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The Sorcery of Roman Catholicism which is Lucifer’s Skull and Bones Secret Society : 100-year-old man walks from Busehenyi to Namugongo shrine to get Blessings from the Dead Uganda Martyrs.

 100 year old Bushenyi pilgrim arrives at Namugongo – The Informer UG


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100-year-old man walks from Bushenyi to Namugongo shrine 

The Catholic shrine team warmly welcomed the pilgrims before guiding them to a blue tent to rest.
Although Mr Tibyangye’s legs were slightly swollen due to the 350km journey, he says they are not so painful, and believes he will be  fine.
During an interview with Daily Monitor yesterday, the retired catechist and teacher, joked about how people are dumbfounded about his age.
“I don’t know why people don’t believe me? It baffles me,” he says.

 Pilgrimage: 100-Year-Old Ugandan Man Walks 350km to Namugongo Shrine for  Prayers -

Mr Tibyangye claims to have been born in 1922, although he does not remember the exact month.
“Every time we enter into a new year, I count it an additional year. So this year, I made 100 years,” he says.
Mr Tibyangye adds that some people doubt his age because they don’t believe that an elderly man can walk for such a long distance.
“I walked from Bushenyi to Namugongo. I was one of the fittest members of the group. There were even instances where I walked ahead, leaving others behind gasping for breath,” he says.
Mr Tibyangye credits his longevity  and fitness to his food choices. 

 90 Year-Old Among 1st Foot Pilgrims To Arrive At Namugongo For Martyrs Day  Celebrations » Business Focus

He says he prefers boiled over fried food and does not drink alcohol, milk or smoke cigarettes.
“I don’t just eat anything. I mind what I either drink or eat. It is probably  why I am still healthy and fit,” Mr Tibyangye says.
He has so far made the Namugongo pilgrimage 62 times, with 51 times by bus and 11 on foot. His first pilgrimage was in 1969 when Pope Paul VI visited Uganda.
The Rev Fr Vincent Lubega, the Namugongo Catholic Parish priest, confirms that Mr Tibyangye is a frequent pilgrim.  “He is always here with us for the Martyrs Day celebrations,” Rev Fr Lubega says.

 Between 2020 and 2021 when pilgrims were not allowed to converge for celebrations at Namugongo due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the elderly man found other ways of marking the event.
Mr Tibyangye says although movements were restricted, he would converge with other community members at St Kaggwa Parish in Bushenyi.
“During these two years, we found time to meet and pray at the parish while observing the standard operating procedures, mostly wearing masks and social distancing,” he says.

As June 3 draws closer, Mr Tibyangye spends most of his time praying.
Besides shelter, the Catholic shrine team also provides security, water and sanitary facilities for pilgrims. They are, however, expected to have some money to buy food.
“I do have some little money which will take me through. There are also some good samaritans who continue to give me money,” Mr Tibyangye says.
The elderly pilgrim will return home by bus the day after the celebrations.

Why walk?

Mr Tibyangye says he is motivated to walk to Namugongo for several reasons.
“These journeys are a way of asking God to answer my prayers and so far, he has answered them. For example, my health is good. Imagine having been able to make it to 100 years of age, it has been the Grace of God,” the retired teacher says.

He has also been able to pray for his family, which he says is doing well. Mr Tibyange fathered 21 children [seven have since passed away].
The 100-year-old walked with his grandchildren Bridget Amuhimbise, 13, and David Rukundo, 12.
On what their experience was like while walking with their grandfather, they said he was fit and never got tired during the journey.


Tuesday 17 May 2022

When the Luciferian Catholic Queen of Heaven possesses a Tanzanian Baby girl Yunis Ogot from Bukama village in Rorya district: Wonders as a 2-year-Old Baby Reportedly Performs Miracles

 BMGTV Waganga watunishiana misuli na mtoto Eunice Ogot - YouTube


A 3-Year-Old Girl With Supernatural Powers

Messages from Heaven: Testing Marian Apparitions with the Word of God

 Mary Mother of God is Isis The Egyptian Queen of Heaven

My Analysis

This child is possessed by a female spirit that has been deceiving humanity for centuries. This spirit appears as semiramis, Isis, Easter and the queen of heaven Jeremiah 44:18-19. This spirit is an abomination before God. The old serpent the devil has now come up with a plan of using children to deceive people into being trapped in religions like Catholics, Islam etc which are basically systems of Satan. Messages from Catholic apparitions do not add up with the word of God. Catholicism is Christianity paganised. It is a system of Lucifer which leads to hell. No catholic will see heaven.

