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Luciferian Todd Bentley is coming to Kampala(August 25 - September 8, 2008)

These are wells without water, clouds that are carried with a tempest; to whom the midst of darkness is reserved for ever.(2 Peter 2:17)

For when they speak great swelling words of vanity, they allure through the lusts of the fresh… .(2 Peter 2:18)

Clouds they are without water, carried about of winds; trees whose fruit withereth, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots; raging waves of the sea, foaming out of their own shame; wandering stars to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever..(Titus 12-13)





Todd Bentley is coming to Uganda in August 2008. I call upon the true saints of the lord Jesus Christ to avoid this minister of Satan. When I looked at the tatoos and pins on Pastor Todd, I was incredibly shocked. These are really the last days.The devil has incredibly annointed his/her ministers.My friend in christ, if you rely on your senses instead of the word of GOD, there is no doubt, you will be deceived.

Check out Tatoo on Todd’s hands, check out pin on chin

Todd Bentley’s false teachings examined

Toddy angelic visits examined

Todd Bentley “Meet the New thing- Same as the Old thing”
“Will We get Fooled Again?”

Fools for Christ- or just fools

Come August 2008, thousands of Ugandans and Sudanese are going to flock the crusade of this apostate. Why are ‘born again’ Christians, easy prey to such serpents? Well, because they are guided by their lusts. These so called born again have become complete flesh. As long as you promise them prosperity, peace and comfort, they will believe you. Many Pentecostals and charismatic Christians are not interested in the heresies of Todd Bentley, Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn, Copeland , Dollar$$$$, there are obsessed with the wealth of these apostates and want that wealth whatever it takes.

The False Todd Bentley Healing Revival in Florida




This Pentecostal -charismatic thing is virtually rotten to the core(Remember there is an alliance of biblical pentecostals,that emphasises doctine). It has ashamed Christ and Christianity. Even non-believers can see and smell the stench from this movement.


Christians in Uganda and Africa at large, beware of the False revival and healing miracle crusade that is being welcomed by thousands of Christians around the world. This is a false revival filled with occult symbolisms and claims of a Woman Spirit Angel called 'Emma' who frequently visits Todd Bentley... This is the same old spirit resurfacing once again in another form...this is not 'Emma'... She is the Queen of Heaven and no different from the Catholic Apparitions of Mary... This 'Revival' is no different from the Florida Pensacola and Toronto Airport Revival, only that this current Revival has an appearance of a female angel called Emma... These are deceiving spirits which were long for spoken about by Peter and Paul in their Epistles of the Church... It is part of the Last Days Great Delusion and Deception, and Falling Away... Many Christians are simply blind following after 'Healings' and 'Miracles'... Many Christians claim that when they go down to the Todd Bentley meeting in Florida, they 'Feel Good', they get Healings and Miracles...the Preaching, teachings and Demonic Manifestations are not a concern for them... Watch Out ! Many are being deceived and swayed away by Satan using Miracles and Healings...Kato mivule


Greetings again in Jesus’ Precious and Mighty Name!

As many of you are probably aware (if you watch the news at all, or if you watch much so-called "Christian" television) there have been a series of meetings going on in Lakeland, Florida by a Rev. Todd Bentley. They are billing these meetings as genuine revival, but ABP has serious reservations about such claims. We have done in-depth study and have reported on all the happenings in the current issue of the Sentinel. If you think for one second that this is anything "new", or that this is a genuine move of God, you are sadly mistaken. This is nothing more than a recycling of the same error that came to the Christian world via Toronto, Brownsville, Rodney-Howard Browne, and many others. The same spirit, attitude and teaching that dominated those meetings are present in Lakeland right now. If you will take time and read some of the articles we have up on the website right now, especially those written by Br. Larry Thomas, you will get an idea of what is going on in the Bentley services. With the Lord's help we will continue to "contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints!" Br.Gary
From the Desk of the President,JUNE 2008

Jesus Christ, His Teachings Vs Modern Revivals



Todd Bentley’s 2008 Prophetic lies

1.2008 is a year to discern what is best.
2.2008 is a year of advancement and victory.
3.2008 is a year of starting over, completion and new beginnings.
4.2008 is a year of the double portion.
5.2008 is a year to strengthen yourself in the Lord.
6.2008 is a year of justice.

2008 CAN NOT BE A YEAR OF JUSTICE WHEN THE POOR CONTINUE TO SUFFER AT THE HANDS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER. The bible says they shall say peace, but sudden destruction shall come(! Thesa.5)




The Laodicean American Church in Bed with another Lover

America-nized Christianity, ‘Another Gospel’ To Africa

Jesus Christ, An Offence To ‘Westernized Christianity’



See Toddy, Kampala meeting advert


August 25 - September 8, 2008
Cost $3800.00USD Approx from HUB City

Application & Full Payment EXTENDED TO - June 2, 2008

Now Accepting Applications - Click Here Now!

Fresh Fire Ministries (FFM) is gearing up for another exciting trip to Uganda, and this time, adding the strategic nation of Sudan to the itinerary. The time is now to bring the saving grace of Jesus to the people of Africa! Our staff in North America and Africa are eagerly praying and preparing to bring in the harvest that God has prepared for this hour.

Although at a distance from the tension in the Darfur region, Southern Sudan is still recovering from more than 20 years of war and famine. The area suffers from extreme neglect, lack of infrastructure, and massive displacement. It is estimated that during the First Sudanese Civil War (1955–1972) and the Second Sudanese Civil War (1983–2005), approximately 1.9 million civilians were killed in Southern Sudan alone. More than 4 million have been forced from their homes. These figures represent one of the highest of any war since World War II. In 1998 Sudan suffered a famine that killed hundreds of thousands and to this day hundreds of thousands remain displaced and in great need.

