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Friday, 11 October 2013

From Uganda to South Africa : Dr. Myles Monroe infests Africa with blasphemy and dominion heresy on his so called African tour



Despite his so called inspiration books and great oratory skills, Dr.Myles Monroe is a minister of satan. He argues that the gospel is not about salvation or being born again but about the kingdom. Dr.Myles Monroe believes that the kingdom of God is not about  heaven  and eternal life but rather it is about man having full dominion on earth. While preaching in Hotel Africana, in Kampala this week, Dr.Myles Monroe told Christians not to pray to go to heaven but rather to pray that heaven comes down to earth. He has also preached that God can do nothing on earth without human giving him access; in other words God needs to cooperate with humans in order  to do something on earth. This is pure heresy and blasphemy because it contradicts Psalms 115:3 and Daniel 4:35. These scriptures categorically prove that God does as he wills on earth. New age preaches such as Dr.Myles Monroe and Kenneth Copeland argue God was kicked out of  the earth on a legal technicality after Adam’s sin. Therefore his attempt to influence affairs on earth without the cooperation of Human tantamounts  to cosmic treason. They believe that Jesus will not be able to come back before Christians take over all sectors of society ie the politics, economy, business and all other social sectors. These new age preachers demote God from his sovereignty and make him a puppet under the whims of man’s cooperation and control. Dr.Myles Monroe preaches that the Kingdom of God is here on earth but the Lord Jesus Christ said that my kingdom is not of this world( John 18:36). The God of prosperity pimps such as Dr.Myles Monroe is mammon and not the Lord Jesus Christ. Their satanic mission is to promote the American new-world order no-liberal capitalist system.


Dr.Myles Munroe's visit to Uganda was associated with the Anglican church of Uganda, the National Council of Born Again Pentecostal Churches, World Trumpet Mission of Pastor John Mulinde , Intercessors for Uganda , Born Again Faith Federation etc

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New Age Prosperity Pimp preacher Dr. Myles Munroe coming Kampala(Uganda) on October 8th , 2013 to deliver a message from satan, ‘What is God saying to the church today’ for 50,000 Uganda shillings each

Pastor Myles Munroe asks African leaders to emulate Mandela instead of Jesus Christ : I have never done any big thing without consulting God through prayer. Said, Museveni.

Dr. Myles Monroe delivering  a Business lecture  at Serena Hotel, Kampala this week

Namibia: Myles Monroe to Host Leadership Summit in Namibia

2 September 2013

Well known international Christian leader, Dr Myles Monroe will visit Namibia for the fourth time on 15 October as part of a Greater Love Ministries Leadership summit, 'Empower the Leader, Transform the Nation'.

An undisputed leadership trainer, Dr Munroe is respected by governments across the world, and is Bahamas youngest recipient of the Order of the British Empire Award (OBE ), bestowed on him by England's Queen Elizabeth II.

He is also a recipient if the Silver Jubilee Award, the highest bestowed by the Government of the Bahamas for his contribution to civic and social development of his nation and the Caribbean region in general.

Nabagereka of Buganda Sylvia Nabagereka ( Centre) , Uganda Revenue Authority Commissioner General Allen Kagina and Women activist Solome Kimbugwe at Dr. Myles Monroe Business Forum, Serena Hotel, Kampala this week

A native of the Bahamas, Dr Munroe has trained thousands of leaders in business, industry, education, government and religion. Each year, he addresses 500 000 men and women on professional development.

In Namibia, Dr Munroe will be hosted by the Dr Theo Ben Gurirab during a courtesy visit on 14 October . Geingob has been invited to open proceedings at the Safari Hotel and Conference Centre.

During the evening of 15 October, Namibians from all walks of life will be able to attend meetings, organisers say, at a minimal cost still to be announced. Also in attendance will be national leaders, community leaders and church leaders.

"This event is important as it seeks to create a united platform for Namibian leaders to share knowledge and to network beyond the barriers of political philosophy and church denominations", says Apostle Goroh, founder of Greater Love Ministries.
Greater Love Ministries is situated in Okuruyangava and focusses on meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the community, especially the youth and young children.

