Monday 20 February 2023

Banned Documentary : The African Institute for Investigative Journalism(AIIJ) releases documentary exposing how Museveni’s Neo-liberal Dictatorship Sold Ugandan Men and Women to Slavery in the Middle East

 Ugandan migrant worker loses kidney in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia - New Vision  Official

On The Go | The Dark Side of Labor Externalization is a documentary that is seeking to reemphasize the dangerous conditions of Ugandan workers in the Gulf. Much has been said about the improvement of the working conditions, mistreatment, and risks but the cases of maltreatment that are sometimes fatal have only increased. The documentary captures real-life experiences, those that have returned in bad shape, and an unfortunate fatal case.

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On the Go | The Dark Side of Labour Externalization | Official Documentary | AIIJ  


The wickedness of Neo-liberalism: when Uganda’s neo-liberal state sold its citizens to Arab slave traders and claimed to investigate the Illegal harvesting of internal organs of Ugandan domestic workers

How neo-liberalism bred greed and wickedness in Uganda: Inside the multi-billion liver, kidney trade 

External Labour -Ugandan Maid RecountsTorture 

How Nakintu lost her kidney in Saudi Arabia