It is the privilege of Fresh Fire Ministries to bring the love of Jesus to these hurting people. After all, where is the light of the Gospel needed more, than in the darkest corners of the earth? The greater the darkness the more brightly Christ shines in you! We are asking those who burn with this passion to be a light in the nations and to join us in transforming a nation one life at a time. During our time in Sudan we will be involved in an extensive feeding program where we will literally feed people who may have otherwise died, people who have no other avenue of rescue from the ravages of war and famine. You will also be a part of ministering to thousands and thousands of people hungry to meet Jesus during the open air crusades led by Todd Bentley. These are the first of their kind in the area. Come and be a part of making history in a nation! The lives of these people are poised and ready to receive the grace of the Gospel.

Next we will embark on an exciting journey to northern Uganda where we will be a part of more relief efforts and crusades. The humanitarian situation in northern Uganda has recently been reported as one of the direst in the entire world. “It is a moral outrage that the world is doing so little for the victims of the war, especially children,” reported UN Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, Jan Egeland in a BBC interview. He continued, “I cannot find any other part of the world that is having an emergency on the scale of Uganda that is getting such little international attention.”

The sad fact around the world is 1.2 billion children suffer due to poverty, child labor, slavery, sexual exploitation, AIDS and plagues. More than 75% of the world’s population lives in harsh conditions as a result of war and famine. More than half of these destitute people are children. During one of Todd and Shonnah Bentley’s first visits to the area their hearts broke for these children and they both declared, “Something must be done!”

So, after much prayer and planning, FFM rescued children from the effects of the civil war in Northern Uganda and established the Uganda Jesus Village (UJV) in the south in Kampala. Today, more than 60 boys and girls live at the UJV where their lives are being transformed in a loving, nurturing, home environment. And, for the first time, Fresh Fire will be sending a mission team to the Gulu, Uganda area in the north, the place from which the children were rescued! It will be an amazing time to both see and experience the power of Jesus affecting this area by loving the lost and meeting their physical and spiritual needs.

From there we will travel to Kampala, Uganda to spend time with the children at the Uganda Jesus Village. Since we will have just come from ministering in the war torn area where they used to live, this is sure to be an exciting, life-changing time. Our God is good and mighty to save! We will get to know the children as well as the staff who lovingly work so hard in creating a home for these precious ones.

It was just a few years ago when Luke and Suzanne Jones, with their children, went to Uganda to oversee the operations there. Their great love for these children and the people of Uganda shines, and anyone who walks into the UJV can’t help but sense the presence of Jesus shining too! We’ll play games with the children, do crafts and projects, pray, prophesy, and have fun. The children just love to honor and bless all their guests with their talents and so they will sing and dance for us! It will be a heavenly party! What a special way to bring our time to a close in this great continent.

The Fresh Fire family is very excited about this destiny trip to Sudan and Uganda! We are looking forward to the opportunity God has given us to pour out rivers of His love in this devastated area of the world. We live to give all we receive from our great God, and in return, like all Fresh Fire Mission trips, we will go away in an afterglow of overflowing love and compassion for His people.

So why not prayerfully consider coming with Fresh Fire on this Holy Spirit adventure to Africa! As God touches your heart, reach out and touch another and be a part of transforming the life of the one God puts in front of you! You’ll never be the same again!

For more information, contact or call 604-853-9041 ext. 235. Please remember trips have limited space and fill up fast!

Steve Williams
Fresh Fire Ministries
Missions Team Coordinator

Wednesday 21 May 2008


My analysis

"Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?" -Psalm 94:16

For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ: Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.(Philippians 3: 18-19)

They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them( I John 4:5)

"Ye that love the LORD, hate evil..." -Psalm 97:10

The Lord JESUS CHRIST has continued to expose the serpents like Muwanguzi in the born again fraternity . It is so amazing that even non-believers can see that these pastors are fake, but unfortunately the so called spirit filled balokole(born agains) can not see this. The bible says the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light(luke16:8). Pentecostalism as we have it today is a FAKE FROM THE DEVIL. This is not the Pentecostalism of the book of acts. How can a spirit filled person be so gullible to believe a pastor who says he was born with a bible. Let me ask a critical(berean) question here(Acts 17:11). Was Muwanguzi born with an NIV, GOOD NEWS BIBLE, NWT, NKJV OR ASV??? Many Pentecostals can not ask such a question. They have put their trust in the flesh(senses) instead of the logos(God’s spoken word in the bible). They have surely gone the way of cain(Gen.4). Many Pentecostals are no longer sober and watchful(1Thes.5), they are drunk with fornication(Rev.14:8), they no longer care about doctrine, they are now guided by their lusts(1 Timo.4:2). God said he will send these HATERS OF TRUTH a strong delusion and they will believe a lie( 2Thess.2:11). God ‘s word is really accurate. Prosperity Pastors like Muwanguzi are wells without water, they are clouds carried about by the tempest(2 Peter 2:17), they promise their followers liberty and freedom but they are themselves servants of corruption(2 Peter 2:19).

Uganda: The Pastor's Tricks

A fall from glory — Is it ‘Kiwedde’ for pastor Muwanguzi?

By Elvis Basudde

NOT so long ago, he walked with his head high. He healed the sick, foretold the future and offered solutions to all kinds of problems. But even as the unsuspecting “believers” flocked his Namulanda-based Holy Fire Ministries church, off Entebbe road, something remained strange about Prophet William Muwanguzi.

He operated in a shack of a church, made of corrugated iron sheets. Despite his humble surroundings, he lived large, dressed well and enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle. He asked for gifts from his flock in exchange for God’s blessings.

