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When a prominent African watchman was slain by the devilish enchantments of Babylon USA the great: The sad fall of Dr.Kato Mivule of Kindly Pray for this dear Brother.

Dr.Kato Mivule

When Bro.Kato Mivule shinned like a gem in the trash

From 2005 to about 2012, the world praised God for having raised a young born again saint from Uganda(Africa) to expose and shake the evil foundations of Christendom. Without fear or favour, Bro.Kato Mivule started the website  where he exposed  apostasy in terms of the American prosperity gospel, tithing heresy, Phariseeism in the church, mind control , false submissions,  in addition to a plethora of other issues on sound doctrine. Bro.Kato Mivule shinned like a gem in the trash, he confronted Pastors and ministers in Uganda, Africa and the USA about the need to keep to sound doctrine. Bro.Kato Mivule’s  website became a hot cake all over the world for exposing deception, false doctrine and apostasy.  Before starting a website Bro.Kato Mivule  blogged  on the this blog  When ever I read his articles I was amazed by  how God uses simple people to confront demonic strongholds. I’m still amazed by how God used a young African man to confront mountains  of apostasy.  I believe that God used this young man to feed us on meat in due season. I advise you to save his good articles before he deletes them. Bro. Kato Mivule is completing his  doctor of computer science degree this week from Bowie University. Do  not be surprised when the devil uses him one of these days to start a website to promote the kingdom of Lucifer. Dear saints let us all be on watch because the devil like a roaring lion is struggling tooth and nail to devour us.   


Dr.Kato Mivule

Articles from Bro.Kato Mivule’s old site that spread like a wild fire

Kato Mivule being referred to as a well-known black Christian

Dr.Kato Mivule

Kato Mivule’s fall : When Lucifer ‘s devils entered the watchman’s heart

As I write now,  the Kato Mivule of 2005-2009  is very different from the PhD Bro. Kato Mivule  of 2014. In fact if the two were to meet each other there would be a bloody fight. Kato now believes in doctrines of devils. He has removed most the articles from  he does not believe in hell, he does not believe in inerrancy of scripture and does not believe that Homosexuality is a sin. Think I’m kidding !! let us look at some of his outrageous face book posts.   

The Times They Are A-Changin': World Vision to Hire Gay Couples... It's time to move on, good to see Evangelical Christian Organizations embracing change...

  • Kato Mivule "...People can say, 'Scripture is very clear on this issue,' and my answer is, 'Well ask all the theologians and denominations that disagree with that statement.' The church is divided on this issue. And we are not the local church. We are an operational organization uniting Christians around a common mission to serve the poor in the name of Christ."..." CT
  • Amone David But Kato You changed alot. all u do is science,pro gayz and never the holy undefileable truth of the gospel you stood for 4 years.
  • Francis Ntege What is this? I say madness, no compromise
  • Susan Wilkinson Richard Stearns is amazing, World Vision is one of the few Christian charities that Bill and I are involved in. He came to Grace chapel last summer. He has a phenomenal and powerful story!
  • Kato Mivule Yes, Susan Wilkinson, this is a real game changer, and he does speak for many in the Evangelical circles who are still afraid to come out and show their support for the Gay Community; soon, many will follow. I can tell you, am sending in my donation too! Hey, Owoluganda Amone David, truth is about the unconditional Love of God and loving others with the same benevolent love.
  • Francis Ntege That is fake love. Bwebakugamba nti tobanga ate gwe ng'obba kati awo tukwagale with unconditional love. How? Statutes become of no use.
  • Dixon Timothy Ka Remember the Greek story of the "Trojan Horse". They also promised the city help and "love" but inside the love there was disaster. This "love thing" is a trojan horse to destroy souls from within!
  • Rex Arthur True they will follow because Gay Love is just like any love is love that is why people are accepting that reality well done World Vision ..let others follow suit it is about tim,e

