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Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? (15) And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? (16) And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. (17) Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, (18) And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.(2 Corinthians 6:14-1)

But were mingled among the heathen, and learned their works(Psalms 106:35)

The Emerging church in Africa and the road to Rome

ON 4th Decenber-2009, Television stations in Uganda such as NBS, UBS and WBS were awash with the first Inter-Religious Council of Uganda consultative assembly that took place in Entebbe from Thursday 3rd –December-2009. Guess what!! Pastor Joseph Serwadda, the president of the Born Again Faith Federation and Pastor Julius Oyet, the Vice President of the Born again faith federation attended this strategic planning work shop. I knew that pastor Joseph Serwadda was slowly going back to Rome. He one time told his listeners on his radio that he was going to present a paper at the Joint Christian Council meeting. From that time he started to seriously compromise with Rome. His Impact Fm frequently played the Songs of a so called born again catholic priest Father Musaala. During the campaigns to launch Pastor Joseph Serwadda’s Born Again Faith Federation, ‘born again’ Dr. Nsaba Buturo, defended the view that the federation is timely because there is need to bring together all born again Christians. Dr. Nsaba Buturo believes that they are born again Christians in the Catholic Church, Anglican Church etc. Can you imagine! How can you become born again and you remain in the catholic satanic system. Such is the hypocrisy of this called Born again faith Federation.

What is Ecumenism/ecumenicalism?

Some Scandalous Photographs of John Paul II

Emerging church and the road to Rome

Archbishop Lwanga, Deputy Mufti Abdul Mukiibi shake hands with the ethics minister Nsaba Buturo after launching the Inter Religious Council’s strategic plan in Entebbe on Thursday, see Full story below

Born again federation religious faith

Pastor Joseph Serwadda said that his Born again faith federation is not a religion but a faith. Can we then logically conclude that since he has joined the Inter Religious Council for Uganda, his organization has now become the Born again federation religious faith? How useful are the criticisms of the Koran on pastor Serwadda’s Impact Fm. Pastor Serwadda always talk of the big wave of rival in Uganda. When Pentecostals join Ecumenism, is this also revival? Certainly not

Pastors Joseph Serwadda, Gary Skinner and Uganda Pentecostals on the Road of Ecumenism : Christians to fast 40 days over child sacrifice


Open letters to Pastor Joseph Serwadda

Why Pastor Solomon Male was disowned by Pastor Joseph Sserwada and Pharisees Inc

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Interreligious council of Uganda $15 Million

The day Pastor Joseph Serwadda appeared with Anglicans to give views on the Anti-Homosexuality bill 2009

Last month Pastor Joseph Serwadda appeared before a parliamentary committee with some Anglican clergy to give views on the Anti-Homosexuality bill 2009. During the interviews with the press after their interaction with the committee, the Anglican clergy refused to accept the death penalty for the crime of homosexuality, they instead opted for imprisonment. I was embarrassed to see, Pastor Joseph Serwadda’s defense of a death penalty for homosexuals using Old testaments references in Leviticus on NBS TV. It is amazing that he does not seem to understand the difference between the Mosaic Law and the New Testament. Many born again pastors are knowledgeable of striptures instead of scriptures. No wonder they are easy prey to Roman Catholic Ecumenism.

Pope Benedict XVI has approved a structure for admitting large groups of Anglicans wishing to come into communion with the Catholic Church

Copenhagen Agreement: U.N. plans for a new 'government' are scary.
Apostle Julius Oyet (Vice-President of the Born Again Faith Federation)

How can a born again person admire to dress like the religious

Apostle Julius Oyet, the curse breaking heretic really amuses me. He dresses like an Anglican priest. So, his attendance of the inter-religious council ecumenical meeting should not surprise any body. His love for Rome is Obvious. Do you know that all ‘born again’ pastors who love to dress like catholic and Anglican priests are so spiritually confused. They preach a confused gospel of materialism and dominionism and are highly hypocritical.

Homosexuality is not an excuse for Ecumenism : Muslims join Pastors in Gay fight

The two groups signed an agreement to guide their operations. Sheikh Kakeeto and Sheikh Muhammad Badru, the chairman the National Da'awa Association, signed on behalf of Muslims while pastors Michael Kyazze (Omega Healing Centre), Martin Ssempa (Makerere Community Church) and Solomon Male (Arising for Christ) signed on behalf of born again Christians. Sheikh Kakeeto called on the government to strengthen the law on homosexuality and incarcerate those caught in the act.