Kiwedde (It is accomplished) became the middle name of the man who used contributions from his flock to purchase a Hummer he claims cost sh600m. While his followers carried ordinary number plates, Muwanguzi’s Hummer flashed a personalised number “Kiwedde” .

The word could not have been more meaningful after the Police closed in on one of the most elusive suspects recently.

After all that has happened to him, he should be a terrified man but he is not. At least not by appearance. With a half-moon smile, the light-skinned man of medium build and weight spread his arms wide, telling the Police that had arrested him at Katwe that he was going to pray for them to get salvation.

Pastor Moses Male, the executive director of Arising for Christ and publicity secretary of the National Committee of False Teachers Awareness (NCFTA), has no kind words for Muwanguzi. He says he is not a born-again Christian.
Male describes Muwanguzi as a faker of miracles who hires people to give false testimonies.

There were rumours that Muwanguzi originated from the Congo. The fisherman-turned preacher is son to the late Eriyazali Mukasa, of Kigunga-Bunonko Musoli zone, Entebbe. He is the second born of three children, the eldest girl based in the USA.

Muwanguzi’s aunt, Eroni Nampa, whose house is a few metres away from Mukasa’s house, says the three siblings grew up there but she declined to talk about Muwanguzi’s education.

But sources say he lived a struggling life with a somewhat tough upbringing, with almost no formal education, as he spent most of his earlier years fishing at the shores of Lake Victoria.

Visions appear?
His followers talk of strange happenings at his birth on September 22, 1976. They allege that different visions, unusual events and happenings, astonished the villagers.

It is said that a great earthquake and darkness occurred at his birth place on the day he was born. It was also said Muwanguzi was born holding a small book, believed to be a Bible, in his right hand.

Muwanguzi took up the story himself. “I cannot know exactly what happened the day I was born. I have only the account of the story as it was related to me by those who saw and heard the happenings. I have possessed the book since my youth.”

“I did not know how the book came to be in my possession until an angel spoke to me personally when I was a boy. It was then that I learned that the book was a birthright and that the story related to me concerning my birth was true.

“The turning point of my life was on January 15 1986 when I saw a vision. On that day I was with a friend playing outside our house in the field. There I saw an object like a glittering crown hanging over the sky.

I showed it to my friends pointing it out to them but they could not see it. That was about 4.00pm.”

Muwanguzi says his second vision was on the same day at about 9.00pm. He was in the house seated between his two brothers.

Suddenly something strange happened. It was like an earthquake, the house seemed to be trembling, and the wind blew strongly inside the house.

Then a strong beam of light broke through the roof of the house and a voice spoke to me; “It was a voice of an angel whom I clearly saw. I kept on ascending the sky through the house roof with the angel beside me, speaking to me, till we both reached a different world,” he narrated.

“Then I heard the angel’s voice giving me instructions. From that day, I have been powered by the angel to heal the sick by prayers and to foretell the future.

He says he worked with different Pastors including Pastor Steven Ssozi who became his mentor and Simeon Kayiwa before he formed his own church.

“He worked here like other Pastors but his actions do not justify what he is doing. A leader should not mess up the people he leads. He looked promising but I do not know what became of him,” Kayiwa said.

Muwanguzi’s church is a huge makeshift structure roofed with straw carpets, surrounded by papyrus fencing and graced with a spacious tarmac compound, fitted with plastic chairs.

Ushers who are dressed to kill prepare the congregation before a moment of several activities marked by singing, wailing, groaning, sweating and collapsing of a few individuals.

When I visited Muwanguzi’s church last year, it was shocking to see secular musicians jumping onto the stage to entertain worshippers.

First on stage was Harriet Kisakye, (Bad Girl), as she is popularly known because of her naughty lyrics. She was followed by Catherine Kusasira of the Eagles Production, Grace Nakalema and Phina Mugerwa.

Kisakye was considerate enough not to perform her Kandahar song but all the same their songs had nothing to do with salvation.

They performed in turn before a gathering of about 1,000 people. When they were done, Muwanguzi leapt on the stage to start preaching the gospel.

Many had believed that the 33- year-old Pastor was inspired by God to reveal and interpret His will, to heal the sick and to help the possessed become normal. Seeing Muwanguzi in action, you will be tempted to believe he is endowed with divine powers.

One thing that characterised his preaching was his followers collapsing on the floor.
People claiming to be possessed by evil spirit and others claiming to be suffering from chronic diseases claimed they were healed.

“He is a sustainer of life and a beacon of hope for the afflicted. God uses Muwanguzi to pray for the sick and those with various problems.

He has solved problems of barreness, impotence, lack of jobs and progress at work. He has healed the blind, deaf and other disturbing forces,” remarked his follower, Mulangira Ndausi, a Simba radio presenter.

The Pastor told his followers that miracles must happen to show God’s glory. People should see the miracles and not just hear of them. I am going to pray for you and God is going to restore your leg.

Do you believe He can do it? he asked, pointing to a man with a swollen leg
He then touched Emmanuel Sengendo’s leg and proclaimed, “I heal you in the name of Jesus-Kiwedde.”

Muwanguzi then told his gathering that his greatest miracle was when he prayed for a dead person in 1997 and he came back to life. Suddenly, Pastor Godfrey Muwanga emerged from nowhere to claim he was the man resurrected. He testified before a mesmerised audience.

“In 1997, I fell critically ill and was pronounced dead. They wrapped me in a bark-cloth but as they were about to seal the coffin, Muwanguzi appeared. He asked what had happened and he was told I was dead.

He then prayed for me for sometime until I came back to life. Since that time, I accepted Jesus as my personal saviour, and have teamed up with the prophet to glorify the name of God,” he narrated.