5-year-old Tanzanian boy converts thousands of people to Islam

Wonders as a 2-year-Old Baby Reportedly Performs Miracles  


By Newsblazer254 (self media writer)

 BMGTV Mtoto wa ajabu wilayani Rorya (Yunis) awekewa sumu - YouTube

 Every market has its mad man, Yunis Ogot, who is two years and three months old from Bukama village in Rorya district, Tanzania, emerged to be a talented baby. She is talented with the ability of treating and curing different types of diseases According to one of the newspapers in the neighboring country, Yunis continues to attract more people from inside and outside the country everyday. 

 Eunice Ogot, mtoto mwenye maajabu Rorya (Sehemu ya 01) - BMG Online Media

She allegedly receives more than 100 people in a single day, Yunis emerges weeks after the death of Priest Ambilikile Mwasapile, who is commonly known as Babu wa Loliondo

 yunis ogot - Opera News Kenya

 It is reported that Yunis started treating people using water when she was two years old, she started her treatment with few believers from St. Karoli Rwanga Catholic church in Bukama

 Eunice Ogot, mtoto mwenye maajabu Rorya (Sehemu ya 02) - BMG Online Media

 Yunis mother, Agnes Ogot, expounds that she carried her daughter's pregnancy for three years before her delivery, this is different from the expected duration of nine months.





Catholic Nigerian Journalist Peter Macjob makes BBC documentary on religious charlatanism in Uganda but hides the catholic roots of the cults he features in his documentary(Rev Fr.Kibweteree and Catholic Catechist Owobushobozi)

 Peter Macjob (@GbolahanMacjob) / Twitter

 Peter Macjob


Faith Under Fire - BBC Africa Eye documentary 

My analysis

Nigerian BBC Journalist, Peter Macjob has come up with  a  documentary titled ‘’FAITH UNDER FIRE’’ in which he exposes what he terms as religious Charlatans. He starts this documentary by declaring that he is a catholic and almost became a catholic priest. He echoes the view that the noble catholic faith has been invaded by charlatans and liars. In the process of filming this documentary,  he discovers the shock of his life. One of the cults he exposes in his documentary is  ‘’THE MOVEMENT FOR THE RESTORATION OF THE TEN COMMANDMENTS’’ which is popularly known as the Rev Fr.Kibwetere Cult. This cult was founded by catholic priests and nuns.  Throughout the documentary Peter Macjob hides the fact that ‘’THE MOVEMENT FOR THE RESTORATION OF THE TEN COMMANDMENTS’’ which massacred hundreds of people was started by catholic priests and nuns.

The other cult  Peter Macjob  explored was Group of Faith  Unity Cult that was formed by the late Owobusobozi Bisaka. This Bisaka was a former catholic catechist.  Peter Macjob therefore had a conflict of interest in this documentary. He miserably failed to apportion blame on the catholic church because he is himself a catholic. The question is, why are these major cults originating from the catholic church. On 28th September 2013, I wrote as follows:

Since the emergence of 'rumors' that the Kanungu massacre was orchestrated by the  catholic church to prevent the mass exodus of Catholics to Pentecostal churches,  the catholic connections to the Kanungu cult have been disguised with incredible dexterity. The Government set up a commission of inquiry into the Kanungu inferno, but nothing came out of it because the majority of the people on this commission of inquiry were Catholics (how can a monkey be a judge in a case that involves burning the forest). The commission concluded that the cult massacre remains a mystery?????? After the massacre, Pentecostal churches were accused of being behind the massacre. However the catholic church was greatly embarrassed when it emerged that the ring leaders of this cult were former catholic clergy.

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Peter Macjob

Too late : MPs start probe into Kibwetere CULT mass killings

Uganda Govt asks for three months to conclude Kibwetere pro: Oh! really

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Peter Macjob

Museveni lambasted by Christians for courting self-professed god, Omukama Ruganga Owobusobozi Bisaka

Government to accord Owobusobozi Bisaka official burial

Uganda false prophet and cult reader Prophet Wilson Bushara, of World Message Last Warning Church, who proclaimed end of world in 1999, dies


Faith Under Fire - BBC Africa Eye documentary 

 Peter Macjob (@GbolahanMacjob) / Twitter

Faith Under Fire - BBC Africa Eye documentary