  • Kato Mivule Pastor Michael David Kyazze, you cannot claim the term "science" unless you carry out the rigor associated with that term. There is NO study that was carried out by Ugandan scientists, observable over a period of time. How many Ugandan gays did these scientists speak to or interview? NONE! Where are the empirical results from Ugandan scientists and what methodology did they follow? NONE!
  • Kato Mivule Pastor Michael David Kyazze,this has been the problem with Uganda's Anti-gay movement, false accusations against the Gay community by grouping them into the same basket as criminals, we have had this discussion before: otherwise, by that logic, you should jail for life ALL heterosexuals in Uganda since 90 percent of all pedophilia cases in Uganda are a result of men defiling young girls (African Culture, men marrying underage girls?) according to Ugandan police records.
  • Kato Mivule Kayongo Jeff David,be careful with such unlogical religious sentiments; the end result is not only bigotry but violence against people you think are different from you, something Jesus Christ would NEVER do. We already discussed the African Culture thing before. It seems you are just new to this debate; for starters, Mr.Kayongo, what is "African Culture"?, What constitutes "African Morals?"
  • Paul Nicholas Kazibwe Bwana Kato Mivule, if I refer you to your comment at the top of this page....."wat would Jesus do?" True he would not advocate for harm to gays, neither Wud I, but I know he Wud say " go and sin no more." For one who claims to be a bible believing Christian, in your advocacy for their right to exist, you have totally missed it when you can't see that that lifestyle directly contradicts God's
    Word. I derive this from the fact you struggle to understand the comparison btn gays and criminals...... Before God it is all sin. Now you can qualify sin if you want, but Jesus, that God- man that died for the sins of the world does not back you up.
  • Kato Mivule Paul Nicholas Kazibwe, we already covered the Theological positions on this subject, apart from a few verses from the old testament and Paul, Jesus Christ himself said nothing about Gays and not a single word; but he did a lot about adultery and divorce, something very common among evangelicals... Theologically, there is no foundation for you. You can re-start the theological debate if you want...proceed.
  • Paul Nicholas Kazibwe And in the beginning God created them male and female means nothing to you, and for the purposes it was so. means nothing to you? Jesus didn't need to address every single sin, it was all covered in the Torah, he mentioned nothing about beastiality, etc. the fact you're minimising the word of God whether old or New Testament tells where you stand. You departed speaking for God my friend, and as Paul says in Romans," b'se although they knew God, they did not glorify him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts and their foolish hearts were darkened."..... Oh well, but then that means nothing to you, it was only Paul.
  • Paul Nicholas Kazibwe Never mind bwana Kato Mivule, you're probably so far in you can't see the light. Keep advocating, but u long quit speaking for your creator.
  • Kato Mivule Actually Paul Nicholas Kazibwe, I believe that the Creator who is not governed by time, loves everyone Gay, straight, black, yellow, white, Greek, Jew, gentiles, etc...and desires that you Love your neighbor just as you love your self. If you loved your Gay neighbor, you would not advocate that they be hanged, killed, or jailed for life like many Ugandan Christians are advocating now...
  • Kato Mivule ...and besides, back to the Ugandan Scientists, reports are that the document President Museveni received was doctored and actually totally separate from what the Scientist co-authored. Two reports are now surfacing, one by Museveni Scientists here and one by Ugandan scientists here
    Presentation by scientists in Uganda on anti-homosexuality bill. Recommendations to Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni at the Nrm caucus Feb 2014
  • Michael David Kyazze The superiority complex of people thinking that Africa does not know anatomy ,and that you need a microscope to know who is male and who is female.
  • Paul Nicholas Kazibwe And would you conclude the creator luv us so much to ignore our continual living in sin? If not, then spread the luv and message of the creator. Shalom
  • Kato Mivule The unofficial "official" report by Ugandan scientists states clearly that: (1) Homosexuality is not a disease, (2) Homosexuality is not an abnormality, (3) In every society, there is a small number of people with homosexual tendencies...
  • Michael David Kyazze We need common sense not reports Mr Mivule , do you need a research to know whether you are a Man or a woman?
  • Michael David Kyazze Laughable Mr Mivule , you do need a microscope to know whether you are male or female, at most you need only a full size mirror.
  • Kato Mivule Hehehe Dr. Pastor Michael David Kyazze, what has that to do with sexuality?
  • Godfrey Mwesigye God created man to stay with a woman, not man and a man, neither did He create woman to stay with woman to stay as companions and have children, what a shame! An abomination, whoever supports this is doomed.
  • Kato Mivule Godfrey Mwesigye, Problems with your logic but I will point out a few. Why don't you reside inside the Garden of Eden, God "created" it for Adam and Eve? Secondly, how many times do you have sex with your wife and how many babies did you make? Should God "Doom" you too since you fail to make babies in each of your sexual encounters? The sex for procreation argument fails miserably. Besides, that is YOUR GOD, why impose him on folks who don't believe in him?
  • Michael David Kyazze He he he , Mr Mivule you are amazing.
  • Mike Busiinge Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Francis Ntege I am totally confused, I cannot help it
  • Godfrey Mwesigye Dr. Jesus, have mercy upon your people, please come with your nurses( angels) and proper treatment (the Holy Spirit) to transform all those that do not know how to their body parts in the way they are supposed to be used. The thing is, we do not want that type of belief ( Homosexuality and Lesbianism) , if it is a belief, it is a cult, please fight against it and pray for people practicing it to get saved, if they give people money to do that, let them be doomed with their sinful money. I will stand and always preach against it, if i were president Museveni,i would have signed the Law even without any consultation or wasting time debating about it.
  • Kato Mivule Why is your Dr.Jesus so obsessed with how people use their sexual organs for sex Mr Godfrey Mwesigye? So, educate me, how did Jesus instruct his followers to have sex? Which sexual preferences and or sex positions did Jesus recommend? Are you guys realizing how Uganda is being Taliban-nized , from anti-gay measures to now Mini skirts ban?
  • Michael David Kyazze Because our bodies are the temple of God . Banange , why should we stoop that low defending sodomy.
  • Kato Mivule Therefore, God must have a blueprint on how to have sex and his sexual preferences and positions, since you are God's Temple and he dictates how you use your sexual organs, right? Show me that "how to biblically have sex" blueprint Pastor Michael David Kyazze.
  • Michael David Kyazze Common sense now my brother , it is man and woman .
    " For this reason God gave them up to vile passions . For even women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also men leaving the natural use of the WOMAN, burned in lust for one committing what is SHAMEFUL and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due. Rom 1:27 . Yes I guess the blue print of sex was provided.
  • Rachel Nabudde I think the answer could be that intimacy between two people was intended to produce other humans - that is the only command I can remember written somewhere at the beginning of the bible - muzaale mwale. Otherwise an interesting political subject
  • Kato Mivule Yes, Rachel Nabudde, the Bible seems to sanction sex only for making babies but largely, the bible is ambiguous about the subject, with Paul who tells Christians that they should not forsake "getting together", maybe sex for recreational and not just procreation purposes. However, Pastor Michael David Kyazze and others could educate me how many times they had sex with their wives to make babies?
  • Kato Mivule Pastor Michael David Kyazze, define NATURE and NATURAL...proceed. Again ambiguity, what sex preferences do men do with women? What about masturbation, oral sex, and men who engage with women in anal sex? What instructions did Paul leave on how to have sex between a man and a woman?
  • Jayleen Hazel Very educative debate on homosexuality. All I can say is Uganda has decided that we will not accommodate persons who "get together" ( Katos interpretation of recreational sex) with the same sex and if they so wish to do such abominable acts, they should go do it else where.
  • Rachel Nabudde What you are doing here is what Jesus did when faced with a court case of a woman brought to him “caught in the act”. He asked “whoever hasn’t sinned before cast the first stone”. After that he wrote on the ground. It is believed that these men looked through the mirror of Jesus’ righteousness and saw their own sins. Some of them saw themselves with the very woman they were about to stone. Each one of them thought that everyone else had seen their sins in Jesus’s writing on the ground. In fear of being stoned with the woman, the men who had come with pebbles ready to pelt the harlot, dropped their pebbles by their feet and walked away one by one. You can then go on to interpret their departure either to mean that the woman’s profession was ok, or they was nothing to report, or their shortcoming were worse in comparison or Jesus was on the woman’s side etc. etc. What you will then conclude is that everyone can find a verse that supports their lifestyle. Then you may wish to explore the degrees of tolerance and freedom from society to society; geographical, political and religious settings.
  • Paul Nicholas Kazibwe Pastor Michael David Kyazze, pse, leave Kato Mivule alone. However much you hv taught, you will not succeed in enlightening one whose mind has been darkened by God himself. Of someone starts asking you where Jesus gave the manual for us to use our sexuality, he's far gone. Kato has long departed from the faith, his heart is saturated with wantoness (if I want it, I can have it my way). Is that a judgement on my part, no, it's am honest assessment of how a brother who once sung in the choir has departed from the truth. Kato, God can still help you if you depart from advocating for wickedness.
  • Kato Mivule Hehehehe, Paul Nicholas Kazibwe, I thought God CREATED the BRAIN to THINK with LOGIC. It reminds me of my Auntie, and how she taught us critical thinking. She would ask, "olowoza enkuba ene tonya" (do you think it will rain today?), and my naive answer, "silowoza" (I am not thinking). And she would go like, "obwongo Katonda yakuwa bwaki, gwe buli kasela tolowoza?" (Why did God give you a brain, why is it that every time you are not thinking?) hehehehe...
  • Kato Mivule Yes, Rachel Nabudde, the key word here is Tolerance, even if one disagrees with the Gay community, Tolerance is important, and besides not all worship the same Judeo-Christian God.
  • Paul Nicholas Kazibwe I like how when people are highlighting tolerance in that story, they convinient miss out the part where Jesus says..."go and sin no more."
  • Rachel Nabudde that is where the degrees of freedom apply - she had the choice to do either way with Jesus advice who did not condemn her or encourage her profession.
  • Paul Nicholas Kazibwe In this case, Uganda has sed no to a vice that is sponsored by the west and forced on others. If you have been to sex. Sch boarding schools u will know wat happens to those new s1's who are forced into these acts. Many if them are scared for life, them we also get to hear that all of them are born that way.....
  • Kato Mivule In this world, Mwami Paul Nicholas Kazibwe, you will have to embrace tolerance and acceptance, both Biblical principles, to survive and thrive. As a matter of fact, Christianity thrives best when tolerant. Image folks who were intolerant to Christians 2000 years ago, Emperor Nero, among others, detested you and saw you fit for the Lions Den. Love your neighbor as your self, Good Samaritan?
  • Paul Nicholas Kazibwe Pliz quit preaching and ask the gvt to ignore the cries of all those young boys who are forced into this vice, and all those exploited for money like the orphans and depraved. I have many gay friends as long as they don't force children into these shameful acts or recruit them for money. Tolerance has a limit you will agree, how long will you tolerate a peadophile to keep coming to play with your children?
  • Kato Mivule Paul Nicholas Kazibwe, am glad you have many Gay friends, at least that is a step in the right direction, in the evolutionary process for Tolerance (a christian virtue). I may add, your many Gay friends are not a threat to your existence, are they?
  • Paul Nicholas Kazibwe Again, my friend Kato Mivule you missed the point or limit of toleration. Our relationship solely depends on them not endangering those around me. I think the govt is generalising it b'se the rot is widespread in Uganda. Am sure you know abt, pastors, catholic fathers, seniors in secondary schools, orphanage owners, teachers, etc abusing children manipulating young adults into this behaviour for gain. All of these have yo stopped.
  • Godfrey Mwesigye Mr. Kato Mivule, i know one thing, sex should be enjoyed with man and woman at the right time that God recommends, in the right place and using recommendable organs. You remember what Pastor Mike Kyazze said, our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit so we should not defile them, this is biblical.
  • Paul Nicholas Kazibwe Btw, our understanding of tolerance might be slightly different, no where in the bible are we asked as Christians to tolerate sin. You will find Paul wasn't very kind to such habitual, or intentional sins. But of course your argument is that lifestyle is natural so it's not a sin..... Oh well, i believe the bible, and you have a problem with it.
  • Godfrey Mwesigye This means the government should deal with them accordingly if the Law is passed of abolishing such acts, thanks.
  • Kizito Michael George Dear Kato Mivule , I agree with you that Christians should support a law that advocates for the incarceration of gays just like we can not advocate for the imprisonment of masturbators and fornicators . But I do not agree with your view that, ‘’So, educate me, how did Jesus instruct his followers to have sex? Which sexual preferences and or sex positions did Jesus recommend? Show me "how to biblically have sex". You talk of logic and reasoning …but really… do you need God to tell you that you should not have sex in the nose and ear? Doesn’t your God given reason tell you that? Doesn’t reason tell you that the anus is not meant for sex. Do we need God to tell us when to go to the toilet? Jesus tells us to love our neighbor as our self? Now…When you have anal sex with you neighbor and you rapture his anus…Is that love?? Please, please, the bible does not support homosexuality although it does not negate loving gays.
  • Kato Mivule Paul Nicholas Kazibwe, how do gays endanger you when they engage in consensual sex between themselves (i.e. two CONSENTING ADULTS)? How does that affect you? It seems to me you only tolerate Gays if they are willing to get moralized by you. You have no grounds to pass your CHRISTIAN laws to persecute gays...keep your CHRISTIAN LAWS in your CHURCH.
  • Kato Mivule Kizito Michael George, and Godfrey Mwesigye, the subject of sexuality is more complex than what the Bible teaches, very complex indeed to be judged by two dimensional analysis of right and wrong. I am speaking of ADULT CONSENSUAL SEX. All other unwarranted sex is considered RAPE or PEDOPHILIA and the law deals with that. The bible gives NO explicit instructions on how a MAN should SEX his Wife!