But nobody could independently confirm whether Muwanga actually died. His background is also unknown.
People who know Muwanguzi say his behaviour is wanting.

Others say you have to part with at least sh100,000 when you go for counselling.
Muwanguzi came to the limelight early last year when on return from a trip to Israel, he astonished People at Entebbe airport when his followers collapsed in droves just at the mere sight of him.

The National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches (NFBAPC) in Uganda disassociated itself from Pastor Muwanguzi, calling him a cult leader.

“They are not part of us and, therefore, not bound by the rules and regulations that govern us, “says Alex Mitala, the NFBAPC chairman.


Muwanguzi says he was born with bible?

SEE Muwanguzi’s multi-million car

See Muwanguzi’s miserable church


Muwanguzi arrested

Muwanguzi guarded by soldiers??????

Secular artistes sing in Muwanguzi’s church

AWadde engassi

Gavt. ekwasizza kyejo abasumba

Muwanguzi’s co-pastor arrested

Embaga ez’obukadde 300 mukola zaaki?

Cartoonists ridicule Muwanguzi

Omusumba Muwanguzi - Poliisi emukunya lwa kunyaga bagoberezi

Muwanguzi surrenders disputed car

Muwanguzi should stop telling lies

Beekoze obusolo e Ntebe

Apostate Muwanguzi’s car

Muwangizi arrested

Soldiers protect Muwangizi

Soldiers at Muwanguzi’s wedding

Worship of False Prophet EZRA

Next Article

Uganda: The Pastor's Tricks

The Monitor (Kampala)

15 July 2007
Posted to the web 16 July 2007

Rodney Muhumuza

In the wake of rising cases of worshippers accusing their pastors of extortion, fraud and other dubious conduct, born again city businessman John Katto has spoken out to reveal the schemes employed by some Pentecostal clerics to "keep followers inside" a web of ignorance.

In an interview with Sunday Monitor, Mr Katto, who became a born again Christian in December 2004, revealed how some pastors have used the "manipulation plus intimidation and judgement" equation to keep their congregations blinded and unable to leave churches that are clearly suspicious. "We have a few good pastors and many bad ones . "

Illiterate pastors

Mr Katto, a trailblazer who led several initiatives in the Ugandan media, said "In fact, many of these [pastors] cannot read or even be able to tell you a few verses in the Bible."


New converts, he said, are the most vulnerable to manipulation, especially when pastors claim that "you will be cursed" if tithe is not paid. According to Mr Katto, 47, "people end up paying tithe using even borrowed money" because of "coercion". Even those who need counselling, Mr Katto explained, "are expected to pay money and the bigger their problem the more money they are expected to pay".

The church of one Muwanguzi, a cleric with a fearsome reputation, has been accused of commercialising church proceedings. According to Mr Katto, "at Pastor Muwanguzi's church, on Entebbe Road, they have envelopes. If your problem is big and you need to be prayed for quickly, the amount of money is Shs100,000".

According to Mr Katto, the basic trick of the manipulative pastors is to project themselves to their victims as substitutes to God. "Then you are judged, especially when it comes to things like finances, and giving." Mr Katto, who converted to Pentecostalism at Pastor Isaac Kiweweesi's Kansanga Miracle Cathedral, said after the pastors have projected themselves as glorious "substitutes" for God, they inspire fear and loyalty among followers who are likely to be desperate for quick miracles.

"When [pastors] start churches, they feel that for them to grow they have to pull people in and when they are in, to find a way of holding them in," Mr Katto said. "So instead of using the church to liberate them from the oppressions they have been facing, they instead add a few. So [people] are held in."

In recent days, there have been reports of alleged crimes involving pastors, the most bizarre of which was the allegation by a 26-year-old man that he was sodomised by Grace Kitaka, a pastor at Liberty Worship Centre. Kitaka's accuser, Mr Julius Kitaka Lukyamuzi, contends that the pastor, who adopted him and made him change his surname to Kitaka , performed violent acts of sodomy on him.

Mr Kitaka has since resigned, and the National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches (NFBAPC) is already investigating his lifestyle for evidence of "sexual perversion". According to Pastor Alex Mitala, the overseer of NFBAPC, Mr Kitaka will be expelled from the fellowship if found culpable and there is also a possibility that Ms Namutebi's church could be blacklisted.

The NFBAPC says that although there are 20,000 churches for born again Christians countrywide, only 1,020 have joined the fellowship. Within NFBAPC, there is agreement that because the activities of the Pentecostals are not regulated and monitored, "dirty" undertakings have gone unreported.

Interest into the activities of churches for born again Christians peaked last week after the arrest at Entebbe Airport of Obiri Yeboah Kojo, the Ghanaian born Kampala pastor who was interrogated by police over an "electric touch" gadget that he attempted to clear into the country.

Police crackdown

Police suspected the gadget, which is marketed on the Internet as a miracle-maker, was to be used by Mr Kojo to shock unsuspecting worshippers to make them falsely believe the Holy Spirit is entering them. Some pastors, including the crusading Solomon Male, have called for an independent inquiry into the activities of the Pentecostals, going beyond merely probing Kojo and Kitaka.

According to Mr Katto, "we have come to that tragic point" where pastors have turned the Church into a "money basket". He said pastors' "sale of miracles" has enabled them lead flamboyant lifestyles, including the ability to become "the best clients in Kampala's boutiques".

Said Mr Katto: "Pastors have made themselves look like substitutes for God and so people look to pastors for their needs rather than to God. Fortunately, I have been lucky to be open-minded, so I have not fallen for these [tricks]."

