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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Brother of Pastor Grace Kitaka , Ugandan Football star ChrisMubiru’s Sodomy saga as a precursor for the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2009: Untold story of Chris Mubiru’s sexual troubles

 Chris Mubiru (R) with one of the Cranes' former players

Untold story of Chris Mubiru’s sexual troubles


In a matter of days, Chris Mubiru’s life has changed from being a respected football man to a fugitive, leaving behind newspaper photos of naked men apparently having sex.

The Police are investigating former Uganda Cranes team manager for alleged defilement. Uganda Police has contacted Interpol to help in the search and arrest of the fugitive after it emerged he had fled the country. Fred Opolot, the Uganda Media Centre’s executive director, said Mubiru was suspected to have sexually abused minors.

“Through several video images so far availed to the media and police, Mr Mubiru has been engaging young boys and girls in abominable acts. We are not sure of their age but police is investigating. Government wishes to condemn such acts in the strongest terms possible,” Opolot said.

Both defilement – having sexual relations with a minor – and homosexuality are crimes according to Ugandan law. While Opolot says that government wants Mubiru on charges of defilement, human rights defenders have said the police are hiding behind defilement to prosecute Mubiru for homosexuality – an act that is illegal in Uganda anyway.

Aswa County MP Reagan Okumu says much as it is wrong for police to investigate and issue an arrest warrant for Mubiru for defilement based on picture evidence, government should come out and investigate the real crime. But Opolot says this is a straightforward crime that invites outrage from the public.

How fate befall him, fled country

Chances of Uganda Police arresting Mubiru are slim. The Observer has learnt that on learning that video footage showing him having sex with other men and women had been leaked to the press, he started planning to escape, reportedly to the United States.

It all started two weeks ago when a group of people known to him stole his laptop. Because he knew the damning contents of his laptop, sources say that Mubiru ran to Old Kampala Police Station and reported the theft that led to the arrest of a few young men known to him. They were interrogated until they revealed the whereabouts of Mubiru’s laptop. When it was safely handed back to him, Mubiru thought that all was well and he was safe.

But days later, he received anonymous calls explaining the contents of the videos they had retrieved from his laptop. The callers demanded Shs 250 million or they would leak the photos to the press. Because of the accuracy of the description of his videos, Mubiru offered $10,000 (Shs 27 million) which the callers turned down.

They gave him a week to come up with the money. When they didn’t contact him for a week, he thought they had let him off the hook. When they started calling him again, he ignored the calls. Sources have told The Observer that after the game between Uganda Cranes and Ethiopia’s Antelopes at Mandela National Stadium, the men approached Mubiru. He offered them Shs 100 million but they turned it down and told him they had already handed the photos to the media.

Mubiru sought the help of police but police told him that his goose was cooked, if the videos had reached in the hands of the media, he had nothing to do but wait for his face on the front cover of newspapers. Mubiru is reported to have quickly made arrangements for an air ticket to leave the country as soon as possible.

When The Red Pepper unleashed the photos onto unsuspecting readers last  Friday, Mubiru packed his bags and headed for Entebbe International airport where he jumped on Turkish Airways flight 606 to America. It is unlikely, if he is in America, that the US government would hand him back to Uganda Police, unless allagations are proven.

US President Barack Obama has continuously condemned the Anti- Homosexuality bill that was tabled in parliament in 2010 by Ndorwa West MP David Bahati. America has continuously called upon Uganda to respect the rights of all without discrimination. It’s unlikely that the same government can hand over Mubiru to the Ugandan government.

What the Red Pepper readers saw on Friday

Who is Mubiru?

Mubiru, who was nicknamed “Nfudu” because of the tortoise sculptures near his home, is the son of Stanley Kitaka and grandson of former Buganda regent Zakaria Kisingiri, who raised the young Buganda King Daudi Chwa. Sources say that Mubiru, a resident of Kisingiri Zone in Mengo, is a rich man who inherited his wealth from his grandfather.

At the time Kisingiri was a Buganda regent, he acquired land in Buganda. In fact some of this land is occupied by Bombo Military barracks, for which the family collects vast amounts of money in ground rent, every year. The family also owns prime land in Kisingiri Zone near Bulange in Mengo. Mubiru is a brother to Pastor Grace Kitaka.

He has two children who live in the UK and was a football maestro in his days in the 1970s, as a midfielder for Lint Marketing Board. He left LMB and joined National Insurance Corporation, a powerful team at the time, where his talent improved. He was later spotted by Uganda Commercial Bank, joining the team in 1981. He is remembered as a prolific midfielder, before securing a job as a banking assistant in their Nkrumah road branch.

Those close to Mubiru recall hearing rumours that he was chasing after fellow players. In 1992, he was appointed UCB’s team coach but when the bank folded in 1995, he started sponsoring football teams. He was a chief financier of State House football team as well as Miracle FC.

Later, he would join Express FC, before withdrawing his support and turning to their rivals - SC Villa. He left SC Villa in 2008 under a dark cloud of suspicion after rumours persisted that he was sleeping with some of the players.

He later joined the national side – the Cranes as team manager and was an ardent financer of the national football team. The Observer reported on February 7, 2010 that one of the Cranes’ players, David Kalungi, was once resting in his room when he felt someone massaging his rear. When he turned, he saw Chris Mubiru – who struggled to fend off gay assumptions. (See; The Top 10: Sex scandals that rocked local sport). 
No evidence had been provided on these allegations until The Red Pepper splashed photos of Mubiru with another man engaging in what Ugandan law has long regarded unnatural sexual acts.

