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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Roman Catholicism and the worship of the dead VIII : Pope calls Catholics to venerate 1600 year old skull

Pope calls Catholics to venerate 1600 year old skull

The dressed skeleton of claimed saint Ambrose is in Milan. The Pope wants Catholics to hail him on his feast today.

A horrible display of paganism, presented as “Christianity” by wicked people.
The CNA reports that the “Catholic Church will celebrate the memory of St. Ambrose, the brilliant Bishop of Milan who influenced St. Augustine’s conversion and was named a “Doctor of the Church”.
Well and good.

No place to rest. Skeletons brought out of the grave, and put for display and veneration in a Catholic Church.
The challenge is again that Catholic faithful are called by the pope to venerate a skull, dressed up in fine linen and gold. The corpse of this 1600 hundred old person, is found in a crypt in a Catholic Church in Milan. This man called Ambrose, is lying next to two other skeletons. That is the remains of “Saints Gervasius and Protasius”.
That Catholic does not worship these skeleton and corpses, is not true.
Here is a comment from a Catholic blogger, who proudly admit he was “praying before this remains”. If praying is not worship, than nothing is.
” This past June while in Milan it was a great honor to pray before the remains of this holy saint with a fellow North American, the great Shawn Tribe, Catholic journalist of NLM fame” (
Not all bloggers are likewise impressed by this kind of worship of the dead.
This is a copy of another blog message:
“A ghoulish treat: the bones of the revered and ancient saint and patron of Milan lie under the high altar with two others, Saints Gervasius and Protasius. Their relics were purportedly discovered by Ambrose when he was looking to dedicate the basilica in AD 386: for a church to be consecrated, you needed relics. Obligingly, these two saints appeared to Ambrose in a vision and pointed the way to their tomb”.
The official version of the Vatican, is that Ambrose was “forced by a mob”, to become their Bishop.  I am not joking. This is from the official Catholic News Agency, CNA:
“With the help of Emperor Valentinan, who ruled the Western Roman Empire at the time, a mob of Milanese Catholics virtually forced Ambrose to become their bishop against his own will”
“Eight days after his baptism, Ambrose received episcopal consecration on Dec. 7, 374 A.D. The date would eventually become his liturgical feast”.
Source: CNA.
I can literally see the Catholic mob chasing this man into the Bishops palace. It must have been painful for him, to place him self in the chair of totalitarian authority.

Skeletons presented as “Holy bones”. The Pope call his faithful to adore them.

Not so lucky holy bones, not yet dressed up with gold and silver linen. “Holy relicts” of Saint Anthony of Padua.

Catholic nuns bow before the box with bony remains of claimed saint Theresa.
There seems to be no limits of Roman Catholic filth and rubbish presented as the truth. The story behind this claimed “sainthood” is so baloney, that I hope that some Papist’s reading this message, will be able to escape their house of demons.
The skeleton of Ambrose is most likely the remain of a Baptist preacher, who has chased by the Catholic mob. Presented in the Bishops palace in Milan, and executed.
Take look as the skull and bone files on this blog.
Written by Ivar

8 Responses to Pope calls Catholics to venerate 1600 year old skull

  1. sueliz1 says:
    Just when I thought there were no more bones to show..Gross. I feel quite sorry for the nuns actually. I used to own relics and as you know have been out of the RCC for one year. We have disposed of all relics in my home. What was normal before, disgusts me now.
  2. Jes says:
    The place for the bones is in their resting place that is; the earth or the grave just as Yahveh said to Adam ‘dust thou art and unto dust thou shall return’ …. So why are these bones in the Catholic churches?? Here we can see the works of the devil in defiance of the Holy Word of Yahveh. Don’t they have any other hobby but to collect the bones of dead people?
    Holy bones??? my foot!! The bones shown above being worshiped are no doubt the bones of wicked men who willingly carried out orders to murder innocent men, women and children. After all the devil promises that whoever serves him, he will give him this world and make him a god … and so it is, these wicked men and women get to be gods and worshiped.
    Some are cadavers cleverly mummified and claimed that these are bodies of holy men that did not decay … and so ignorant people fall into the trap.
    Very sad indeed. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!
  3. Gloria says:
    I cannot grab the concept that anyone can bow and pray to a skull or bones. Not only is it horrific in picture, but imagine being close up. What do they think these “bones” could do for them? It is horrendous that they believe in this lie told by the devil.
    Picking up the Holy Word of God and reading it to follow the teachings of God, is the best thing anyone can do.
    Luke 4:8 “Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve him only.’”
  4. Justin Mark M. Lim says:
    Excuse me, but permit me to speak.
    We Catholics DO NOT worship the saints. We have saints because the saints have contributed to the Catholic Faith and/or they have defended the Faith when they were still alive.
    We honor them, but, still, we worship GOD alone…
    • ivarfjeld says:
      Dear Justin Mark M. Lim
      You wrote:
      We honor them, but, still, we worship GOD alone…
      My reply:
      I am sure skulls, bones, and corpses rejoices over being honored by Catholics. But I have chosen to leave all this rotten stuff in the graves, and honor Jesus the Messiah, alone.
  5. says:
    Right bone connected to left bone foot bone connected to the skull bone. This Pope is getting out of hand folks I just fill sorry for all of the Catholics that they follow him and not God.