Mr Katto pioneered private radio broadcasting in Uganda by setting up Radio Sanyu in 1993. He also introduced colour newspaper printing by bringing the first colour separation equipment that all the city's papers used before developing their own capacity. Katto now manages a printing business.

Concluded the media trailblazer: "Born again Christians are better off "building personal relationships with God...the dependence we have on pastors is just not right".

Thursday 8 May 2008

I lied that Pastor Imelda's prayers cured my AIDS!

I lied that Pastor Imelda's prayers cured my AIDS!

Preacher denies telling 55-year-oldwoman to lie about her HIV status

By Michael Mubangizi


For years Grace Kashemeire, 55, told Christians that Pastor Imelda Namutebi Kula had cured her of HIV/AIDS by praying for her.
Some HIV-positive people believed her and went on their knees in prayer to get healed too. For several, this meant abandoning their life-saving anti-retroviral treatment, resulting in deaths.

Now Kashemeire says it was all a lie! She claims that it was Namutebi who, in 1999, asked her to declare that her (Namutebi’s) prayers had cured her of HIV/AIDS. As a reward, Kashemeire was allegedly promised a monthly stipend of Shs 350,000 and protection.
Namutebi, head of the popular Liberty Worship Centre at Lugala, in Kampala’s Lubaga Division, vehemently denies this allegation.

The claim will nevertheless raise more questions about increasing reports that some pastors exploit their flock in the name of God.

A mother of four, Kashemeire says she has lost three husbands to HIV/AIDS-related illnesses. She is pleading for forgiveness from people who were misled by her story, but says many of them have since died.

She reckons many more people may have been misled as her testimonies used to appear on television.

Since 2003, Namutebi has been running a Liberty Worship Centre Programme on WBS.
It features the service and her sermon every Saturday, 7:05-7:30a.m.
Kashemeire also claims that Namutebi often brought in guests from abroad who photographed and interviewed her about her healing for dissemination to their audiences in Europe and America.

“Twakola nga bukozi diilu ne Pastor Namutebi n’agamba nti ngambe abantu nti yansabira ne mpona siriimu,” Kashemeire said in Luganda, meaning - I just made a deal with Pastor Namutebi; she told me to always testify that she prayed for me and I got healed of HIV/AIDS.
But Namutebi dismisses Kashemeire’s story as a fabrication.

When contacted on her mobile phone, a voice on the other side agreed that it was Namutebi speaking only to claim it was not her, after this writer started asking about Kashemeire.
“She is telling you lies and you will be sued, let me give you her lawyer’s number,” said the voice that was now claiming to be Namutebi’s secretary before hanging up.
When this writer called again, a man answered the call and passed on Kampala lawyer Kituuma Magala’s phone contact.

Magala of Kituuma Magala & Company Advocates told this writer in an interview that Kashemeire was trying to use this newspaper.
“She (Kashemeire) is using you, you are not the first paper she has gone to alleging all sorts of things against the pastor,” he said.

He added that Kashemeire had reported Namutebi to Police and that the case had been dismissed by the Director of the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID).
He also said that Bukedde newspaper was in court over the same story, while UBC TV and radios; Simba, Sapientia and CBS had all been warned for running Kashemeire’s story.

“When we put a notice [to sue them] they either apologised or stopped running the programmes,” he said.

Commenting on Kashemeire’s testimonies, Magala said that they are voluntary as people give them at their own volition.

The Weekly Observer has also established that two men said to be working at Namutebi’s Church are currently facing assault charges in Mwanga 11 Road Magistrates Court, after they allegedly beat up Kashemeire’s 11-year-old daughter, Christine Mirembe, on December 8, 2006.
Kashemeire alleges that the accused were sent by Namutebi but Magala declined to discuss the case, pointing out that it was before court.

Further attempts to talk to Pastor Namutebi failed as a man who occasionally picked her phone kept telling this writer he was calling a wrong number.

Kashemeire, now a campaigner against what she sees as false teachings by some pastors, told The Weekly Observer that she got infected with HIV in 1985 and has since lost three husbands to AIDS-related illnesses.

She met Namutebi at World Trumpet Mission- (formerly on William Street, now on Nabukeera House on Nakivubo Road) where the flamboyant pastor regularly preached in 1999.
During a lunch-hour prayer meeting on December 31, 1999, Kashemeire testified by thanking God for keeping her alive, in good health, despite having HIV/AIDS and losing three husbands.

Three days later, on January 3, 2000, Namutebi reportedly met Kashemeire at California Church on Luwum Street, where she claims they agreed on Kashemeire’s healing testimony. Kashemeire says that she was initially hesitant to lie but was reportedly reassured by Namutebi. Among other conditions, she was to give the testimony only in Namutebi’s church.
Kashemeire’s first testimony that day at California Church during the lunch-hour prayer meeting was terrifying. Nagenda nga ntidde, nga manyi nti bagenda kunzita bussi,” she said, meaning she was scared and afraid as she gave the testimony.

After her account, Kashemeire says, Namutebi reportedly invited worshippers with other ailments to bring money and be prayed for in return for instant healing.
At the preacher’s request, Kashemeire says, people gave her clothes, blankets and bed sheets, while Namutebi herself gave her Shs 50,000.

Her testimony was to be repeated for seven years during church services and to Namutebi’s foreign guests who often gave Kashemeire money for her upkeep.
But in April last year, Namutebi and Kashemeire parted company.

Broken promises

The Namutebi-Kashemeire divorce was mainly rooted in unfulfilled promises, suspicion and the assault of her daughter, according to Kashemeire.

Besides the Shs 50,000, Kashemeire says she didn’t get the promised Shs 350,000. Yet she was also working at the church as a compound cleaner and motor-vehicle security guard at the church between January 2000 and April 2007.

