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Friday, 5 October 2012

Pastor Convicted of injuring Pastor Kaynja’s Image speaks back: Pastor Solomon Male accuses Uganda police of shoddy work and double standards

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Pastor Male accuses police of shoddy work

Friday, 05 October 2012 00:47

Written by Siraje Lubwama

It seems the story of Pastor Robert Kayanja and the other four pastors, who were, on Wednesday, convicted to 100 hours of community service is not about to end.

Pastor Moses Male, one of the convicted pastors, has now turned his guns on the police, accusing them of failing to carry out thorough investigations. In his letter to the Inspector General of Police, Lt Gen Kale Kayihura, Male says the police have failed to look into the “endemic” kidnaps that have happened since accusations of sodomy against Pastor Kayanja emerged.

“I want to  draw your attention  to human kidnaps that now seem to have become endemic, carried out on Kayanja’s youthful followers some of who have testified against me  and my co-accused persons in the sodomy saga,” Male’s letter dated September 26 says in part.

Male, together with pastors Martin Sempa, Michael Kyazze and Robert Kayiira, was on Wednesday convicted of conspiracy to injure the reputation of Pastor Kayanja. On top of serving community service, they are supposed to pay a fine of Shs one million each.

However, Male maintains he is innocent claiming his conviction is premised on half-baked investigations. Citing the alleged kidnap of John Mutumba and Robinson Matovu, he says the two despite testifying against him recently produced recorded tapes retracting their court testimonies.

They are said to have been kidnapped on July 8, 2012 and the matter reported to police on May 10, 2012. According to Male, no investigations were carried out even when the suspected kidnappers are being held at Old Kampala Police Station.

Mutumba claims to have been kidnapped at night on his way from work at Miracle Centre where he works as a cameraman; Matovu alleges to have been called  and deceived that Mutumba had got an accident, then kidnapped on his way to get  to him.

Their captors were allegedly armed with machineguns and AK 47 assault rifles. Some few months earlier, there was another alleged kidnap of Kayanja’s aide, Ezekiel Wambuzi.

“Very surprising and disturbing is that since the kidnap video was recorded, posted on You Tube and statements made to Police on file GEF 198/2012, there seems to have been not even the least interest for police to investigate such glaring allegations,” Male wites.

Earlier abductions

Male also mentions Chris Muwonge who was allegedly kidnapped on his way from the Miracle Centre night prayer on the morning of April 18, 2009, and held for five days.

During his captivity, Muwonge was put at gunpoint and allegedly promised $120,000 to say on camera that Kayanja sodomized boys before his “kidnappers” dumped him at Kayanja’s Kawuku residence in Makindye division.

Next to be kidnapped was Herbert Tumukunde on the night of May, 11, 2009 by “four masked men” within the Miracle Cathedral premises, dragged into a waiting car, Toyota Mark II which immediately drove off, and was allegedly tortured. He was threatened with death.

Male notes: “More disturbing is that since the kidnap started way back in 2009, what the public has been told by police publicist Judith Nabakooba is that the police are seriously investigating.  I am not aware of any statements recorded from key suspects mentioned in respect of each kidnap.”