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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Born again Kampala capital city authority executive director organize second Carnival

  Kampala City Festival Jennifer Musisi 2

Kampala City Festival People

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Exited to look like a devil at Kampala Independence Carnival: Born again KCCA executive Director and member of WATOTO CHURCH Jennifer Musisi organizes Carnival and makes a triumphant entry into Kampala on a pale horse: Uganda has become the first city in sub-Saharan African with such a gathering.

KCCA carnival excites Kampala 
Publish Date: Oct 07, 2013
KCCA carnival excites Kampala

Revellers at the carnival
By Francis Kagolo and Juliet Waiswa

As the counter-terrorism Police monitored keenly, thousands of Kampala dwellers yesterday had a sigh of relief, dancing
through the city centre to mark this year’s city festival.

The festival, which cost over sh600m, started with a march from Hotel Triangle along Buganda Road at 10:00am, down
to Watoto Central Church, through Kampala and Jinja roads to Kitgum House. The festivities later ended with a merry-making climax at the Railway Grounds where over 30 musicians performed.

  Some of the bikers at the city carnival
Accompanied by the army political commissar, Col. Felix Kulayigye, Kampala Capita City Authority (KCCA) executive
director Jennifer Musisi led the crowds through the streets atop a fl oater (trailer) decorated in the red-black-yellow
national fl ag and KCCA’s green colours.

 Carnival babes were in plenty

Other participants included minister for the presidency, also in charge of Kampala, Frank Tumwebaze, Makindye mayor Ian Clarke and Kampala Woman MP Nabilah Ssempala.

Clad in tight jeans, a T-shirt and flowery hat, Musisi at some points jumped off the truck and rode camels amid applause from the crowds. This is the second time KCCA organises a street carnival, having launched it last year to celebrate Uganda’s golden jubilee anniversary.

According to Musisi, the carnival aims at bringing different people in Kampala to celebrate together ahead of independence

 clowns doing their thing

Dozens of traditional dancers and skitters as well as bikers caused excitement as they rode ahead of Musisi’s floater. School children, Police and Prisons brass bands also entertained the revellers. Thousands of people stood along the streets to catch a glimpse of the excitement.

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