An invitation has been extended to President Hifikepunye Pohamba to address the evening function.

"We, the church must rise to the occasion and take government's hand in rendering services to the nation and to meet the critical spiritual needs of our nation. Leaders are what we need," said Goroh.

 Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah and Dr James Magara of Uganda Jubilee Network at Dr. Myles Monroe Business Forum, Serena Hotel, Kampala this week

Myles Munroe for Kenyan Conference

By Grace Kerongo, 11 September 2013

Dr Myles Munroe will be in Nairobi for his first ever trip to Kenya. He is set to give a talk at the Safari Park Hotel on October 21 dubbed The Potential Dinner. According to the flier, the gate charges go for Sh15,000.

Dr Myles dons many hats some of which include spiritual leader, professional coach, mentor, motivational speaker and bestselling author.

 Dr Myles Munroe and Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo in COZA, April 2012
Dr Myles Munroe and Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo in COZA, April 2012

He has authored over 40 books on personal growth, leadership, and success principles. Fifteen titles have made it to the bestselling list which include; In Pursuit of Purpose, Understanding Your Potential, Releasing your Potential, Maximizing Your Potential, The Spirit of Leadership, The Power of Vision, Benefits of Change and Becoming a Leader.

He travels throughout the world as a speaker addressing governments leaders, businesses, schools/universities and church congregations. He personally addresses over 500,000 people each year on personal and professional development, and he receives hundreds of invitations every year to speak worldwide.

His popular quote is, "My vision, is wrapped up in one statement: I exist to transform followers into leaders. My philosophy is, trapped in every follower is a leader. My belief is, if that person is placed in the right environment, the leader will manifest himself or herself."

Dr. Myles Munroe Urges Batswana to 'Wake Up'

2 September 2013

An internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, Dr Myles Munroe, has implored Batswana to stand up and fend for themselves because they have the potential and ability to be agents of change in their lives.

Delivering a motivational speech in Gaborone recently, Dr Munroe said it was pointless for people to sit and do nothing while at the same time they encountered socio-economic problems.

He said individuals had the power and ability to decide how they wanted to live a better life, adding that it was only through their commitment and determination that they could reach out to and own this kingdom, referring to the good life, which is highly sort after. The Bahamas-born pastor and life coach said Batswana should be the drivers of their own destiny.


Dr Munroe said the world was witnessing the collapse of governments, the rise of people power, international and domestic terrorism, failed states, massive unemployment and the fall and disgrace of political leaders, among others.

He said the impact of changes led to distrust of leadership and authority, liberalism, lawlessness, immorality, compromise, corruption, culture of death and violence, devaluation of human life, generational disillusionment, sexual and social confusion and re-engineering morality, among others.

He added that it was disheartening to witness some people in positions of authority, including pastors, being associated with issues of immorality and at the same time preaching good life. This, he said, created confusion, especially among the youth. Therefore, Batswana should know what they wanted and have a collective stand when such things occur.

Dr Munroe, who has lectured and ministered in Swaziland, Nigeria, Zambia and the United States, where he trained leaders in business, government, education, sports, media, and religion, advised that the present trends of changes, if not checked and challenged, would lead to spiritual oppression and civic disintegration, ushering in of the era of failure, which should not be entertained at all cost.

In a Bible-inspired motivational presentation, Dr Munroe said humanity was hoping and searching for new life in the new kingdom. He prophesied a better Botswana if Batswana themselves could wake up and do for themselves and stop being dictated on how they should live and how they should do things by unscrupulous so called leaders, who are hell-bent on accumulating the wealth of their country at the expense of the nation.

Dr Munroe, who was in Botswana for two days at the invitation of Pastor Boago Ramogapi of Royal Assemblies Ministries International, also spoke at a business breakfast meeting at Gaborone International Convention Centre. He is an acclaimed author, lecturer, teacher, life coach, government consultant, and leadership mentor. He was accompanied by his wife of 34 years. The couple has two children who also work full time in The Bahamas Faith Ministries International Fellowship where he is a senior pastor. ENDS


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