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Monday, 25 November 2013

There Goes the 'Drama' Once Again : Fresh Clashes Displace Over 4000 In DRC

 The Mai-Mai is one of the over 45 rebel groups in eastern DRC.

 The Mai-Mai is one of the over 45 rebel groups in eastern DRC

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Fresh Clashes Displace Over 4000 In DRC  

Close to 5000 people have been displaced in the South Kivu Province of DemocraticRepublic of Congo after suspected Mai Mai fighters raided their villages.

The displaced people have now take refuge in the town of Kalima. The Mai-Mai fighters have for long been involved in gold trafficking and have exchanged fire with government forces.

The hostilities between the two sides are said to have resumed as the government forces tried to bring to an end gold trafficking in the quarries of Kitamuna in Punia territory and in the forests of Kumba in the territory of Kailo all in South Kivu Province.

Kakutya town mayor Philémon Kikobya says the number of displaced people at Kalima now stands at 4820. The mayor further revealed that more people are leaving their homes in Hambwe sector in the territory of Kailo.

He says the displaced people are now camped in the areas of   Kalima, Misoke and Makundju.
The Mai-Mai is one of the over 45 rebel groups in eastern DRC. They have for long been accused of carrying out abductions, rape and murder.

The latest clashes come just weeks after the Congolese government forces with help from theUnited Nations Intervention Brigade, pushed the M23 rebels out of their positions forcing them to call for an end to the 20-month rebellion.