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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Theatrics geared at cleaning the Image of the ‘Holy’ man of God in Govt. Tabloid: Uganda police this time connives with conmen to black mail Pastor Robert Kayanja of sh650m: We look forward to the arrest of the police officers

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Publish Date: Jun 26, 2013

By Kampala Sun team

.The main actors: Moses Muwanguzi, 25 and Ibrahim Nsubuga, 38, former workers at Rubaga Miracle Center

.Co-stars: Gilbert Bwana Arinaitwe, Police officers, lawyers and a medical doctor at Mulago hospital

Just when we thought Pastor Robert Kayanja’s woes ended last year when Buganda Road Court ­ fined six people sh1m each and ordered them to do 100 hours of community service, he ­ finds himself in yet another woe.

‑The Rubaga Miracle Centre pastor ­ finds himself embroiled in another cleverly orchestrated blackmail scam, which involves planted victims, crafty conmen and high ranking police officers, who until their racket was burst by counter intelligence, were optimistic about making the pastor pay $250,000 (sh650m), or risk jail in yet another
sodomy, kidnap and abduction claim.

Whereas pastors Male, Sempa and Michael Kyazze et al, challenged Kayanja on moral grounds, before court convicted them of conspiring to destroy Pastor Kayanja’s name and profession, this new group is about the dollars.

Tapped phone conversations and secret video recordings in ‑The Kampala Sun’s possession show how the plan to defraud Pastor Kayanja was orchestrated by a one Ibrahim Nsubuga, (former employee), who openly brags about how he has Kayanja cornered.

Unknown to him that he is secretly being recorded; he spills some sordid details of how he is closely working with the Police in his move.

Some of the names he mentions are of high ranking and popular police o fficers likely to be brought to shame. Mentioned in the scam  are o fficers from Katwe Police Post, Natete Police Post, Kira Police Station, and Central Police Station (CPS) among others. –

They are now keen on having the whole incident swept under the carpet after the move back­ fired and the main perpetrators were arrested following a string of counter intelligence operation.
The Kampala Sun has exclusively obtained an itinerary of phone conversations and video recordings, which detail how the ploy, hatched on June 1, 2013, was planned. The main actors: Moses Muwanguzi, 25 (below, right) and Ibrahim Nsubuga, 38, former workers at Rubaga Miracle Center. Co-stars: Gilbert Bwana Arinaitwe, Police o fficers, lawyers and a medical doctor at Mulago hospital.


Get Kayanja to cough the dime so his name doesn’t get muddled in a scandal that will likely upset his wife Jessica Kayanja and the First Family.

If Kayanja dilly-dallies, threatened to go to the media until he pays a substantial sum. However, Muwanguzi and Nsubuga get trapped in their movie; it is apt to say they are one of the few movie stars to die in their own movie after both are arrested and confess. ‑ The trail of conversation is telling.


Information obtained by ‑ The Kampala Sun indicates that Muwanguzi, acting on advice from Nsubuga, recently went to Natete Police Station and registered a case ­ file NAT486/2013.

He alleged that Pastor Kayanja abducted him with the help of Gilbert Arinaitwe Bwana (‑ the one who sprayed Kiiza Besigye). He alleged he was abused by the pastor at gun point, who later abducted and caused his detention at Kira Police Station.

An intelligence o fficer at Natete Police Station tells ‑ The Kampala Sun that when Muwanguzi reported the case recently, he claimed to have been used by Pastor Kayanja, on Good Friday in 2012.

“We gave him a Police medical reference form and referred him to the Police surgeon to verify the claims that his behind was ruptured. However he never returned,” the o fficer says.

Unknown to them, Muwanguzi and his close ally Nsubuga, were determined to get along their plan. Unknown that they were being surveilled, the conmen acting on help from a ‘Samaritan’ were told of a doctor at Mulago Hospital who would get them a backdated medical report purporting sodomy at a handsome fee of sh2m.

‑Their luck however run out when the doctor, with the help of detectives dressed in medical gowns, arrested the duo after they detailed their plot to defraud. ‑ The Police case ­file, Vide SD15/3/6/2013, was opened at Mulago Police Post.


