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Monday, 31 March 2014

Catholic cannibals of Uganda: When the catholic church became a hide out for cannibals : When cannibals remain committed to both cannibalism and Roman Catholicism

Advanced Cannibalism: Pope Emeritus worship the blood of John Paul II
Pope Emritus worship the blood of John Paul II.

 Uganda and the demonic  strong hold of Cannibalism : Six arrested in connection with Cannibalism in Rakai

Cannibalism in Rakai: Woman and child allegedly eaten 

My analysis 

I was a catholic for over 20 years before the lord Jesus Christ saved me by his grace . I now look back and wonder how some one can be so blind to believe the witchcraft and satanic doctrines of  the catholic church. Surely, Satan is behind the deception and witchcraft in this Luciferic system . In Masaka where I grew up from, we continued to be under the leadership of  a catechist who was either a witch or  cannibal(omusezi). It should not be surprising that witches and cannibals  find a safe haven in catholicism . The most powerful spirits that control the roman catholic church are the spirits of death. Many Catholics in Uganda spend a lot of time and resources burying the dead, listening to death news , praying for the dead, making graves for the dead , praying to dead saints etc. Thus, it should not surprise us when cannibals who enjoy eating fresh of the dead enjoy Catholicism. A couple of days back cannibals in Rakai killed a mother and her daughter  and terribly injured the father. These cannibals are prominent Catholics in this area. In fact one local tabloid is alleging that their leader is a sabakirisitu(local  head of Catholics ).


Catholicism hardens man heart from salvation 

Catholicism hardens the heart of human beings such that they shun salvation from the Lord Jesus Christ  and instead trust in useless works that do not save. A friend of mine was preaching to a roman catholic recently. This catholic guy said he will never become born again. He said he rather goes to hell than getting saved. He bragged that catholics are so many that they will extinguish the fires of hell.  Can you imagine how heard hearted a catholic can be!!

Demonized Catholic priests consult the spirits of the dead.
Demonic Catholic prayers for the dead

Roman Catholicism and the worship of the dead XXII: Satanic inspired worship of Popes blood in Rio

Roman Catholicism and the worship of the dead XIII: Catholic chapel with rotten man and child hanging from chains

Panic As Cannibalism Suspect Commits Suicide

One of the suspects arrested in Rakai district over cannibalism has reportedly committed suicide in a Police cell in Masaka.

Noah Serunjogi, the Regional Police Spokes person
Noah Serunjogi, the Regional Police Spokes person
Noah Serunjogi, the Regional Police Spokes person says the shocking incident occurred the wee hours of Saturday morning. The suspect James Eric Musujja reportedly used a synthetic washing sponge to end his life.

Musujja was one of the six suspects arrested early in the week in connection with the alleged disappearance and murder of a 21 year-old woman and her baby in Rakai. He was then transferred to Masaka Police station for custody.

Fellow inmates sounded an alarm that attracted the attention of officers on duty.
Serunjogi adds that the incident has since caused panic among other suspects and police constables being the first of its kind to happen at station. He added that they are still investigating the matter to establish the actual cause of his death.

The matter stems from a brutal incident that occurred at Kagombe village, Kyalurangira Sub County in Rakai District when a mother and her nine months-old baby were butchered. The victims had reportedly travelled to attend a burial in Kyarurangira-Rakai.

It is said that the woman, Peace Alinaitwe and her husband Deus Bandihihi, both residents of Kankamba village in Kabongo parish-Kisekka Sub-county in Lwengo District failed to travel back to Lwengo before nightfall and reportedly searched for accommodation.
John Ssegirinya, the village chairman offered to host them for a night.

According to Bandihihi, Ssegirinya turned against them and hacked his wife Alinaitwe and the baby into pieces with the help of Asaf Tumuhimbisibwe and his wife Jovelet Nuwagaba.
Bindihihi escaped with severe injuries and later reported the matter to police leading to the arrest of the six suspects.

Bugiri Man Arrested Over Cannibalism