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Friday, 23 May 2014

When Capitalism merges with Christianity to the Exclusion of the Poor: American Popular Singer and Song writer Pastor Don Moen to present elitist live concerts in Kampala: Serena Hotel( @120,000 Ug. shillings, Makerere Sports Ground @ VIP 50,000 Ug. Shillings, General @ 20,000 Ug. Shillings, Worship seminar at Lubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral 20,000 Ug. Shillings @

“..freely ye have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8


Since 2007 a number American word of faith prosperity pastors and popular Gospel musicians  have been coming to Uganda. Many naïve Pentecostal Christians and ministers  think that this is a blessing to the country. The fact is that Many of these American pastors and musicians have only come to Uganda to spread the rotten and bogus prosperity  gospel  in addition to promoting  American capitalism, greed,  and the American empire . Precisely  these American   ministers are a curse to Uganda because they have merely spread Apostasy and rebellion to Uganda. In fact the spiritual fornication of the Ugandan ‘born again church’ with the apostate American Lodecian church  has led to God’s judgment of the born again movement in Uganda.

Despite numerous  prosperity prophesies on Uganda from the likes of Creflo $$$, Benny Hinn, Hickey , Joyce Meyer, Kirk Franklin, Dr.Myres Monroe  etc God has exposed the greed, sodomy, ecumenism, corruption and the merchandising of the saints among other evils of the born again movement in Uganda. It is a real shame that when these American Pastors come to Uganda they charge quite a lot of money and they target rich elites. The poor who are the majority in Uganda are virtually excluded in their so called encounters. It is sad that Pastor Don Moen’s Kampala Concerts are only targeting the rich elites. Isn’t it written that…“..freely ye have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8


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UGAFEST 2014 : CUT and PASTE Christianity : American Prosperity pimp and Jezebel Prophetess Dr. Juanita Bynum coming to Kampala under the auspices of Ecumenist Apostle Julius Peter Oyet : She will charge 100, 000 Ug.Shs for Executive Business Breakfast and 100,000 Ug.shs for corporate women Conference  

New Age Prosperity Pimp preacher Dr. Myles Munroe coming Kampala(Uganda) on October 8th , 2013 to deliver a message from satan, ‘What is God saying to the church today’ for 50,000 Uganda shillings each

Dear Pastor Dr. Creflo $$$$, Since you broke the curse of Poverty from Uganda in 2007, inflation has risen to over 18%  

When the American rotten prosperity gospel sprouted in Uganda: Pastor Namutebi unveils biggest church


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Daughter of Mammon Marilyn Hickey is coming to Kampala in March 2008

Uganda’s love for celebrity preachers  

Posted by Brian Mutebi

on  Sunday, August 12  2012 at  01:00

As Uganda marks her golden jubilee this year, for Christians, the crusade dubbed “Jubilee Crusade” in March this year by American based German-born evangelist Reighard Bonnke, was not only thematic but timely. Attendance was in thousands. The teaching was not only reminiscent of Uganda’s past, but prophetic. Hundreds matched to the alter call. The music was powerful. Jubilee it was.

But it is not only Bonnke who, among world-famous preachers, has, literally, shaken the grounds in Uganda. Benny Hinn did. And if there is one venue that has played host to these international preachers is Mandela National stadium, Namboole. “Namboole wakuyuguuma (shake),” one Christian stated on the eve of Hinn’s May 2007 “Holy Spirit Miracle Crusade”.

“Miracles!” reported one daily. “The young and old, male and female, local and foreign were healed of various ailments at Benny Hinn’s Namboole crusade.” Broadcast live to the international audience through GOD TV satellite network and through streaming internet, for the first time, Hinn himself could not help. “What a powerful crusade!” he exclaimed. “God is doing a mighty work throughout Africa. We have held crusades in nearby countries in the past few years, and now we have been blessed to hold this one among the precious people of Uganda. This has been a historic time.”

Coming on the heels of Benny Hinn crusade was Dr Creflo Dollar. “And to those of us who mind money, that was a must-not-miss,” John Michael Sonko of Faith Builders Ministries said of Dollar’s crusade. Thousands braved the sickening Jinja road traffic jam and all the hassle that characterise events at Namboole to listen to this internationally acclaimed preacher, founder and senior pastor of the 30,000 members World Changers Church International in the US, teach the Biblically tested and proven principles of prosperity.

