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Friday, 10 October 2014

Has the Ugandan Parliament lost even the slightest concern for the poor??? Parliament reinstates paraffin tax

Parliament reinstates paraffin tax

By Yasiin Mugerwa

Posted  Friday, October 10   2014 at  01:00
In Summary

The tax is expected to drive prices to Shs3,100 per litre.

Parliament on Wednesday made a U-turn on the paraffin tax, agreeing with the President to “balance the Budget on the backs of the poor” amid protest from the Opposition who instead accused government of failing to curb corruption and other leakages in the system.
Majority of NRM MPs argued that by reinstating the paraffin tax, they were trying to stop middlemen who take advantage of waivers.
At the current price of Shs2,900 per litre, the MP for Kilak Country, Gilbert Olanya told the House that an additional tax of Shs200, would drive paraffin to at least Shs3,100.
First Lady Janet Museveni rose to support the tax, reminded Ugandans to bear the burden of building their country.
President Museveni recently said government would not be able to finance the 2014/15 Budget if paraffin tax and others are not reinstated.