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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Spiritual Naivety : Pastor Wilson Bugembe shares Pulpit with Uganda’s notorious witchdoctor Maama Fiina : Even if you own demons and you are revered like Maama Fiina and can walk in space, the almighty is one, preached the witch on Pastor Bugembe’s Pulpit: The witch also donated two million Uganda shillings to Church Project .

Uganda's notorious witch a.k.a Maama Fiina in a demon invocation Pipe smoking ritual



Serpent spirit : Do you see snake skin on the witch’s browse ??

One of the demons this witch worships is called Bemba Musota(Bemba the Big Snake)

Witch Maama Fiina donates 2 million shillings at Bugembe's church

Last Sunday was no ordinary Sunday at Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s Light The World church in Nansana.
It was the annual Celebrity Sunday, one of Bugembe’s dreams of bringing the people in the entertainment industry closer to God. Many in Pentecostal circles disapprove of Bugembe’s method, but as the singer sang in his song, Sibiwulira, once more comedians, musicians, media personalities and other entertainers took over the pews.

Pastor wilson Bugembe

Many of the church’s usual congregants could not access the hall, leaving many to catch the action on a screen placed in a tent in the parking lot. Bobi Wine, GNL Zamba, Bebe Cool, Juliana Kanyomozi and Desire Luzinda, among many others, represented the musicians; Amooti of Amarula Family and Herbert ‘Mendo’ Segujja were some of the comedians, as The Ebonies and part of NTV’s Deceptions cast ably represented the theatre fraternity.

From left: Maama Fina(witch), Meddie Nsereko(Moslem), Desire Luzinda, and Haji Nasser Sebagala a.k.a Seya During the Celebrity Sunday 2015

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Nasser Ntege Sebaggala and Mukasa Mbidde (East Africa Legislative Assembly representative) were also in attendance. Maama Fiina represented the traditional healers and her moment at the podium was the highlight of the entire event as she acknowledged the power of God.

“Nebw’oba n’amayembe ng’otambulira waggulu mu bire, naye afuga ali omu (whatever powerful fetishes one may boast in, there is only one Almighty God),” she said, bringing the fully-packed church to its feet.
The top witch-doctor said God has a calling for everyone and that the day He chooses to change hers and brings her to serve in church, she will follow without hesitation. Bebe Cool, who kicked off his talk with a Muslim greeting, praised God for getting him to where he is right now.

Maama Fina , a staunch catholic and witch , praying at Bulyanti  catholic church where she donated 1 million Uganda shillings .He life style is typical of African Christians who worship the 'God'  on Sunday and the devil on Monday

Bugembe laid hands on him as he prayed for a successful 2015. Juliana Kanyomozi praised God for seeing her through a trying 2014. It is the year she mourned the loss of her only child, 11-year-old Keron Kabugo. She said people in the limelight may not go to church every Sunday, but they know the Lord.

She sang Kanyimbe and Juanita Bynum’s I Will Wait For You, her angelic voice making sweet melody in the pews. Perhaps she should give us a gospel album soon. Desire Luzinda, responding to Bugembe’s query about her reaction on seeing her leaked nude pictures, said, “I regretted a thousand times but many people helped me realise that I am also human and what I did was out of love.”

The event held under the theme “Thank God for who you are. We are friends and not enemies” was aimed at raising funds to build a school for pupils of Busiro primary school in Luuka district, who were recently shown writing on the ground by NTV news.

The prayer session ended with lunch for the invited guests late in the afternoon. Bugembe’s close association with the secular world and its stars has caused much controversy between the singing, youthful pastor and his more senior colleagues in the Pentecostal faith.

But clearly, the Celebrity Sunday is gaining more popularity each year and come 2016, all that bling-bling, shades, heavy boots and make-up will once again be clinking in the Nansana-based church.

In Blue Coat: Lord  Mayor Elias Lukwago(Muslim) at Pastor Bugembe's 2015 celebrity sunday


Pastor Bugembe Mints Millions  from celebrities

Slain by the demonic ecumenical Pentecostal spirit : Pastor Wilson Bugembe witnesses wedding marriage in Rubaga catholic church: Pastor Wilson Bugembe was part of catholic Patriko Mujuka Bridal entourage

When spiritual hypocricy disguises as love: The day Pastor Wilson Bugembe called Unsaved celebrities to preach to born again faithfuls at his Light the world Church

When the devil blesses its servants with material prosperity : Maama Fina (real name Sylvia Namutebi) the Ugandan Millionaire “witchdoctor” and media darling: Maama Fina’s life boguses the gospel of some prosperity pastors who tell Christians that worshiping satan is synonymous with poverty.

‘Ekitone’ Singer Desire Luzinda Attends Pastor Bugembe’s Celebrity Sunday Service

Leader of Uganda’s Satanic priests and priestess Mama Fina’s (Sylivia Namutebi) Insists she will make pilgrimage to Mecca despite threats from Muslim leaders

Judith Babirye Joins Ecumenism: Attends church fundraising with Maana Fiina the satanic priestess


Mama Fiina gives Shs2m offertory in Pastor Bugembe’s church

Jan 26, 2015

The service brought together celebs of different religious denominations who filled the church, relegating regular church goers of Light The World Ministries in Nansana to peeping through windows.
But of all the celebs who attended the service, Mama Fiina, the leader of the traditional healers in Uganda received the loudest cheers.

“I know my coming here is going to get people talking. They say I practice witchcraft, but our goal is to heal people,” she said.

“I also believe there is a supreme God,” she added.

Mama Fiina gave an offertory of Shs2m to the pastor. The money will help in bettering the learning conditions of children who were recently aired on NTV studying under a tree and writing on the ground.
It should be recalled that Pastor Bugembe sang calling Mama Fiina to leave her traditional healing ways and join the church in his Mukama Njagala Kumanya song.

Mama Fiina said that if she receives the call of the Lord to leave traditional healing and become a pastor, she will do it.

The controversial traditional healer was on Christmas Day among the congregation at the Catholic Rubaga Cathedral in a Mass that was led by Archbishop Cyprian Lwanga.

Pastor Bugembe hosts and prays for top Ugandan celebreties

Publish Date: Jan 25, 2015
Pastor Bugembe hosts and prays for top Ugandan celebreties
Desire Luzinda arrives to pray. PHOTOS BY MARTIN NDIJJO

  KAMPALA, Sunday: Pastor Wilson Bugembe today hosted and prayed for several celebreties at his church. They include Juliana Kanyomozi, Haji Ssebagala, Desire Luzinda and Kusasira.
Photographs below tell the whole story.