Ecumenism Pastor Martin Ssempa joins hands with Catholics, Anglicans and Moslems to fight homosexuality : Open Letter to Pastor Martin Ssempa as regards Pastor Rick Warren’s Rejection of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexual bill

Prominent Ugandan AIDS Activist Thanks Pope for Opposition to Condoms

The Catholic Church, Sodomy, Evangelicals, and Ecumenism

Who is the god of the Inter Religious Council? Allah or Jesus Christ

I have been warning Born again Christians about Pastor Serwadda’s born again federation. I have said that this is a political and ecumenical federation. The news papers hide the fact that even some ‘balokole’ leaders were part of the meeting, but the televisions showed it clearly. This is how compromise begins. Even the Anglican Church started going back to Rome slowly by slowly. Ecumenism comes in the names of Peace, Fighting Poverty and HIV AIDS but behind this is the trick of uniting all faiths. The bible says that they will say peace then sudden destruction comes (1Thesa. 5:2-4).Let me ask Pastor Serwadda a question. During these meeting which God do you pray to? Allah, Hail Mary or Jesus Christ.

Bishop Kizito Lwanga Criticizes Land bill at Ecumenical assembly

At Inter Religious Council ecumenical assembly, the catholic head in Uganda Bishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga criticized the recently passed controversial Land bill. This new land bill is intended to protect the peasants from eviction. Now, the Catholic Church owns a lot of land in Uganda. It is afraid that Born again Christians can use this opportunity to set up churches on the catholic land and then attack the satanic teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. You see, the Catholic Church is only protecting its interests and does not want any one to attack its satanic doctrines. Bishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga one time appealed to government to make tougher laws for the born again Christians.

Be ware of the Emerging church

There is a current unfolding phenomenon called the emerging church. Many African Christians have not heard of the emerging church. Emerging church pastors (parrots) argue that we need to re-think Christianity. They say that we need to give Christianity a new face by merging religious beliefs say of the Catholics, Anglican, eastern orthodox etc. They also go as far as arguing that we need to orient the gospel to the market forces. They are saying that we need to ask the people what they want us to preach about (social gospel), if the people say preach about material prosperity so be it, if the people say do not preach about sin, so be it. Can you imagine this kind of nonsense? When you examine the proponents of this so called emerging church, you will realize that they are working for the Roman Catholic Church. Remember that Satan is preparing to from a new world government in which all religions, politics and economics will be submerged. The plans to form a world government are already underway and can be see in ecumenism, American neo-liberalism, Copenhagen agreement etc. Have nothing to do with ecumenism. Light can not unite with darkness. The bible cautions us not be yoked with unbelievers(2 Corinthians 6:14-18).Amen.


Inter-Religious Council of Uganda website

Bishop Orombi and Sheik Mubajje attending the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda workshop

Back ground of the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda.

Why Pastor Solomon Male was disowned by Pastor Joseph Sserwada and Pharisees Inc

Ugandan Prosperity Gospel Kingpins Denounce Pastor Male

Episcopalians and Ecumenism in Kenya

Ecumenism and the spirit of blasphemy in Kenya

Archbishop Lwanga backs land bill

Friday, 4th December, 2009

By Cyprian Musoke

ARCHBISHOP Kizito Lwanga of Kampala Catholic archdiocese, has lauded the recently passed Land Amendment Bill but called for revision of some sections.

The Bill, which seeks to protect tenants against unfair evictions, was passed last week amid protests from the Buganda kingdom and opposition parliamentarians.

While praising the Bill for protecting tenants from injustice, Lwanga said some sections are unfair to the landlord. He added that both the positive and negative aspects of the Bill must be pointed out.

“Some people say everything about the Bill was rubbish, while others say the whole Bill is heaven. It has four major parts, some of which are good whereas others need amendment.”

The archbishop was speaking at the first Inter-Religious Council of Uganda consultative assembly in Entebbe on Thursday.

