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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The impossibility of defeating American prosperity pastors in Uganda using client state justice systems : Six Pastor Kayanja sodomy accusers convicted


Kato Mivule
It is wishful thinking for the Ugandan Govt to think that young boys in Uganda are never sexually abused. Rather than commission an independent investigation into these cases of sexual abuse, the Uganda Govt sought to Protect Pastor Kayanja (The Man of God) at all costs... Child Sexual abuse is nothing NEW. The USA Catholic Church, Irish Catholic Church, Boy Scouts, Penn State University have been dealing with these issues. Therefore for the UG Govt to simply hide their head in the sand on this issue is absurd, and a cover-up at best... The point is that many young boys will continue to be sexually molested by the powerful and NONE of those cases will go reported because of fear and retribution from a Govt that protects the powerful,and that is what is at stake here. Pray for your young UG Boys!

Six Pastor Kayanja sodomy accusers convicted


By Betty Ndagire

Posted  Wednesday, October 3  2012 at  12:51

Buganda Road Court has convicted four Kampala pastors, a businesswoman and a musician for conspiring to tarnish Pastor Kayanja’s reputation.

Pastor Kayanja, heads Lubaga Miracle Centre, in Kampala. His accusers claimed that he sodomised several youths at his church. 

Pastors Solomon Male, Martin Ssempa, Michael Kyazze and Robert Kaira, together with Ms  Deborah Anita Kyomuhendo, a businesswoman and David Mukalazi, a musician, were convicted by Buganda Road Grade I magistrate, Julius Borore.

Mr Borore sentenced them to a fine of Shs1 million each and community service of 100 hours or serve six months in prison upon failure to pay the fine and performing community service.  Community service is where a convict is forced perform manual labour like digging, cleaning public facilities such as schools, collecting garbage among other chores.

The six are still being held in a holding cell at Buganda road court as they make up their minds. Meanhile Kayanja’s supporters are chanting outside court.

The magistrate said the case is sensitive in nature adding that genocides around the world have happened after the propagation of false information. 
The case was first handled by Grade One magistrate John Patrick Wekesa and was later re-assigned to Julius Borore, after the former was accused of being bribed by Pastor Kayanja’s camp.

On August 8, Mr Borore denied the accused persons permission to pursue their appeal in the Court of Appeal. They had filed an application, challenging the decision of High Court judge, Lameck Mukasa, not to recall the 21 prosecution witnesses to sustain their case. Mr Borore ruled that the appeal was a delaying tactic to block delivery of justice.

Mr Kato Ssekabanja, who represented the convicts, said he has instructions from his clients to appeal.

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