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Friday, 9 January 2015

Slain by the demonic ecumenical Pentecostal spirit : Pastor Wilson Bugembe witnesses wedding marriage in Rubaga catholic church: Pastor Wilson Bugembe was part of catholic Patriko Mujuka Bridal entourage

Pastor wilson Bugembe

WATCH:Pastor Bugembe 3.46

Patriko Mujuka’s wedding

Pastor wilson Bugembe


When spiritual hypocricy disguises as love: The day Pastor Wilson Bugembe called Unsaved celebrities to preach to born again faithfuls at his Light the world Church

Photos: Patriko Mujuuka marries his beau

CBS presenter Patriko Mujuuka this morning walked down the aisle with his long term sweetheart Lydia Nalubega, popularly known as Mama Majo. The two exchanged vows at Rubaga Cathedral in presence of his Eminence Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala. The best man was fellow Afri Talent Actor Wycliff Luyombya.

Check out the photos.
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