  • Dixon Timothy Ka Kato Mivule, Kizito Michael George, Just absurd reasoning. That kind of argument has been raised by Bible-bashers for ages. They claim that what the Bible never mentioned is acceptable. It is simply absurd. If we used such arguments then there would never be any law regulating modern phenomena such as the internet or ICTs because the Bible never mentions anything about these issues. Kato Mivule, do really see where your logic is taking you? There are so many issues that the Bible does not mention but they are morally repugnant and socially unjust. So we cannot just ignore or leave them in a legal-limbo. The Bible provdes basic principles of morality that can be applied as times and social conditions change such that the integrity of creation is preserved. There are certain things that you cannot make to look good however much you try to change the language. "Sex" as such has no problem but "sexual perversion" has a problem and we need to guard against such. The Anti-Homosexuality Act is against "sexual perversion" which some people want us to forcefully accept that it is normal. The BILL IS NOT AGAINST SEX AS SUCH BUT SEXUAL PERVERSION.
  • Kato Mivule Dixon Timothy Ka, as long as you use the Bible and Your GOD to impose morality on others, you don't have any solid foundation for your legislative arguments; for one simple REASON, billions of people DON'T believe in your GOD! I might believe in Jjaja Muwanga and his own set of morality rules, and I cannot force you to abide by Jjaja Muwanga's moral criteria.
  • Dixon Timothy Ka Kato Mivule, I thought we had settled this question earlier on. The issue is not about GOD or JJAJJA MUWANGA. The issues is the protection of the integrity of nature and creation. Whether we believe and pray to a tree or to a certain God, if we all became homosexuals, the human race would get start to disappear (and probabaly begin to get extinct) in just two generations. Does your Jjajja Muwanga also want that to happen?
  • Rex Arthur " Dixon that is why not everyone is a homosexual ...human nature is diverse..creation does not need protection it does it own its own ..creation gives birth to heterosexuals and homosexuals .. that is beautiful creative diversity ..even teh story of Esau and JaCOB THE TWO TWINS SHOWS YOU natural DIVERSITY /.. one was hairy the other was not was red haired the other was not..all from one womb and one act of sex ..HOMOSEXUALS AND HETEROSEXUALS ARE TWINS OF NATURAL DIVERSITY
    • Rodricks EA Kato Mivule, as regards to paying taxes to Rome,Rome is symbolically used to represent other cities, paying taxes still stands today, to let you know I pay my taxes but not to Rome but in London,so that scripture still stands today as much as the one that says homosexaulity is sin.
    • Kato Mivule You see Rodricks, you make my point. When you begin to say that this and that is 'symbolic' (allegory), then a lot of subjectivity comes into play. Paul wrote to Christians in Rome, the context then was Rome. So, the same applies to other issues, homosexuality was understood in that context (actual Greek word used is Male Prostitute), therefore the context for which Paul spoke about Homosexuals was the male prostitutes who sold themselves in Rome not Gay loving couples in a committed relationship.
    • Kato Mivule Secondly, the Bible Translators committed a great error in using the word Homosexual which was RECENTLY coined by Dr. Karoly Benkert, a Hungarian physician. 1869. The word Homosexual DID NOT exist in the Bible until after 1869. So, how can you use a word coined almost 2000 years after the Bible was written to condemn Gays? It is illogical, actually plagiarism.
    • Kato Mivule In the Old Testament the word used is kedah a Hebrew word that means Temple Prostitute. In the New Testament, Timothy 1:9-10 the Greek word used is pornoi, arsenokoitai, and andrapodistai, which means male prostitutes. Gays I know are NOT Male Prostitutes, selling their bodies for sex.
    • Paul Nicholas Kazibwe Someone's faith has been shaken to the core.... The core has gotten rotten. Nothing new here, atleast the bible warns us of such. Come lord Jesus come!!
    • Rodricks EA Kato Mivule, you fail in so many ways to look at sin in scripture as how God intended,1cor12:9 do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God, don't be deceived neither idolaters nor fonicaters, homosexauls nor sodomites(men who sleep with men) so to be in a committed relationship doesn't exclude one from being sinful or leaving in sin since fornication is sex outside marriage in heterosexual relationship, you still fail to understand sin how God intended, all scripture is given as inspiration from God and is profitable for reproof, correction, instruction, in righteousness,I would suggest that you stop wasting your time twisting scripture to accommodate an act that goes against God's will and plan for is given earth to have dominion and multiply, how does one do that through homosexaulity? It's a sin period, do I think the homosexauls should be put in prison no and no again, but I believe that the Jesus that saved me from my sins can save them too.
    • Kato Mivule How then do you justify using the word "homosexual" coined in 1869? The word "homosexual" DID NOT exist in the world before 1869? How did it get into our Bibles today? Did the Holy Spirit inspire such profound error or is it that someone did some clever mis-translation? Strong's Lexicon did NOT dare give Dr. Karoly Benkert credit for this word, plagiarism?
    • Rodricks EA Kato Mivule, the word homosexuality existed way before the 1869 date implied by you, Justinian a roman emperor of 538-559AD defined same sex relationships as homosexuality, but Christians earlier than that in the 4th century also defined same sex relationships as homosexuality, these include philo of alexandria of 20Bc-50AD, methodius of olympus(260-312AD) Josephus(37-100AD) these all attributed homosexual relationships to sodomy,
      But when Paul writes in rom1:26-27 in the period of 56AD he refers to same sex relationships as shameful lusts of men with men and women with women, he asserts this based on the story of sodom and Gomorrah in Gen 19, In rom1:26-27 Paul is explaining the creation narrative again based on Gen 1-2 that the two different genders signify that marriage and sexual relationships are restricted to the opposite sex in that same sex relationships are contrary to the created order that God intended for mankind, hence the word unnatural is used.
    • Kato Mivule Rodricks EA, One of the first books on Church history I bought was "The Antiquities of the Jews, by Flavius Josephus", and Josephus wrote it in GREEK sir! It was later translated to LATIN, and then the English copy that you and I may have today. The Word "HOMO-SEXUAL", and "HOMOSEXUALITY" were coined much later by Dr. Karoly Benkert in 1869, sir! Check your facts!
    • Kato Mivule Below is an excerpt from the "Double Life of Kertbeny" a.k.a. Dr. Karoly Benkert. He COINED the term HOMO-SEXUAL and HETERO-SEXUAL, sir, in 1869!
    • Rodricks EA Homosexuality was coined to represent same sex relationships,the original word sodomy also sodomites, these words have been interchangeably used over time and period to mean same sex relationships, for example the word gay was hijacked by Homosexuals in the 19th century to define themselves because the homosexual word had stigma attached to it, this is to show that several words can be used as time evolves but the meaning unchanged, but context remains, does the bible condemned same sex relationships? Emphatically yes.
    • Michael David Kyazze In Buganda in the 18 the century the Homos were called Abapere or Abannoni now we call them Abasiyazi ,they refer to themselves as kukyus . Changing the bottle labels doesn't change the contents of the bottle. The Bible never ceased to warn us about sodomites,homosexuals, dogs,effeminates,those who practice unnatural sex, those who have same sex relationships. We do not white people to qualify this abomination.
    • Kato Mivule Hehehe, you guys are caught! Word definitions are very important my friends. That very word "sodomite", is an English version too and NEVER appears anywhere in the Greek or Hebrew versions! The ORIGINAL Hebrew word is kedah, meaning Temple Prostitute. The Greek word is pornoi, arsenokoitai, and andrapodistai, which means male prostitutes.
    • Kato Mivule Secondly, how in the world could the Holy Spirit inspire the wrong word? Is the Holy Spirit wrong? How dare you use a word created 2000 years after the Bible was written to accuse people wrongly and throw them in jail-for life? None of the Gays I know are Temple or Male Prostitutes! That was the original Hebrew and Greek Meaning. The term "Sodomites and Homosexuals" are recent entries into the ENGLISH Bible lexicon.
    • Dixon Timothy Ka Kato Mivule It is absurd that you are hiding behind semantics to try justify your wrong ideas. Oh how the mighty have fallen... am really perturbed how the enemy can snatch a once-upon-a-time mighty preacher of the Word. You can not limit Holy Spirit by language. Its the spiritual meaning that matters; whatever you call it, sex between a man and a man is wrong. Whether you call it "gay", "homosexuality", "tempel prostitute", "sodomite", "effiminate", "bisiyaga", etc. Kato Mivule, just give up because you know in your heart the truth.
    • Kato Mivule By this time you realize, sir, that am a scientist (I study and investigate). Context is very important. For Bible Translators to use a word that was coined in the 1800s and project that as Inspired by the Holy Spirit is not only wrong but unjust. The word 'Sodomy' and 'sodomite' for instance first appeared in the letters of Saint Jerome, in year 395 AD! Later, English Bible translators would use this word too. How then can the HOLY SPIRIT of TRUTH tell LIES?
    • Dixon Timothy Ka Kato Mivule You have landed in the trap of the Oregon-school of thought. Your being a scientis has imbued you with much pride. Be careful. Whatever the case a man having sex with a fellow man is wrong. No matter the word you use to call it.
    • Michael David Kyazze Sodomy is not a word in English language, but an abomination which a little child can point out.Kati,wumula ekintu kivundu.
    • Kato Mivule My point, you have NO Biblical Basis to condemn and judge Gays to hell and lock them up in Jail-for-life. There is NO "Biblical" foundation on which you stand to do such evil. Not Jesus Christ, not the Holy Spirit, not the Greek and Hebrew languages support you. Only History stands to testify against you in your Evil acts of discrimination and persecution of the Gay community.
    • Michael David Kyazze You need help my brother. I selected some people to pray for you.
    • Kato Mivule I do not need your prayers Pastor Michael David Kyazze, keep those prayers to yourself! You have caused the Gay community in Uganda too much pain. Right now young adults are fleeing their country into exile because of YOU and other Pastors who vigorously supported the Anti-Gay Law. It is you who needs all prayers on earth so you can STOP HATING gay people. Go pray for yourself...and also READ and STUDY!
    • Michael David Kyazze I love them more than you because I tell them the truth ,care for them to be rehabilitaded. I am not like you who pretends to love them are making money on lies that people are fleeing Uganda.
    • Michael David Kyazze Give names of those liers,who have fled Uganda. Made up stories of fleeing pedohiles who have sexually abused our children and fled into exile with the help of people like you.
    • Rodricks EA Kato Mivule, In your quest to find truth you still fail to establish concrete reality, the word sodomy has been around even before the revelation of christ in flesh,In biblical terms, the law of first mention states that, what God called it in the beginning sets a precedent,the levitical order calls it male and male or female and female sexual relations, which were prohibited, you refer to them as gay, but one would argue that the word gay doesn't describe what they do in their perverse lifestyle since gay means happy,does it mean that heterosexuals are not happy people(gay) so let's use the original wording (male to male and female to female sexual relationships the act that first took place in sodom and gomorrah, the original plan and mandate of God for male was to lay with female his helpmate not male, but still you fail to see and learn through the eyes of wisdom.
    • Wasswa Matovu i have a feeling some people here think men of 18 having sex with older people, the latter are pedophiles! Dah the former are adults and they will do as they wish hehehe. Gay men are not generally attracted to under age boys its a fallacy, maybe young men. but adults! so dont deceive your flock! obwana buba bukulu hehehe!
    • Dixon Timothy Ka Kato Mivule Thank God that you have finally exposed yourself. You tell the whites llies in order to get visas and asylum or free money. Lies cannot be covered up forever you know. When you state that "Right now young adults are fleeing their country..." it exposes the reason why you hae to appear a zealous pro-homo on FB. We know why you keep posting things here to provoke our reaction: you simply want to justify your applications for visa to the sodomite countries and get free money. The love of money has made you betray your Lord whom you once knew. (Mind you I have concrete intel on such guys as you who plant stories in some of the local tabloids in order to use them to get visa and free money). Ever since this debate on sodomy in UG has gone public I have heard of only one homo who died (i.e. Kato because of his love affairs) but the western media has baptised all Ugandans "gay-killers". Your lies are getting exposed.
    • Kato Mivule Wasswa Matovu, most of what these Pastors claim as basis for their anti-gay crusades is based on total falsehoods, incomprehension, and mere superstition. These Pastors don't even know their own Church History and to the extent that they think I am working for a US Visa, shows the level of cluelessness. Yet, the similarities between Ugandan Pastors and Medieval Bishops in the Inquisition is very telling.
    • Wasswa Matovu they are ignorant people. Period! Is getting a US visa such a big deal? it requires lying? what is this thing they talk about, mbu "free money" is there anything like that?
    • Dixon Timothy Ka Kato Mivule @Wasswa Matovu You are daring to call others "ignorant". You want us to accept your revised theology and keep quiet becuase the "all-knowing" Kato Mivule or Wasswa Matovu has spoken. Think twice bro. You always think that you know more than all others. You equate those who are opposed to sodomy as "medieval bishops" who knew nothing, you argue that you are the "progressive" preachers. That is pure pride. You think you really know more than Paul the apostle because you carried out out online research? That is the epitome of pride thinking that you know more than the authors of the Scriptures. Please think again and be humble. I bet that I have read more Church history titles than you have. It is interesting that when one brings a view of chuch history that you do not agree with you call it "consipiracy theory". Just because you have a PhD in computer technology does not give you a position of an "all-knowing" historian who can revise history and argue that men of God like Paul were "culturally biased". FYI Paul preached in more culturally diverse places than you have ever reached in you life-time. He knew what he was writing about more than you internet-research filled head bro. Wake up before its too late
    • Wasswa Matovu Dixon i hate that bible and the fakes that wrote, reedited and did all manner of stuff to it. Most i hate those who use its parables and fairly tales to ppress others. leave gays alone to live their lives. Surprisingly they continue to do so bill or no bill in uganda .o dont stress yrself
    • Rex Arthur @Wasswa for me I dont hate the Bible because it is just a storybook ..I have no time to do that but i have time to show how because it is a book or a collection of books written by human beings it is bound to have errors of fact and errors of science .

