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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pastor Voted Out But Refused To Leave Leads To Church Shootings: Deacon's son killed by cops for shooting shotgun in church parking lot in a dispute about the firing of a pastor

Shot: 26-year-old Cacedrick White was shot and killed when he showed up to his church armed with a shot gun

Pastor Voted Out But Refused To Leave
Leads To Church Shootings! Oxford MS Bureau 06/25/2013

What happens when a Pastor is voted out by the congregation but he refuses to leave? Well if you’re a member of Asia Baptist Church in Lexington you could find yourself in an all-out shootout. This pass Sunday after a vote on the Pastor was concluded and argument ensued that left the son of one of the Deacons dead. Cedric White (26 years old) was shoot and killed  by police after refusing drop his shotgun.

As reported by CBS News Channel 12

According to the MBI, a fight broke out between the pastor, his family and church members. Police were called.

After Lexington Police arrived on the scene, shots were fired. The only information MBI officials will confirm about the shooting is a Lexington Police Officer pulled the trigger, and 26-year-old Cedric White died.

 Riled up: White's father was a deacon at the Asia Missionary Baptist Church, and was in the church when the congregation got in a fight about whether or not to retain their current pastor

We talked with White's mother and father. They witnessed the shooting and share their feelings with News Channel 12 tonight at 10:00.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is currently on the scene of a church shooting in the city of Lexington in Holmes County.

MBI officials tell us around 12:15 Sunday afternoon, a Lexington police officer was involved in a shooting at a church. MBI's crime scene unit and other investigators remain on the scene gathering information.

MBI would not confirm at which church the shooting happened, nor would they confirm the condition of the person who was shot.

At we are starting to see more intense confrontations involving voted out Pastors and Deacon Boards. Will continue to flow this story and post update regarding the successful removal of this Pastor.

 Protector: Police think White got upset after receiving a call about the church argument.  White's father believes his son was just trying to protect him

Police Kill Man In Church Altercation After Members Voted To Oust Pastor

  The last place you would expect for a person to be fatally shot is a church, but that’s exactly what happened at a church in Mississippi on Sunday.

A man was gunned down by a police officer during a church altercation, according to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations (MBI).

Members of Asia Baptist church allegedly became unruly after a majority of church members voted to oust their pastor. The pastor, who did not agree with the decision, was a part of the ensuing melee.

After the fight erupted and all hell broke loose, the police were called to the church. MBI officials can only confirm that after police arrived at the scene, an officer shot and killed 26-year-old Cedric White.

MBI is currently investigating what led to the shooting and were on the scene at the church, which is located in Lexington in Holmes County.

The shooting at the church occurred at around 12:15 p.m. on Sunday. There was another person injured in the church shooting as well, but that person’s name has not been released.

Investigators have not shared how a disagreement between church people resulted in an officer firing his gun multiple times.

Police did confirm that a fight broke out between the pastor, his family, and church members.

Deacon's son killed by cops for shooting shotgun in church parking lot in a dispute about the firing of a pastor

  • Police responded to calls about an argument that broke out at the Asia Missionary Baptist Church
  • Cacedrick White, 26, showed up at the back door of the church with a shot gun and refused to put it down
  • White shot off one shot, and police responded with three shots
  • White was taken to the hospital where he later died
  • The police officer who shot white is on administrative leave, and the incident under investigation
By Ashley Collman

The son of a deacon was fatally shot Sunday morning by police after congregation members got riled up at a meeting.

Police were called to the Asia Missionary Baptist Church in Lexington, Mississippi mid-day Sunday after a congregation meeting turned violent.

They were already at the church when 26-year-old Cacedrick White showed up, armed.

'What happened was a bunch of the pastor's family showed up and there was a whole bunch of yelling and hollering,' Warren Strain, Bureau of Investigation spokesman told the AP

Holmes County Sheriff's Office Capt. Sam Chambers believes that White showed up after getting a call about the fight, and got upset since both of his parents were in the church at the time.

Police encountered White at the backdoor of the church with a shotgun.

According to Strain, White was told to put down the fun and he refused - shooting off one shot.

That's what prompted the three retaliating shots from police.

Ada White, Cacedrick's mother, described the scene to WAPT: 'And they were shooting, and they were shooting, and the next thing I knew, my son was laying on the ground. And I told them, I said, "Ya'll have shot my son."' White's father believes his son was just trying to protect him.

Lexington Police Chief Martin Roby says the incident was very much out of the ordinary.

'Our churches are usually pretty peaceful. We don't have a lot of calls like that.'

The police officer who shot White has been put on administrative leave. MBI and the Holmes County Sheriff's Office are investigating the shooting.

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