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Friday, 21 June 2013

Paying the devil’s bills: Bishop Ira V. Hilliard Says that if Followers Pay for His Helicopter, God Will Buy them a Car


Pastor Says that if Followers Pay for His Helicopter, God Will Buy them a Car  


By bowatkin in Christian News · June 19, 2013

Sometimes, the control and power of a pastor can be overwhelming.  This power is meant to be used responsibly and some just don’t want to do that.

A pastor in Texas is being criticized for telling his parishioners that if they give money to pay for his broken helicopter, God is going to bless them with a new vehicle themselves.

According to Bishop Ira V. Hilliard of the New Light Chur Pastor Saiko Woods says that he would never release such a message, but says that there is “nothing wrong with Christians being rich as long as their riches are being founded upon the scriptures or they earn it honestly.”

Woods did, however, say that the claim of “$52 dollars for 52 weeks or with 52 days” was “totally blasphemy.”

“Gospel is the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Not you promising money blessings a bigger house a bigger car a jet whatever these things might be,” he said. “It causes people to look at Christianity and to laugh at it or to make a mockery of it thinking Christianity is all about money.”

“I’ve seen this man’s home, I’ve seen where he lives. You can’t tell me you don’t have $50,000 you can pay out of your own pocket.”

Welcome To My Argument With God

Then Let Them Be Stupid!

Members of Bishop I.V. Hilliard Church Asked To Sow A $52 Transportation Seed New Orleans Bureau 06/08/2013

I had completely reached a point with God that I no longer wanted to do what he asked me to do, share a word of wisdom with a confused group of believers. For the life in me I cannot understand why anyone would want to be called a Prophet, Pastor, Preacher, Apostle or even Bishop, because in the true meaning of each title lies nothing glamorous, wealthy, and prestigious.

Maybe this was the reason Jesus was always found by himself –alone, attempting to escape those he was ordered to baby sit.

Deep in my spirit I began to feel that if a woman would still trust her child to sleep over at a preacher’s house then let her be stupid. If after working a 65 hour work week as manager at Wendy’s a man decides to give 10% of his hard earned salary to a pastor who doesn’t even have a real job, then let him be stupid. If a woman decides not only to have sex with her pastor, but has unprotected sex and gets pregnant, then let her be stupid.

This is the honest reason I have not updated for exactly nine months, because I began to resent the people God had ordered me to help. In the medical world they call it “Caretaker Syndrome.” A condition defined when a patient or love one is harmed by the person in charge of their wellbeing and recovery.  In my resentment for gullible Christians I decided to ignore the atrocities committed by so-called MEN OF GOD* {sic}, thus making me apart of the abuse cycle.

In deciding to allow them to “be stupid” I stepped out of the ring and allowed my Brothers and Sisters in the Church Folk Revolution to care on my behalf or posteriorly, while I acted like a 1942 German Catholic, conveniently oblivious. For that I am truly sorry!

In a few ways it was probably best that I stepped away because I had become a Preacher Bigot.

You can only witness so much greed, rape and extortion before you begin to hate. Yes hate settled into my heart and I realized that there was no difference in me and the Alabama Governor George Wallace who regretfully uttered “Segregation now, Segregation tomorrow, and Segregation forever.” Yep Preacher Hate in 2013.

The time away did do me some good because I needed to separate the hatred for the heathen pastor, from the healing posture that Christ also demanded. I needed to step away because I could only be partially used by Christ in the disciplining process of those who deserved it, and not the love part for those who didn’t deserve it. Christ represented chastisement and caring – but I only wanted to sign up for the chastisement part.

Don’t You Run From Me!
Nothing was more fearful then when my momma would say “I’m bout to beat yo ass.”

There was something about those six words that immediately struck fear and paralysis in my body because I knew by time the six o’clock news came on I was going to be in a lot of pain. Having said that, there was not one spanking I received as a child that I did not earn, which resulted in me becoming more disciplined. Where there is fear you will also find discipline.

Show me a child who has no fear of spankings and I will show you a child diagnosed with ADHD. Our Preachers no longer have a fear of God which is why in good consciousness I cannot simply allow their members to “be stupid.”