He singled out the clause that says a tenant can only be evicted after a court order and only on grounds of failure to pay ground rent.
Under the new law, he said, the Catholic Church will be stranded with tenants who build makeshift churches and use them to vehemently attack the same Church whose land they occupy. “If you have a piece of land and a person who belongs to a different political party settles on it, builds an office and starts hitting at your party policies, would that be fair?” he asked.

With ground rent very low at sh1,000, he added, a tenant can scornfully pay for 100 years. He wondered why the power to determine the rate was vested in the minister and not in Parliament.

He lauded the provision that prohibits a landlord from selling land without the knowledge of the occupants. “This is good as it protects the occupant,” he said.

He castigated the section that obliges a landlord to give a tenant a certificate of occupancy, saying it creates two owners on one piece of land. “Who of the two will a bank give a loan, the one with a certificate or the one with the title deed? Having dual ownership is legally dangerous,” he said.

He wondered what criteria were followed in imposing a sentence of seven years for unlawful eviction.
“Whereas that is good as it protects the occupants, why seven years and not two? Land is a very delicate issue and we appreciate the Government’s attempts to regulate it but the law should be very carefully drafted,” he said. The Bill is now with the President waiting for him to either assent to it or recommend changes and send it back to Parliament within 30 days. If he doesn’t agree with the Bill or sections of it, he can return it to Parliament.
The Constitution allows Parliament to enact a law without the President’s assent if the President rejects the Bill on two occasions and Parliament passes it for a third time with a two-third majority. If the President doesn’t sign or return the Bill to Parliament within 30 days, it automatically becomes law.

Lwanga called on the Government to put in place a land policy before the Bill is made into law, noting that many people were angry with MPs for the way they handled the process. The Constitution, he added, gives a lot of powers to the MPs, which they could use to ensure fair laws and policies. “If anyone is to blame for any bad policies, it is MPs,” he said.

A lands ministry official told Saturday Vision that the Bill was only an interim measure to stop the widespread land evictions, not an ultimate answer to the land question. Dennis Obbo, the ministry’s spokesperson, said they were already formulating a land policy that will overwrite the new land law.

“Ultimately it is the national land policy that will solve dual ownership of land and all the other land questions in Uganda. After its approval, the entire land act will be overhauled,” said Obbo.

According to Obbo, the ministry will complete the draft policy in early 2010 and then forward it to Cabinet for approval. Thereafter it may take another one or two years for the policy to be fully implemented. Obbo blames the apparent disarray in the making of Uganda’s land laws on the Constitution. “The Constitution gave the Government a two year deadline to come up with a land law. That is why laws that don’t follow the right policies were made. That is why we are now working backwards,” Obbo laments.
Predictably, the passing of the Bill has received a cold reception among real estate developers who see it as sabotage to their business.

Anatoli Kamugisha, the managing director of Akright Projects Uganda, said the law will create confusion between landlords and tenants.

“One has a Mailo title for the land and is free to sell it yet another has a tenancy certificate and has the right to use the land. The landlord knows he has some rights and the tenant also does not know the limit of his rights. How do you as developer deal with them?” Kamugisha wonders.

He believes the Bill will compound the problems they have been facing in resettling squatters to create space for housing estates. He also fears that banks are going to become skeptical about land titles are security for loans.

However, the average land broker barely knows what the Bill is about. “I don’t know what difference it makes as I have not seen it,” says Site Lugolobi, a land broker and surveyor in downtown Kampala.

“I did not even get the chance to look at the draft. I think it affects Bibanja holders mostly but I am not really sure.”

Additional reporting by
Lydia Namubiru and Joyce Namutebi

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, Sheik Mubajje and religious leaders of different faiths after a discussion of the power of multi-religious cooperation to combat poverty and achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.
Faiths United

World Conference of religions for peace"Religions for Peace" Conference in Bangkok
Religions for peace: European council for Religious leaders
Representatives of the country’s major religions leading an interfaith prayer for peace at Bellagio Mall in South Jakarta on Monday, near the site of Friday’s twin bomb attacks. (Photo: Safir Makki, JG)
Sri Sugunendra Teerta Swamiji of Putige Math was elected to the World Council of Religion and Peace (WCRP) as International Co-President for the second term.

Muslims Join Pastors in Gay fight

Aaron Kirunda

Kampala — Muslims have teamed up with their counterparts from the Pentecostal churches to fight homosexuality in Uganda. The leader of the Muslim Tabliqs,the most fundamental Muslim group, Sheikh Sulaiman Kakeeto, said the issue of homosexuality affects all people regardless of their religious affiliations.

