Museveni on employing populist measures to resolve land conflicts in the country.

Speaking to journalists, FDC’s Ssemujju Nganda warned that President Museveni should stop politicising land problems in the country.

“He should forthwith stop politicising land problems in the country. The content of his recent statement to the NRM Leaders in which he attacked mailo land tenure system and declared Buganda Land Board illegal, should be ignored because it is a recipe for violence and will drive the population into breaking the law,” Ssemujju said.

The FDC Spokespersons added that Museveni’s latest aggressive and unrelenting attack on the country’s land tenure system is causing unnecessary tension and insecurity.

“The first time Uganda carried out a population census in 1969, we had 9.5 million people. This number rose to 12.6 million in 1980 and 16.6 million in 1991, six years after Museveni had seized power.”

He noted that the 2014 census put the population at 34.6 million people and with an annual growth rate of 3 percent, we are projected to be 44 million people today.

Ssemujju revealed, “Museveni alone occupies eight villages in Gomba for his Kisozi ranch, miles of land he did not have 30 years.”

He also said that Museveni should act as an example of his land policy by subdividing his Kisozi and Rwakitura miles of land and distribute them to the landless.

According to FDC leaders, the solution to the land problems is partly industrialization and growth of service and other sectors.


By Hope Kalamira



Monday 8 November 2021

It is a neo-liberal ploy to loot Congo resources Stupid! US backed M23 rebels fighting in eastern Congo force hundreds into Uganda

 Congolese Defense Forces soldiers and United Nation forces patrol the area of an attack near the town of Oicha, 20 miles from Beni, Democratic Republic of Congo, Friday July 23, 2021.

 Must watch

Obama, the US and 5 Million Deaths in The Congo

Congo: Chaos By Design


Inside the western heart of darkness : The so called Western Pan African African Multi-national Companies looting mineral resources from D.R.Congo

When Mercenaries of Babylon US reduce the poor to mere biological substances: Congolese refugees influx worries leaders in Kisoro 

Helping US corporations and Neo-liberal slave states to primitively accumulate mineral resources in DR Congo: Uganda to build 223km road network inside DRC: Feeding your neighbour’s kids as your own kids starve to death is a very bogus idea 

 which other player is missing???? The USA of course

Fooling us about Uganda’s neutrality in the Congo Conflict!!! Militarizing the Congo to help USA and allies to rape Congo resources: DRC troops, civilians fleeing to Uganda after rebel clashes


End of the M23 Era but no end yet to USA and her clients’ looting of Congo resources : Kabila Congratulates Congo Army for Defeating M23 Rebels: FARDC captured Ugandan and Rwandan Nationals fighting alongside M23 Rebels




CHRISTIANS IN AFRICA: AWAKE! America and the American Church Are Not Your Friends

Heavy fighting in eastern Congo forces hundreds into Uganda

What you need to know:

  • Some of the refugees found at Bunagana border post in Kisoro District in western Uganda said they had walked about 40km from their troubled homes as government forces tried to flush out the rebels.
  • In April 2012, more than 3, 00 refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo camped at Nyakabande Refugee transit Camp in Kisoro District before they were relocated.

 Hundreds of Congolese nationals have fled into Uganda following heavy gunfire exchange between government forces and M23 rebels in eastern DR Congo.
Some of the refugees found at Bunagana border post in Kisoro District in western Uganda said they had walked about 40km from their troubled homes as government forces tried to flush out the rebels.
The heavy fighting witnessed in the areas of Chanzu, Kiisiza, Ruyoni and Mbuzi in the north Kivu province in the Democratic Republic of Congo is said to have started at 10pm and lasted until 3am. 

“I have never seen such a big number of Congolese refugees entering Uganda in my life. In the past conflicts we would see dozens entering into our country seeking refugee but this time round, it's too much,” Mr Amosiyasi Mutwale, a local trader at Bunagana town council told this reporter.  
Mr Mutwale said that some of the fleeing Congolese looked exhausted, an indication that they could have walked long distances before entering Uganda. Some of the refugees were seen carrying personal belongings on their heads while others had their domestic animals such as goats and cows.

The Kisoro Resident District Commissioner, Mr Peter Mugisha on Monday said that about 4,000 Congolese refugees had entered Uganda by 11Am and that his office had already deployed police, UPDF and intelligence officials at Bunagana border post.
“We are appealing to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and other international humanitarian organizations for support to help these refugees. Plans are under way to reinforce the security in Kisoro District to ensure that our international boundary remains peaceful,” Mr Mr Mugisha said. 

 The Kisoro district LCV Chairman, Mr Abel Bizimana said they were planning to transport the refugees to Nyakabande refugee reception center for proper screening before they can be relocated to the gazzetted refugee camps in Uganda. 
“The number of Congolese refugees currently at the Bunagana border post is just too much. Although we have not counted them, I estimate the current number to be about 10,000 or more,” Mr Bizimana said.

 The UPDF second division spokesman, Captain Geoffrey Sunday said that the Ugandan army is on standby to engage the rebels in case they attempt to cross into the country.
“There is no reason why the Ugandans in Kisoro District should get worried because of the armed rebellion in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The UPDF is well prepared and on standby to handle them in case they attempt to cross the international boundary,” Capt Sunday said.

This is not the first time Congolese refugees are fleeing into Uganda seeking refuge. 
Already, there are more than 470,000 Congolese refugees in Uganda who since April 2012 have been displaced by fierce fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). 
In April 2012, more than 3, 00 refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo camped at Nyakabande Refugee transit Camp in Kisoro District before they were relocated. 


Hundreds flee to Uganda amid fighting in eastern Congo 

by Associated Press

KAMPALA, Uganda — The Uganda Red Cross says it is responding to a heavy influx of people fleeing fighting in a remote area of eastern Congo.

The group said Monday it deployed a team to assess needs among people fleeing the fighting overnight between unknown armed groups. Spokeswoman Irene Nakasiita said hundreds are camping at the border post of Bunagana, seeking shelter in Uganda.

Ugandan authorities didn't immediately comment. The East African country is home to 1.3 million refugees who fled violence in neighboring countries such as South Sudan. 


Eastern Congo is prone to outbreaks of ethnic conflict as well as fighting between rival armed groups, including rebels opposed to the government in the capital, Kinshasa. In recent years an armed group with roots in Uganda has been blamed for a series of attacks on civilians in the region.

In a security alert Sunday, the U.S. Embassy in Congo noted "reports of a potential attack in Goma," the capital of North Kivu province. "There is increased security presence throughout the city," the advisory said, adding that U.S. government personnel in the area were advised to shelter in place.