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Saturday, 29 March 2014

When a dictatorship gets very afraid of men in collars : Bishop Zac Niringiye’s Baptism of tear Gas

 Bishop Zac Niringiye says Ugandans should tell God the truth about Museveni : ‘God save Museveni by removing him from the presidency

Uganda Pentecostals are treading a dangerous political path by fornicating with Museveni’s corrupt dictatorship: Pastor Joseph Serwadda, Bishop David Kiganda and Pastor Jackson Senyonga new year eve celebrations turn into political fora to raise support for President Museveni.

Right on Target : Staunch catholic MP. BETTY B. NAMBOOZE criticizes Uganda Pentecostal pastors for Hypocrisy: Is the Opposition’s silence on the anti-gay bill in any way equivalent to the silence of Pentecostal churches on other evils in this country??? Why are Pentecostal pastors bold on gay issues and silent on corruption in the country?


Police officers rough up retired bishop Zac Niringiye on Saturday in Mbale. The officers dispersed crowds that had gathered for a rally organised by the Opposition and civil society to sensitise citizens about the proposed electoral reforms they believe will guarantee free and fair elections in 2016.

Police claimed the organisers had not been granted permission to hold a rally in the town.