Rather than bow to the demands of the man, Pastor Kayanja, who admits he has been a victim of several black mail attempts, exposed the extortion attempt in a sting operation that culminated in the exposure of two former employees. A 50-minute video recorded session at Mulago Hospital’s Floor 1A, on June 1 shows how the two were busted.

Nsubuga and Muwanguzi approach the doctor (names withheld) with the help of their Samaritan. Muwanguzi looks timid, but later opens up after prodding from Nsubuga. They are open about what they want. “We have a deal,” he says. They sell their sodomy story that allegedly happened in 2012 and they want the doctor to backdate the medical form detailing treatment.

They aren’t sure about the real date because, there is no calendar in the doctor’s cubicle, and none of them recalls the exact date on which Good Friday 2012 fell. There is an impasse. “Just write that I came to see you on Easter Sunday 2012, two days after incident happened.

I don’t have any problem but I want you to show I was damaged and that you treated me for a month. When he sees the medical file, he will not go to court. He will involve the lawyers and pay me. I go my way, he goes his way,” Muwanguzi says.

“How do I benefit,” the doctor asks?  Nsubuga then tells the doctor that there is money to be made off Kayanja; it is one easy way to build a mansion. The rest are details. The two men are arrested and Muwanguzi confesses to having been misled by Nsubuga.

How Police was involved

Detailed conversations by the chief architect, Ibrahim Nsubuga, show how he has involved many influential police officers. Nsubuga, in one conversation discusses with a Police officer to see to it that he (Muwanguzi) disappears and his file follows suit.

The file disappears and lands in Nsubuga’s hands. However, an unnamed Police officer in Natete is hounded. “I told the officer to stay calm and switch off his phone,” Nsubuga says.

In the ensuing tale of events, a high ranking officer from Katwe Police post goes to Natete Police station searching for the file. Nsubuga, however, rushes the file to a boss at CPS.

The boss calls the Police officer at Katwe and assures him he will be jobless in the near future if he continues defending Pastor Kayanja. Nsubuga says that the boss at CPS is assured of his percentage and they are already sniffing the “Muwogo” (read cash).

“If he (Kayanja) doesn’t negotiate, I will push the case up to the IGP. You know how he doesn’t want those things. (Sodomy). I have an option of CIID but the boss, doesn’t want anything to do with Kayanja. He feels embarrassed being linked with Kayanja’s lifestyle,” he says.

At one point in the conversation, the other party tells Nsubuga. “Why don’t we just leave it since the plot is becoming complex?” Nsubuga replies:

“What will I tell the boss at CPS? We are so close to the millions. We can’t look back. He (boss at CPS) once asked me who is sabotaging and I told him of someone at Katwe Police. He promised to redeploy him,” Nsubuga narrates.

He details how the boss at CPS talked to the Katwe officer during the Uganda Martyrs’ day celebrations at Namugongo and he warned him that if he (Katwe Policeman purportedly on Kayanja’s side) wanted his job, he shouldn’t meddle in case or risk Katebe.

They then wonder how Gilbert Arinaitwe Bwana became Kayanja’s personal guard yet he was deployed to Police Training School in Kabalye, Masindi. Nsubuga paints Bwana as a broke to the bones guy, who barely has money to furl his Toyota Raum UAQ series. Pastor Kayanja is his meal ticket.

According to Nsubuga, pastor Kayanja has no choice but to pay the sum of $250,000 since many people are implicated. “How will he get money?” The other voice asks. “He will call pastors Kiwewesi, Namutebi for help before things get out of hand.

Kayanja reacts

When contacted, Pastor Kayanja said the allegations are completely false. “Police is infiltrated by wrong people. I am shocked that they connived in an attempt to make a fake story real. The depths to which some people sink never cease to amuse but sadly, this is the Uganda we live in today. These wrong characters should be weeded out,” he said.

A Police spokesperson The Kampala Sun spoke to said they were not aware of the blackmail plot but promised to investigate and get back to us. By press time, they hadn’t gotten through to validate the claims.