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Friday, 31 July 2015

In the line of fire for exposing thievery, robbery and thuggery in Uganda’s Pentecostal churches and Pastor Serwadda’s devilish ecumenism : Pastor Bujingo blasts Robbing, cunning pastors : Born again KCCA’s Musisi Evicts Pastor Bugingo From Bat Valley: Pastor Bugingo unhappy with Impregnated Daughter and Catholic Son In-Law

Robbing, cunning pastors blasted
Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries  : The man in the line of fire

My comments

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s House of Prayer ministries from Bat Valley in Kampala is in the line of fire for exposing the robbery and extortion by Pentecostal pastors in  Uganda. Before forming the  House of Prayer ministries, he was a pastor in Pastor Joseph Serwada’s Victory church, Ndeeba . He once joined pastors Julius Peter Oyet, Godfrey Luwagga, Ambrose Gidudu, Osborn Mayanja, David Mukoko to label Male “an impostor, destroyer, liar and accuser of brethren who speaks without authority”.

Ugandan Prosperity Gospel Kingpins Denounce Pastor Male

Pastor  Bugingo got fed up with Pastor Serwadda’s ecumenism antics that aim at taking Pentecostals to Rome. Pastor Serwada formed an organization called , ‘Born again Faith federation’ and its members have now joined the inter-religious council  which brings together Catholics, muslims, SDA, Anglicans  and Pentecostals.  Can you imagine!!

Pastor Solomon Male

Pentecostalism becomes an official religion in Uganda through the ‘’efforts’’ of ecumenist Pastor Joseph Sserwadda’s Born Again Faith Federation  

Pastor Joseph Sserwadda in Suit with members of the Inter religious Council of Uganda


Catholic, Anglican, SDA and Orthodox heads demonstrate the ONE RELIGION ecumenical motive of the Inter religious council of Uganda

The Harlot Ugandan Church and spiritual fornication : When American- Ugandan prosperity pastors dress in religion garb like catholic and Anglican clergy : Pastors who dress like this are controlled by the spirit of hypocrisy; they slowly drift away from preaching the true gospel and eventually lead to rome.  

 Francis I and Foolish Pentecostals

When Kenneth Copeland Visited the Pope

When ‘Protestant’ Pretenders went on a Pilgrimage to the Papacy

Pope Francis and the foolish Pentecostals

Spiritual hugs with the devil: Merging of counterfeit Christianity :  Pope Francis to Pentecostal Conference: Tears of Love, Spiritual Hugs: Pope Francis' Message For Christian Unity At Keneth Copeland Ministries: Kenneth Copeland’s thug Christianity and the road to Rome

Pastor Bugingo now uses his SALT FM radio and SALT TV to attack pastors who are robbing people and pastors who now cherish big religious titles and  behave like the catholic bishops. Many thug and ecumenical pastors are very unhappy with him  for exposing them and taking away their flocks. They are now doing every thing possible to bring him down. Pastor Bujingo has done a very commendable job. May be, Pastor Male opened his eyes to the thievery in Uganda’s  Pentecostal movement. It remains to be seen whether his ministry will stand amidst the black mail and malice. Of course his enemies are very well connected to Museveni’s state house. No wonder , the born again executive director for  Kampala city Jennifer Musisi has joined the ones fighting him. 


Pastor Bugingo’s weaknesses.

  1. He preaches a soft version of the prosperity Gospel.
  2. He believes in tithing .
  3.  He preaches a lot of dominion theology.   

KCCA’s Musisi Evicts Pastor Bugingo From Bat Valley 

Jennifer Musisi has ordered the eviction of Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s House of Prayer ministries from Bat Valley in Kampala.

Bugingo has been given 28 days to shift his church from Bat Valley or risk facing forceful eviction. Bugingo and his gang are accused of inconveniencing the neighboring Bat Valley Primary School pupils.
Pastor Bugingo accuses haters of conspiring against him.

According to sources the church goers make the place dirty and kids can’t concentrate on their studies.
However a church insider says -there are ‘jealousy people who are fighting us.’
The jealous people are said include Godfrey Nyakana.

Bugingo, the source adds, has declared a 14 days fasting period as they hope for a miracle

Robbing, cunning pastors blasted

Publish Date: Oct 06, 2014
Robbing, cunning pastors blasted
Pastor Aloysius Bugingo decried the lack of transparency in most Churches.

By Vision Reporter

CITY Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has blasted evangelists who have institutionalized the mobile money and envelope culture among flock.

Bugingo the pastor at House of Prayer Ministries International took decried the lack of transparency in most Churches and took a swipe at fellow pastors during the launch of his new radio station Salt FM 107.0 at Nakivubo Stadium.

 UPDF Chief Political commissar Col Felix Kulaigye and singer Judith Babirye (R) join in on the prayers.
The launch, which coincided with an independence worship overnight, was witnessed by over 10,000 Christians notable among them, UPDF Chief Political commissar Col Felix Kulaigye and singer Judith Babirye.

