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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

No wonder wizards, sorcerers and even Cannibals in Africa find the catholic church a very comfortable place to be: Sedlec Ossuary: A catholic Church Decorated With Human Bones


The roman catholic church is a very clear example of paganised Christianity. As a person who was caught up in the Roman catholic church for over 20 years,  I  now look back and understand why many wizards, sorcerers and cannibals cherish the catholic church. They really find it as a justification  for their wickedness.

Uganda and the demonic strong hold of Cannibalism : Six arrested in connection with Cannibalism in Rakai

Uganda : 13 suspected cannibals to appear in court

In Africa you will find so many Catholics faithfuls with rosaries in their necks as well as ancestral worship shines. It is amazing that many staunch Catholics  are also ardent ancestral worshippers . They still indulge in witchcraft and sorcerery but also do not miss the catholic mass every day. Some of these Catholics are even catechists.

 It is amazing how many sorcerers, wizards and even cannibals(in Africa they call them night dancers) continue to be catechists. Catholics faithfuls(fools) continue to accept cannibals, wizards and sorcerers as catechists even after knowing that they participate in these evils. This is how satanic the catholic church is.

Catholic cannibals of Uganda: When the catholic church became a hide out for cannibals : When cannibals remain committed to both cannibalism and Roman Catholicism

Uganda and the demonic  strong hold of Cannibalism : Six arrested in connection with Cannibalism in Rakai 

It is a system that has been well crafted by Satan to deceive multitudes of people. Surely how can a church that claims to be  Christian have chapels with dead people’s bones?? There is absolutely no scriptural basis for this worship of the dead. Dear brothers and sisters we need to pray for Catholics so that God opens their eyes to the reality of the satanic catholic church.  

Pope Francis meets disfigured man
Pope Francis Kisses Mary Idol

Pope Francis Kisses feet of prisoner. Catholics do good works such as this along side very many bad works such as worshiping the dead

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Sedlec Ossuary: A Church Decorated With Human Bones



The Sedlec Ossuary Roman Catholic chapel located in the Czech Republic is known as one of the weirdest places on earth. 



Not because of its religious background, only because of how this church is decorated with real human bones.


The creepy Sedlec Ossuary, also known as the ‘Church of Bones’ is located under the Cemetery Church of All Saints. It is said to be decorated with bones of about 40,000 – 70,000 skeletons.


In the 15th century this place was used as an ossuary to store thousands of bones of people for many centuries until 1870, when a man was hired to do something useful with these skeletons.

So, this man decided to do a little re-decoration with these human bones. And the result was amazingly horrifying. Check out the photos to take a closer look.


Head over to  Sedlec Ossuary website for more info.
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Capela Dos Ossos (Bone Chapel), Evora

The Igreja Real de São Francisco (Royal Church of St. Francis) in Évora is best known for its chapel that is not for the faint of heart. In the Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of Bones), the walls and central pillars are covered with human skulls and other parts of skeletons, held together by cement.

History of Capela Dos Ossos (Bone Chapel)

The Church of St. Francis itself was built in the Gothic style with Manueline influences between 1460 and 1510. Its Capela dos Ossos was created by a few Franciscan monks in the 16th century as a practical solution to a problem - as many as 42 monastic cemeteries were taking up valuable space in Evora, so they moved all the bones to a single consecrated chapel. Seeing an opportunity to contemplate and communicate the inevitability of death, the monks chose to display the bones prominently rather than storing them away.

What to See at Capela Dos Ossos (Bone Chapel)

The main Church of St. Francis is opulently decorated with golden altars and walls of painted blue tile. The Chapel of Bones is entered next door, through a large arch bearing a painted rhyme reminding visitors of their own mortality: Nós ossos que aqui estamos, pelos vossos esperamos: "Our bones that are here wait for yours!"
Inside, human bones and skulls completely cover the chapel's walls and pillars - the number of skeletons has been estimated at 5,000. Legend has it the bones come from soldiers of a major battle or plague victims, but in reality they are people from all walks of life who were buried in Evora's medieval cemeteries.
Interestingly, the bones of the monks who assembled the chapel are not on display - they are kept in a small white coffin in the chapel. In addition to all the bones, there are two full corpses hanging high on a wall. Their identities are unknown, but there are plenty of legends: one popular story says they are an adulterous man and his infant son, cursed by his jealous wife.
At one end of the chapel, an altar with a crucifix reminds visitors of the way to overcome death. The rib-vaulted ceiling of the chapel continues the theme, painted with small scenes accompanied by Latin phrases such as "I leave, but I don't die," "I die in the light," and "The day that I die is better than the day that I was born."
Evora's Capela dos Ossos is not the only church decorated with human bones. See our category "Dead on Display" for similar sites around the world.

Quick Facts on Capela Dos Ossos (Bone Chapel)

Site Information
Names:Bone Chapel · Capela dos Ossos · Capela dos Ossos (Bone Chapel) · Capela dos Ossos (Bone Chapel), Evora · Igreja de São Francisco
Dedication: St. Francis
Dates:16th C
Status: active
Visitor and Contact Information
Coordinates:38.568968° N, 7.908568° W
Address:Praça 1 de Maio
Evora, Portugal
Hours:Mon-Sat 9am-12:45pm & 2:30-5:45pm, Sun opens at 10am
Lodging:View hotels near Capela Dos Ossos (Bone Chapel)
Note: This information was accurate when first published and we do our best to keep it updated, but details such as opening hours and prices can change without notice. To avoid disappointment, please check with the site directly before making a special trip.


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