      Errors of fact because it never gives details like the skin colour of Adam and Eve or how incest which is asin in the Bible led to the propagation of mankind .

      Errors of Science because the so called circumcision is actually mutilation of a very important part of the male organ called the foreskin that aids in sexual pleasure and hence wholeness of body .These guys just copied a custom from Egypt and called it holy

      I have read the Bible through from page one paka last and the more i read it the more of the above errors .I have issues even with the language

      But that does not mean one should not read it to understand the worldview of the writers

      For example , all the prophets in teh OT were calling Israel to go back to the Law of Moses in their writings .This means Israel failed to keep those laws from day one .If you read teh laws of Moses vis a vis the Prophets you will see the sins they were mentioning were just what Moses legislated

      Otherwise the Bible is a story book filled with theories which makes it a dangerous book because anybody can twist opinions for their liking based on a book that has not been tried and tested by scientists and most of all scienctific facts
    • Rex Arthur @Wasswa you read Psalms and it is filled with war cries of revenge ..did you know teh Quran also has the book of Psalms called Zabur and most of the terrorists recite from the book Christian Taliban that hate Gays are surely reciting hate verse against gays from the same book and they are being given a pedestal in Uganda

      actually the Prophets are no different from the world Media like CNN Fox News BBC aLJazeera ..reporting about the sins , these days it is crimes of others

