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When the Poor struggle to get justice from Uganda’s Temples of Injustice : The sad case of Shamira Nalweyiso who has accused Bishop Patrick Makumbi of Lweza International Healing Centre of defilement



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Young girl accuses Bishop Patrick Makumbi of Impregnating her : Makumbi denies accusations

Obubbi bwa bwabasumba  butunziza abantu ebyabwe


The Judiciary is grossly lying about Bishop Patrick Makumbi's defilement victim and mother’s re-arrest by Kajjansi Court 


Thursday, June 1, 2017

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1 June 2017
The Judiciary is grossly lying about Peace Nanangwe and Shamira Nalweyiso’s re-arrest:

I have noted with concern the Judiciary’s false claims that social media reports about the Kajjansi Grade 1 Magistrate’s conduct in case FJ 013/16 are misleading.
It is so surprising that a reformed and truthful Judiciary over-seeing Temples of Justice can respond with such blatant lies and all due impunity to Social media reports about the Kajjansi Grade 1 Magistrate, Hope Bagyenda’s conduct: canceling the accused’s bail without considering their plights and all circumstances surrounding the case.
Image result for Omuwala aloopye Bisopu Makumbi okumusobyako; Yampa omutwalo nangamba ssoogera
Foremost, it is not true that there is another accused person in the matter still at large. The two accused: Shamira Nalweyiso (Defilement victim) and Peace Nanangwe (her mother) now incarcerated were first arrested mid September 2016 and taken to Kajjansi Court sitting at Kitende and were remanded:   
This is a brief chronology of events:
Ø  On 18 June 2016, Shamirah Nalweyiso, a 15 year old girl and Primary Seven candidate in the company of her mother Peace Nanangwe was directed by doctors in Mulago National Referral Hospital where she had been taken for post abortion treatment as advised by Zia Angelina Health Centre in Namugongo to report a case of defilement, SD13/18/06/2016 against Pr Bishop Patrick Makumbi of International Gospel Healing Center, Lweza whom she accused of defiling her after being examined for an abortion. The case was transferred to Kajjansi Police Station for investigations.
Ø  Sadly, instead of thoroughly investigating the defilement complaint, Police killed and had it closed then arrested the victim and her mother and charged them for Giving Police False Information on file FJ 013/16. Peace Nanangwe was remanded in Kigo Prison while Shamirah Nalweyiso, a minor was sent to Naguru Remand Home. They lacked legal representation.
Ø  Bukedde, Kalondoozi of Thursday 29 September 2016 carried a detailed story headlined “Owa P7 alindilira PLE kituufu yasobezebwako: kati bamuwa batya ekibonerezo namba 2 eky’okusibwa olw’okuloopa gwateebereza okumusobya!” which underscored Police improprieties in handling the matter.
Ø  On 17 October 2016, Peace Nanangwe was given bail and because Shamirah Nalweyiso had not been presented to court by the Naguru Remand Home authorities, she got bail on 24 October 2016. The case proceeded as follows:
·         Nov 7 2016: both accused attended court
·         Dec 5 2016: Investigating officer Ramathan Kozala testified
·         Jan 10 2017: OC CID Kajjansi Police Station Richard Mwijukye testified
·         Feb 7 2017: No prosecution witnesses but both accused attended court
·         March 29 2017: Nanangwe Peace arrived at court slightly after 09.00am when court session was still in progress but their file had just been read in their absence and an arrest warrant sought by prosecution and case adjourned to April 28 2017. The arrest warrant was overtaken by events because she appeared and Grade 1 Magistrate Hope Bagyenda told her to be early. Nanangwe explained to the Magistrate the whereabouts of the victim and co-accused (her daughter) under the charge of Naguru Reception Centre taken there by the Government for protection which did not bring her to court despite full knowledge of the circumstances under which she had been taken there.
·         April 28 2017: Nanangwe still reported alone to court when the file had been read and the Magistrate warned her to ensure that next time, on May 30 2017, Shamira Nalweyiso (Defilement victim) also attended court.
·         On Tuesday May 30 2017: Nanangwe and her daughter Shamirah Nalweyiso (Defilement victim) got to court when their file had already been read.