Very Dangerous Move By Homosexuals in Uganda

Police have a history of messing up sodomy cases

Monday, 01 June 2009 09:48

Written by Hussein Bogere


As Police comes under public criticism over investigations of Pastor Robert Kayanja's sodomy allegations, HUSSEIN BOGERE retraces how previous sodomy cases have been handled by the same Police and notices a consistent pattern


In 2007, 26- year- old Julius Lukyamuzi alleged that Pastor Grace Kitaka, his guardian, sodomised him as far back as 1995. Lukyamuzi claimed he was picked by Pastor Grace Kitaka who took him to his home in Mengo, near Bulange.

“At his home, I shared a room with a boy David Lule. But we later conflicted and Pastor Kitaka asked me to start sleeping in his room. We were eight boys. He started using me for many strange things. He would take me to the bathroom and force me to masturbate him,” Luyamuzi narrated to Sunday Monitor.

In 2001, Police arrested Lukyamuzi for threatening violence and took him to Kira Road Police Station. Together with two others, he was charged in court the following day and released on bail. The case was eventually dismissed.

In 2001, with the help of Kitaka, Lukyamuzi obtained a passport to enable him go to South Africa for an operation, but details in the passport, he claimed, were different from what he had filled in the forms; he was given an ID of Kyambogo University. Lukyamuzi claimed he was coached on what to tell the embassy. But in August 2003, he was arrested. “The Police came to my place and asked me for my ID, which I gave them. They asked, ‘Are you a student at Kyambogo University?’ I said, “Yes”.

Lukyamuzi was taken to Old Kira Police Station and a few days later driven to Kyambogo University to the Registrar’s Office to be asked whether he was a student there. He wasn’t registered. Lukyamuzi was taken to court on September 3 and sentenced to two years in jail in Luzira. Six months later, he was transferred to Rwimi Prison in Kasese only to be released in January 2005.

According to a letter from the Uganda Human Rights Commission to Pastor Male, Lukyamuzi had registered a complaint in 2001. As it turned out, the complaint file was located but unfortunately, it belonged to one Semwanga Pascal vs the DPP. In a letter from the UHRC, Lukyamuzi was informed that his name didn’t exist in the Commission’s records!

On July 18, 2005, Lukyamuzi learnt that Kitaka was arrested and later released by Moses Sakira on “orders from above”.
Lukyamuzi says that he went to the IGP, Kale Kayihura, on August 24, 2006 who handed him over to his personal secretary Owomugisha Herman. Owomugisha was later transferred and replaced by Anne Asiimwe. Since then Kitaka has never appeared in court.


Arinaitwe, who said he was employed at Kansanga Miracle Centre from 2002, filed a case with Kabalagala Police Station (SD 29/28/09/08), alleging that Pastor Kiwewesi sodomised him between 2006 and 2007 and promised to pay him Shs3 million.
Arinaitwe claimed he was used until 2007 when Kiwewesi got married. He allegedly promised Arinaitwe Sh3 million and relocation to the US.

Arinaitwe also accused Kiwewesi of harassment and threatening him with death after learning that he was coming out with the “secret”.
The OC of Kabalagala Police Station, Dorothy Awori, said at the time that the Police were investigating the matter. Arinaitwe later became the accused in a car theft case, was arrested and detained at Luzira.


In November 2007, a boy, Juvenile Mukomeza, alleged that he had been sodomised by one Joseph Basaliza, reportedly a security agent. His case, at Old Kampala Police Station, was reportedly mishandled and pastors Solomon Male requested Kampala Extra Region Police to investigate the matter. While a Bombo Road Police surgeon said the boy was never sodomised, the Kabalagala Police surgeon confirmed sodomy. The investigating officer reportedly told Mukomeza to arrest his abuser and that was the end of the story.

Alleged Kitaka Sodomy Victim Claims he is being Hounded by the Police

Julius Lukyamuzi, one of the two men who claim that they were sodomized by a senior Pastor in Uganda, says he is being harassed by shadowy security officials.
Lukyamuzi and Emma Magala allege that they were raped by Pastor Grace Kitaka of Liberty Worship Center in Kampala a few years ago while they were under his care. Both men say they suffered immense emotional and physical trauma and have filed a case against Pastor Kitaka with the police.

Lukyamuzi says that since the case was filed in November last year, very little has been done to investigate it. He claims that instead he has been harassed by security officers who are trying to intimidate him into dropping the case.

According to Lukyamuzi, he was recently arrested and detained for six days at Old Kampala Police Station for threatening Pastor Kitaka with assault. He says that while in police custody, he was beaten and tortured by police officers and an army officer who he claims is a brother to Pastor Kitaka.

Lukyamuzi says he has reported the case of assault against the policemen that arrested him, but nothing has been done to investigate the matter. He suspects that the police have been compromised by their close association with Pastor Kitaka

The acting police commissioner in charge of crime, Elly Womanya, says Lukyamuzi's claims are being investigated, but are very hard to verify. Womanya says that despite his alleged six-day custody, Lukyamuzi cannot identify any of the police officers who detained and tortured him.

Womanya dismisses the assertion that the police have been compromised. He says preliminary investigations into the sodomy case have been completed and the file has been forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecution for trial.

Attempts by Uganda Radio Network to meet with Pastor Kitaka have failed consistently. His spokesperson, Godfrey Kisuule, says Julius Lukyamuzi's claims are nothing but lies. Kisuule says he has information that Lukyamuzi is a known felon, who is being investigated by the police in Old Kampala for crimes not related to Pastor Kitaka.
The case against Pastor Kitaka was first reported in 2004, but was dropped for lack of evidence. Kitaka insists on his innocence and has resigned as deputy pastor of Liberty Worship Center as investigations into the sodomy case are concluded.