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Thursday, 16 May 2013

When spiritual hypocricy disguises as love: The day Pastor Wilson Bugembe called Unsaved celebrities to preach to born again faithfuls at his Light the world Church

Bebe Cool said he grew up in a Christian home although he is a devout Muslim.

“My father is Muslim and my mum is a Christian; so, growing up under a Christian family means I know Christ but all in all we all worship one God; religions are only a medium of reaching Him,” said Bebe.


 Bobie Wine a staunch Muslim Uganda celebrity speaks at Pastor Bugembe's church


Inviting celebrities to Pastor Bugembe’ s church  is very okay. But giving a non-born again secular musician the pulpit to preach is really hypocritical. What Pastor Bugembe should do is to continue inviting these celebrities but preach to them the truth about salvation? He should tell them that if they continue living that rebellious life style; there is no heaven for them. Jesus loved sinners and non-believers so much but never gave them an opportunity to preach to his disciples. A non-saved person has no moral authority to preach the gospel to saved persons.   


Pastor Bugembe should learn from Pastor George Okudi

Yiiiii Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Are sure Pastor Peter Ssematimba is Saved?



Bugembe switches up congregation

Tuesday, 09 April 2013 08:10

Written by Abu-Baker Mulumba

Actor/comedian Kato Lubwama confessed he was in church for the first time in 20 years. He made the confession last Sunday at Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s Light the World Church at Nansana.

“Imagine sitting next to a person who is a thief or who murdered someone the night before. If God doesn’t accept your prayer, who do you blame?” said Kato who has also previously confessed to being an ardent worshipper in shrines (amasabo).

The Sunday is codenamed Celebrity Sunday where Ugandan celebrities gather to pray and April 7 attracted more than 100 artistes from different religions.  Leila Kalanzi, her sister Hajjat Madina and Ali Yawe all came dressed in Islamic hijab and tunic respectively. Bebe Cool said he grew up in a Christian home although he is a devout Muslim.

“My father is Muslim and my mum is a Christian; so, growing up under a Christian family means I know Christ but all in all we all worship one God; religions are only a medium of reaching Him,” said Bebe.

Bobi Wine, who took the congregation through Ecclesiastes 11:10, looked to be well-versed with the Bible although he confessed he reads it once in three years. Nonetheless, his knowledge of the Bible wowed his fellow celebrities as he quoted verses off the cuff.

“If it were not for my wife Barbara Itungo who is very religious, I would be so spoilt, but she has kept me in the line of God. In families, we teach children how to look for money and we forget to teach them about their Creator and they grow up ‘spoilt’.”

“I pray that we host this Celebrity Sunday every year because we come closer to God,” Bobi requested of the pastor.

The first Celebrity Sunday was hosted in February 2011. Others who spoke included Nince Henry, Mesach Ssemakula and his wife Sarah Nakaayi, Ronald Mayinja and his wife Aisha Nakyeyune, Matthias Walukagga, Andrew Benon Kibuuka, Meddie Nsereko, Exodus and Police’s Judith Nabakooba. Mesach said inviting ‘celebrities’ and they turn up in big numbers is not easy because they are always busy on weekends.

“We honoured your invitation because you are very humble, respected and a very ambitious man whose background has moulded you as a role model. That is why my wife leaves Buziga to come and pray from here every Sunday, because you are clean,” said Mesach.

Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth; and let thy heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth, and walk in the ways of thine heart, and in the sight of thine eyes: but know thou, that for all these things God will bring thee into judgment. 10 Therefore remove sorrow from thy heart, and put away evil from thy flesh: for childhood and youth are vanity. Ecclesiastes 11( Bobi Wine a staunch catholic preached from these verses during the celebrity Sunday)

Others in attendance were Sheila Gashumba, Judith Heard, Sarah Zawedde, Willy Mukaabya, Ruth Wanyana, Sam and Sophie Gombya, Alina Talents of Aloysius Matovu Joy, Desire Luzinda, Roger Mugisha, Denis Katongole Omutongole, Tendo Tabel [Titie], Florence Namirimu, Fun Factory members, Bakayimbira Dramactors, Abazeeyi b’e Burma, among others.

The day’s emcee Patriko Mujuuka, made the function move smoothly with jokes made in the name of God. Bugembe, who had invited the celebrities by phone call, thanked them for being polite. He said the aim of this service is to worship together and understand God more.