Ø  Notable is that from Peace Nanangwe’s account to me, after being released on bail, Bishop Patrick Makumbi perturbed that the accused were maintaining the defilement accusations against him despite its closure by the RSA Kajjansi, on several occasions in vain used people like Kwagala Reuben aka First Born to compromise them into confessing that the defilement accusations against him were a fabrication. When they refused, his men started harassing them and threatened to kidnap the victim which prompted Nanangwe to seek for her protection from the Ministry of Gender, Labor & Social Development where she got connected to SAUTI Uganda which finally got her (Shamirah Nalweyiso) into Naguru Reception Centre where she lived till 30th May 2017 when she was taken to court to be arrested.
Ø  Furthermore, since the victim was taken on by the Naguru Reception Centre, the centre made no effort to present her to court despite Nanangwe’s persistent calls on its staff to do so. Arriving at court late was due to the distance she has to travel using public transport from Namugongo through Kampala and its traffic jam to Kitende court in Kajjansi.
And though Shamirah was just being kept for protection, not in detention, her (Nanangwe’s) access to her as mother was restricted. Besides, Nanangwe complained about the staff’s hostility and utterances that the defilement case was a frame-up and wondered how they had developed such attitude. She suspected Bishop Makumbi’s influencing of the Centre’s staff to compromise the victim.
When on Thursday 25 May 2017 Nanangwe told me how she didn’t have transport to court, I offered to provide and emphasized that she must get to court early enough with the victim who the Magistrate had previously demanded to appear in court without any excuse.
On Tuesday 30 May 2017, I missed her call at about 7.30am. When I called back at around 08.00am, she told me that though she had arrived very early about 7am at Naguru Reception Centre, she could not be given the victim in the absence of the Centre’s boss who reports after 8am. When the boss arrived after 8am and the victim was finally released to her, she was barred from using a boda-boda to Kitende court and told to wait for a car scheduled to take them to court, hence their slightly late arrival.
Slightly after 10.00am Nanangwe called and told me how both had been re-arrested at Kitende Court for missing court, late coming and telling her daughter’s defilement story to the media.
Bishop Patrick Makumbi’s aide, Kwagala Reuben aka First Born’s involvement with the Naguru Reception Centre’s staff and at court confirm his influencing of the events at court. He snatched them out of court into a parked car claiming he had talked to the State Attorney and they were re-arrested.
What has unfolded is a conspiracy between the Bishop Makumbi, Police, State Attorney and Court to victimize the Defilement victim and her mother further so as to silence them on defilement, which is a very unfortunate injustice being committed by the systems that should have helped the victim to access justice. It is like telling sexual abuse victims never to dare report lest they suffer similar injustices.
My memory of the injustices I and my co-accused Pr Michael David Kyazze, Pr Martin Sempa, Pr Robert Kaira, Deborah Anita Kyomuhendo and David Mukalazi whose own sodomy complaint against Miracle Centre Cathedral Pr Robert Kayanja was deliberately trashed is still fresh on my mind. Mukalazi was framed and prosecuted with us because he refused to retract his accusations against his sodomy abuser, Pr Robert Kayanja. We now witness history repeating itself: defilement victim and mother persecuted by the very systems that must have helped the victim to access justice!
When the Judiciary says On the issue of the defilement allegations, the accused was advised to follow the proper reporting process which has not done to date,” I see a system bent on covering its own for the sake of maintaining an image. Can the Police which killed the Defilement case re-open it up to expose its rot!! That is yet to be seen. We tried to do it in the Pr Robert Kayanja sodomy saga and failed because his cash is what every officer wanted. Besides, he had state patronage just like Bishop Patrick Makumbi has. What a joke on the part of the judiciary!!!!!
It is a fact that two lawyers have tried to get the Police defilement file in vain. Bishop Makumbi has money and state patronage. So judiciary, please tell the truth and don’t joke. The judiciary has done an injustice to the defilement victim Shamirah Nalweyiso and her mother Peace Nanangwe. Nothing more and nothing less and it is telling victims never to bother report because they won’t access justice.
Finally, we need to stand against all injustices. Remember what Edmund Burke (1729 – 97) said, “The only thing necessary for the evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” 

When the Judiciary lies to cover up its own rot, then there is not only need to worry, but great need for the every right thinking to rise and do something toward sorting the mess. Today it is Shamirah and Peace, tomorrow it may be you or someone you greatly love.