      So imagine media of those days where 99% of the population COULD NOT READ OR WRITE and those who could write were ignorant about EVERYTHING except writing and their imaginations and their cultures

      So what else do you expect Isaiah did not study biology like you so how could he know the nature of homosexuality

      Which brings me to the point of the writers of the book you know we do not know who wrote the Bible yet it is a book of "authority" ?? It could have been some woman who wrote it and used male names

      Christians and other religions need to question their own scriptures and ask themselves where there are going rather than regurgitate ancient hatred based on SERIOUS SCIENTIFIC IGNORANCE
    • Dixon Timothy Ka Rex Arthur Bro you are late to the party of Bible-bashers. That book has been ridiculed for ages but it still remains the best-seller of all time. Some once compared it to an anvil... you hit it but it remains staring you and the face and it gently asks you: "Are you tired? Can I now speak to you?". @Rex go on bashing the Bible and when you are tired it will speak. If you think its a joke because you are a law graduate, then write your own set of stories of imaginations and we see if it will set the Bible's record aside. It is the most selling book, the most read book, the most translated book... Even Harry Potter could not beat the Bible.
    • Rex Arthur IT is selling no doubt but to whom ?? ..i dont mind if it is a best seller in the hands of people who can reason and not swallow everything as truth without testing it ..but if it is best selling to ignorant people it is absurd coz how will they test whether what they are hearing is truth or false ..since they are ignorant they will just take it has truth ..

      Like the part Jesus said if your body part causes you to sin cut it off ..Christians should cut off their eyes and ears for they have sinned with those body parts but why dont they do it ??
    • Rex Arthur Dixon Timothy Ka but an ignorant person who takes the bible literally may pluck and ears their eyes for sure
    • Michael David Kyazze Rex, you due deliverance in the name of Jesus. I rebuke that demonic spirit that Blasphems the name God. I close every supply of darkness that inspires you,in the mame of Jesus. I command your homosexual demon to be fully exposed and weakened that you may be exposed to the rebuke of the Lord for the salvation of your soul
    • Kato Mivule Hehehe, there is a 'demon' that prevents people from going to the local Library to read.
    • Josephine Basudde Hahahahaha....hahahahahaha!!! I am not sure what to say!
    • Rodricks EA For one to proudly commend themselves as to be well read or intellectual in matters of any sphere is a senseless argument, the most opinionated people think they are intelligent,Paul the apostle thought he was intelligent in matters of the law till he encountered the saving power of the risen Christ, God cannot be proven and will never be proven in scientific research,everything begins with him, God can never be real to anyone except through Christ.
    • Kato Mivule Don't you see the irony, that God needed someone who was intelligent, well read, and highly educated like Paul? God needed someone who could read and write - reason you have Paul writing most of the New Testament. Don't you see, if Paul had NOT written those letters, you could not have your say, could you? It took an education sir!
    • Wasswa Matovu yah yah whatever!
    • Rodricks EA What am trying to articulate is one should not assume to be more informed or educated than the others without concrete evidence in matters at hand.
    • Wasswa Matovu informed about what? reason should overide raw faith
    • Kato Mivule Hehehe, but the evidence was provided and you guys rejected it. You then climaxed by resorting to gay exorcism.Why then do you need the Anti-gay Law if you can simply 'pray and rebuke the gay away' ? It seems to me that the gay demons cannot go away - reason for the Jail-in-life sentence, otherwise exorcism should have worked, right?
    • Michael David Kyazze The demons that inspire blasphemy. I take them captive in the the name of the Lord. The spirit of sodomy and deception. The spirit that spews lies and confusion on human souls , I render you powerless. In Karo life and wasswa his fellow captive. Remove the blimders for their sight , that they may see again. Amen
    • Michael David Kyazze I pray that the blood of Jesus may prevail against this vice that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Let the curse it brings be broken from Katos eyes .
    • Wasswa Matovu balls of fire from above and people turning into lumpS of salt! how rediculous
    • Josephine Basudde hahahahaha....kyokka banange this is hilarious!
    • Michael David Kyazze I continue attacking all demons in wasswa,kato, and Rex . I weaken their grip on their souls in Jesus name.
    • Kizito Michael George
  1. Christian Evangelical Influence on Gay Persecution in Uganda, as depicted in God Loves Uganda. Uganda Christians celebrate the Anti-Gay Law...

Very interesting: US sends 150 Special Forces to hunt for Kony..

Good profile, he deserves the visibility: "...Bishop Senyonjo doesn’t organize his Sunday evening prayers for homosexuals only. But his sermons attract many gays who are familiar with his sympathetic views in a country where other Christian preachers have led Uganda’s anti-gay crusade..."

