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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Kissing The Ring! How Dr. Chris Hill Is Enjoying All Of The Benefits Of Being A Bishop T.D. Jakes Pastor

Kissing The Ring!
How Dr. Chris Hill Is Enjoying All Of The Benefits Of Being A Bishop T.D. Jakes Pastor Denver Bureau 06/25/2013

Imagine getting a promotion on your job after only a few short years of service and it comes with one huge upfront bonus, a New House! Yesterday I received a pre-packaged Pimp Preacher Report on Dr. Chris Hill, the new Pastor of the Potter’s House Franchise in Denver.

It appears this residential gift from Bishop T.D. Jakes wasn’t the normal type of house for a young relocating family, oh no. This was a $1.4 million palace in one of the richest subdivisions in Denver.

Yes you heard me correctly, a $1.4 million house in a gated community away from any impoverished church members. Do you remember back in the day when the "Reverend" actually lived next door to the church? Well those days are as long gone as when Pastors graduated from real four year universities, and not fake Doctorate Degree Mills.

The members on the poor side of town unfortunately will have the task of maintaining Dr. Chris Hill lavish lifestyle, a lifestyle that he acquired from the King of the Preachers, Bishop T.D. Jakes.   

A few quick facts about Dr. Chris Hill’s gated community

Most of the properties in this subdivision are valued at the $1 million price tag. The house in question sits directly on a premier golf course; as a matter of fact Pastor Hill's back yard is the golf course. According to our reporter not just any one can play a round of golf on this course because, the cost can total a full year’s salary for the average member in Pastor Hill’s congregation.

From The Pews Of The Potters House In Denver

“T.D. Jakes planted Chris Hill in the Potter's House Church of Denver a few years ago. Recently, T.D. Jakes purchased a home valued at $1.4 million for Chris Hill in the private, gated, golf course community of Cherry Creek Country Club. T.D. Jakes paid for the house from church funds. Why is it necessary for a preacher to live in a luxury, gated community when this congregation is primary full of poor people?

They had the basement of the house remodeled, and installed a hair salon for Joy Hill.

I don't think I'll ever understand the prosperity gospel that he and TD advocate. There is no way that a preacher should be living such an extravagant lifestyle.

We heard they bought the house on the number one hole this spring. Membership to Cherry Creek Country Club is $60,000 (full golf membership). I think it is $25,000 for a social membership. I'm not sure if they are full members or just social members.” 

An extravagant home purchased under the Potter’s House 501(c )3 non- profit status, and given to tithes a pastor simply because he is the pastor. This is the primary reason the Church Folk Revolution is calling on Congress to tax the purchases and salaries of Mega Churches on the same scale as any other For-Profit corporation.

Some would argue that Bishop Jakes has earned millions from his private investments in movies and his book sales, but long before he had his own "so-called money" the start up capital for all his personal endeavors came from tithes and offerings.

As always we have provided you with proof that this private home was purchased by a non-profit organization  (The Potters House) and not in the name of Pastor Chris Hill. This should be considered tax evasion at the least, but welcome to the slimy loop hole that Pimp Preachers are using to turn your Tithes into their Treasures. Enjoy!