“I called each of you and your response was welcoming,” Bugembe said as he prayed for them to overcome all their problems.

Each celebrity walked away with a CD that contained Bugembe’s sermons. The service that started at 10am ended at 5pm with lunch and the chief celebrity, Princess Katrina-Sarah Ssangalyambogo’s contribution to the completion of a Sunday school behind the church.

Bebe Cool Spends Sunday At Bugembe’s Church

“I believe God is one whether you are a Moslem, Catholic or a born-again. So we believe in one God and that’s why I am here to pray with you,” said Bebe Cool while talking to Christians at the Light of the World Church in Nansana.

Pastor Wilson Bugembe thanked Bebe Cool for using the singing talent that God gave him to help the needy. He encouraged him to keep up the spirit of giving and sharing.
Christians at Pastor Bugembe's church admire the opulence of a Muslim music celebrity Bebe cool during the recent Celebrity Sunday. Instead of the world admiring born again Christians life styles, it is rather born again Christians admiring the world. Can you Imagine!!!!

Pastor Bugembe also said that other musicians should borrow a leaf from what Bebe Cool is doing such that they can develop the country through the music industry.
The Congregation was happy to see Bebe Cool and there was almost a stampede as people tried to catch a glimpse of the music star.
Christians posed for photos with Bebe Cool and encouraged Pastor Bugembe to bring more musicians and other important people to the church.

Pastor Bugembe invites Chameleone,Bobi-Wine and BebeCool to Church.

Wilson Bugembe a Pastor and Gospel Artist at light the world church once again invited Ugandan celebrities to his Nansana based church on the 7th of April 2013. Among the many who came are D.r Chameleon,Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool,Cindy, Desire Luzinda,TuffB, Peter Miles, Kato Lubwama,Mesach semakula, Producer Paddy Man, kick boxer Ronald Mugula and many others. Among the highlights, Cindy took a reading from the Bible, she later shared in a message that Only Jesus can save sinners!. 

The church was packed to full capacity as the congregation enjoyed great praise and worship from the Light the world Mass Choir. the word was great and the atmosphere was jubilant!!. the Celebrity Sunday is a once in two years event organized by Pastor Wilson Bugembe with an intention of bringing all Ugandan celebrities to church since some times its hard for them to  fellowship due to their busy schedules, Pastor Wilson Bugembe has a great relationship with Celebrities to the extent that He confessed that Bebe cool helped him to secure a loan to buy land on which his Nansana Church is founded. This is great work By the Bilibabitya singer  and mentor who has managed to impact many people including Ugandan celebrities. this is the second time such an event is happening. the previous one took place in 2011.

It was well attended as well. Pastor Bugembe's Music has gained massive popularity in Uganda and beyond, He has been credited for his humility,service and his ministry of looking out for the lost and discipling them into what God has intended them to be.The famous verse  John 3:16 says that  For God so loved THE WORLD that He gave His only son Jesus Christ that whoever believes in Him shall Not perish but have everlasting life. well done Pastor for this great work!!! 

Desire Luzinda for BBA8, Bugembe Blesses Her  

on April 23, 2013

Two weeks back, The ''Bamuyita Yesu' singer, Pastor Wilson Bugembe was able to invite all Kampala celebrities to his Light The World Church in Nansana that saw Desire Luzinda, Bebe Cool and kick-boxers, Titus Tugume and Ronald Mugula among others attending the Celebrity Sunday service.

The 'Nina Omwami' singer enjoyed the service and this is what she had to say: "OMG celebrity Sunday at Pr Wilson Bugembe's church has been so powerful and fun." It looks like her prayers were heard that day and the curvy singer is now poised to represent the country at the next Big Brother Africa (BBA8) show that will be held in South Africa starting next month.

Desire Luzinda has not been successful on two occasions while auditioning for the Big Brother Africa reality show, but word on the rumour mill has it that, the curvy star and one Joram Job are set to represent Uganda in the next episode.

Meanwhile, following the Celebrity Sunday service, Pastor Wilson Bugembe last evening paid a surprise visit to bummy Desire at her pad and the two discussed at length on a number of issues and also received God's blessings for her stay in the Big Brother house.

Desire told her close pals: "Guess who just surprised me at my home...pleasant surprise Pastor Bugembe."

This was received with a lot of excitement that the two were having something up their sleeves looking at the time the not yet married pastor went to her pad. Curvy Desire was quick to brush them off: "You guys love to couple people! It was a nice evening I should have taken a picture of the food I cooked." Watch this space!