The two minute sermon

Creflo Dollar came to teach prosperity in the world but one man came to teach the end of the world. It was Pastor Ray Bentley the founder and senior pastor of Maranatha Chapel San Diego that ministers to at least 7000 people weekly.
The two minute sermon

Bentley’s 2006 “Living in the last days” crusade in Kampala was held in Nakivubo World War II memorial stadium. One thing personally amazed me at this crusade. When it was Pastor Bentley’s time to speak, I set myself ready to listen to an hour long sermon. He spoke for about two minutes. “How could a man travel all way from the U.S, organise a mega crusade and speak for just two minutes?” I could not stop wondering. His message? “Be ready, Jesus is soon coming.” A missionary, Eric Caesar, one of the organisers was later to write in a newsletter; “The focus of this crusade was all about the truth… the truth of the return of Jesus Christ, and the need to be ready, be watchful and be labouring in his field of harvest until His sudden and swift return.”
People may attend these crusades, be healed and the like, but for organisers, it’s a hard task as Caesar admitted, “When Far Reaching Ministries and Maranatha Chapel of San Diego first put the idea in our collective heads about conducting a major crusade outreach in Kampala, more than a few people wondered, sometimes to themselves, often out loud, ‘Can we really pull this off?’ After all, the church had never done a crusade of this magnitude.”

Characteristic of these mega crusades by international preachers are statehouse receptions, leaders’ seminars and corporate and business breakfast. These meetings do not come cheap. For instance Creflo Dollar’s two day visit in Uganda cost up to 700 million shillings.

Dollar might have come in full coverage of the cameras but one preacher came rather silently, but significantly. She is a darling to many, mainly through her books and daily TV programme; Enjoying every day of your life. Joyce Meyer, author, speaker and teacher of the gospel was hosted by then Kampala Pentecostal Church (now Watoto church) in October 2008. The founder of Hands of Hope, an international relief and development charity organisation, Meyer visited charity projects, held a women’s conference and community crusades in Gulu town and at Namboole.

Dr Morris Cerrullo has also been to Uganda. This widely travelled man has healed and preached to millions across the globe through television and crusades in over 140 countries. In 1993, he preached in a crusade at Makerere University’s Freedom Square.

In 2007, he was invited by Pastor Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Cathedral where he held a leadership conference christened Fresh Fire Believers Rally. Pastor Kayanja has also hosted big names like Dr Paul Crouch, president of Trinity Broadcasting Network, a cable worldwide Christian TV channel. And together with Pastor Isaac Kiwewesi of Kansanga Miracle Centre, in 2005 hosted African American famed preacher; Bishop TD Jakes. Jakes is the founder of the Porters House and a renowned author and speaker in Men’s conferences.

Probably Uganda has hosted preachers from America than from any other part of the world. But if there is one acclaimed African evangelist who has stepped foot in Uganda in May, 2011, that was Bishop Enock Adeboye. Adeboye, a Nigerian based pastor, is the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Churches of God, one of the fastest growing Christian Churches in Nigeria and probably in Africa today.

Deluded Prosperity gospel  infested Pentecostal Christian excited about Don Moen and Dr. Juanita Bynum’s visit

Miracle: Exciting times are ahead

Tuesday, 13 May 2014 22:56 
Written by Malita Wamala 
I simply can’t wait! Juanita Bynum and Don Moen? One after the other? I thought it was a hoax when I first heard the news, but the radio adverts have started running. So it is really true! I love so many things about these two servants of God.

Juanita Bynum’s past as a wild child – she admits she did some quite despicable things before finding God – always serves to remind me that no matter how deep one may sink in their own miry clay of sin, God has the ability of picking us up, dusting us off and starting over with us.

You just have to read some of her books and listen to her sermons on YouTube, to be convinced you should be at the different venues she is set to minister in starting on May 23. In fact, every unmarried individual out there ought to google her sermon, No More Sheets, on YouTube.

Breathtakingly anointed and jolting. It has since been turned into a bestselling book by her. She is also an amazing worshipper. Her Behind the Veil and I Know That He Loves Me always leave me in a special place, spiritually.

Then comes Don Moen. Is there a worshipper with deeper, stronger lyrics than this man? Think of any of his songs and the story behind it is spellbinding. Recently I was told he wrote I Will Sing soon after he had lost a child. The song used to make me cry without even knowing why he wrote it, and now... wow.

And to think I get to watch him live on stage this June! Bliss.  Don Moen understands worship and we have something to learn from him; so, to the people behind these visits, thank you. May God bless you.

I have indeed come a long way too; there was a time I had my ear on the ground waiting to hear which hot Jamaican or other secular artiste was coming to perform live in Kampala, and I would be first in that queue. When I didn’t have ticket money, I would approach organisers for ushering gigs, just to get in free!

And look at me now; and I don’t miss the secular circuit one bit. God is really powerful, isn’t he?