“Many believers are stuck in abject poverty because of the actions of extortionist pastors.  How do you empower flock by bragging about your holidays and children studying overseas?  I believe there is a general lack of transparency and accountability in Churches, which needs to be addressed,” the 41 year old told the gathering.

According to Bugingo, it is wrong for pastors and televangelists to deliver sermons and have mobile money numbers scroll on the TV screens.  In the same way, he said the act of sending invitation letters to flock for Christian gatherings had perpetrated habit of extortion.

“These invitation letters are sent with instructions on money to be given and they are brought back sealed. If you tell people to sow in order to prosper, are you a magician to ensure overnight riches?   It is a process… just like Jesus promised to make his disciples Simon Peter and Andrew “fishers of men” in Matthew 4:19, pastors should look to empower their flock to prosperity,” he said.

Bugingo used his time at the pulpit to forgive Godfrey Mutabaazi the Executive Director UCC, who early this year was the subject of fasting and prayer from Bugingo’s flock, who accused him (Mutabaazi) and Jinja East MP, Moses Balyeku for thwarting their efforts to get a radio frequency after asking them for sh600m. 

“We are not funded but transparency has seen us achieve this milestone. Not many Ministries can afford to operate radio stations after just three years, we shall use this station for spiritual restoration and giving the right information which will build future generations,” he said.
Col Felix Kulaigye prayed for political stability and asked the management of Salt FM to be at the helm in preaching morals and providing practical solutions to fight poverty.  There were also musical interludes.

The Wakaliga based commercial radio station is the 74th to be licenced by Uganda Communications Commission and has already started airing.

Pastor Bugingo’s daughter elopes with catholic lover

I’m not a street Kid – says the Doctor who impregnated Pastor Bugingo’s daughter

Pastor Bugingo Curses Impregnated Daughter, Catholic Son In-Law 

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, the senior pastor of House of Prayers Ministries International is boiling over with fury after his fond daughter eloped with a man subscribing to the Catholic faith.

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo
Pastor Aloysius Bugingo
“I came to learn of the relationship via love notes Doreen was writting  to that evil man. He would post the lovely notes on her Facebook page and the crook would reply,” Bugingo lamented.

Bugingo gushed out his anger publicly. He was ministering to his flock at Bat Valley when he let off the lid of his child’s romance.

The rants were relayed on his Salt FM Radio. Bugingo said he wanted his first born daughter to be a pacesetter for his siblings.

So infuriated Bugingo became that he even suggested that the  girl can end up dying together with the baby she is carrying.

“What will that man do in case my daughter dies while giving birth? Will he deliver the dead body to me? Wherever you are Doreen, you chose your own fate. Never ever blame anyone in future,” Bugingo cursed.

While exposing the nitty-gritty of his daughter’s romance, the man-of-God identified man who eloped with his daughter as Emma Nkurunzizza.

“That man claims to be a doctor. Yet he is a conman. Can he ever be able to afford giving my daughter what I was giving her?” Bugingo quarreled.

Though Bugingo rants can be excused as coming from a parent eager to protect her child from unpredictable men, it is also true that the pastor has a deep seated hatred for Catholics and their faith.

In his rants, Bugingo is clearly heard expressing his untold uneasiness in regard to Doreen’s choice of a Catholic man to be his lover.

“How can she elope with a man of the catholic faith? It should have been a pauper; I would have excused it. But for a Catholic to elope with my daughter!” Bugingo agonized.

Bugingo started off his rants by narrating the super love he has for his daughter. He told of how he deliberately chose to stay in “Muzigo” in the slums of Bwaise in order to be able to save money for Doreen’s’ ‘wonderful’ primary education.

When Doreen passed PLE with aggregate 5, Bugingo said he made sure that she enrolled at the elite King’s College Buddo.

“She obtained 23 points. I wanted her to study medicine, but her wish was Telecommunications Engineering and I let her be,” Bugingo said.

Since the girl landed free government education, Bugingo revealed that he used the money he would have spent on Doreen’s tuition, to shop a car for her. He said he did this to express the love he has for the girl.

He also agonized about how he used to buy expensive wear for the girl and take to the beach besides such luxury she wanted.

Regardless of the love, Bugingo said, the girl had her heart elsewhere.  She has since eloped with a man who happens not to be his dad’s choice.

“Can you imagine it? That evil girl refused even to work at my media empire. She told me she will find herself a job,” Bugingo lamented. Wait for juicy bits of the candid letter which Doreen wrote to her mum justifying her decision.


By on July 3, 2015
Pr.Bugingo has forgiven his daughter Doreen Gift Bugingo and vowed to stand by her paka last. What she did hurt me a lot because she is my first born. I had a son before her and he passed away so all my hopes lay on her. As a parent and human being as well as a Pastor I was disappointed she got pregnant out of wedlock because clearly that’s contradictory to what the bible or gospel I preach states but she is pregnant and I can’t reverse that. She has apologized and the Lord has told me to stick with her and ama do that, Bugingo told this site on phone yesterday.Pr.Bugingo broke the news on Sunday at Batvalley during a church service that his daughter had eloped and had since gotten pregnant. He clearly stated without mincing words that he wasn’t happy and felt betrayed by the daughter.