When celebrities led Sunday service at Pr Bugembe’s

Published on April 12, 2013 by sqoop writer

Last Sunday, several celebrities, especially from the music and acting worlds thronged Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s for the annual Celebrity Sunday service.

Diva Cindy took a reading from the Bible before she preached to fellow artistes that only Jesus can save sinners.  Bebe Cool as well as Bobi Wine and wife Barbie also preached.
Among other artistes were Jose Chameleone, Desire Luzinda, Peter Miles, Kato Lubwama, Mesach Semakula and producer Paddy Man.

Kickboxer Ronald Mugula was also among the several celebrities that attended the service. The church was packed as thousands even stood under the scorching sun just to set eyes on their favourite stars.

Celebrity Sunday is an annual church service that gospel singer and lead pastor of Light the World Church, Pastor Wilson Bugembe organises with the aim of bringing all Ugandan celebrities together  since it is sometimes hard for most of them to go to church due to their busy schedules.

During the service, Pastor Wilson Bugembe confessed that Bebe Cool helped him to secure a loan to buy land on which his Church is built. The service will be back next year if you missed it this time!

Critics want Pastor Bugembe 'back home'

Wednesday, 04 February 2009 22:40

Written by Simon Musasizi

Of recent, gospel singer and preacher, Wilson Bugembe, has been working on projects together with secular artistes, which has seen him feature in several music concerts popularly known as ‘bivulu’.

Today, you can hardly find a poster announcing a major entertainment event without his name. At the 2008 Bell Pearl of Africa Music awards, Bugembe did not only sing but went also accepted the award for Best Gospel Single (Komawo Eka) and Best Gospel Artiste.

However, the singer’s association with secular music is not going down well with some born again Christians. In the award winning Komawo Eka, Bugembe teams up with Bobi Wine, Mesach Ssemakula, Geoffrey Lutaaya, Amarula Family, etc., to call the ‘lost sheep’ back to God.

His critics say the singer is digging his own grave, something similar to what happened to Pastor George Okudi.

Okudi who in 2003 became the first singing pastor to scoop the PAM awards accolade for Best Gospel Artiste, made Uganda proud by bringing home the only Kora award for Best Male Artiste in Africa and Best East African Artiste. But this also marked his ‘death’.

Following allegations of marital infidelity, his church closed and Okudi now lives in the United States. “It’s unfortunate that a person who comes from a humble background and one of the few and rare species of Christian musicians is being slowly but surely swayed away in the footsteps of the man [Okudi] who disappeared,” says Louis Kermu of Campus Alliance to Wipe out AIDS (CAWA).

Comfort Asiimwe of Makerere Community Church says Bugembe is “likely to follow the trend of other artistes who have dined with the secular world.”

“In most cases when you win big prizes, there is pride that develops… When [Bugembe] performs on very big stages, he may forget to be low and yet that is how God exalts him,” she says.
Having lost his parents to AIDS, Bugembe, a former street child was adopted by a Good Samaritan, the late Mbogo, who paid for his education until he began singing.
Bugembe began singing as a student at Highway College. His maiden album, Yellow, is a story about his personal life experience.

His second album, Bibuzaabuza, was well received by the Christian community before Mukama Njagala Kumanya catapulted him beyond Christian circles in 2007. Last year, the danceable Komawo Eka ruled the airwaves.

“I think he is not called to minister in those places. I think he is supposed to pick people from the streets where God picked him,” Asiimwe observes.

However, Bugembe believes that his recent moves are God’s agenda for him.
“Komawo Eka is calling people to come home. You can’t call people who are home to come home,” he says, before adding: “If someone has fallen in the lake and you want to save them, you have got to get there. You can’t stay on dry land and pretend you are saving them. The reason God saved us is that he came to us. He had a reason. My message is intended for non-believers and not believers,” Bugembe said.

On going to secular concerts, Bugembe says he is doing it for this particular project, Komawo Eka.

“Before the song, I wasn’t going to secular concerts. There are many ways to kill a rat. You can’t say by preaching alone because some people never go to church. Komawo Eka goes to bars, night clubs, etc. My mission is to bring church closer to you. I bring church to your bedroom,” he says. Asked whether he will continue with the mission this year, Bugembe says: “I pray God gives me another song that preaches. The Bible says Christians are the salt of the world. I have to go there when I am carrying a taste.”
But George Okello, a Makerere University student, says it is not right for a pastor to do what Bugembe is doing today.

