Tuesday 29 November 2022

Museveni rallies region to defeat Congo rebels: Oh! Really

 Museveni rallies region to defeat Congo rebels | Monitor 


Congolese parliamentarians and civil society activists expose Museveni and Kagame Wickedness in DR Congo


Babylon USA and the Satanic Media lies about DR Congo: US renews charge of Rwandan backing as rebels advance in DRC: Kenya sends troops to DR Congo to fight rebel advance: Donors defend decision to fund Ebola response through agencies instead of government


No Rivalry between Uganda and Rwanda: There is simply connivance to help imperialists loot Mineral resources in DR Congo


DR Congo accuses Uganda’s Army of helping M23 rebels to capture Bunagana border town :Congo MPs vow to halt UPDF operations against ADF


Fooling us about Uganda’s neutrality in the Congo Conflict!!! Militarizing the Congo to help USA and allies to rape Congo resources: DRC troops, civilians fleeing to Uganda after rebel clashes


Museveni rallies region to defeat Congo rebels


Friday 18 November 2022

The Consequences of Prosperity without Jesus: Norway the richest government on Earth in race to stop rising suicides at schools

 Norwegians, govt in race to stop rising suicides at schools | Monitor

Norwegians, govt in race to stop rising suicides at schools


God’s Property or Family Business Empire: When T.D. Jakes passed Multimillion Prosperity Gospel Ministry to his daughter Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts


T.D. Jakes passes the torch to his daughter Sarah 


By ReShonda Tate, 

The Defender Network

Bishop T. D. Jakes has surprised his daughter by handing over the giant Woman, Thou Art Loosed ministry to her.

Jakes passed the symbolic torch to Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts at the culmination of the recent Woman, Thou Art Loosed!: Homecoming! conference.

The popular minister said that it is not a weakness for a man to empower a woman while instructing his daughter not to drop the mic as she picks up his.

As he anointed his daughter with oil, Jakes said, “With every drop of oil that falls upon your head, may the strength and power of the Almighty God rest upon your life.”

The Woman, Thou Art Loosed! conference has run for more than 25 years to become a global movement.

Jakes wrote on Instagram:

@SarahJakesRoberts: I have watched you grow from my baby girl into a leader, changemaker, and influencer with a reach far beyond generations of women. You’ve touched the lives of so many, and as your earthly father, I’ve never been prouder!It is my distinct honor to pass the torch to you. You’ve earned it and will excel wherever God takes you for women’s empowerment! May God bless Woman Evolve in 2023!

This is my vow to you: I will always be there to put my coat over you for as long as I live, and gladly so. For as I decrease, I will watch God increase you!