"We have decided to make a bond with our fellow religious leaders to fight homosexuality," Sheikh Kakeeto said at the launch of a campaign dubbed 'Kick Sodomy out of Uganda' in Kampala on Wednesday. "We want to work together and eliminate sodomy and other forms of sexual abuses in our society."

The two groups signed an agreement to guide their operations. Sheikh Kakeeto and Sheikh Muhammad Badru, the chairman the National Da'awa Association, signed on behalf of Muslims while pastors Michael Kyazze (Omega Healing Centre), Martin Ssempa (Makerere Community Church) and Solomon Male (Arising for Christ) signed on behalf of born again Christians. Sheikh Kakeeto called on the government to strengthen the law on homosexuality and incarcerate those caught in the act.

Pastor Ssempa said the coalition intends to embark on a campaign to sensitize communities about "the dangers of homosexuality." "We shall offer counsel ling, legal and material support to the affected people," he said.

The Muslim leaders also said that according to the quran, homosexuality is punishable by death in all its forms, from stoning to burning, if some one is convicted of the act.

Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda and this coalition that was formed strengthens the efforts of Ugandans to fight this vice. According to an independent survey by stead man group. 95% of Ugandans do not support homosexuality at all and the rest were not sure.

Muslims Join Pastors in Gay Fight

Al-Mahdi Ssenkabirwa

10 July 2009

Kampala — Muslims have teamed up with their counterparts from the Pentecostal churches to fight homosexuality. The leader of the Muslim Tabliqs, Sheikh Sulaiman Kakeeto, said the issue of homosexuality affects all people regardless of their religious affiliations.
"We have decided to make a bond with our fellow religious leaders to fight homosexuality," Sheikh Kakeeto said at the launch of a campaign dubbed 'The National Coalition against Homosexuality and Sexual Abuses in Uganda' in Kampala on Wednesday. "We want to work together and eliminate sodomy and other forms of sexual abuses in our society."
The two groups signed an agreement to guide their operations. Sheikh Kakeeto and Sheikh Muhammad Badru, the chairman the National Da'awa Association, signed on behalf of Muslims while pastors Michael Kyazze (Omega Healing Centre), Martin Ssempa (Makerere Community Church) and Solomon Male (Arising for Christ) signed on behalf of born again Christians. Sheikh Kakeeto called on the government to strengthen the law on homosexuality and incarcerate those caught in the act.
Pastor Ssempa said the coalition intends to embark on a campaign to sensitise communities about "the dangers of homosexuality." "We shall offer counselling, legal and material support to the affected people," he said.
Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda.

Religions for Peace

Religions for Peace is the largest international coalition of representatives from the world’s great religions dedicated to promoting peace.

Respecting religious differences while celebrating our common humanity, Religions for Peace is active on every continent and in some of the most troubled areas of the world, creating multi-religious partnerships to confront our most dire issues: stopping war, ending poverty, and protecting the earth.

Religious communities are the largest and best-organized civil institutions in the world, claiming the allegiance of billions across race, class, and national divides. These communities have particular cultural understandings, infrastructures, and resources to get help where it is needed most.

Founded in 1970, Religions for Peace enables these communities to unleash their enormous potential for common action. Some of Religions for Peace’s recent successes include building a new climate of reconciliation in Iraq; mediating dialogue among warring factions in Sierra Leone; organizing an international network of religious women’s organizations; and establishing an extraordinary program to assist the millions of children affected by Africa’s AIDS pandemic, the Hope for African Children Initiative.

Religions for Peace brings together hundreds of key religious leaders every five years to discuss the great issues of our time. In August 2006, the Eighth World Assembly convened in Kyoto.