Kashemeire in fact claims that Namutebi owes her Shs 26,600,000. She says that the pastor regularly gave her between Shs 2,000 and Shs 5,000 whenever she reminded her.
Kashemeire further claims that Pastor Namutebi occasionally sent her to people’s homes to pray for them. But she did more than praying; she observed key things around people’s homes and then briefed Namutebi accordingly.

This information, Kashemeire alleges, would be used by the preacher to ‘prophesy’ about people’s lives during her sermons.

Surprised at the pastor’s accurate description of their lives, Kashemeire says, people would flock to Namutebi’s office for prayer.

One such person was a married woman, Sarah (not real name). Kashemeire says she visited her home in Kashari, Mbarara district.

Sarah’s father, mother and two brothers had died of AIDS-related illnesses and Sarah was HIV-positive too. This made Sarah believe her family was cursed.
After Kashemeire had toured Sarah’s home, she briefed Namutebi.

The woman of God would later describe Sarah’s situation in a sermon that Sarah reportedly offered to buy fuel for Namutebi’s Lexus vehicle for one and half years in appreciation of her prayers.

Sarah, who then worked at Crane Bank, reportedly gave Kashemeire Shs 7.5 million to pay a fuel station for Namutebi’s fuel, although the pastor had reportedly wanted the money in cash.

Sarah later lost her newly born baby and she herself passed away last year.
Kashemeire says that when she could not get more money from Sarah, the relationship with Namutebi began to crumble. She claims that Namutebi suspected her of having got the money and stolen it, resulting in the alleged assault on Kashemeire’s daughter.

In the end, Kashemeire turned to Pastor Solomon Male, head of Arising for Christ, a religious group fighting against false teachings. With Male’s help, Kashemeire started telling her story to the media
“I was fed up of being used,” Kashemeire says.
When The Weekly Observer visited Namutebi’s church to get a sense of what people there know about Kashemeire, the results were mixed.

“I don’t know where Kashemeire went, she left after some misunderstandings but her son is with us,” one usher told this writer in confidence.

Another staff at the church accused Kashemeire of double standards: “It’s difficult to get information about her here, Bukedde gave her money forcing her to disown the testimony she used to give…she is now with false prophets.”
Namutebi vs media

The Weekly Observer has established that the said case against Bukedde relates to its July 24, 2007 lead story, ‘Anzibye: Nagenze ewa Namutebi ansabire n’anzigyako emmotoka yange.’
The article was a narration by David Nsubuga alleging that Namutebi had advised him to “sow” his Toyota Hilux 209 UAN so that God could “release” him for a more expensive vehicle, money to build a beautiful home, pay school fees for his children and remarry.

Formerly, a special hire driver at Nakasero, Nsubuga said in the article that the vehicle was his only source of income and he was finding it difficult to pay his children’s school fees.

The day the article was published, Namutebi’s lawyers Kituuma-Magala & Co. Advocates wrote to Bukedde newspaper, demanding that the paper retracts the story and apologise to Namutebi or be sued for defamation.

But New Vision’s Legal Officer, Rita Kabatunzi, replied the next day that the article was simply “a narration of facts by one David Nsubuga who stands by his claims” and therefore didn’t amount to defamation.
That case has not yet taken off.

The Weekly Observer has also learnt that Namutebi’s lawyers complained to the Broadcasting Council against Radio Sapientia’s programme that hosted Pastor Solomon Male and Kashemeire during which the pastor was accused of using the latter for false testimony.
Radio Sapientia Manager, Sister Maria Ssanyu, told The Weekly Observer that the complaint was dismissed. “There was no defamation. The Broadcasting Council saw no case for us to answer,” she said.

The Secretary of the Broadcasting Council, Kagole Kivumbi, agrees:
“There was no case to answer. Radio Sapientia in our view didn’t breach any of the minimum broadcasting standards,” he said.

He added: “She (Kashemeire) was there, she had scientific information to prove her case (that she had AIDS).”

For his dealings with Kashemeire, Pastor Solomon Male has been threatened with jail by people posing as operatives of the Internal Security Organisation (ISO).

In a statement recorded at the Central Police Station on November 7, 2007, Male reported being threatened by one Moses Masagala who claimed to be from ISO. Masagala reportedly warned Male to back off Kashemeire’s allegation or face jail. But when he was later arrested, Masagala was allegedly found with an envelope marked “777 Liberty Worship Centre,”
Pastor Namutebi’s church.

Can prayers replace ARVs?

Dying in God’s name

By Michael Mubangizi

WEEKLY OBSERVER, 8th May, 2008

Scientists insist that HIV/AIDS has no cure, but some people believe prayers can heal the deadly virus and are busy spreading their belief.

The results have been fatal as some patients have abandoned their life-prolonging anti-retroviral therapy (ARVs) believing that prayers alone will do the job. In these not-so-few cases, the result has been inevitable death.

Fingers have been pointed at mostly Pentecostal preachers. Some pastors are understood to have advised the patients among their flock to burn the drugs, arguing that taking them after prayers equals lack of faith in God’s healing power.

Medics, counsellors and activists in Uganda’s top HIV/AIDS facilities have confirmed this practice.

“We have heard of those cases (people quitting ARVs because of prayer) and we are taking action,” said Uganda AIDS Commission spokesman, James Kigozi.

Kigozi added: “We have a problem with a few Pentecostal churches, they tell people with HIV to leave drugs after praying for them which is criminal.”
He however declined to name the pastors or their churches.

“Even if its one, it’s harmful; if ignored with time the spiral effect will be high because pastors have access to many people,” Kigozi explained

He, however, confirmed that the Uganda AIDS Commission had written to all pastors involved, cautioning them against the practice.

