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Trying to make the devil look smart and appealing : satanic Priestess Kezia Kulanama marries satanic priest Jumba Lubowa in fancy wedding : The day Mukono councilor Ruth Nakamatte wedded in satanic shrine


Satanic Priestess Kezia Kulannama Replaces Maama Fina as head of Witches in Uganda

Inside Senga Kulanama’s shrine wedding

by Nabanja Rashim  

 By Rashim Nabanja
On Saturday September 21, 2019, the leader of traditional healers, Senga Kezia Kulanama and her husband Jumba Lubowa, the High Priest of the Tondism faith, a traditional religion tied the knot in a traditional shrine wedding ceremony. The two wedded at the headquarters of the Tondism faith in Kikyusa Bulemeezi, Luwero district.

Later, they had a photoshoot at Sheraton Hotel Kampala and then finalised with the wedding reception at High Way Forest Park in Kisubi, Wakiso district.
The couple shared some light moments together among which they sang for each other love songs and made heart-melting speeches about their love and future together.
In what appeared to be a closing speech as the ceremony almost came to an end, Jumba assured his guests that as the two are set to leave for their honeymoon in Germany, they do not owe anyone a single coin so no one should say that they left the country while in debt.
However, among the guests that attended the special ceremony was a one Aidah Nakiberu who claims to be the mother of Jumba’s child. Nakiberu says she has been in the media on several occasions crying for help on behalf of their child who is suffering from a heart condition and needs to be taken to India for further medication.

Nakiberu adds that Jumba approached her and said he would give the support that was needed but she had to get the situation out of the media.

“ ‘My husband’ told me he will handle the case by Friday, September 20, 2019, the day before the wedding, but I have not received anything from him.”

Nakiberu also says that she attended the wedding ceremony in good faith as she was asked to but the promise of helping her child hasn’t been fulfilled yet.
Ssenga Kulama is the second wife of Jumba.
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Abasamize b'e Luweero bakoze eddiini etuumiddwa "Tondism Faith"

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 Ruth Nakamatte exchange marriage vows with Buyondo Manyigaalubaale in a shrine. Photo by Henry Nsubuga

Mukono councilor weds in a shrine

By Henry Nsubuga

Added 5th December 2016 03:27 PM

Nakamatte was traditionally wedded to Buyondo Manyigaalubaale, in a wedding presided over by the heads of the traditional healer's in Uganda

A councilor’s decision to wed in a shrine has caused mixed reactions from her electorate. Mukono Central Division female youth councilor, Ruth Nakamatte, exchanged marriage vows with her fiancĂ©e in a shrine.
Nakamatte was traditionally wedded to Buyondo Manyigaalubaale, in a wedding presided over by the heads of the traditional healer's in Uganda, Kabona Jjumba Aligaweesa and Kabona Kayondo Nyongeraako.
The function was held at the traditional healers' headquarters at Ttakajjunge village in Nama sub-county in Mukono district on Sunday.


Nakamatte was baptized in church and named Ruth but she denounced it to adopt Namukasa.
Buyondo was the first to enter the shrine which was filled by a number of traditional healers and their followers from across the country.
Nakamatte, a professional nurse is a daughter of Mukono Central division National Resistance Movement (NRM) chairman Ssalongo Male Bakipakampulawa of Ntaawo village in Mukono Municipality.
Nakamatte arrived dressed in a wedding gown which she later changed to wear a backcloth dress.
Unlike the past where traditional healers where known to be operating in darkness, this time they did everything in broad day light.
They also had recorded music and melodious singers who performed music interludes of the tunes praising the African culture. They were only heard singing four choruses of traditional songs with drums only once as they were starting the service.
They made the marriage vows; a service led by Kabona Jjumba whereby the vows were for good and for worse. It is only death to do them apart.
In the vow, Buyondo was told never to think of marrying another wife before discussing it with Nakamatte and getting a go ahead from.
However, Nakaweesi vowed to stay with only Buyondo as her husband until death does them apart.
Kabona Jjumba said that this place was bought recently at shs76m from President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni by the help of the area Member of Parliament and state minister for water, Ronald Kibuule.