Peace and blessings
Moses Solomon Male
Pr / Exec Director ARCH        0772479386/ 0702196511
Leader, National Coalition Against Homosexuality & Sexual Abuses in Uganda (NCAHSAU)

Bp. Makumbi Sex Scandal: Defilement Victim Taken to Butabika


By Stuart Yiga

Police detectives investigating a defilement case that was brought against Bishop Patrick Makumbi have finally taken the victim to Butabika Hospital for mental check up as recommended by Kajjansi Court State Attorney, Alpha Ogwang.
Ogwang allegedly tasked the investigating officers to subject the victim to mental checkup when he discovered that most of the evidence she presented was full of controversies. Makumbi pastors Lweza based International Gospel Healing Center.

Peace Nnaalongo Nanangwe, the mother to the victim and a resident of Namugongo, dragged the man of God to Kajjansi Police alleging that he had defiled her daughter. As a result, Police kicked off the investigations into the matter and a case file vide of reference SD: SD: 13/18/06/2016, was opened up against the suspect (Bishop Makumbi)

The alleged victim

A source at Kajjansi Police intimated to us that when they took the victim to Butabika, Doctors proposed to remain with the victim for over one week so as to enable them observe her characters to ascertain whether she has any mental disorder as its suspected or not.

“Surprisingly, her caretakers turned down the doctor’s proposal insisting that their daughter does not have any history of mental sickness and therefore, there was no reason for her to keep at Butabika. We are now pondering the next move because most of our efforts have been frustrated by the complainant themselves,” one of the detectives said at Kajjansi on condition of anonymity.

Other documents seen by Red pepper show the girl is in primary six while others show she is in primary seven and aged 16  yrs.
While as the victim’s mother wants her daughter be called Shamira Kirabo Nalweyiso, when she (victim) shifted from Pastor Michael Kiganda’s church to Shiroh Discipleship Church under unclear circumstances, she changed her names to Swabra Kirabo, yet on some medical forms, she appears as Shamim Nansubuga!

The victim claims that she was defiled by Bishop Makumbi from one of his rentals in Lweza-Kajjansi but when she was asked to lead the police detectives to the scene, she contradicted herself  and said, she had been defiled and raped  from  tycoon Basajjabalaba’s new apartments located in Bwebajja, along Kampala-Entebbe road.  On reaching the apartments, private security guards who were found at site denied having seen or let anyone enter in any of the said buildings since they are still under construction and therefore, not yet occupied.

“Whenever she is called to make a statement, she keeps on changing them. Today she will tell you I was defiled, raped, another day she will tell you that she was taken to the lake shores to feed on human-blood among other stories,” a security source said on condition of anonymity.
The mother claims Makumbi allegedly defiled her daughter in January and even impregnated her before she later aborted in the same month.

On the 3rd, August, 2016, a medical examination report that was carried out from Mayfair Clinic shows that basing on her development (Shamira Nalweyiso), she is aged years and has no any injury in both; upper and lower limbs, no hymen, rapture or injured genitals seen, or any abnormal recent virginal discharge, to prove that she was either raped/defiled or ever aborted. The report further shows; the girl (Victim) is sexually active which means she is not a virgin and the raptures are not of the recent.
Meanwhile, police sources intimated to us that there could be a group of people helping both; the girl and the mother, in ‘cooking’ the defilement story against the man of God because their  statements don’t match at all.

“We are working around the clock to ensure that the core about the truth that surrounds this case is reached at and whoever is responsible will be brought to book,” one of the detectives said on condition of anonymity.

Makumbi Defilement Case In New Twist

The case in which Bishop Patrick Makumbi of the Lweza based Gospel Hearing Centre is accused of defilement has taken a new twist.
Bishop Makumbi is accused of allegedly defiling a 16year old Nalweyiso Shamirah alias Nansubuga Kirabo which led to a pregnancy and abortion. The matter was reportedly filed by her mother, Peace Nanagwe at Kajjansi Police Station under reference number CRB-587/2016.
Consequently, the public raised concerns on how this matter has been handled, thus alleging that Kajjansi court grade one magistrate Hope Bagyenda was frustrating the defilement case in Makumbi’s favour.
However, in a statement released by the Chief Registrar, Judiciary, Paul Wadeya Wolimbwa, there is no defilement case against Makumbi that has been filed or brought to the attention of Court to date.
“Instead Bishop Makumbi’s name is mentioned in the particulars of an offence of “Giving False Information” contrary to Section 115 (a) of the Penal Code Act before Kajjansi Magistrate’s Court.
According to the statement, it is alleged that the complainants; Kirabo and Nanagwe gave false info to D/cpl Aramathan Kazaala Attached to Kajjansi that Makumbi defiled, impregnated and forced the former to abort with intention to have him arrested so as to divert his time and services to the investigation of such information.
“The power to institute criminal charges, prosecute and discontinue anybody lies with the DPP. As an independent and competent institution charged with dispensing justice for all, we do not accept any suggestions that the judiciary is a corrupt institution, except where such claims are supported with undisputed evidence,” Wolimbwa added.