“He is supposed to be exemplary. How will his believers see him as a man of God yet he goes to secular concerts? The Bible warns us of mixing with the secular world. There is a better way to preach… I see that as the beginning of his downfall,” Okello says.
Some of Bugembe’s critics think the need for money has compromised his beliefs. Gospel concerts in Uganda are poorly attended, thus attracting little revenue. Perhaps the reason he is treading where the gold lies.

Asiimwe warns: “If he is not careful, he will be swayed by money because it is a characteristic of people from humble backgrounds; when they land into money, they forget their background; I believe there are good places where he can earn money.”
The equally popular Gospel artiste Judith Babirye (Beera Nange fame) has turned down a PAM Award before and refuses to perform at secular events.

Bugembe’s celebrity Sunday draws unique congregation

Wednesday, 02 February 2011 21:35

Last Sunday was memorable for Kampala celebrities who prayed at Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s Light the World Church at Nansana.

L-R Barbie, Bobi Wine & Chameleone(staunch Catholics)

The Ebonies and their boss celebrated lawyer and playwright J.W Katende Ssembajjwe were in attendance, as were other celebrities such as Bobi Wine and Barbara Itungo for what was code-named Celebrity Sunday.

“Bobi Wine used to come and spend a full day at KPC because I was in the church choir and I can confess that that man knows God and he is a true man of God. You can ask him for things to use at home and he pretends, but when you tell him let us pray, he complies without hesitation,” Bobi’s wife Itungo confessed.

Bobi Wine was clearly in worshipping mood after, by his own confession, having been in a church once in three years. His knowledge of the Bible wowed his fellow celebrities as he quoted verses off the cuff.

“My mother taught me the Bible for 16 years and since my father was a Sabakristu (head of laity), he hated the activities of born-agains. He once advised me never to marry someone who is not a Muganda and that if I had to marry a non-Muganda she should not be a born-again, but I defied him; I am in a relationship with a westerner and a born-again,” he said.

Pastor Bugembe then asked the ghetto president if he indeed smokes ganja.

“I used to go to Amsterdam and spend over Shs 6m on smoking but now, thank God, through my wife, I am a completely changed man. This day will go down in the books because I have never seen my brother No Creature while we were both sober,” Bobi Wine said.

He finished his speech by singing Bugembe’s Mukama Njagala Kkumanya. Since church is a place for confessions, he also explained how he got the name Bobi Wine: “

I was baptized Bobi by a maid at home who was in love with Bob Marley’s music and my teacher named me Wine because of the poems and songs I used to sing while at Kitante Hill. Mbu they used to go to the pupils’ heads like alcohol.”

Jose Chameleone, who arrived late for the special service, said he got the stage name from his mother who advised him to behave like a chameleon which changes its colours with surroundings.

When Bugembe asked Chameleone if he would ever get saved, he replied by asking the singing pastor if he knew the day he would get saved.

“The thing is that you are now watering a seed…maybe one day it will grow; continue watering it,” said Chameleone.

His words were echoed by kadongokamu singer Matthias Walukagga who said he fears God and one day he might find himself a born-again.

“By the time I return here I will have a full gospel album with me,” Walukagga promised.

Comedian Mendo shocked the congregation when he told them he hates the Bible.

“In the Bible they say if someone slaps you on the right cheek, you turn the left one but that is inciting violence and unacceptable.”

The testimonies continued until Bugembe asked Halima Namakula the question: “I am sorry if I have gone overboard but how do you manage to look this young; how old are you?”

Namakula, who turned up with daughter Rachel K, said she is 51.

“Although I am a Muslim, I have Christian roots; that is why I have carried Rachel K with me so that she finds a church where she can fit well,” said Namakula.
Sam Bagenda [Dr Bbosa], however, refused to tell his age.

“I am also confused that when I meet 16-year-olds, they say that they watched me when they were still kids. When I meet the middle-aged, they say the same even the grey haired say that they saw me on TV when they were still kids; I get confused and I have lost count of my age,” said Bagenda.

Aziz Azion, DJ Shiru, Sweet Kid and No Creature confessed to being staunch Muslims but in love with Bugembe.

“I am in church for the first time and hope to be a regular visitor now that I am enjoying every moment,” said DJ Shiru.