Ms. Annette Blum, The Blum Family Foundation
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Dr. Luigi De Salvia
Secretary General
Rev. Giovanni Cereti
Ospedale Oftalmico
Piazzale degli Eroi 11
Rome, Italy 00195
Tel: +39 (6) 683 52615
Fax: +39 (6) 683 52680
Interreligious Council of Kosovo/Religions for Peace
Dr. Rexhep Boja
Tel: + 381 3 853 7254
Fax: + 381 3 851 8730
Religions for Peace Netherlands
Mr. Wite Carp
2318 BJ The Hague
The Netherlands
Tel: + 31 70 364 4590
Fax: + 31 70 361 4864
Religions for Peace Poland
Ms. Maria Glapinska
Secretary General
Ul. Mickiewicza 27 M.57
PL-01-562 Warsaw
Tel: + 48 2 239 3983
Fax: + 48 2 249 8903
Religions for Peace Romania
Rev. Fr. Alexandru Stan, Ph.D
Secretary General
Calea Calarasi 83,
Sector 3,
Bucuresti, 030612, OP-20
Interreligious Council of Russia/Religions for Peace
Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin
Secretary General
Interreligious Council of Russia
Danilovsky val 22, DECR
Moscow 113191
Tel: + 7 95 952 2027
Tel: + 7 95 956 6752
Fax: +7 95 230 2619
World Conference on Religion and Peace/Sweden
Rt. Rev. Bishop Björn Fjärstedt
Att. Rt Rev Björn Fjärstedt
Ritargatan 10 C
S-75344 Uppsala
Tel: + 46 1 869 4344
World Conference of Religions for Peace United Kingdom
Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra
Dr. Brian Walker
Executive Director
London Inter Faith Centre
125 Salusbury Road
Tel: + 44 196 277 4221
Fax: + 44 196 277 4221

Latin America and Caribbean

Regional Bodies:

Latin American and the Caribbean Council of Religious Leaders
H.E. Julio Terrazas Sandoval
Arzobispado, Casilla 25
Calle Ingavi 49
Santa Cruz
Tel: + 59 1 3 332 4286
Fax: + 59 1 333 0181
Mr. Elias Szczytnicki
Secretary General
Av. Aurelio Miro Quesada 630 Dep. 402 San Isidro
Lima 27 Peru
Tel 51 1 42 1 22 82
Fax +51 (1) 222-6368

National Inter-Religious Councils And Groups:

Argentine National Interreligious Committee
Fr. Matias Morea
Suipacha 1034
C1008AAV Buenos Aires,
Tel: + 541 1 4328 0859
Barbados Interreligious Organization
Fr. Harcourt Blackett
C/o Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgetown
P.O. Box 1223
Tel: + 1 246 426 3510
Interreligious Dialogue Table of Bolivia
Moisés Morales
C/o Secretariado de Diálogo Ecuménico e Interreligioso
Potosi 814
La Paz, Bolivia
Tel: + 1 591 2 240 9396
Abrahamic Forum of Chile
Fr. Roberto Mosher
Echaurren 4
4to y 5to Pisos
Santiago, Chile
Tel: +1 56 2 671 0760
Interreligious Group of Columbia
Rt. Rev. Francisco Duque
C/o Iglesia Episcopal en Colombia
Carrera 6a No. 49-85
2do Piso
Bogotá, Colombia
Tel: + 57 1 288 3167
Tel: + 57 1 288 3187
Religions for Peace Costa Rica
Fr. Jafet Peytrequin
C/o Comisión Nacional de Ecumenismo
Apartado Postal 7288-1000
San Jose, Costa Rica
Tel: + 506 223 1551
Religions for Peace Dominican Republic
Mr. Luís Vélez
Apartado Postal 4016
Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana
Tel: + 1 809 412 4424
Inter-religious Meeting of Ecuador
Rev. Felipe Adolf
Isabel La Católica 1431.
POB 17 16 95
Quito, Ecuador
Tel: + 59 32 247 8189
Fax: + 59 32 250 7425
Religions for Peace El Salvador
Rev. Martin Barahona
C/o Iglesia Anglicana de El Salvador
47 Av. Sur 723, Col. Flor Blanca
San Salvador, El Salvador
Tel: + 50 3 2223
Tel: +50 3 2252
Interreligious Guatemalan Dialogue on Development
Ana Victoria Pelaez
Universidad Rafael Landivar Campus Central
Vista Hermosa III, Edificio O 3er Niv.
Zona 16, Guatemala
Tel: + 502 2 426 2591
Tel: + 502 2 426 2592
Interreligious Organization of Guyana (IROG)
Bishop Juan Edghill
26 Durban St., Lodge
Tel: + 59 2 223 3020
Tel: + 59 2 223 5458
Interreligious Council of Mexico
Cardinal N. Rivera
Sinaloa 213, Col. Condesa
Mexico D.F. 06700
Tel: + 52 555 211 3346
Fax: + 52 555 553 2158
Ecumenical Committee of Panama
Bishop Pablo Morales
Edif. 64
Ciudad del Saber
Clayton, Panama
Tel: + 507 317 0725
Peruvian Inter-Religious Conference - Religions for Peace
Laura Vargas
Av. Jorge Basadre 489 Of. 403
San Isidro, Lima 27
Tel: + 51 1 441 3057
Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Coalition of Puerto Rico
Rev. Heriberto Martinez
C/o Sociedad Biblica de Puerto Rico
P.O. Box 21095
San Juan, PR 00928-1095
Puerto Rico
Tel: + 1 787 754 4460
Inter-religious Council in Suriname
Nico Waagmeester
Keizerstraat 88
Paramaribo, Suriname
Tel: + 59 747 3849
Interreligious Organization of Trinidad and Tobago (IRO)
Rev. Paul Cyril
C/o Archbishop's House
27 Maraval Rd, St. Clair
Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago
Tel: + 1 868 663 9216
Jewish-Christian Fraternity of Uruguay
Rev. Armin Ihle
c/o B'nai B'rith
Canelones 1216
11200 Montevideo, Uruguay
Tel: + 598 2 908 2012
Fax: + 598 2 902 1303
Committee of Relations between Churches and Synagogues Established in Venezuela
Pynchas Brener
Chief Rabbi
Av. Marques del Toro 9, San Bernardino
1011 Caracas
Tel: + 58 212 552 8222