  • Kato Mivule "...The studies that were done on identical twins in Sweden showed that 34% - 39% were homosexual on account of nature and 66% were homosexual on account of nurture. Therefore, even in those studies, nurture was more significant than nature..." President Museveni
    It seems the topic of homosexuals was provoked by the arrogant and careless West...See More
  • Kato Mivule President Museveni and Oral Sex: "...Since Western societies do not appreciate politeness, let me take this opportunity to warn our people publicly about the wrong practices indulged in and promoted by some of the outsiders...One of them is “oral sex”. Our youth should reject this because God designed the human being most appropriately for pleasurable, sustainable and healthy sex.
  • Kato Mivule Notice the Christian piousness used..."On the issue of losing aid by signing the bill, President Museveni, quoting the story of Esau in the bible said that Uganda will not give up their rights because of food like Esau did. He then took the chance to remind the gathering that Uganda does not need aid. "Uganda is very rich, we do not need the aid," He said..." President Museveni.
    President Museveni has finally assented to the Anti-Homosexuality bill. The bill...See More
  • Rex Arthur Sad but it was coming ..Evangelical vote has to be secured ... but it does not wash away the fact that Homosexuals are naturally part of all societies in the world whether in Sweden or Uganda
  • Kato Mivule Theologically, Rex Arthur, the preaching of the Gospel as we know it has ended. For those Ugandan Evangelicals who are in jubilation, there is NO way you can Preach your Gospel and claim that Jesus Christ has sent you, no way, because Jesus Christ NEVER advocated for the Jailing any "Sinner", Never. What Ugandan Preachers are preaching now, is THE LAW and NOT GRACE.
  • Rex Arthur Exactly Theologically speaking the preaching of the Gospel has ended .Their so called dispensation timeline has reset back to Old Testament ...when you read the commentaries of the Law by Paul in Romans their jubilation will hit the wall
  • Kato Mivule Yes, Rex Arthur, the very fact that they use civil legislation to achieve spiritual piousness cements these folks as our modern day Pharisees, theologically. This is what Pharisees did in their day - they challenged Jesus to stoning the woman to death because it was their "law" to do so to "adulterers".
  • Rex Arthur Jesus response was that he who has no sin let him cast teh first stone ..these Churches that are celebrating are the same ones who do not help the poor , steal via offerings fact the reason why they dd not stone the lady was because they had accusers out there
  • Rex Arthur Notice where the bill was signed in lavishness no poor Ugandan in sight ..just reminds me of teh commandments made far away in the mountain only to be broken for years on end when Moses returned from the mountain ..up till today nobody has ever kept those commandments
  • Kato Mivule This is reason why NONE of those Preachers who supported and PUSHED for this bill have any spiritual standing, and simple, if they want to PREACH Jesus, let them go and Legislate their Gospel. They have shown that they are powerless, and a useless group, whose so-called power of the Gospel is through President Museveni's hand.
  • Rex Arthur Exactly that is why you were right in saying the Preaching of the Gospel is dead in Uganda .Remember Paul said the Gospel is the power of God that is proof they have no power replacing Jesus with Museveni
  • Francis Ntege Pasor Michael Kyazze preach to our colleagues the source of power that influenced the President to sign the Bill. Give them a theological understanding of politics and power that influences flow of events
  • Michael David Kyazze When someone has drunk and bathed something ,it's futile to even try to explain common sense issues.
  • Josephine Basudde To each there own!!!
  • Wasswa Matovu the worst thing that happened to Africans is the introduction religion Christianity, Islam name it. the Chinese and japanes. slaughtered missionaries on landing at their shores. look where they r now!
  • Michael David Kyazze Yah , they brought Christianity they stole our land , they brought Islam and sold and sold us into slavery , they have now brought homosexuality to take away posterity . This time we say no to social imperialism.
  • Kato Mivule Pastor Michael David Kyazze, your power to PREACH the Gospel lies in the hand of President Museveni and all dictators alike.You cannot change anyone, you have failed miserably, even with legislation, you have failed. The only thing you can preach is Rome...and forcing people to follow your Jesus via the sword, nothing else...
  • Paul Nicholas Kazibwe Bwana Kato Mivule, you are starting to sound bitter and angry. if this whole thing is getting too much for you to handle, just leave it, you win some, you lose some, such is life. Yo arguing the church has failed to preach the gospel, yet when people understand the gospel and follow wat the bible says, you say they shudnt do that but follow their natural ways. I thought according to scripture, we are to overcome our "fleshy" desires in living righteous lives. You cant have it both ways in trying to live a godly life yet submitting to human "fleshy" desires.... dont you agree?
  • Kato Mivule Paul Nicholas Kazibwe, bitter and angry???? Who is bitter, me or you guys and your Gospel of Hate that you preach? If you preach the gospel of Jesus why do you then legislate that people go to jail FOR LIFE for refusing to follow your Jesus ( actually Old Testament commands) ? Who are you to Legislate that I must FOLLOW your Jesus or spend my life in Jail??????????????????
  • Kato Mivule PREACHERS OF HATE! Accept Jesus or else spend your life in Jail!
  • Paul Nicholas Kazibwe Again, not for the first time , you're misconstruing this bill, and trying so hard to make it say wat it's not saying at all, but for self pleasure. This bill is NOT TO MAKE PEOPLE BELIEVE IN GOD. Where did you even get that from? This is laughable.
  • Kato Mivule Are you suggesting that we cannot READ or are too stupid to follow the nuances in this debate? This Bill was authored by US Christian Evangelicals (Scott Lively) and pushed by people like Pastor Michael David Kyazze, Ssempa and Male, who are you fooling Ssebo?
  • Kato Mivule The Jesus I know loves everyone that He died and gave his life for ALL, the Jesus they Preach HATES Gays so much that he actually passes legislation to send homosexuals to Jail for Life! The Jesus they preach STONES ADULTERERS to DEATH, or SENDS them to Prison for Life! They certainly Preach ANOTHER Jesus!
  • Paul Nicholas Kazibwe am not being sarcastic....but dude, i think you need help. Michael David Kyazze, Male and Pst Sempa have too much power to influence the MPs and Gvt yet cannot get a simple case in court overturned? I think they are willing scapegoats if you make themas such, but you're giving them credit at the same time where no one has credited them for fighting this vice. If they're that powerful as you say, am happy.
  • Kato Mivule A lick of paint sir, a lick of paint Paul Nicholas Kazibwe!
  • Paul Nicholas Kazibwe Not a valuable conclusion to this discussion, but I will give it to you, when you get found out, you dismiss the person. Have a gud nit sir.
  • Kato Mivule Indeed, that lick of paint does wonders! Obfuscation, whitewashing, and indeed try to make wonders out of the role that Ugandan Christian Pastors (Ssempa et al) and Scott Lively have played in calling for the life-imprisonment of gays in Uganda...
  • Josephine Basudde No, he is actually not well!
  • Sis George Kato, Hope it is ok to say something, if you remember when Jesus came upon the Pharisees stoning the woman caught in adultery, Jesus said to her "Go and sin no more," This is a different situation, Mary Magdalane loved Him so much for loving and forgiving her, she stopped her adulterous ways, in fact she loved Jesus more then any of the others that followed Him she poured expensive oil all over him, wiping her tears from his feet with her hair. In this case by His love she stopped her sinful life. God loves also much, and he is very patient, but this is not so that people live the way they choose to. It is because He wants His love to turn to him none to perish but all come to the knowledge of God. I believe that judgment is too harsh, but because of leniency in US we have child pedophiles who has lust for children, they molest them, and human sex slave trade where they are selling young girls and children for sex. The have not drawn a line so all these perversions are rampant in US. Love cannot rein where rebelliousness and idolatry reign. It is a battle of light and darkness. One last thing, when God made the world He made not only male and female to replenish the world but every male and female of every kind of animal and bird, there was no same sex pairs chosen to replenish the earth. God does not make junk, He does not make things out of His perfectness to be imperfect or out of His order, man does, just like you see everything man does is ruin things. Look at the whole eco system pollution, and everything else, man destroys God creates, everything he created was perfect, if He thought created man in same sex He would have done in it man and animals. BUT HE DIDN'T. He is a master painter, creator and HE IS LOVE.
  • Paul Nicholas Kazibwe Sis George, unfortunately Kato Mivule doesnt speak the language you're speaking.He celebrates man in his fallen state and encourages man to continue living as he pleases arguing that after all thats how he was born. From all his posts, one thing has been consistent and its not the recognition that man is born a fallen being in need to change by the help of a saviour.
  • Sis George I am so surprised as I knew him as a man who loved God for many years. There is a lot of religion too much so that we can forget that God loves the sinner just hates sin. There are universal laws as well and this goes against that too, and I have led to the Lord and baptized former homosexuals who take a lot of love but they will change. in Fact a very good friend who was a homosexual is now married and has children, so if we go the way of man instead of God we will be lost w them.
  • Sis George with them. Am going to pray for Kato!
  • Sis George God does not make junk it is true there are faulty genes, with medical abnormalities but they are not spiritual genes! this is a spiritual problem not anything else
  • Kato Mivule I don't know were to start with this type of condescension, "I am praying for you", or a worse holy roller, "we are praying for you"..."I knew him as a man who loved God", you mean I HATE GOD? Anyway, let me finish a chapter of my dissert, and will be back!
  • Bbaale Denis Thanks Bwana Kazibwe and Sis George for the clear analysis of this issue of Homosexuality; However Kato and Rex just need our prayers. Homosexuals need to repent and turn away from the vice. They do not need to feel comfortable that what they are doing is proper in the sight of God. Rex has come out clearly that he is gay; Its unfortunate that this young man was a serious defender of the gospel of christ, and now he is promoting homosexuality! We need to tackle this gay issue from God's own perspective as christians and not as scientists. Romans chapter 1 gives a clear view of the whole matter.
  • Kato Mivule Bbaale Denis, I don't need your condescension prayers, you can use those prayers and lay hands on your self, perhaps not to be overcome by the euphoria of HATE against gays sweeping Uganda. Secondly, on a serious matter, if you don't need science and want God's dependence in this matter, then why depend on legislative measures to spiritually control gays?
  • Bbaale Denis Get me out of those who are depending on the so called legislative measures plus the haters of gays; Gays should know that what they are doing is not right with God and they need to repent. God created male and female and not male and male nor female with female. I've never seen a gay couple produce children biologically!
  • Bbaale Denis God's command was very clear to Adam and Eve i.e Man and woman; to go and multiply and fill the earth. A gay marriage cannot multiply in any way! Kato as Christians we need to tell gay people that what they are doing has never been God's plan for mankind; however the door for repentance is still open for them to turn away from their evil practice and live a straight life as God intended.
  • Kato Mivule Bbaale Denis, you should read these posts, I keep repeating my self over again. You cannot judge a people based on your god; I cannot judge you based on the moral codes of Jjaja Muwanga, if Jjaja Muwanga is my god. Secondly, theologically you HAVE NO substantive argument against gays, None. You can only quote Romans and that is it, none, none, nothing else!
  • Kato Mivule Secondly Bbaale Denis, for some protocal, next time, if you want to "pray for some one", use the phrase, "I am standing with you in faith" or "I am standing with you in prayer". Make yourself part of their situation rather than the holy roller condescending remarks of "I am praying for you", as if you are more holy than anyone else - some mpisa.
  • Bbaale Denis You amaze me Man!
  • Kato Mivule ...and you don't think you amaze anyone, MAN?! Bbaale Denis??? Indeed, "We are praying for you"!
  • Kato Mivule On another SERIOUS point, Bbaale Denis, you claim that "...Rex has come out clearly that he is gay; Its unfortunate that this young man was a serious defender of the gospel of christ...". Rex Arthur, is a very strong and courageous young man to stand up against all that homophobic hate in Uganda. He came to accept his sexuality and it has nothing to do with him being loved by God. The only folks, he has to worry about is the Christian homophobic euphoria in Uganda.

