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Monday, 6 October 2014

The Ecumenical flavour at Kampala city festival 2014: Christianity + Islam +Baal : Music, fanfare, fashion light up Kampala city festival



Exited to look like a devil at Kampala Independence Carnival: Born again KCCA executive Director and member of WATOTO CHURCH Jennifer Musisi organizes Carnival and makes a triumphant entry into Kampala on a pale horse: Uganda has become the first city in sub-Saharan African with such a gathering.

Born again Kampala capital city authority executive director organize second Carnival


Music, fanfare, fashion light up Kampala city festival

A procession of revellers at the Kampala festival yesterday 
By Farahani Mukisa & Didas Kisembo

Posted  Monday, October 6   2014 at  01:00
In Summary
Oneness. Ms Jennifer Musisi vows to continue improving the organisation of the city festival as a tool for creating a sense of social togetherness 

People from all walks of life thronged the Kampala City streets yesterday for the third edition of the city festival.

The planner, Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA), promised the best festival and they did not disappoint.
As early as 7am, different businesses, who had worked through the night to set up their stalls and tents, opened shop to the public, who had since started trickling in.

Revellers pose for the camera at the festival
By 10am, there were long queues of people at the entry points, and even larger streams of people strolling about the city streets from Kampala Road to Jinja Road, clad in a variety of festival fashions; dresses and caps they had purchased at stalls within. Some had their faces painted and other wore masks.
Gospel music, Muslims’ Kaswida and sounds of drums and trumpets, blared over thousands of revellers who turned up for the festival.
The Christian and Muslims’ stages at Sheraton Kampala Hotel and Parliamentary Gardens respectively were some of the exceptional stages that added a religious feel to the festival that had more than seven stages in total.
KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi
KCCA executive director Jennifer Musisi waves to crowds on arrival during the festival
At about 9am, pedestrians lined up on Buganda Road, where the festival parade started through Kampala Road towards Railways Gardens where the main celebrations of the festival events were hosted.
Unlike in the previous carnivals, where Ms Jennifer Musisi stood atop City Hall floater, this time round, she was comfortably seated in an open-roof Mercedes Benz labelled “Nankulu Jennifer Musisi” at both sides of the number plates. Nankulu means “a female boss”. As expected, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago was not part of the festivities.
Wearing an orange short sleeved dress and a light cream ceremonial hat fixed with a flower, Ms Musisi arrived in heavily guarded convoy.
The festival is a day KCCA set aside for Kampala dwellers to enjoy full liberty of their city, show their talents and associate with its leaders.
“We have a diversity of people from all parts of the world, make sure you walk around and make a new friend, and be part of this transformation process for Kampala,” Ms Musisi told revellers in a recorded video clip.

Crane Bank officials enjoy camel rides
Addressing revellers after her tour of all the stages, the jolly looking Musisi, vowed to continually improve the organisation of the city festival as a tool for creating a sense of social togetherness among Kampalans.
“The city festival has been instrumental in creating a spirit of togetherness among Ugandans. It has also helped improved compliance among city dwellers towards payment of revenues and keeping the city clean,” Ms Musisi.

KCCA street carnival in pictures

Publish Date: Oct 05, 2014
KCCA street carnival in pictures
KCCA Executive Director arrives for the carnival
ALL PHOTOS/Nicholas Oneal


Abantu beeyiye mu bikujjuko bya Kampala City Festival

 Oct 05, 2014


 Abantu beeyiiye mu bikujjuko bya Kampala City Festival, ebyategekeddwa ekitongole kya Kampala City Council Authority.