“We have met others physically,” Kigozi said, adding that the practice is not unique to Uganda.

“It’s in the Great Lakes Region; recently we had a meeting with our counterparts, agencies fighting HIV/AIDS from the Great Lakes Region, and they said they have a similar problem.”

Kigozi warned that the effects of abandoning ARVs are awful.
“We usually get to know when one is much weaker, almost on the death bed,” he said, adding that some patients have died in the process.

Formed in 1992 and working under the President’s Office, the UAC oversees and coordinates AIDS prevention and control activities in Uganda.

Dr. Victor Musiime, head of the Paediatrics Department at the Joint Clinical Research Centre, told The Weekly Observer that he had not come across anyone who turned HIV-negative after being prayed for.

“All the people we have re-tested [after the claims] are still HIV-positive,” he said. Musiime explained that he had dealt with 10 to 20 people who stopped taking ARVS because they had been prayed for.

“Some don’t tell you, you get to know after too much probing or personal interaction with them,” he said.
Burning ARVs
Musiime remembers a girl who went away, never to return, after he advised her to resume drugs.
Like Kigozi, he cautioned that abandoning ARVs is dangerous. “Some develop terrible ailments, get new infections, the disease grows and their health worsens,” he said.
Musiime also spoke of a girl who told him one day, that her pastor had withdrawn her ARVs and burnt them, after praying for her.

“She came one year later, in a terrible state and later died at the Cancer Institute at Mulago.”
The JCRC Paediatrics section has 2,000 children and Dr. Musiime says they have devised ways of shielding them “from unscrupulous people who use God’s name to lie about HIV/AIDS cure.”

This includes regular interactions with them, advising them on the need to adhere to their medications, among other things.

Deborah Masiira, the Chief Nursing Officer at the JCRC, concurred that some patients had quit drugs in the belief that prayer had healed them. She said such patients often say that their pastors told them, “When Jesus heals you, you don’t even need drugs.”

Saying the practice was commonest among born-again churches, Masiira blamed it on some pastors who don’t know what they are talking about.

“There are genuine pastors and others who don’t know even what they talk about,” she said.
Masiira also noted that most of the patients who quit ARVs because of prayer don’t easily reveal it.
“They never tell us, we usually get to know when their situation has deteriorated,” she said, adding that it’s normally friends, caretakers and neighbours who pass on this information.

“They look at us as people who don’t believe in God or who doubt that God can heal them,” she said.
Risky strategy

Halting ARVs, Masiira says, worsens the condition of the HIV patient, making him or her resistant to the drugs. It also makes one prone to opportunistic infections such as Crypotococcal Meningitis, TB and Pneumonia.

Taken consistently, she advises, ARVs keep the virus dormant, in the process strengthening one’s immunity against diseases.
Until February 2008 when he was made Coordinator of the Faith Based Organisations at the Mildmay Centre, Dr. Stephen Watiti was a Clinical Manager.

Himself HIV-positive, Watiti says: “There are many people who have left drugs, and we have lost some as a result…some are still alive and we encourage them to resume drugs.”
A God-fearing man, Dr. Watiti says taking ARVs is not disbelieving God. “I am a Christian, I believe in miracles but I haven’t seen anyone who had been positive and turned negative because of prayer.”

The medic says prayer and drugs compliment each other and that he prays and takes his ARVS everyday.
“I have seen many HIV-positive persons who were badly off, were prayed for, started taking drugs and are doing well, and I am one of them,” he said. Dr. Watiti says that at some point he was too bedridden, unable to walk.
“I was 45kgs, now I am 75, I am not sick but I still have evidence of disease because I am still positive,” he said.

The Mildmay Centre started the Faith Based Organisation section to use Watiti’s experience to counter false teachings about HIV cure.
“I have been saved for over 30 years, I have been a doctor and lived with HIV for over 20 years,” he says.

Dr. Watiti’s role now involves talking to religious leaders in all denominations about their role in fighting HIV/AIDS, particularly emphasising that prayer and drugs compliment each other.
He says pastors should be taught and not condemned.

“Some do it out of ignorance and they have admitted it to us,” he says.
Besides prayer, Watiti told The Weekly Observer that some patients quit ARVs after taking on drugs promoted by controversial Iranian Professor, Elahi Allagholi. Elahi was in March 2006 arrested for selling his ‘Khomeini’ drugs that he claimed were a cure for HIV/AIDS.
Healed without test
Watiti says some preachers, like a pastor he declined to name, tell people that prayers healed them of AIDS when they have never tested positive.

“He told me God had healed him, that he had been prayed for; fasted for 40 days. But I later discovered that he had never tested HIV-positive,” Watiti says.

Similarly, Pastor Solomon Male of the Arising for Christ ministry said:
“When you ask them, they say they had signs of AIDS.”

Male, whose ministry campaigns against false teachings, claimed that some pastors connive with doctors to get HIV-positive results for people who are actually HIV-negative.

They then pray for them and later tell them to check their status anywhere, whereupon they find themselves HIV-negative which they attribute to the ‘healing’ power of prayer.

Male further says that some pastors pray for HIV-positive persons and then conspire with doctors to produce HIV-negative results to justify ‘healing’ before telling them to quit ARVs.

Dorothy Nakkazi, a Counsellor with the Mildmay Centre, says the number of people quitting drugs because of prayer is declining.

“Yes, people say I went to pastor so and so who prayed for me and I got healed, but they later come back to us very sick,” she said.

Nakazzi advised two patients she came across to re-test to confirm their healing, but they refused, insisting that they had been healed.
“They usually have strong belief that they were healed. When you insist they say you are testing God.”

