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Monday, 10 June 2013

The black church in the USA: More emotional than scriptural

Random Thoughts: The Black Church

by Charles Chuck Crouch (Notes) on Monday, August 30, 2010 at 1:30am

I found myself clicking through the channels the other night and see what was on TV. This is very rare. I have a few things I watch semi-faithfully such as: Intervention, Animal Planet, The First 48, and sports. Other than that, my wife can tell you, I am rarely in front of the TV for more than a few minutes.

Anyway, every now and then I will check out a preacher or two. As I was perusing through a few ministries on TV I noticed a trend. The black church (not all…so don’t jump the gun) is in bad shape…inwardly. Sure we have the pretty buildings, the mega-ministries, the fiery pastors, the fancy titles, etc…But I saw one thing that is evident in all of the ones I viewed…a lack of Biblical substance.

It seemed that there was 3 things that all of these ministries had in common: great praise and worship, a pastor preaching a persuasive Word concerning something God is “going to do any day now”, and an upcoming conference that is going to change your life.

It dawned on me that the black church seems to be based on “giving enough promises to people to get them back the next week.” But are we really getting a message or simply a weekly prophetic telegram? Hmmm…

I compare the church to that e-mail that we all get concerning the Nigerian businessman who has millions of unclaimed US dollars that belong to us. In other words…the church seems to be an acceptable scam in some cases. We know not to fall for it…but it’s nice to dream about it.

Every message I heard was about what God is getting ready to do in our respective lives. Why is it that God is always portrayed as a God who always preparing the meals for us but never serves it? Is not God bigger than that? Of course He is. With that being said, it seems as though these preachers, pastors, elders, apostles, prophets, prophetesses, bishops, etc, play the role of the excellent, experienced waiter who gets tipped very nicely for a meal that is hyped up, and shown real nice on the menu but never delivered. We simply get full off of the thought of devouring this meal…and are simply distracted from the reality of the promise due to the greatness of the waiter. Making sense? Okay…

I don’t serve a God that is always preparing something for me yet never brings it to fruition, or is in the process of blessing me yet the process is never finalized, or is waiting on me to turn around 3 times and then expect to be debt free. It doesn’t work that way.

Christ taught a very intelligent gospel. It’s a thinking man’s Word, but simple enough for anybody to understand if they study it FOR THEMSELVES. We are depending too much on these pastors to reveal every single thing to us about God’s plan for our life, yet we never take the time to study for our interpretation and spiritual enhancement. Again, if doesn’t relate to you…then don’t be offended.

I honestly believe that many pastors are profiting off of the ignorance of the people. THEIR people, their sheep, their flock, their members…and it’s sad that we sit by and watch it, join in it, and become victims. The reason they are so successful at it is because they have learned that the average person bases the majority of their decision making on emotionalism and not knowledge.

The Bible didn’t say, “My people are destroyed for a lack of emotions…” It said, “My people (Christians) are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.”  This means general knowledge, and more so, knowledge of the Word.

Therefore pastors know what to do to get the people to give. They know that if they bring in TD Jakes, Juanita Bynum, Paula White, Creflo Dollar, Kirk Franklin, Kim Burrell, or Ricky Dillard, etc, the people will come. Why? Their emotions will get a “professional” high, and not just the mundane Sunday morning high. So, they can charge $125 a person for a conference where these “professionals” are going to read from the same Bible, and supposedly operate and the same Holy Spirit that the pastor, or themselves can. However, they are too star struck to see it though.

You know why it seems like the “heathens” are winning? Well, it’s because they are. Simple and plain. They take the time to learn their crafts, study, and get knowledge, and don’t have to go to 57 conferences and revivals to do it.

I don’t recall ever seeing Charles Stanley have a conference. Not saying he doesn’t…but if he does it’s not advertised. You know why he doesn’t have them? It’s because he stands in front of his people and teaches them sound doctrine week after week after week…and not some “God is about to do it for you just hold on” sermon.

Now I know that we are an emotional people. This is true. We got through slavery and injustices through crying out to God to hear us. That’s fine and good…But when will we figure out that if tradition doesn’t work; change it. Every week it’s the same thing. It’s seems as if we can venture off of everything but the order of service, and it is killing us as a people it seems; spiritually.

We wonder why we are made a mockery of. Have you watched Bobby Jones lately? You’ll see why. It’s a circus of emotionalism, sweet men, hot bands, fly hairdos, yet NO substance. We are a laughing stock of the world, and I am pretty certain that God is not pleased.

There has to come a point where we stop being fooled, and spiritually conned. I’m not knocking pastors, conferences, etc. I go to church every week where I am a member. I came from a church where sound doctrine was taught and we knew that a song and a dance were not going to get us through. It is the Word, and the knowledge of It that gets us through. If God were to give scholarships to Heaven based on the knowledge of His Word, I would venture to say that many folk would be short. God doesn’t bless us based on how much we claim to love Him. He doesn’t bless us on how good we sing, dance, step, mime, or do the church budget. He blesses us by the simple application of His Word in our daily lives.

Most parents I know will bless the obedient child before they bless the talented child who disregards their instruction.

I hope we wake up…and notice I said “we”. That means me too. I got a lot of learning to do…But I thank God for insight, and the courage to say things to help my brothers and sister.

I’ll shutup now. Peace.

Think about it…These are just my thoughts.

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