This week a member from Bishop I.V. Hilliard’s church sent me a money request that he sent to them asking for a “$52 Transportation Seed.” My God! I am really sick of this word “Seed.” Since when a seed cost so much money in church but I can go into Home Depot and get a pack of seeds for $1.79, but I digress again.

I wanted to include their cry for help in this article in its entirety, because I wanted you to experience firsthand what no fear of God looks like.

“On a regular basis, Bishop I.V. Hilliard sends e-mails/letters to ministry partners, requesting financial assistance to obtain a "breakthrough" in one area or another. This month, June 2013, Bishop Hilliard is requesting those who have a "transportation need" such as a car repair or those who have a dream of owning a luxury vehicle to send in a "seed" of $52 dollars.

The $52 will be used to upgrade the blades on his helicopter. When a person sows the $52 seed and signs the on-line petition stating their request, within 52 days or 52 weeks, they will "experience breakthrough favor."

If this principle is true, why doesn't he sow $52, $520, $5,200 or $520,000 into those who need car repairs or those who need a car. His seed would be multiplied within the same specified 52 days or 52 weeks and he would not have to wait for his partners to respond. I've heard that the rich use other people's money instead of their own.

At a recent AIM conference conducted by Bishop Hilliard, over $1,000,000 was raised from ministry sons/partners for Bishop Hilliard. Why would a millionaire need people who can't afford a car repair bill or a car to send in their money? I'm reminded of the widow of Zarephath who had a little meal and oil.

Is this the same thing? There was a drought and the prophet Elijah was just as destitute as the woman that the Lord sent him to. The scripture says "I (the Lord) have commanded a widow there to sustain thee." (I Kings 17) The prophet told her to make him a cake first. She did and the Lord multiplied her resources. I believe if Elijah had meal and oil, he would have baked the widow and her son a cake.”

If I Don’t Do It Then The Police Will
It is very hard to allow people to exist in a Preacher Haze and remain molested. No caring person could simply sit back and watch Bishop Hilliard burden these members for his own good pleasure, nor can I. As much as I wanted the members at New Light Church In Houston to remain in a state of stupid, I just can’t ignore it any longer.

This one email caused me to start writing again after I told God I’m out!!! This one email did something that the rape emails, molestation emails, battery emails, and felony embezzlement emails failed to do, awaken my anger at the Audacity of Pimping.

When we allow our brothers and sisters to remain in a venerable state, then we have inadvertently aligned ourselves with their abuser. Christ had a brilliant way of getting the preachers and the preacher groupies of his day to see their stupidity by simply asking them a question. So to the members of New Light I present to you the following questions to consider as you dig in your pockets for $52.

Question 1. If tithing works as Bishop I.V. Hilliard preaches why is he still in need of money?

Question 2. If the church decided to sell the helicopter how many kids in the congregation could you guys send to college? 

Question 3. With everything that you have learned about Jesus do you really think he would take financial compensation in exchange for teaching you about the Goodness of God?

Question 4. Would Bishop I.V.Hilliard still preach the Gospel if no money was involved and no one at New Light Church paid a dime?

Question 5. Is Bishop I.V. Hilliard blocking your view of the True Free Jesus?

The members of New Light in Houston have to actually turn on the light so they can see that they have replaced Jesus with a lazy old man who has escaped most of his life without having to work a real job. It is time for you to stand up to your spiritual abuser and leave that place, only then will you encounter the true meaning of the Free Jesus.

Christ was able to shake up not only the Hebrew world but also an empire that was supposed to stand for 1000 years, and he did it without a helicopter. My mom would always say “stupid is as stupid does” and to continue to fund another rich preacher is flat out stupid.

I will not dress it up or say it nicely or in love – giving money for a helicopter fund is stupid. I can call it stupid and a waste of money because in the Body of Christ are a multitude of needs far more important than blades for his helicopter. What the members of New Light are engaging in is what I consider “Preacher Idolatery” and God commanded us to have no other God.

In your desire to see him fly high in the sky with new blades on his helicopter you’re actually helping Bishop I.V. Hilliard go to Hell as an Idol.

The Revolution will continue because it remains the 911 call center for the Body of Christ – Hello What is your emergency?

1 Corinthians 13:11
When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

We Don't Have To Lie On Pimps Preachers - They Make Our Job Easy!!