    • Kato Mivule Hey, why are you issuing Death Threats? Earlier you said "Wenenye otw ojakufa oli munaku nyo nyo!!!" "Translated, "Repent, if not, you will die very poor". Now, you go on to say "R.I.P Kato Mivule". Why Death Threats? You have FAILED to put up a substantive argument and you are resorting to issuing DEATH THREATS? Someone needs to checkout this guy, seriously.
    • Julius C. Sseremba Munaku also means miserable...there is never any joy mu bisiyaga check out the suicide rates!
    • Julius C. Sseremba The Father counted the prodigal son dead. Luke 15:24
      For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found.’ And they began to celebrate.

      Webale kuvunulira ba financiers!!!
    • Michael David Kyazze Kato , you fit well in Carlton Pearsons ; Church of Universal Temple. The doctrine is similar. He is now a confessed homosexual , all inclusive gospel with no hell fire a place where homosexual s can be be free. he he
    • Paul Nicholas Kazibwe The Katos of this world want Christianity without the bible which is the word of God. Then they portray a God who is all smiles and love without balancing his love with his anger. Luke 12:5, But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear: Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear him....... Ooops and that's Jesus saying!! So mr Kato, how far are you willing to bite the dust is twisting scripture for pleasure?
    • Kato Mivule Your picture of an angry, insecure, fearful, timid, mad, and wrathful god, who always needs to be appeased (balancing love and anger), is exactly how you will seek to treat people who don't meet that criteria. I see God as ALL LOVING, with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE so great, covering multitude of sins (imperfections). You see a god of HELL, I see THE GOD of LOVE.
    • Julius C. Sseremba Kato Mivule made a cow god in his image. Paul Nicholas Kazibwe, here is your God:
      Exodus 34:6-7 New King James Version (NKJV)

      6 And the LORD passed before him and proclaimed, “The LORD,the LORD God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abounding in goodness and truth, 7 keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children and the children’s children to the third and the fourth generation.”
    • Julius C. Sseremba Emphasis- BY NO MEANS CLEARING THE GUILTY!
    • Paul Nicholas Kazibwe Julius C. Sseremba, no no no no.... Those verses don't exist in Kato's bible, Carlton Pearson told him to cut them out. Kika.
      "the Old Testament is not allowed" Julius... And the New Testament doesn't mean what it says... So nothing means anything..... Lol
    • Julius C. Sseremba Bible mutilation....
    • Michael David Kyazze The Lord will arise and we will see who is right on this.
    • Kato Mivule Yes, I have problems with a god who KILLS babies (some of this stuff is sick) "...Anyone who is captured will be run through with a sword. Their little children will be dashed to death right before their eyes. Their homes will be sacked and their wives raped by the attacking hordes...They will have no mercy on helpless babies and will show no compassion for the children..." (Isaiah 13:15-18 NLT)
    • Michael David Kyazze To you The Lord is bad , but the sodomites are good? You are lost Mr Kato, enjoy the dollar.
    • Julius C. Sseremba A homosexual apologist judges the Living God. Why were those people suffering judgment? The selfishness, license, impunity & idolatry of sin calls for judgment. Kato Mivule your judgment will be worse!
    • Julius C. Sseremba Ensimbi zitawanya. Va ku kyeyo kye bisiyaga Kato Mivule. Komawo e Uganda olime. An honest living si kweyanika gwe omusajja wena bakulye ebisiyaga nga bakuvuga olupanka!
    • Michael David Kyazze I always thought I was talking to a Christian , Kumbe the guy is an angel of darkness trying to poison the faith and morals of many. Now this proves that sodomy can't be compatible with sound faith.
    • Kato Mivule This is sickening, I mean, what kind of god is that who advocates that wives be raped by attacking hordes and helpless babies who have committed no sin to be shown no mercy but killed - dashed before their parents eyes? (this is sick). Do you guys ever question why you believe what you believe?
    • Julius C. Sseremba And what kind of homosexual apologist believes fisting & girbiling are more advanced/credible than Christianity?
    • Michael David Kyazze Do you see how wise we are , we could smell the rat miles away and know nothing good comes with sodomy.
    • Julius C. Sseremba By the way Kato Mivule, God has a sound reason for allowing that judgment. What credible reason does the homophilic U.S Gov't give for killing babies in drone attacks in Pakistan? Collateral damage?
    • Kato Mivule No wonder, this is exactly how you want Gays and those you consider sinful to be treated, just like the god you believe in treats folks - rapes their wives and dashes babies to death right before their parents, then kills the parents by the sword - sick, sick stuff. Don't you ever question why Jesus preached as an anti-thesis to that sick god? (BTW - the US Govt is NOT GOD).
    • Julius C. Sseremba Just like you the U.S Gov't by playing God through social imperialism is drunk on fisting & girbiling. Since the repeal of DADT violence (mostly homosexual) is up 33% percent in the U.S Army; Hitler's takeover involved the burning of the ISH the culmination of a fight between butches and the men-sisters; the men of sodom were willing to murder Lot on account of denying them a moment of anal "bliss"... No no no homophiles are the number one menace to social order & true peace through their violence as demonstrated down the ages!!
    • Julius C. Sseremba On the contrary, God gave Nations (in this case 400 years) time to repent:
      Gen. 15:16
      After four generations your descendants will return here to this land, for the sins of the Amorites do not yet warrant their destruction."

      The judgment of God is preceded by long-suffering. The violence of homosexuality is preceded and followed by self-indulgence and yet more violence!!!
    • Kato Mivule Scott Lively stuff and the sick, sick, sick, god KILLING BABIES: "...So go! Attack the Amalekites; put everything that belongs to them under the ban. Spare no one. Kill men and women, children and infants, oxen and sheep, camels and donkeys...Bring me Agag the Amalekite king,” Samuel said...Then Samuel cut Agag to pieces in the Lord’s presence at Gilgal.." 1 Samuel 15 (CEB)
    • Julius C. Sseremba Yeah and go on girbiling, rapturing rectums, fisting...#yourbrandofcommonsense picking on Scott for nothing. He is a 1000 times more of a man than you! Not with the scum, persecution and torment your ilk have dragged him through over nothing. Btw ekyoyo ekikwogerelako nkikuba mulinya lya Yesu!
    • Kato Mivule One should ask, what had these babies done? What sin did they commit to receive such penalty? What did this prisoner of war(Agag) do to deserve being literally slaughtered into pieces "before god", with a machete, this is sick stuff. Your belief system molds how you treat other people. No wonder the "Kill-the-Gays" Bill.
    • Julius C. Sseremba All of that above is still on a much higher plane than raptiring rectums. Era nekyoyo kyobusilusilu nakyo nkikuba olunaku lwa leero!
    • Michael David Kyazze 56,000,000 babies killed every 4 years by a nation teaching the world to Love and be tolerant with homo's raping and abusing our children. Kakabilemu Kato , Uganda yoganye Sodomy.
    • Michael David Kyazze Yes Julius, the demon of Blaspheme and sodomy , we bring you down ,in the precious name Jesus.
    • Julius C. Sseremba Yerabidde abortion! Homophilic Gov't killing babies and extracting stem cells - yeah homosexual wisdom, queer and twisted!
    • Michael David Kyazze AID attached to demons , we refuse , believe for divine provision .
    • Kato Mivule The US Govt is not God, secondly, I am pro-life and many Gays are, in fact, they would love to adopt and raise those babies but you prevent them.
    • Julius C. Sseremba Amen to divine provision! Deut. 23:18
      Do not bring a female prostitute's wages or a male prostitute's earnings into the house of the LORD your God to fulfill any vow, because both are detestable to the LORD your God."

