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Monday, 5 May 2014

Flatters of a cunning politician looking for votes for 2016 : President Museveni flatters Pentecostal churches in Uganda

Pastor Imelda Namutebi Kula


Uganda's Rotten Prosperity Movement

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Uganda Pentecostals are treading a dangerous political path by fornicating with Museveni’s corrupt dictatorship: Pastor Joseph Serwadda, Bishop David Kiganda and Pastor Jackson Senyonga new year eve celebrations turn into political fora to raise support for President Museveni.

Right on Target : Staunch catholic MP. BETTY B. NAMBOOZE criticizes Uganda Pentecostal pastors for Hypocrisy: Is the Opposition’s silence on the anti-gay bill in any way equivalent to the silence of Pentecostal churches on other evils in this country??? Why are Pentecostal pastors bold on gay issues and silent on corruption in the country? Do you think politicians will erase sin from society as you waste time preaching the prosperity gospel?

Born-again churches have done well - Museveni

President Museveni accompanied by Pastor Imelda Namutebi (3rdR), her husband Tom Kula (2ndL) and Pastor Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Centre (2ndR) during the commissioning of the Liberty Worship Centre International in Kampala on Saturday. PPU PHOTO 

Posted  Monday, May 5  2014 at  01:00
President Museveni has commissioned a 15,000 seater church in Lugala, a Kampala suburb.
The Shs7 billion newly-constructed Liberty Worship Centre church is run by Pastor Imelda Namutebi.
President Museveni told thousands of worshippers who attended the opening ceremony on Saturday that in 1986, he was under pressure from the mainstream religions to ban born-again churches but he refused.
“Some very good friends of mine from the mainstream and old churches came to me and said you were misleading people and wanted me to stop you. But I found it difficult. I ignored their advice. But today, it seems the born-again churches have done a good job,” he said.
The President also donated Shs20 million towards the construction of a health centre at the Liberty Worship Centre which Pastor Namutebi is intending to build for the neighbouring community.

libery worship

Museveni tips christians on income generation 
Publish Date: May 04, 2014
Museveni tips christians on income generation

President Yoweri Museveni greeting Pastor Imelda Namutebi’s family. He was the chief guest at the openning ceremony of her 15,000-seater church in Lugala, Rubaga Division, Kampala on Saturday.
Pastor Namutebi in Mbarara recently
By Francis Kagolo

President Yoweri Museveni has asked Born-again Christians to employ the skills they use in collecting funds for God’s work to set up communal income generating projects to spur development.

Speaking at the inauguration of Liberty Worship Centre Cathedral, which is now Uganda’s biggest church, the President said individuals have power to do mighty things if only they could unite.

While it is important to construct churches, the President said Christians also ought to think of strategies to boost their incomes and help their poor colleagues out of poverty.

“When you built this church (Liberty), you were benefactors. Now I want you to use the same philosophy (of fundraising) to become investors,” said the President in response to Pastor Imelda Namutebi’s disclosure that the sh6b cathedral was built using believers’ contributions.

“The church is for worshiping but you do not make money from worshiping. You should use the same formula you used to build the church to start projects where you are the beneficiaries. Buy a maize mill or build hostels so that you make money.”

Ministers, MPs, Police officers and pastors from different churches were among the thousands who braved Saturday’s morning rain to attend the grand opening of the 15,000-seater church.

Pastor Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Centre, Namutebi’s mentor, said prayers dedicating the church to God and lauded Museveni for restoring freedom of worship in the country.

The President commended Namutebi for espousing good leadership skills by not putting the believers’ money in her pocket. He said completion of the magnificent church manifest that “small animals can achieve a lot and defeat a mighty one when they combine strength.”

He caused ululations when he retold a story that he rejected a request from a senior member of one of the traditional churches to ban the Pentecostal (Balokole) movement in 1986.

“The man said that Balokole were misleading people. But Jesus also said if they are not against us, they are for us. That’s why I ignored my friend’s advice and let the people to pray the way they want,” he said.

“The Bible says we shall know them by their fruits. From what you are doing, it seems your fruits are clear. Balokole churches seem to have done a good job especially among the youth,” the President added before donating sh20m to Namutebi.

Sitting on 17 acres of land in Lugala, Rubaga Division in Kampala, the church measures 70m by 42m, close to the size of a football pitch. It has an auditorium for 15,000 people, conference room, treasury, kitchen and a VIP lounge.

The storied building, which took Namutebi almost 10 years to complete, also houses a health centre, which offers free treatment to believers and nearby villagers.

Namutebi envisions transforming the facility into a fully-fledged hospital to widen its scope of services and the number of people treated.  There will also be a care centre for disadvantaged women and a youth training centre, among other projects.

Tourism minister Maria Mutagamba, who also attended the inauguration, told New Vision of a plan to include the cathedral on the list of faith-based tourism sites. Other sites include Uganda martyrs shrine, Bahai temple, Gadhafi and Kibuli mosques as well as Rubaga Catholic and Namirembe Protestant cathedrals.

“(Namutebi’s) cathedral is big and magnificent. It gives believers hope and courage. It will be good for Uganda’s tourism if they start holding international conferences there,” Mutagamba said.

Pastor Kayanja said Museveni was “God-sent from heaven to heal Uganda’s political problems, fight sectarianism and emancipate people.”

Kayanja vowed to pray for Museveni to continue leading Ugandan as the country still has challenges that need serious managers to solve.








M7 Advises Born-Again Christians On Investment

The President later donated Shs. 20 million to the new Liberty Worship Centre Cathedral and cut a cake on the occassion of its opening.
The President later donated Shs. 20 million to the new Liberty Worship Centre Cathedral and cut a cake on the occasion of its opening. PPU PHOTO.

Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni has advised born-again Christians in the country to use the same spirit they exhibit when contributing money for building houses of prayer to do the same and start income generating activities that will provide them with financial security.

“When Pastor Namutebi told you to stand up, she said you are investors who had combined forces to build the Cathedral. Now, I want you to use the same philosophy you used to build the Centre to become investors. Buy a maize mill so that you make money”, President Museveni counseled.

According to Sarah Kagingo, the Special Presidential Assistant on Communications, the president was Saturday officiating at the commissioning of Liberty Worship Centre International in Lugala, Rubaga Division in Kampala.

On arrival at the Centre, the President planted a tree at Liberty Sunday School, commissioned Liberty Medical Out-reach and later opened Liberty Worship Centre International Cathedral.

President Museveni congratulated Pastor Namutebi and the congregation on the big achievement of constructing the 25,000 seater-Cathedral as well as on preaching the word of God. He encouraged born-again Christians to use the same discipline of contributing funds to also open up income generating activities since they have good leaders who are honest.

The President also pointed out that freedom of worship was allowed in the country immediately NRM government came to power in 1986 and observed that indeed religious sects, like the born again churches, are doing a good job like shaping the future of the youth.

“We shall know them by their fruits……..From what you are doing, it seems your fruits are clear. If you are sincere with what you do, you can make a big contribution to your country”, he said.
The President later donated Shs. 20 million to the new Liberty Worship Centre Cathedral and cut a cake on the occassion of its opening.

The hostess, Pastor Imelda Namutebi, flanked by her husband Pastor Tom Kula, hailed President Museveni for honoring their invitation. She also thanked him and the NRM government for creating a conducive environment in the country where freedom of worship is guaranteed.

Pastor Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral pointed out that leaders are anointed by God and vowed to pray for President Museveni to continue leading this nation as the country still has challenges that need serious managers to solve.

The colorful function was attended by, among others, the Minister of Tourism, Wild Life and Heritage, Ms. Maria Mutagamba.