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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Amazing hypocrisy of Babylon USA: We are cutting HIV funds for the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda but we are boosting our support Uganda to hunt Joseph Kony because our interests in the Great lakes region are at Stake


Obama sends more troops to capture Kony

A picture of a CV-22 Osprey, a decisive game changer.
A picture of a CV-22 Osprey, a decisive game changer. PHOTO BY AGENCIES  

Posted  Tuesday, March 25  2014 at  02:00
In Summary
Good reinforcement. UPDF welcomed the move that brings the officially acknowledged number of American troops participating in the LRA hunt to 250.

US President Barrack Obama has ordered the deployment of an additional 150 Special Forces and aircraft to boost the hunt for the Lord’s Resistance Army rebel leader Joseph Kony in the thick jungles of central Africa. The deployment comes just weeks after the US government threatened to “review” its bilateral relations with Uganda after President Museveni signed the law that criminalises homosexuality.
But the Public Affairs officer at American Embassy, Mr Daniel Travis, told the Daily Monitor yesterday that his country can help protect both rights of LRA war victims and sexual minorities.

“Ensuring justice and accountability for human rights violators like the LRA and protecting LGBT rights aren’t mutually exclusive. We can and must do both. We continue to look at additional steps we may take to work to protect LGBT individuals from violence and discrimination, and to urge Uganda to repeal this abhorrent law,” he said.

The Uganda People’s Defence Forces welcomed the deployment of extra forces that brings the officially acknowledged number of American troops participating in the LRA hunt to 250.
“We have bilateral relations with the US to end the LRA insurgency and we are still looking for him (Kony). We welcome any extra effort that comes to help us end this problem,” UPDF spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda, said yesterday.

Mr Travis said the deployment of CV-22 Osprey aircraft will enable quick troop movement in the war theatre.

“Our African partners have consistently identified airlift as one of their greatest limiting factors as they search for and pursue the remaining LRA leaders across a wide swath of one of the world’s most remote regions,” he said. The Americans help the African Regional Task Force that includes Uganda, South Sudan, Central African Republic and DR Congo to gather intelligence on the LRA and its elusive leader.

The Enough Project’s Ugandan researcher on LRA, Mr Kasper Agger, yesterday observed that the CV-22 Osprey is “a decisive game changer”. “The US and their African partner forces will now be able to act swiftly to apprehend Kony who continues to terrorise civilians in remote corners of central Africa. The deployment confirms US resolve to the mission and sends a strong signal about the Obama administration’s commitment to atrocity prevention,” he said.

Comments to Article from Ugandans 

US..US..US...we all know what your main interests are?! so don't hoodwink us.why hunt Kony now after two decades of conflict?! Now that you smell oil around you are becoming friends indeed. fortunately history repeats itself the same planes will come back take who they collaborated with.

Where were they when Kony was still in Uganda??. CAR does not even share a boarder with Uganda, but they waited for him to go that far and then remember to come to Uganda. Why not go to CAR

Why did america refuse to hunt kony when he used to roam northern uganda killing people and destroying property?now that he is thousands of kilometers away then obama sends men and machines to hunt him.What exactly are they up to?

Well, Am not very sure whether U.S knows the meaning of Human Rights. If they know, when did they start to respect human rights? I wont reveal how many human rights abuses allover the world well known to U.S militarism. Personally, I cant believe such a weird cover-up that U.S is going to catch Kony! U.S, you have your power use it however you deem suitable.

First Read:

Obama sends 100 US troops to Uganda to fight LRA: It is not what you think!!!


Kony will be brought to justice – AFRICOM: But why did you take all that long and why now????

US cuts funding to tourism, religious council


Posted  Wednesday, March 26  2014 at  02:00

The US government has continued to cut aid to Uganda with the tourism sector and the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda becoming the latest to experience cuts because of the anti-gays law.

At least $6.4 million (about Shs16 billion) intended for Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU) to fight HIV has been diverted to other organisations while $3 million (about Shs7 billion) designated for tourism and biodiversity promotion will be redirected to NGOs working on biodiversity protection.
The Washington Post quoted the US National Security Council spokesperson, Mr Jonathan Lalley, warning they would continue “to look at additional steps we may take, to work to protect LGBTs from violence and discrimination and to urge Uganda to repeal this abhorrent law”.
But the IRCU, an organisation that brings together different religious groups, told the Daily Monitor yesterday that they had not received any official communication about aid cuts.
“We have not been officially informed about the cuts. We are waiting for official communication,” the IRCU spokesperson, Ms Nuliat Nambazira said.
The Public Affairs officer at the American embassy in Uganda, Mr Daniel Travis, said they are still looking at how they can protect LGBT.