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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

When the prosperity Gospel is more emotional than scriptural: Pastor Edwin Musiime’s Dominion Conference 2013 and the ridiculous interpretation of the seven mountains in Revelations 17

I find it very difficult to explain to many Africans that the current gospel they are receiving is one from the main stream Apostate Laodicean American Church that worships, Man and Mammon; a Babylonian Mammon or Money gospel with very dire end time implications that will lead these Christians to worship the Beast and his system. However, someone will have to stand and speak Truth. Kato Mivule,

Having being born as Anglican and raised in Catholic schools, Musiime in his quest for the true knowledge of the lord joined the Jehovah's witnesses until he met the lord Jesus Christ in 2001 at Kansanga Miracle Center. Pastor Musiime has had opportunity to minister with and serve mighty men of God world over i.e. Pr. Enoch Adeboye, Dr. Jamal Bryant, Dr. Randy Morrison, Dr. Clyde Rivers, Pastor Robert Kayanja, Matthew Crouch, Dr. Levi Silindza and Dr. Cecil Stewart among others.


Man has taken over control of Christian meetings, home groups, churches in order to exploit, profit, manipulate at all levels the souls of Men. That is why Churches in America care nothing but about the numbers of people they can hold and retain. They use the very language and principles employed by Business School Graduates. Management of Souls is very important to them. The higher number of souls one has the higher the market value of those souls. This in return means a larger market to sell Christian books, videos, DVDs, collect huge tithes and offerings, collect huge returns from old couples with large wealth who when they die leave all their riches to churches and ‘Man Control’ in the guise of doing God’s work. As such the true gospel can NEVER be preached, the type of gospel you find in these circles is about money, prosperity, church growth, home cell expansion and how to preach Jesus Christ in the market place with a goal to get more souls not to Christ Jesus but to the Church System. So, Man-made rules are the very imperative…they are the order of operation of the Americanized Christian System…it is all about money. Paul was so right in stating that money is the source of all evils, Kato Mivule,


Dominion gathering comes to Serena

Tuesday, 25 June 2013 21:21

Written by Racheal Ninsiima

In this year’s Dominion Gathering, emphasis was placed on the seven mountains of society influence.

Unknown to many of us, we all belong to one or more of these mountains and for each, there is more to them than meets the eye. Dominion Gathering is a premier networking platform for Christians, organized annually through the Kingdom Network.

Conforming to the Image of American Prosperity Pastors instead of Jesus Christ

These mountains, said Dr James Magara, the keynote speaker, are biblically revealed in Revelation 5:1-12 but more centrally in verse 12 which states, “Worthy is the Lamb who is slain to receive power and riches and wisdom, and strength and honour and glory and blessing”

“These seven attributes of majesty that He is worthy to receive each coincide with the seven main pillars of every nation’s culture or society,” he said.

He added that Revelation 17 describes a “harlot” who sits on a “beast with seven heads” that are seven mountains. This implies that each of the seven mountains has a principality operating behind it.

“The seven mountains or areas of influence are the specific arenas that God is giving us favour to retake and bring under the influence of Christ.”

He let us in on the revelation of each mountain.

The media mountain

We all belong here - newspapers, blogs, online publications, radios, television, magazines, name it - we have power to influence decisions of society. Dr Magara said that scandals and bad news seem to dominate the media which is representative of the Hittite nation in the Old Testament which was large and expansive.

“The word Hittite comes from the word heth which implies terror and fear or bad news and the principle behind it is Apollyon which means destroyer and enslaving people by magnifying their fears,” Dr Magara explained.

Needed to counter this principality are journalists to report news accurately that has an effect of influencing them positively. To achieve this, he urged journalists to undergo training, engage the community through dialogue, link up with others and serve their community by solving their problems.

Pastor Dr.Godfrey Kamese

The church mountain

Christianity is ranked the largest religion in the world today. According to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, in 2010 there were 2.18 billion Christians around the world, nearly a third of the global population and it is the fastest growing religion worldwide.

“The Perizzites dominate this mountain and they represent people that have no protection and prone to the principality of idolatry which was entrenched in the high places in the Old Testament and causes death and lack,” Dr Magara explained.

He said what is needed is ministers of the gospel of Christ who will draw people to worship in spirit and truth attained through an intimate relationship with Christ. For worthy is the Lamb to receive honour.

The mountain of celebration

In this day, celebration comes in all forms, shapes and colours - talk of fashion, sports, film, culture, music and festivities that have taken a large toll on youth. The Hivite nation rules this mountain and represents life-giving places and counterfeits celebration with corrupt substitutes that do not bring glory to God.

