Friday 29 April 2022

Makerere University Literature Lecturer Dr Danson Sylvester Kahyana and Friend of Kakwenza Rukirabashaija brutally attacked by Uganda’s Neo-liberal Criminal State: Writing & Free Expression On Trial: PEN Outgoing Beaten & Left Toothless

 Makerere University lecturer attacked on boda boda while going home, badly beaten

Writing & Free Expression On Trial: PEN Outgoing President Danson Kahyana Beaten & Left Toothless 

By Frank Ntambi


For the most part, writing seems like a pretty safe job—sitting behind a keyboard and tapping away certainly doesn’t seem too dangerous. Of course, sometimes writers find themselves in combat zones, but by and large, novelists and other purveyors of fiction don’t need to worry too much about whether their life insurance is up to date.

Unless they do. Writing has power, after all—once written down and disseminated, ideas can achieve a permanence that no political or military power can completely destroy. Throughout history, plenty of writers have lost their lives because they dared to write. Even in the modern age, there is at least one writer still under direct threat of execution.

 Ugandan writer and senior lecturer at Makerere University, Dr. Danson Sylvester Kahyana, was left with broken jaws after he was on Tuesday night attacked by men riding on boda boda. (IMAGE: Courtesy | theKR Media)

Those who are hearing the name Danson Kahyana for the first time, besides being the outgoing president of PEN Uganda, he is as well a senior lecturer of Literature in English at Makerere University, prolific writer, published poet, writer of illustrated children’s books, editor of several books, publisher, and a recipient of several scholarships - the most recent being the Full bright Research Fellowship.

He is an indigene from Kasese who edited the poetry collection called “Fire on the Mountain” which focused on the Kasese Massacres of November 2016. He also led the Writers-in-Prison program that yielded an edited volume of prison-writing called “As I stood before the world.” He is a strong advocate for the safety and security of persecuted writers in Uganda.

Each year, Human Rights Watch presents Hellman/Hammett grants to writers around the world who have been targets of political persecution. The grant program began in 1989 when the estates of American authors Lillian Hellman and Dashiell Hammett asked Human Rights Watch to design a program for writers in financial need as a result of expressing their views. Last year's grants totalled $575,000.

 Uganda writer Dr Danson Sylvester Kahyana was attacked by unknown  assailants, sadly left toothless – Whisper Eye

In many countries, governments use military and presidential decrees, criminal libel, and sedition laws to silence critics. Writers and journalists are threatened, harassed, assaulted, or jailed merely for providing information from nongovernmental sources. In addition to those who are directly targeted, many others are forced to practice self-censorship.

On Wednesday morning, Ugandan human rights advocate, politician and scholar of sexuality Stella Nyanzi took to her Facebook to report shocking news of how PEN Uganda outgoing President Dr. Danson Sylvester Kahyana was violently attacked by the yet to be identified people who are reported to have been four in number, who pursued Kahyana at around 22:30hrs on his way back home, beat him up-breaking most of his teeth, and stole his phone, bank cards, national ID and money.  


Tuesday 26 April 2022

Waking up from a Dogmatic Slumber : Tibuhaburwa Dynasty begins

 Muniini K. Mulera (@muniini) / Twitter

Tibuhaburwa Dynasty begins 

Thursday 21 April 2022

Crimes against Humanity in Museveni's Uganda :Marinos Alexandria a Bobi Wine supporter narrates her shocking ordeal at the hands of State Operatives


Marinos Alexandria a Bobi Wine supporter narrates her shocking ordeal at the hands of State Operatives 

It’s nolonger news in Uganda about the torture inflicted upon citizens by security forces who are meant to protect them. A number of people supporting the Opposition majorly NUP have come out to reveal how they were greatly tortuted by security forces.


 Cpt. Ali Hassan has been accused by Marinos of raping her

The latest is a one Marinos Alexandria a Bobi Wine supporter who was gruesomely tortuted. According to the pictures uploaded on Bobi Wine’s page, Marinos was beaten up badly as her body contains scars.


Marinos was also sexually assaulted and raped by her captors. She attributed all this to CMI operatives in Mbuya.

 May be an image of 1 person

The reason for all this torture being inflicted on her is playing Bobi Wine’s music. Bobi Wine said that Marinos had been warned to stop playing Bobi Wine’s music but she couldn’t.

