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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Francis Chan endorses IHOP’s Mike Bickle


Francis Chan endorses IHOP’s Mike Bickle

Francis Chan preached at IHOP-KC’s Onething Conference, and he preached up a storm. At the beginning he said, “There’s people who told me not to hang out with [Mike Bickle]. Words like ‘creepy’ came up. … I love his heart. I just want to publicly say I love Mike Bickle.”

Recognizing a great public relations opportunity, IHOP turned this into a short video: Watch video (Give it a few seconds to come on)…

I often wonder about decisions made by Pastor Chan and author Joel Rosenberg, two men who seem truly committed to Christ, yet lack…discernment. I know this statement is going to get me in trouble with some.

Pastor Chan’s sermon dealt with the wrath of God as well as the love of God. It was powerful. He prayed before he began, and he prayed hard. You can watch the whole thing here: Watch video

Should Pastor Chan have endorsed Mike Bickle? No. But, go ahead, you make the call: Read

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