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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

When a Shameless murderer demands payment : Witch doctor in Kajubi case demands payment

 L-R: Umar Katerega, Kato Kajubi and Mariam Nabukera in court during hearing of their murder case.

Witch doctor in Kajubi case demands payment

By Dear Jeanne

Posted  Wednesday, October 3  2012 at  01:00

In Summary
Umar Katerega claims that since the onset of the murder investigations, he has since lost clientele and is unemployed.


Umar Katerega, the traditional healer who aided Godfrey Kato Kajubi in the murder of 12-year-old Joseph Kasirye, yesterday stormed CID headquarters in Kibuli along with his wife Mariam Nabukera, demanding payment for what they called, ‘their role that enabled the successful conviction of Kajubi’.

According to Katerega, who committed the murder, he is currently unemployed and has no hope of getting a job after what transpired during the investigations. “I was a key person in the conviction of Kajubi and so it is not easy for me to get a job. Police has to pay me for my role,” he said, although he did not disclose how much he wants the police to pay him.

He also evaded press interviews and kept demanding to see the director CIID, Ms Grace Akullo.

The demand comes four years after police began investigations into a case of child sacrifice, in which Katerega and his wife were hired by Kajubi at Shs15.36 million, out of which only Shs360,000 was paid to have Kasirye kidnapped and murdered.

Kajubi was convicted for the murder in July after Katerega acted as a State witness, earning him life imprisonment. In his ruling, Justice Mike Chibita said prosecution produced “enough evidence” to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Kajubi participated in the murder of the minor.

The ruling
The judge found that the two principal state witnesses, Katerega and Nabukeera, consistently mentioned knowing the accused very well and they both kept saying he did visit their house on the day Kasirye was killed.

The ruling was based on the same facts on which first trial judge Justice Moses Mukiibi based on and ruled in April, 2010 that the witnesses contradicted each other and that the evidence adduced in court was insufficient to convict the businessman.

The acquittal drew public fury, forcing the Director of Public Prosecutions to appeal. The public has since called for the prosecution of Katerega and his wife.


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