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Monday, 24 June 2013

When the exploited defend the exploiter : Don't Talk About My Pastor! How Church Members Defend Their Pastor Regardless

Don't Talk About My Pastor!

How Church Members Defend Their Pastor Regardless New Orleans Bureau 06/23/2013

“How dare you talk about THE MAN OF GOD.”

If I had a $1 for every time someone has demanded that I not say anything else about their Man of God – then I would be as Rich as a Man of God. If he is the Man of God then who am I? Who are you? Are we not equally Men & Women of God in the eyes of God?  Here is one more question for you to ponder. How did we as The Body of Christ allow Pastors, Bishops, and this current flock of Apostles to reserve all of the Rights to God?

At this point my teammates and I at are completely immune to the many threats & insults we receive daily from church members. Most of them upset because - their Pastor was reported to our website. What remains confusing is why we never hear from the Pastors? Email after email, church members go on the attack like we have just disturbed an ant pile or maybe we have.

Even Entomologists have discovered that it is very difficult to study the inside of an ant pile. The reason for the difficulty is due to the fact that the colonies often break into many subdivisions, but if you disturb the pile then all of them will come out to fight you. Another interesting fact about ant piles is we never know what is happening inside of them - all we ever see are the ants coming and going.

Scientist have also published that ants have poor-to-mediocre eyesight, and a few subterranean species are completely blind. The majority of the members of the ant pile all work to service, feed, and protect a Royal Ant that many of them have never seen up close or know personally, but they will still fight until death to protect them.

Likewise, we hardly ever know the inner workings of many of the ministries within our communities unless one of the ants / members decides that they no longer desire to be a member of the pile / church and then reaches out to

The sad part is we only find out about the abuse once one of the members have reached their breaking point, and decide to expose the inner workings of the church. The next step in this abuse cycle requires that the staff at investigate the claim – then post it once irrefutable evidence has been submitted by the member.

This is how we disturb church ant piles week in and week out – then we brace ourselves for the “March of The Ants” as they come out to defend their Pastor Kings & Queens.

Put’em Up Put’em Up

After receiving one of the most interesting “Put’em up” emails from a member of Dr. Karry D. Wesley’s Antioch Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Dallas we decided to stroll through our inbox for more emails defending the lifestyle of the Pastor. Weclome to our top examples of Mad Church Disease Enjoy!

Defending Benny Hinn Slain In The Spirit Scam

I am not a pastor. I am simply a man learned in the word of God. Show me one instance where Benny Hinn proclaims himself to be a healer. He will say himself that he cannot heal anyone but it is the power of God working through him that heals. Unfortunately, for many to be healed, they must first believe it is God's Will for them to be healed. You can only join your faith with those who have faith, however small it may be. But, faith cannot coexist with doubt or unbelief so if there were any instances where Benny Hinn shared the prayer of agreement with a person and they were not healed, that's not on Benny. Being "slain in the spirit" simply means falling under the weight of the anointing (although I have seen some false teachers trying to push someone over but they are an overwhleming minority that will have to answer to God for their actions).

Why would God prosper a preacher over his poor congregation you say? Faith!! God is not a respecter of persons but God is a respecter of faith.

Defending Bishop Kent Branch Pilgrim Cathedral of Atlanta - Decatur, GA

We have a campus of 6 different buildings where if anyone of the MAPS would have led you, you would find the lights ALWAYS on, the toilet flushed every time it was used, heat and air is plentiful, so need I go on, that knocks that lie out of the box, that he takes all of the money, WELL who pays the bills? 'its either a lie or its the truth',   he is an author, financial consultant, and motivational speaker and he has been employed at various Fortune 500 companies in the past, so his record speaks for itself, just so you know, he has five earned degrees, so he does not need to live off of the church, we couldn't afford to pay what he is worth anyway, so GOD's got his back!!!!!  Our ministry is a ministry of Excellence and our mission is to win the world for Jesus Christ.  I will not spend much time on the false accusations, but I want the  innocent readers to get a good back drop of the kind of man and pastor, Bishop Branch is.

He does drive a Bentley, however, "we" the church did not pay for it, he has favor on his life. The story was not told that he and Pastor Di have given away a volvo, a benz, and a van to give single women with children transportation.  It was not told that he has given furniture, money, gifts, mink coats, etc... to many of the members, it was not told that as a church family we were asked to support in giving to a family that was burned out, or put out, It was not told that he allowed many members to live on our campus because he believes in helping his own. It was not told that he has helped many to secure employment  that  they probably were not qualified for.   Well, I want the innocent bystander to see both sides of the fence. I could go on and on, but I will not! Well, all I ask is, .... by trying to defame ones name is this what Jesus would do?  Have you freed yourself from anger, bitterness, resentment,  un -forgiveness, envy, jealousy, etc….. by writing such an article?