Nakkazi has also dealt with a witchdoctor who shunned ARVs. “He said his gods had told him to throw away the ARVs because they (ARVs) would kill him.”
Life-long treatment
TASO Public Relations Officer, Robert Nakibumba, said his organisation had not encountered this phenomenon, attributing it to the counseling TASO subjects to its clients before enrolling them on ARVs.

“We tell them that it is life-long treatment,” he said.
However, Molly Rwankole, a counsellor with TASO, tells a different story. While she says it is not common at TASO, she nevertheless admits it exists.

“It’s not common but it happens and it’s big challenge…we have lost some people in the process,” she says.
Rwankole also revealed that some of her clients had reported on churches where pastors tell their flock to bring the drugs to be burnt, arguing that taking them after prayer was lack of faith.

While admitting that the vice is commonest among a few Balokole churches, she said they have many clients who are born-again and have not stopped taking ARVs.

She mentioned a woman at Pastor Samuel Kakande’s church (The Synagogue Church of All Nations) who died shortly after quitting ARV drugs.

Although all the people interviewed declined to name pastors and churches involved in ‘curing’ AIDS through prayer, Pastor Kakande’s website, carries testimonies of people who got ‘healed’.

The site carries pictures and medical receipts of people who tested positive, and later negative, after they had been prayed for.
Surprisingly, they all tested at two centres - Bwaise Clinic and Ebenezer
Limited Clinical Laboratory (ELCL.)
According to information on this website, one Sarah Mwebaza 23, tested HIV-positive at Bwaise Clinic on August 13, 2004. She later tested negative on October 8, 2004 at Bwaise Clinic and confirmed her new status at the Ebenezer Limited Clinical Laboratory.

Also, Michael Ninsiima, 22, tested positive on May 6, 2004 at Bwaise Clinic and later tested negative on September 9, 2004 at the same clinic. She was reportedly confirmed negative at Ebenezer.

In The Weekly Observer story, Pastors robbing in Jesus’s name? (April 5-11, 2007), Pastor Male was quoted as saying that while serving as Kakande’s deputy for four years, “I used to handle HIV-positive status results and burn them at their instructions. Then they would tell the victims that they are healed.”


Pastor arrested over stolen car

Pastor Muwanguzi, popularly known as Kiwedde, is whisked away by the Police after they arrested him at the US embassy

By Herbert Ssempogo & Eddie Ssejjoba

A city pastor, William Muwanguzi of the Holy Fire Ministries was arrested by the Police yesterday noon for allegedly stealing a car. The controversial preacher was netted outside the US embassy, where he had gone to obtain a visa.

The embassy public affairs officer, Lisa Heilbronn, hurried to explain that the arrest did not take place inside the embassy.

“He had an appointment at the embassy,” she said, adding that he was picked by the Police outside the embassy premises.

Dressed in white African garb, Muwanguzi, who says he has healing powers, was led onto a waiting Police pick-up truck, which whisked him to Katwe Police Station in Kampala.

He was interrogated over a sh24m Land Cruiser he had reportedly ordered from a car dealer but failed to pay for.

The dealer, Mustafa Ssemanda, earlier this week lodged a complaint with the Police alleging that the Pastor had vanished with the car.

The flamboyant pastor was interrogated for about three hours and released on bond after recording a statement.

He was ordered by the Police to deliver the vehicle to the station today.

“He told us that the vehicle is in the garage for repair. He claimed that his wife used it to travel to Fort Portal,” the Katwe CID chief, George Kirya, explained.

Pastor Muwanguzi is no stranger to controversy. Last year, he was arrested over running an unregistered church. He was released after he completed the registration.

He also hit the news for driving an expensive Hummer with a personal registration number, ‘Kiwedde’ (It is accomplished). He at the time claimed he had paid sh600m for it.

Muwanguzi, who runs a church at Namulanda on the Kampala-Entebbe highway, says he can exorcise demons from those ‘possessed’.

But his style of preaching, which is said to condone revenge by ‘cursing’, has been of concern to other Born-Again pastors, who accuse his church of being a cult.

Pastor Muwanguzi arrested at US Embassy

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Zurah Nakabugo & Alfred Nyongesa Wandera


The Police yesterday netted a city pastor over the disappearance of a reconditioned 4-wheel drive vehicle, one detectives claim he stole.
DETAINED: Pastor Muwanguzi speaks on phone at Katwe Police Station yesterday. PHOTO BY EPHRAIM KASOZI

Pastor William Muwanguzi of the Entebbe Road-based Holy Fire Church in Namulanda, was arrested by Police detectives at the U.S Embassy in Kampala yesterday morning.

“He was arrested at the American Embassy at 10 am by our security personnel that had been alerted and deployed in every place searching for him over theft of the vehicle,” said Kampala Extra Region Police Spokesman Simeo Nsubuga.

The police publicist added that Mr Muwanguzi, commonly known as Pastor Kiwedde, was locked up at Katwe Police Station, where he is still detained on case file reference number CRB 2808/08/Katwe Police Station.

The pastor is alleged to have disappeared with a Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle worth Shs24 million belonging to one Mr Michael Sango alias Dai, of the East African Disco in Nyendo, Masaka District.

“He was arrested over theft of the motor vehicle registration number UAH 419T which belongs to a businessman Mr Sango,” said Mr Nsubuga.

He said although the police had not yet recovered the vehicle, investigations had revealed that the beleaguered pastor’s wife apparently took the vehicle to the Democratic Republic of Congo last month with the intention of selling it.

According to a detective who preferred anonymity, Mr Muwanguzi was trying to get an American visa to “flee the country after we declared him a wanted man.” The American Embassy said Muwanguzi was going for a visa interview.