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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Pastor Mulinde facing death threats

Pastor Mulinde facing death threats 
Publish Date: Jun 17, 2014
Pastor Mulinde facing death threats

Pastor Mulinde returned to the country last month
By Moses Lemisa

Pastor Umar Mulinde has revealed that he is being threatened with death.

The pastor who recently returned from Israel where he underwent several surgical procedures following an acid attack in 2011 has said this timed round they have threatened to blow him up.

Following the threats the pastor has asked the Police to beef up his security. Since his return Mulinde is guarded by policemen and four hired bouncers.

Mulinde before and after the acid attack
His Gospel Life Church International in Namasuba is also guarded by police.

The threats, according to Mulinde, come ahead of his much anticipated crusade at Nakivubo this weekend where he will narrate his painful journey to recuperation to thousands of followers.

Mulinde has said despite the threats he will not stop preaching the word of God.

Yet unidentified assailants attacked pastor Mulinde on the eve of Christmas in 2011 just as he was leaving his church after an evening sermon.


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