      The Lord detests dirty money so do we dirty "aid"!
    • Michael David Kyazze To hell with Gays being pro life when they do not know how to produce babies!
    • Julius C. Sseremba Gays pro-life but pouring seed in the septic tank, nonsense!!! Same as abortion, same as Onan in Genesis!!
    • Kato Mivule Again, sick stuff. You see, the most common phrase Ugandan Christians love to use, "to hell...", why, because their view of God is one of HELL, therefore anyone who lives differently from that world view, deserves HELL because that is how they view God, as someone who sends billions of people into eternal torture chambers.
    • Kato Mivule The story of Tamar is sick, sick, sick material; a god who loves to KILL: "...Judah married his oldest son Er to a woman named Tamar. 7 But the Lord considered Judah’s oldest son Er immoral, and the Lord put him to death. 8 Judah said to Onan, “Go to your brother’s wife, do your duty as her brother-in-law, and provide children for your brother.”..." Genesis 38:6
    • Kato Mivule A god who forces a man to sleep with his brother's wife and then kills him for "wasting" his semen - sick! "...Onan knew the children wouldn’t be his so when he slept with his brother’s wife, he wasted his semen on the ground, so he wouldn’t give his brother children. 10 The Lord considered what he did as wrong and put him to death too..." Genesis 38: 9. How do we even read such stories in Sunday school?
    • Michael David Kyazze Hell is not mans invention , it's is a necessary place for God governance , and sorting out sodom and gomorrah.
    • Julius C. Sseremba And you Kato Mivule are headed to hell if you do not repent! God Himself will strike you with a disease or something if you do not repent!!!
    • Julius C. Sseremba From a purely ontological POV you are gravely mistaken to pass judgment on God since by doing so you are presuming a level of knowledge supra to omniscence. That insolence can only be found in the fisting/girbiling community which rejects the knowledfe of God and gets smitten with judgment!
    • Michael David Kyazze He should know that the Artist , designer has rights over his Art pieces. This how the Jonah's of this world get puff up. Now you pity people who listen and are led by Kato.
    • Michael David Kyazze Who is Mivule to blaspheme God and pamper Homos ? Do you remember them trying to rape Angels who had visited Lot? Sodomy and blaspheme work together.
    • Kato Mivule This is sick, sick, real psychosis; Imagine this Christian is issuing death threats, mbu God himself will strike you with a disease..." Sick, sick mentality. Imagine such people passing laws, thinking they are serving God. No wonder you pastors advocated the "Kill-the-gays" bill. Sick.
    • Kato Mivule Jesus always rebuked such dangerous theological notions: "...53 But the people of the village did not welcome Jesus because he was on his way to Jerusalem. 54 When James and John saw this, they said to Jesus, “Lord, should we call down fire from heaven to burn them up?” 55 But Jesus turned and rebuked them..." Luke 9:53-55
    • Michael David Kyazze You are cursed by your own mouth an acts , you do not need anyone curse Kato.
    • Julius C. Sseremba Jn. 5:14 - Afterward Jesus found him in the temple and said to him, “See, you are well! Sin no more, that nothing worse may happen to you.”

      The judgment on sin remains.
    • Kato Mivule LOVE WINS: "...31 The second is this, You will love your neighbor as yourself. No other commandment is greater than these.” 32 The legal expert said to him, “Well said, Teacher... and to love one’s neighbor as oneself is much more important than all kinds of entirely burned offerings and sacrifices.”..." Mark 12
    • Kato Mivule You see, it is all about projection. Your perception of love is what you project. If your love is all about HELL, then what you wish is to see your neighbor burning and tortured in HELL. However, if your view is, GOD IS LOVE, then you see humanity through those lenses of God's Love.
    • Julius C. Sseremba You are into idols & repeating yourself wont sanctify your satanic worship! We continue okwokya ekizimu ekikwogererako mu linya Yesu!

  About  Kato Mivule

Updated January 15, 2009

I am a Sinner Saved by Grace in Christ Jesus…Born and raised in Entebbe Uganda.

Raised in a Catholic Family but never knew The Lord Jesus Christ though I attended ‘Mass’ almost every Sunday.

I heard about Jesus Christ, The Son of God, The Cross, Sins, Salvation, Hell, and Wrath of God, Forgives of Sins, The Blood of Jesus and Grace of God, first through a Baptist Missionary from the USA who came to train our local ‘High School’ Basket Ball Team in Entebbe, Uganda… He gave us Bibles and warned us about HIV/AIDS…and the need for abstinence (back then ‘abstinence’ was not a politically loaded term).

I was both ‘intrigued’ and disturbed by his message but never surrendered my Life to Jesus Christ… However, after some days, The Lord dealt with the stubbornness of my heart and I received Jesus Christ as Personal Savior at a ‘Healing Evangelistic Meeting’ in Entebbe conducted by an African Preacher.

I began preaching there and then at age 16, telling others about Jesus Christ and what I had learnt about Salvation in Christ Jesus. I joined a local ‘Pentecostal’ Church in Entebbe and joined the evangelistic team and we traveled and preached from Village to Village in Uganda, telling others about Jesus Christ.

After some time I worked as a Youth Pastor and Worship Team Leader and for 10 years, was involved in Youth Outreach Evangelistic Missions, in which we reached out to different Towns, Villages, ‘High Schools’, and Colleges with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda.

After some time I moved to the USA and joined a State University and studied Computer Science. During my studies at the State University, I was involved in working with a number of Church Mission Teams from the USA to Uganda and did take a number of Mission trips to Uganda on Evangelistic Outreaches.

After I graduated from the State University, I returned to Uganda and ‘volunteered’ by offering I.T/Computer Training to locals, which I did for two years in Kampala, Uganda.

At the same time I have been involved in the ‘Apologetics’ and ‘Discernment’ ministry in Uganda, calling on the Evangelical Church and Church leaders in particular to return to Teaching Sound Bible Doctrine. On my return to Uganda, I was amazed at the ‘Falling Away’ (Apostasy) from Sound Bible Doctrine by the Evangelical Church in Uganda…many Evangelicals in Uganda have been giving heed to mainly the Prosperity Gospel from the West and also some form of Political Christianity…

However, the good news is that there is also an increasing number Christians in Uganda and Africa who are ‘waking up’ and holding firm to the Teachings and Sayings of our Lord Jesus Christ, and rightly discerning the False from the True basing on God’s Holy Word.

Currently, I work for a US Based Multi-National Computer Corporation. I am Married to a blessed wife and blessed with kids too...

I do not hold a PhD in ‘Christian Apologetics’, though I attended a Local Bible College in the USA… I do not claim to have "special deeper" knowledge in the Bible for Discernment or Bible Prophecy for that matter. What I do is simple, ‘I read my Bible Everyday’ and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal His Truth to me in His Word. I do crosscheck all that I hear to see if it is in line with God’s Holy Word and base any Discernment on God’s Holy Word, especially in the New Testament.

I believe God's Truth in His Word is fair and simple for ALL to understand and come to the knowledge of His Son Jesus Christ and His Saving Grace. Any so-called Truth that is made too complicated by Man always leads to Man and the seeking of more knowledge from Man and worship of Man rather than God. When Jesus Christ speaks about "loving your neighbor as yourself", He means exactly that and it does not take a "Rocket Scientist" to figure that out...

I am not a protagonist nor do I seek the limelight as the kind of ministry I am involved in makes one very unpopular, especially among Christian Circles embroiled in the latest pop culture craze at the expense of Sound Doctrine. I do not hail from nobility, I rather grew up in abject poverty (There is a saying in Africa that when a poor man calls you poor, then indeed you are really poor) and my parents sacrificed all they had so I could go to school.

I am not an angel, nor do I claim to be a perfect person or even count myself as perfected, I have made mistakes like any one on this spiritual journey to the New Jerusalem Above… However, I have learnt to Fix my Eyes on Jesus Christ the Author and Perfector of my Faith…knowing that He who begun a good work in us will accomplish that work. One thing I do, I forget all that is behind me, both the successes and failures, and lay hold on the Prize, which is Christ Jesus…

Philippians 3:7-14
(7) But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ.
(8) Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ,
(9) And be found in him, not having mine own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith:
(10) That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;
(11) If by any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead.
(12) Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus.
(13) Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,
(14) I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

I don’t have any “followers” nor do I seek to create "followers", I simply encourage everyone to follow Jesus Christ and keep His Teachings and Fix their eyes on Him alone and not Man. God Bless You all and someday we shall all meet and rejoice before Jesus Christ but before then, we have some work to do on earth – serving Jesus Christ…

Kato Mivule


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