Bobi Wine added that most people especially women always fear to speak about sexual assault inflicted on them. Marinos however has decided to speak about it to raise awareness.


 Bobi Wine added that she was warned about revealing this before dumping her on the roadside. However, she revealed everything before these devils came back to kidnap her before the neighbors came to her rescue. She then went to Police but they refused to take in her complaint .

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CMI on the sport as rape victim narrates ordeal 

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The Devils are always Crazy: Pastor Steven Mutesasira applauds his children’s performance in Secular CANADA got Talent show case as former wife confirms being Gay



Scandal of the year 2020: Pastor Mutesasira marries new Wife after his ex-wife Singer Julie wedded woman

Iam a Proud Father: Pastor Mutesasira speaks on Ezekeil and Esther Music exploits 

By Alex Balimwikungu

Teenage singing sensations Esther and Ezekiel Mutesasira stunned the judges and got a standing ovation from the crowd when they auditioned at Canada Got Talent season 3.

Back in Uganda, their father, Pastor Steven Mutesasira couldn’t hide his joy.  Hours after their explosive performance of Jordin Sparks’ rendition of “No Air “went viral, he took to social media to heap more praise.

“I am proud of you Esther and Ezekiel Mutesasira. I love you always. May the Hand of God continue to be upon you. Continue shining. We give God the Glory,” he wrote.


Now living in Canada, Esther Mutesasira (17) and Ezekiel Mutesasira (13) who won the East Africa Got Talent show in 2019, showed just how much they have matured musically while under the tutelage of their singing mum, Julie Birungi, 43.

They were applauded for complementing each other as they performed and even after their performance, many thought a golden buzzer should have been given on Tuesday night.

The judges could not believe their ears either upon listening to what the two budding talents had in them.

The two siblings are children to the now divorced Julie Birungi (a popular Ugandan gospel singer), and Pastor Steven Mutesasira.

Esther and Ezekiel Mutesasira thanked their mother for her continued support through their music endeavors and promised to take her on a vacation if they win the contest.

An emotional Julie Birungi took to social media to reveal that “The Lord has been Good all the time, ”


Being gay and married to a pastor is an abomination in Uganda – Julie

Canada-based Ugandan and Former gospel singer Julie Birungi is popularly known as Julie Mutesasira is very proud of her sexuality.

In 2017, the renowned gospel singer Julie divorced her ex-husband and father of her two children, Pastor Steven Mutesasira and since then it has been one speculation after another as to why the couple called it quits.

However, in 2020, Ugandans were shocked by Julie’s changed lifestyle after social media was flooded with photos of her wedding to a fellow woman.

Since then, the mother of Esther and Ezekiel, the 2019 winners of the first season of East Africa’s Got Talent, has been sharing pictures with her girlfriend, but some Ugandans never believed it.

In a clip that is circulating on the internet where her children were auditioning for Canada’s Got Talent, Julie publically came out as gay adding that it’s the reason she broke up with her ex-husband Pastor Mutesasira and relocated to Canada.


“I decided to leave Uganda because I came out, because of my security. Being a gay woman in Uganda and married to a pastor, that’s an abomination,” Julie said in front of her kids.

This has put to bed the rumour that she was just not staging the gay marriage but is indeed gay.


Ugandan sibling singers, Esther & Ezekiel stun Canada’s Got Talent judges

Ugandan singing siblings, Esther and Ezekiel Mutesasira last night left the judges’ jaws dropped with their stunning performance on Canada’s Got Talent stage.

Now living in Canada, the two have carried on their special talent as singers. With no formal training, the pair still manage to sing day and night, from Pop to R&B, afro-fusion, and gospel!

Since arriving in Canada, they have their heart set on winning CGT, and their cover of Jordin Sparks ‘No Air’ proved they actually could do it as the judges and the audience was left stunned and compelled to give the two teens a standing ovation.

The duo which won the inaugural East Africa’s Got Talent competition in 2019 was part of the several talents that contested the CGT auditions.

With their mother, Julie Birungi, present at the auditions, their performance at the auditions earned the duo applause from the four judges as the siblings progressed to the next stage.

Esther and Ezekiel thanked their mother for her continued support through their music endeavours.