National Inter-Religious Councils And Groups:

World Conference of Religions for Peace Iraq
Dr. Hayder Abdul Karim
Inter-religious Coordinating Council in Israel
Dr. Ron Kronish
Secretary General
P. O. Box 8771
91086 Jerusalem
Tel: + 972 2 561 1899
Fax: + 972 2 563 4148


National Inter-Religious Councils And Groups:

Religions for Peace - Canada
Mrs. Pascale Frémond
3333 Queen Mary Rd., #490 - 1
Montreal, Quebec.
Canada H3Z 1A2
Tel: 450-478-3904
Religions for Peace USA
Ms. Anne Hillman
Acting Executive Director
Religions for Peace - USA
777 United Nations Plaza, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10017
Tel: + 212 338 9140
Fax: + 212 983 0566

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Interreligious council of Uganda $15 Million

Press Releases
USAID Provides $15 Million to the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda for HIV-AIDS Prevention, Care & Treatment Programs (09/13/06)
The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), with funding from the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, will provide $15 million over three years to the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU) for HIV-AIDS prevention, care and treatment programs. U.S. Ambassador to Uganda Steven A. Browning will officially launch the programs on Thursday, September 14, at 3:00 PM, at IRCU headquarters (Plot 12B, Kafu Road, Nakasero, near the Fairway Hotel). Leaders of Uganda’s major religious organizations are expected to be present at the launch ceremony, in addition to HIV-AIDS policymakers, medical practitioners and people living with HIV-AIDS.
The Inter-Religious Council of Uganda, a coalition of the five largest religious institutions in Uganda, was formed in 2001 in order to jointly respond to development challenges of common concern, including HIV-AIDS. The new funding will enable IRCU to greatly expand HIV-AIDS services to local communities through its coordinated network of faith-based health units, non-governmental organizations, churches and mosques. The health units affiliated with IRCU – currently offering over 40 percent of healthcare services in Uganda – will deliver the clinical components of the program. Grassroots faith-based groups and religious institutions will also play a major role in expanding home-based care services. IRCU will mobilize and train volunteers to facilitate the provision of intermediate HIV-AIDS care, support for anti-retroviral treatment adherence, and referrals for specialized care.
The contract with IRCU builds upon the already-established strong partnerships between the U.S. government and faith-based organizations in Uganda, dating as far back as 1991. With assistance from USAID, some of the current IRCU partners – including the Islamic Medical Association of Uganda and the Church Human Services AIDS Program – were among the frontrunners in HIV prevention in Uganda.

For further information, please contact Alyson Grunder, Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Embassy (41/31-259-791 or email