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Saturday, 22 June 2013

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Why Do I Have To Wait On My Blessing But My Pastor Receives My Tithe Right Now? 06/22/2013 New Orleans Bureau

Bishop T.D. Jakes has built a Multi-Million Dollar Ministry by telling his members to wait on the Lord, but many of his members fail to see that his financial gratification is instant. Is the Gospel that’s preached from the pulpit designed to keep you coming back hoping for a blessing? 

This could explain why there is such a financial discrepancy between those in the pulpit and those in the pews. The prosperity version of the Gospel is paying off financially for everyone except the people in the pews. The church buildings are getting bigger, the homes of Pastors are now the largest in the community, yet you continue to wait on your blessing in a studio apartment.

While you wait for it, and wait for it, your Pastor is enjoying it right now. When you hear a Pastor tell a group of poor Christians to “wait on the Lord” what he is really saying is “wait here on the Lord.” Wait right here in this same church- Sunday after Sunday- for your blessing, while rejoicing in what God is doing for him and his family.   

Many of the angry emails we receive at are from church members upset because we question the wealth of their Pastor. One such Pastor Defender, Deborah Dornes, posted the following comment on a thread defending Bishop I.V. Hilliard $50k request for new helicopter blades:

“FOX News uses a helicopter to carry the bad news and Bishop Hilliard used a helicopter to carry The Good News. He teaches The Word like very few others.. Amen !”

The point I challenged Ms. Dornes on was whether the helicopter in question was unnecessary and purchased with donations given to the church. Couldn't the money spent on the same helicopter been better used within the congregation rather than for the pastor's personal use?

This point fell on deaf ears because many church members have been conditioned by pastors to rejoice when they see their pastors indulging in lavish lifestyles while they continue to wait on their blessing.

Just like bad propaganda, the messages you’re hearing every Sunday may be the one thing that’s keeping you broke and forever waiting on God.

Hold Up Wait A Minute!

Jesus never delayed a miracle to a time more suitable for his schedule; if he wanted to bless you, then it happened, right there, on the spot. This term “Wait on God” is really bad scripture application that has become more of an excuse for why God has yet to bless the church members, while the pastors enjoy their own "bounty of blessings".

From my research of the Bible, the majority of the people who received a blessing from Jesus got to Jesus in a timely fashion – meaning they took responsibility for their condition. The other few whom still received a blessing, yet couldn’t get to Jesus, were either near death or actually dead.

Noah, King David, and Joseph all took responsibility for their own blessing- whether it was a hand full of rocks, a boat, or an economic plan. Yet we are told simply to “wait on him” – Why?

The answer to why lies in our pockets-  the longer we wait, the more we attempt to pay for the blessing. I am not sure how you feel about it, but I am tired of waiting on a blessing that God never promised me to start with.

Have you ever considered that God has already blessed you with the ability to reposition yourself? The ability to get yourself into a more profitable position is already in your DNA; yet, you sit on a pew waiting for a blessing.

Dorothy, from the Wizzard of Oz, went through an entire movie- with all sorts of drama- only to discover that she had the answer the entire time on her feet. At some point, we will have to stop with all of the "Wizard" preaching and tell people the truth – God loves work. God has always blessed efforts, attempts, and persistence.

Sitting on a pew, waiting on a blessing, is a sure proof way to ensure that your pastor is blessed. If you really want to see God in action, then ask God to bless your hands. Nothing more, nothing less. In blessing your hands, you will become your own source of continued blessing – thus rendering a “wait on the Lord sermon” Non-Applicable.