Joanita Kawalya said that inviting ‘celebrities’ and they turn up in big numbers is not easy because they are big-headed and don’t respect others.

“We honoured your invitation because you are very humble, respected and a very ambitious man whose background has moulded you as a role model. We pray that you remain humble,” Kawalya prayed for Bugembe.

The most exciting moment though was when Ronald Mayinja and Stecia Mayanja were asked to shake hands with Fred Ssebatta, their [Eagles Production] long-time nemesis. Both parties have accused each other of practising witchcraft to the extent that Eagles Production can cancel a show as long as it features Ssebatta.

Their rivalry dates back to the death of Umar Katumba; most members of Eagles Production started out with Katumba’s The Emitoes Band and their beef with Ssebatta started then.

“I am glad that I have had a chance to be in one room with members of Eagles Production; it has never happened before and now we hope this will be a turning point and we normalise our relationship,” said Ssebatta.

When encouraged to hug Ssebatta, Mayinja declined, saying they were planning a big reunion with other band members. His colleague Stecia however, gave Ssebatta a memorable hug. This, after Stecia had thanked Bugembe for praying for her and she got a baby.

“I am very happy that you prayed for me and I got a kid and I got whatever I prayed for the day you visited me. Your prayers have kept me in Eagles, I got a child and I love Maureen Nantume...,” Stecia said in reference to talk that she and Nantume do not see eye to eye.

As for Patrick Mujuuka, he turned himself into a pastor and said he has known the pastor for a long time; on Facebook. The born-again celebrities present included Kenneth Kimuli “Pablo”, Prince Nick, Dennis Katongole, Charles James Ssenkubuge “Siasa” and KFM’s Roger Mugisha.

“I got saved in September 2003 after Gaetano Kagwa was evicted [from Big Brother Africa]. I felt cheated and that day I drunk like I was in a competition but when I went back home I realized that I needed a saviour and that is how I accepted Jesus,” Pablo testified.
Nick got saved in 1987 because he was returning home [referring to Bugembe’s Komawo Eka song]. Mugisha, who also got saved in 2003, said he has given his testimony over and over and he doesn’t feel like repeating it.

“No one preached to me, Jesus came Himself, that is why I am not answerable to anyone else but Him,” Mugisha said, in reference to people who say he spends more time in night clubs than churches.

Denis Katongole Omutongole, who has been saved for the last six years, said Jesus helped him pick Titie and advised Bugembe to do the same.

“I asked God to give me the right woman to marry and He chose Tendo Tabel [Titie] for me. We are not girlfriend and boyfriend but wife and husband,” Katongole said after Bugembe introduced Titie as Katongole’s girlfriend.

Queen Florence who has been sick said: “I had not left bed for two days, but when the pastor called me, I got healed there and then, praise be to God,” a jovial Florence said.

The service that started at 10am ended at 5pm with lunch at Nexus Hotel and Bugembe’s flock prayed for the celebrities.

“I got a calling and that is why I invited you. I did not want you to contribute for anything even when we have a lot to contribute for. Our aim this Sunday that is going to be held every January is to come together under one roof and worship and pray to God to give us more things in life and to understand Him more,” Bugembe explained.

Others in attendance were VJ Junior, Willy Mukaabya, Ruth Wanyana, the Gombyas, Fun Factory, Bakayimbira Dramactors, The Obsessions, AK47, Super FM comedians [Abazeeyi b’e Burma], Kamagu and Dr Propa, among others.

Each celebrity walked away with a Bugembe autographed Bible, courtesy of Apostle Alex Mitala.

Pastor Bugembe Restricts Self From Secular Artistes

Posted on September 21, 2012

By Maureen Nakigozi

Pastor Wilson Bugembe has changed his first mission from preaching to the sinners to confining self to the righteous.

According to a close source, Pastor Bugembe has so far let down five secular artistes by refusing to perform at their concerts excusing himself with various reasons.

Pastor Wilson Bugembe Perfoms with a secular musician Bobi Wine during the secular concert Battle of champions

Though he has helped many artistes to come to God and has been collaborating with them in order to preach to them about the goodness of God, he is withdrawing slowly because he thinks that the church is not pleased with him associating with the secular artistes.

The church recently came out and condemned the relationship Pastor Bugembe and Pastor Judith Babirye have with secular artistes though they tried to defend themselves claiming that they are preaching to them.