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Monday, 31 March 2014

Pastor Samanya Wilber force : The Pentecostal pastor that God has raised from a humble background to demystify the strong hold of witchcraft in Uganda to the shame of Roman catholic clergy.

Pastor Samanya Wilberforce

Pastor Samanya Wilberforce is the senior pastor of Joint effort Christian Mission . He was a  witchdoctor  before getting saved. God has raised this simple, not very educated man from Busoga to shame catholic clergy. Religion in Uganda especially roman Catholicism have hardened the hearts of  Ugandans  to the extent that many people  in Uganda have one leg in religion and the other in witchcraft and even cannibalism. In Uganda there are trees dedicated to devils and  ancestral worship  shrines that even catholic clergy fear to touch but Pastor Samanya Wilberforce has burned these satanic strongholds even to the amazement of Catholics. He has a radio programme on Pastor Jackson Senyonga’s Top radio and TV programme  on Top TV where he exposes witchcraft and witch doctors. He has cut down a number of trees and burned down a number of shrines belonging to devils. Many people thought he was going to die after a few days but have been shocked to learn that this guy is growing even stronger. 

Pastor Samanya Wilberforce
Weaknesses of Pastor Samanya Wilberforce

He believes that God has sent him to cast out demons and expose witchcraft and not to preach the gospel of holiness

He believes in tithing

He is a proponent of the prosperity gospel  


  Joint effort Christian  ministries

Witch doctor gives life to Christ


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Pastor Samanya Dances in the Name of Jesus after burning an Ancestral worship demonic shrine







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