Pastor ALOYZIOUS Bugingo resorts to carnal fight against Pastor Dr. Joseph Serwadda


  My comment

On Tueday 11th July, 2017 Bukedde news paper reported Pr.Bujingo’s  attacks against Pr.Sserwadda. Pr. Bigingo accused Pastor Serwadda of being behind the death of late Balabyekkubo and  the late Pastor Michael Mugerwa. Pr.Bujingo also said that a number of elders that disagreed with Pr.Serwadda ended up dying. This is carnality of the highest order . Pastor Bugingo is not honest in his fight. He is also after power and money like all prosperity pastors .

Obubbi bwa bujingo butunziza abantu ebyabwe



Paasita Bujingo ayanise Dr. Sserwadda


By Benjamin Ssebaggala

Added 21st February 2017

ALOYZIOUS Bugingo owa House of Prayer Ministries ayongedde okulumba Dr. Joseph Serwadda nti kaweefube gwe yalangiridde okulwanyisa Bannabbi ab’obulimba agenderera kumufunamu.

Pata 703x422
Dr. Joseph Sserwadda. Wakati, Bujingo ne mukazi we. Ate ku ddyo, Omusumba David Kiganda

Yawadde ekyokulabirako nti Dr. Sserwadda amadiini ge yavaamu n’agavumirira ate kati g’akitiza nago era nga yeegatta dda ku mukago ogugagatta ogwa Inter Religious Council of Uganda(IRCU).
Yasinzidde mu kusaba ku Ssande n’asimbuliza mu engero 14:14 -15 ekigambo kya Mukama ekirabula abadda emabega nti oyo adda emabega gy’ava atta ekkubo lye.
Yagenze mu maaso n’ategeeza nti Lukka 9:62 ‘omuntu akwata ekyuma ekirima n’atunula emabega tasaanidde kuyingira Bwakabaka bwa Katonda.

Omutume Sserwadda owa Victory Christian Centre mu Ndeeba yategeezezza Bukedde ku Ssande nti agguddewo olutalo ku Bannabbi aboobulimba.
Yagambye nti abamu abamuvuma n’okumuwalampa bakyali bato bwe banaakula bajja kukkakkana.
Bugingo yagambye nti abasajja abakulu abalowooza nti abawalampa balimba kubanga omulokole tasaanidde kuba na kifo mu mukago ogugatta amadiini, obulokole tebulina Kalidinaali wadde ‘bisopu’ kuba Yesu ye Mukama waabwe era abeera mu ggulu ne ku nsi buli lunaku.

“Abajja mu IRCU ne babagamba nti baliyo ku lw’Abalokole baba baliyo ku lwabwe tebaliiyo ku lwaffe” Bugingo bwe yalabudde n’agamba nti bw’owulira bakugambye nti tosaanidde mu Bwakabaka bwa Katonda kitegeeza nti oli mmemba omukukuutivu ewa Sitaani.

Yakyukidde abagoberezi be n’agamba nti, olwaleero nsaba mbajjukize Bayibuli gye baatusomesa ate naawe gwe balimba nti tulina gwe tuwalana oba gwe tuwalampa soma bino.
Ezekeeri 33:8 – 9 egamba nti, ‘Omuntu omubi alifiira mu bubi era omusaayi gwe Katonda aliguvunaana’.

Yayongeddeko nti ekkanisa y’Abalokole teyalingamu kwetikka bugalubindi, kwetikka bikufiira n’okwambala buganduula.
Omubi bw’otamulabula, omusaayi gwe gubeera ku mukono gwo, bw’olabula omubi n’alemwa okuva mu bubi alifiira mu butali butuukirivu bwe.

Yatumye abagoberezi be nti oyo awuliziganya nabo abagambe nti ye (Bugingo) abaagala era tewali muntu mulala abaagala nga ye ky’ova olaba abajjukiza bayibuli ky’egamba. Yayongedde okukiggumiza nti buli Katonda lw’anyiiga ayimusaayo omuntu omunafu agambe ku balala.
“Abasajja abaakwatanga bendera okuvumirira eddiini endala ne bakuba zikuluseedi nga bwe baali e Bwaise amasasi ne gavuga, sitaani yabanywamu dda omwoyo bali wuwe kati gye batudde” Bugingo bwe yaggumizza.