The principality behind it is Jezebel and what are needed are prophetic mantles to realize the deception of our pop culture and encourage them to produce art and entertainment and celebrate the Lord’s way.

The family mountain

Family is a nuclear unit for society and what family is to the world is what a cell is to the body because when cells fail, then the body dies. So when the family dies, society disintegrates. Without love, a family cannot exist.

The Jebusite nation rules this mountain and means rejection, and in Uganda, child sacrifice and abortion are some of the examples of rejection from family. The principality behind this mountain is perversion.

Mountain of government

The Girgashites rule on the mountain of government. Girgashites represent dwelling in clay soils. Earthly desires and corrupt ambitions are common to this mountain. The principality behind this mountain is Lucifer because of his pride and manipulation.
“The desire for the riches of this earth ends in corruption but time has come for us to take back our governments and put Jesus back to the top,” Dr Magara said.

Mountain of Business and economy

The Canaanites who represent merchants, traders, traffickers and lovers of money rule on this mountain. The principalities of a mammon and Babylon operate behind this mountain and produce twin lies of poverty and greed.

“Money itself is not evil but the enemy has convinced everyone that money is their true source of provision. His goal is to enslave people to poverty and twists God’s abundance into greed for more,” he explained.

The key is to look only unto God for our provision.

Mountain of Education

Education is turning people into critical thinkers. The Amorites, representing pride, haughtiness, self-exaltation atheism and liberalism rule this mountain.

“The belief is human reason is the only legitimate source of knowledge and this is the principality of Beelzebub which means lies,” he explains.

What are needed, therefore, are teachers whose mission will be to bring in a fear of God-based curriculum because worthy is the lamb to receive wisdom. The ceremony organized by Pr Edwin Musiime, the chairman of Kingdom network, was held at Serena hotel with music from the Harmonics, Julie Mutesasira and Judith Babirye.

Other speakers included Pastor Godfrey Kamese and Apostle John Vandabuye from Ghana.

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Who is Pastor Edwin Musiime?
One of Africa's rising revivalists Pastor Edwin Musiime a highly respected minister of the word is Presiding minister and over seer of the Hillrock Church, Chairman Rock Group, C.E.O The Rock Magazine-East Africa's Premier Inspiration Magazine, Quality Assurance Manager with Uganda Broadcasting Corporation, 8 year TV host of Christian Voice, Chairman and Co-Founder Olive Gospel Awards, Co-Founder irock Fashionz, Presiding C.E.O Myl Brands-Africa's next top Media Agency, Presiding Chairman Rock Summits & Success Nights.

Pastor Musiime is an established author, motivation speaker, Healing minister, Mentor and role model to many. He is blessedly and happily married to Hillrock first lady Isabele Kim Musiime with whom they have been blessed by Princess Myla Mirabele Musiime by the grace of God.

Born in 1982 in Kampala, Uganda historically know as the pearl of the African continent, Musiime began ministering as early at the tender age of 14 long before he gave his life to Christ.
Pastor Musiime carries with him the quintessence of hope, healing and restoration always bestowed upon the lives of the lives he has touched. God was to show him that he had a bigger calling when he wanted to commit suicide at early age when he had lost his father Charles Njuyarwo. Life then seemed meaningless as it seemed life had thrust him from grace to grass.

"I knew and I have a plan for you," was the re-assuring voice he had listened and carried in his spirit to date.

Through his continuing special love for the holy spirit and special grace of God, he has reached the gospel of the lord Jesus to Africa, Europe and the United States and is still thirsting to reach as more lives as he can by the grace of God.

Musiimes' success can be found in his core message: We all have a significant call t reach out and touch a life somewhere in the world. That our God is a good God has deposited in each of us enormous ability to supernaturally operate in this natural realm.

Pastor Musiime chocking on rent debts

Publish Date: Jan 20, 2012

SENIOR Pastor, Entrepreneur and Olive Gospel Music Awards chairman, Edwin Musiime is among the thousands choking on January debts, The Kampala Sun has discovered.

The sharpdressing Musiime, who is also the publisher of Rock magazine, appeared tongue-tied after solicitors and advocates raided his home to recover rent at Rofra House, Plot 546 Kansanga on Gaba road.

A document in our grasp details that Musiime, who pays sh1m per month in rent, had defaulted over two months and kept dodging his landlord, a one Frank Nyanzi, who sought counsel from Kawalya, Mubiru and Nansubuga & Nsubuga Solicitors& Advocates.

Bwana Musiime take heart. The Bible doesn’t mention anywhere that it is a sin to be in debt. However, Proverbs 22:7 says that when you are in debt to another, you enter into a slave/master relationship with your creditor. Hope your slavery ends soon.

Adapted from The Kampala Sun