Defending Mark Barclay request for $79k to repaint his Jet


well first of all how can you post something about mark Barclay ministries going off the word of someone... why don't you go to the main source the pastor.. He was asking for help and wasn't telling everyone to give money he said if you couldn't if you would get in agreement with him that the money will come in. If you had half the brain you wouldn't be writing this about a man of God. I know him and have been to his church in midland and I use to attend a church in marion Indiana he goes to all the time... the congregation there is only 150. So im pretty sure its not all about the money to him. He has personally paid out of his pocket thousand upon thousands of dollars into this ministry. So how can you judge someone when you don't even know the facts.. your going off one persons opinion... I pray that God deals with you justly...
2Kings 2:23,24

From there Elisha went up to Bethel. As he was walking along the road, some boys came out of the town and jeered at him. Get out of here, baldy!  they said. Get out of here, baldy!  24 He turned around, looked at them and called down a curse on them in the name of the Lord. Then two bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the if God would do that for a prophet of God because kids were making fun of him I cant imagine what Gods punishment for you will be for speaking bad about a man of God.

Defending Bishop J.D. Wiley – 7Years After Katrina Still In FEMA Tent?

Denise Sears •

I just want to THANK "CHURCH FOLK" for writing this article. Why? Because for someone to "protect the pew" certainly does have A LOT of protection. I have no problems with you writing articles about preacher and churches. But why can't we know who YOU are? Oh, how it so easy to go "TJ" and "Church Folk Revolution" . How easy it is to ask for answers hiding behind a blog. Look up the WHOIS information on this site: Information private. WHO IS THE "WE" THAT wants the answers? If you want answers ASK. I'm not upset about this article but make it full force don't plaster up pictures of preachers then hide the hand that throws the rocks. That's foolish. And looking at the comments I'm more than sure "CHURCH FOLK" or "TJ" couldn't make it to do anything face to face--because there isn't an update about that. But "we" want answers so badly--whatever. "ChurchFolk" "TJ"...what a joke. Man enough to show your face. Give your name. Then maybe I can take your half-ass "investigations" somewhat seriously.

Defending Pastor Gino Jennings

Marquest Burton  Greetings! Fools

You should be ashamed of yourself for allowing yourself to be used of Satan to contend against God's holy messenger the honourable minister Gino Jennings. Truly, truly if you do not repent of your slander, evil speakings, and foolish rants against the Honourable minister Gino Jennings then eternal damnation shall be thine portion. I urge you to repent of your sins and follow the truth of God and surrender yourself thereunto. (

Peace be unto you!

Marquest Burton

Defending Dr. Kerry Wesley No Tithes No Membership

Carolyn Hayden-Garner

Be careful if you offend one of God’s children. “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:5-6.

Let me give this to you in English! Don’t talk about God’s children you might find yourself “drowned”. Drowned doesn’t always mean that you are in a coffin; you can become spiritually, financially, health, relationship, professional..DROWNED in other words dead in those areas of your life!

I pray that he is not offended because I KNOW HE BELONGS to GOD!

Woe unto ya! I would talk about something else before I talk about a man of GOD!

I have been a member of this church for almost 20 years. It is sad to see that someone would create this type of negative publicity about AFMBC. First of all, AFMBC has contributed more than 100k to Ghana to build three wells, recently donated 25k to the tornado victims and has given more than 1 million in scholarships in the past 27 years. I dare not to discuss how many mortgages, utilities, prescriptions, gas that has been given to help members and NON members!

For those of you who bring your butt to church and don’t give a dime you ought to be ashamed. It is no different than you living at home and deciding not to pay your rent or mortgage or utilities, your stuff gets disconnected and they put your stuff on the street! So why should you treat God’s house any differently?

You are liar and so far from the truth if you are saying that AFMBC is asking you to leave because you don’t give any money. The purpose of this project was to ensure that members are attending on a regular basis. Members were asked to make a donation once per month in an envelope. NO specific dollar amount was asked. People were asked to give so that you would be a legitimate member. Even if it was $1 per month then AFMBC would know at least you are a member!

I am so sick of these folk coming to church on Sunday dressed up, driving nice cars and refusing to give God a dime to help the work of the ministry. Had my advice been considered a long time ago we probably would not be reading this mess! I use to say, expose folk. Post a list of the members that give and those who don’t like they use to do back in the day! When I was growing up, they posted if you gave to the church! Don’t believe me; check out the old COGIC faith! They did not play.

Long story short, leave and go find somewhere else to sit at the table each Sunday and enjoy the feast, shout, hear the word and then when offering time comes around grab your stuff and tip out and not give a dime! The last I checked, there was not a shortage of members at AFMBC and with Pastor Wesley as the humble leader and with God on HIS side and directing his steps, there will not be a shortage in God’s house.

Defending Bishop I.V. Hilliard Request for $52k for new Helicopter Blades.

Fred -

The reason you have not written an article in 9 months is because you can't write that well. All you do is criticize without offering any solutions, compassion, sympathy, and most of all prayer for your brothers and sisters who may have fallen. You dress it up as if you really care by saying you are trying to get the truth out. The God I serve sent not his Son into the World to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved. Jesus said to the Pharisees that wanted to stone the woman caught "in the very act" of adultery, "he that is without sin among you cast the first stone. Your ministry casts a lot of stones and I am certainly glad that when judgement day comes that you won't be standing beside Christ passing judgement. He does not need your help. What he does need is for you to pray for your brothers and sisters and not to judge them so that you will not fall into the same sin. It must be really nice to be as perfect and without any sin or blemish.