Bw’obeera oyagala okwogera ku Bannabbi b’obulimba sooka weenenye ggwe wennyini era nga tonnaba kulumbagana bannabbi sooka osabe Mukama akuwe oluwalo olw’okutuukiriza.
Toyinza kuba ng’osaabaanye obusa ate n’oyagala onaaze abalala. Abagoberezi nga bwe bamukubira engalo ez’oluleekereeke, yabategeezezza nti Katonda yamuyamba n’atalimba ng’akyali mwavu.
Yabakyukidde n’agamba nti, Oyo agamba nti si mugagga abeera musiru kubanga obugagga obubwe teyabusikira.

Yagambye nti abantu baamwesiga ne bamukwasa obukadde bw’ensimbi nga bagula ekifo we basabira kati e Kikoni era teyazibuza wabula waliwo abatudde ku ttaka eryali erya bamulekwa nga baalyekomya.
Siriwagira bannabbi ba bulimba, naye ate nja kussa ekitiibwa mu Nabbi w’obulimba anyweredde gy’ali n’ayogera ku muntu ali aga naaga.

Owulira ayogera ku Bannabbi b’obulimba n’olowooza nti abadde musibe kati bamusumuludde. Abantu abo bambadde ebyambalo bibiri, munda misege ku ngulu bambadde eddiba ly’endiga. Nfuna abantu abandabula buli kiseera nti abantu abo bajja kukutta, bayinza okutta omusiru naye nze!
Tebasobola era tebalina busobozi obwo obunzita. Ani asoobola okusigaza amaka ne bwe mbeera nga nfudde birala. Kankiddemu ne nfa, amayumba gaabwe gakoonebwa abaana baabwe battibwa mbategeeza tewali ayinza kwetantala kunzita.

Yakyukidde aba IRCU nti Bannaddiini bakimanyi nti bali nabo nga bannanfuusi kubanga baategeka kuluseedi yali awo Bwaise ne bakubawo bbomu abantu abamu ne bafa bo ne bavaawo nga balamu naye Katonda eyabataasa baamwefuulira dda.

“Owulira nga babawaana babayita taata, bannage ffe tulina Kitaffe omu Yesu. Abaana bwe bakulema awaka otandika okuyisa amateeka okubalagira nti mumpite taata.
Leka sseruganda kola by’olina okukola abaana bajja kukuyita ekitiibwa kyo,” Bwatyo bwe yalabudde.

Nze saalokola kufuna mmotoka, ssaalokoka kufuna byabugagga. Nja kulwanagana na buli muntu agamba nti atunda Yesu ng’amba nti oli mbwa, Katonda wabwereere tatundibwa.
Yagambye nti bwe bawulidde nti IRCU egaba eza Global Fund okudduukirira aba siriimu ne badduka nazo bazinone. Bwe balyenenya tujja kujaganya, bangi bandibadde beenenya naye balowoozaamu ne bagamba nti Kakanisaki akatugamba, Kasumba ki akatugamba.
Ojja kuwulira nga bakugamba nti bugalubindi komawo weenenye kye wali obuulira ge mazima naye wabula.

Abayimiridde ng’okugulu okumu kuli mu IRCU oli aga naaga ogenda kuyulika tosobola kuba eri ng’oli neeno komawo.
Yagambye nti kituufu mu Balokole mulimu abafere bangi kubanga mulimu abeeyiba Babisopu era Serwadda bw’abeera ayagala okubazuula asooke agende e Lubaga oba Namirembe akebere emitendera omuntu mw’ayita okutuuka ku ddaala lya ‘bisopu’ kubanga abafere bangi naye buli awali ‘dupulikeeti’ wabeerawo ‘oligino’
Yagambye nti ebicupuli by’Abasumba bingi mu Balokole naye tebigaana bulokole kugenda mu maaso.

Abantu bajja kusigala nga boogera nga bwe baamwogerangako nti alina engatto eziraga ebigere nti zeezimuwa amaanyi kyokka bwe yali ku Bukedde TV ku pulogulaamu kyogereko ne wabeerawo abakimubuuza bwe yabasaba aziggyemu bamuleetere z’abeera ayamba ng’addayo kyabalema nga kiraga nti bye boogera te babyekakkasa.